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Jacks cell rang as he fed the horses. “Hi,” a deep sexy voice whispered when he answered. For a second he did not recognize her voice. “Forgotten me already?” Anita Bryant laughed. “Oh no I’ll never forget you,” he cried, “you’re wonderful.”

“That’s good. My husband said you could put horses in our back paddock. You will have to come up and inspect the fences. They will need somewhere to get water. He heard a giggle as she whispered, “there are a lot of things for you to do up here.”

“Dad wants me to work this weekend. I will talk to him and see if I can get away.”

Don’t leave it too long,” she whispered as she hung up.

Jacks cell rang again at lunchtime. When he heard Anita’s voice, he walked away from his mate Charlie. “What are you doing?” she whispered

“I’m at school its lunch time.”

“I know. I can see you. I was driving past. I am in the four-wheel drive across the road. Can you walk down towards the gate?”

Jack looked over and spotted her. He looked around to find Charlie had drifted away. “Drive down near the bottom gate at the end of the cricket ground. I’ll come down,” he stuttered. He felt his cock grow hard in his jeans as he thought of what this married mum had done to him yesterday. When he reached the gate, she was parked under a tree out of sight from the school.

Anita got out as he approached. She looked wonderful. Her bright red knitted tank top focused his eyes on her large round breasts. He ran his eyes down over her tight white cords but no matter where he looked his eyes kept coming back to her breasts.

Jack looked around to see if anyone was watching, then pulled her close and kissed her. She didn’t object her mouth opened to accept his tongue whilst her body moved until she was like a second skin. Even then she was still not satisfied, her hands hurting him as she tried to pull him closer.

Their kisses became so hot that Jack no longer worried about someone seeing them. He was so horny he would have fucked her here on the road if she would let him. Her moans of delight turned him on just as much as her hand rubbing his cock through his pants.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” he whispered. “Let me roll your tank top down. I want to play with your tits.” He did not give her time to object pulling her tank top down to her waist letting her big milky breasts swing free. Yesterday had been like a dream come true. Mrs. Bryant’s breasts were the first woman’s breasts he had ever seen or touched. To think that she would again let him kiss and suck her breasts made his cock grow harder. He couldn’t help himself. He brought his hands up to cup them. “My god they’re beautiful,” he gasped.

“Suck them sweetie,” she groaned, “they’re full of milk the baby went to sleep before she finished.” Jack was delighted to suck her nipples, his tongue and mouth caressing them until a trickle of milk started to flow.

He was so busy concentrating on her breasts that he shuddered in surprise when Anita ran her hands down to open his zip freeing his cock. He stopped sucking and held his breath when she started to work her hand up and down.

“We have to be quick,” she groaned, “Someone might see us.”

She looked up at him her eyes blazing with lust. “I am so wet and horny I could drag you in the car and take you home right now. Make certain you come to me this afternoon,” she groaned. While they planned his visit to her home that afternoon she kept jerking his cock hard and fast until it let fly and spurted over her hands and their clothes. She laughed and shook her head. ‘My god you are a virile young bugger. That’s ten times more come than my husband blows he just dribbles while you come in buckets.”

They stood beside the sports ground gate. Jack’s cock had stayed hard leaking come over his jeans. Anita’s milk had slowed, her nipples now stood out in the sunlight red and wet from his tongue. Spying their change of color Jack leant down and bit one. He gripped her nipple with his teeth and pulled it out as far as it could go. Holding it there until he felt her squirm, he let it go and moved to the other one.

“That hurts but its lovely,” she moaned. “If you are going to do it do it properly?” She took hold of his head holding him by the ears and steered him from one nipple to the other. She stood up straight and looked around. “We have to go. Leave me with something to remember. Bite my nipples, make them hurt so they will hurt when I’m feeding the baby.” He bit down hard. “Christ,” she groaned, “That’s enough, let’s clean you up. You can’t go back to class covered in come.”

Anita had spent a lot of time last night thinking of Jack. She did not want to cheat on her husband but now she had started there was no going back. She wanted Jack. She wanted his hard young cock that never seemed to go soft. As her husband snored beside her, she had recalled the day’s episode and decided that it could be ok as long as she was careful.

She did not want to destroy her casino şirketleri marriage. Robert Bryant was a good husband a good provider. His problem was sexual. He wanted a young wife and a family but he was not a lover.

Jack was the answer to Anita’s prayers. He was a nineteen-year-old virgin, young strong and handsome. She had no worries about him moving on eventually knowing that in the meantime, as long as he lusted after her body he would keep her sexual satisfied.

After the meeting with Jack at lunchtime, Anita dropped the baby off at her mothers and raced home to shower. As the water warmed her body, her thoughts returned to what a risk they had taken.

She shook her head angry at what she had done. It was stupid to go near the high school then do what they did on the road. She smiled as she soaped her pussy, it was fun, and she just couldn’t wait to get her hands on Jack’s cock again.

Out of the shower, she looked at her self in the mirror. “I am sure lucky to have such a horny young bugger like Jack want me. I am a married woman with a baby, he should be out chasing college girls but he wants me.” She told herself as she turned around inspecting her body.

Her breasts were large with milk but the rest of her body had returned to the shape that had made men chase after her in the past. She ran her fingers along the lips of her pussy. “I am acting like a teenage slut,” she told herself adding as she laughed, “I love it.”

She stayed in front of the mirror. She though of young Jack as she played with her pussy watching as her fingers made her wet. He would be disappointed at not having lost his virginity yesterday. She groaned and licked her lips, “He’ll lose it if he comes here today. I will make sure he enjoys his first woman.” She laughed aloud. “When I finish with him today he will never forget me.”

Jack rang his dad. “I’ll be home late today I’m going to the Bryant’s they have acreage and they said I could put some horses in their paddock to keep the grass down. I’ll check the fences and see if there is a place where the horses can get a drink before I come home.” To his surprise, his father agreed, “That’s a good idea. Our paddocks are a bit bare now. We have a few too many horses.”

Jack was on tender hooks he could not wait for class to finish so he could visit Anita’s home. His mind had been busy all afternoon thinking of Mrs. Bryant and what they had done together.

He reasoned that she must really want him especially after she had taken such a risk visiting him at school. Now he thought as he left school let me get my priorities right. I want to milk those big tits but most of all I want to loose my cherry. I hope I’m not a virgin when I go to bed tonight.

“Here goes,” he grinned as he propped his bike outside her door.

Anita had seen him coming. She had stripped off her jeans and undies wrapping herself in a plain white dressing gown wearing nothing underneath. “We will do it today,” she whispered to her self as she ran a thick layer of deep red lipstick over her lips.

Jack could not help gasping when she opened the door she was so beautiful. “Come in and close the door,” she said as he grabbed her. She was surprised and delighted when he kissed her roughly pushing her back against the wall.

His hands ripped her dressing gown open and cupped her tits his fingers rolling her nipples. She felt a trickle of moisture leak from her pussy. My god she though, he is hot. His knee pushed between her legs opening them so one hand could reach her pussy He held her tight as his fingers found the button of her clit and pinched it. The shock of that pinch made her come. She pushed his head back. “My god Jack what’s come over you?”

“I want to fuck you,” he moaned his finger working in and out of her pussy.

She grunted when he picked her up in his arms. “What room, Where?” he asked.

She pointed to the closest room. “Over there, there’s a bed in the babies room. She’s with my mum.” He carried her through the door and laid her on the bed. She lay back breathing heavy, surprised at the speed things where happening.

Jack stripped his clothes off stumbling as his jeans hooked on his boots then stood nude with his cock standing out.

“My god,” she cried. “Just look at you, aren’t you excited.” For a minute Jack did not know what to do, he just stood there his cock standing out like a flagpole. She moved over on the bed. “Come over here,” she growled. “Let me look after that virgin cock.”

Jack did not respond. He stood and stared at Anita she was stretched out on the bed her knees half bent her pussy wide open to his gaze. Her milk-laden tits with their large brown areas surrounding her long pink nipples made his mouth dry.

Anita lay back watching this young man admire her body. His eyes swept over her face over to her breasts and on down to her pussy before returning to stare at her breasts. “Come here love,” she whispered. She cupped her casino firmaları heavy breasts in her hands and pushed them up. “Kiss them, milk them for me.”

“Oh my god what’s got into you?” she groaned when he knelt over her body sliding his cock between her breasts. “Can you suck it,” he whispered. She raised her head, “put another pillow behind my head,” she groaned as the tip of her tongue reached the top of his cock. He moved his cock up and down between her breasts. “Hold them together for me,” he groaned as his hips forced his cock up to her mouth then pulled it away to return again and again.

Suddenly to her delight, his cock erupted. She struggled but could not reach it. He had pulled it back so it would spurt come over her breasts and face. Anita’s face must have shown her disappointment. “Don’t worry, there’s more to come,” he cried. He slipped down until his face was between her legs. “You smell hot and beautiful,” he told her as he laid his head on her legs watching his fingers play with her pussy.

“You’re very wet,” he whispered. “I should be, I came when you pinched my clit out in the hall,” She groaned.

As she spoke, a shudder shot over her body. She jumped. “Do that again,” she gasped as he held her button between his teeth and pulled it like he had pulled her nipples. “Oh, my god” Anita moaned, “that is mind blowing, I’m going to come.”

Jack’s cock rose hard as a rock as he watched and felt Anita’s body change. She shuddered, the flesh of her inner thighs trembled. She arched her back groaning and writhing as he kept the pressure on her clit button. “Oh hell,” she groaned her juices flowing, “Oh hell.” Her hands pulled his hair hard as she cried out. “That’s wonderful.”

She was still savoring the last delights of that wonderful orgasm when Jack moved up over her body and rubbed his hard thick cock up and down the lips of her pussy. She looked up into his eyes they were smoldering with passion he was ready to lose that cherry. “Yes love, do it,” she whispered.

She moved her legs wide to accommodate his young strong body as he sank the tip of his cock in her pussy. He left it for a moment the pulled it out before reentering this time pushing it deeper. My god she thought, it’s thick, as she felt it fill her before sliding slowly down until there was no more.

Jack held his head and shoulders away with his hands so he could look down at her face. This was it, his first fuck. He enjoyed the feeling of her body. He savored the feeling of achievement. He had dreamt of this moment, masturbated as he read books studied pictures watched porno but this was the real thing. He was fucking. “Thank you, you’re wonderful,” he whispered as he felt her pussy gripping his cock.

“Thank you,” she smiled back as she started to move. She wanted this to be special. Her hands gripped his back her fingernails biting. Jack had been in a dream like state until he felt her fingernails bite his flesh. He groaned and moved slowly joining her rhythm as he built up pace.

Within minutes, Anita was moving her body arching her back causing all sorts of sensations in Jacks virgin cock. “Harder,” she groaned, “harder,” as he pounded into her with all the force he could muster.

She watched his face as he rode her hard. He is getting near she thought as his breath become ragged and his legs pushed out behind him. She ran her hands over his balls adding to the pressure of the build up and let her fingers ring the rim of his arse. That’s all that was needed. She felt and heard him groan as his cock spurted and spurted into her welcoming pussy.

Don’t stop,” she moaned as she felt a tingle and a slight shudder hit her. “Don’t stop.” Jack had no intention of stopping. He came and came as he continued to pound her body. Then he knew why she had been urging him not to stop. Her back pushed up from the bed, her fingernails broke the skin on his butt drawing blood as she came moaning and wriggling. He was surprised at the strength of her passion. She was hard to hold.

Slowly they settled, their heartbeats slowed, their bodies slippery with sweat, their breathing noisy. Jack could not lay still for long. He was still hard. He wanted more. He found her hand and placed it on his rampant cock. “Dog fashion?” he asked. Anita smiled as she rolled over on her stomach. Life is going to be good she thought as she felt him run his hands up between her legs.

He lifted her by the hips until she was on her knees. Splaying her legs apart, he entered her and started to stroke.

His driving cock pushed her body forward until her face was hard against the bed. It was lovely. She loved the way his cock filled her on every stroke bumping her forward. She smiled to herself when he lay on her back so he could reach her nipples tweaking and rolling them until milk started to leak. He doesn’t need anyone to teach him these tricks she thought.

She was disappointed when his hands left her breasts, but moaned aloud in agreement güvenilir casino when his fingers found her clit. “Oh my,” she groaned when his fingers ran around her button in little circles. She was starting to really enjoy his gentle love making when he pinched her button like he had done in the hall. Once again, that pinch proved her undoing. She shuddered and came. My god, she thought how many times is that as Jack’s cock joined her, spurting copiously.

They had only rested for minutes before Jack started to move again. “Your turn on top,” he explained as he lifted her over on to his chest. “I want to play with your tits while we fuck.” We will have to be quick she groaned its five o’clock. Robert comes home at six.” Jack smiled as he lifted her up and held her over his still hard cock. “Let’s do it,” he whispered.

She was riding him hard when she heard a car in the driveway. Jumping off her ran to the window. “Shit its mum bringing the baby back, stay here,” she ordered. She slipped on her dressing gown and fluffed her hair and left.

He heard her open the door. “Hi mum you’re early. I was just going to shower.”

“Whose bike is that outside?” her mum asked.

“Oh that’s young Jack from the homestead general store down by the showground. He is out the back checking fences. Robert said he could run a few horses in our paddock to keep the grass down.”

They drifted away until he couldn’t hear them anymore. He dressed quickly, washing come from his face and body then waited for a chance to leave. Anita steered her mother into the kitchen heaving a sigh as she saw Jack on his bike heading home.

She would not have heaved a sigh of relief if she could have read her mothers thoughts. Young Jack eh, she thought, out the back be dammed. She could smell arousal she saw a spot of what looked like come on Anita’s face.

She had wondered why Anita had wanted her to look after the baby when she was staying home herself, now she knew. She put two and two together and decided Anita had been screwing young Jack.

She knew she was right when she asked on leaving. What’s that young mans name?” I must go down to that store. I have never shopped there before.” The worried look on Anita’s face said it all.

Jack was working in the store cleaning up before shutting for the night. He looked up when the door opened and a woman entered. “Can I help you?” he asked “we are about to close.” The woman looked him over. “You must be Jack, she said her voice pure liquid gold.

“Yep that’s me Jack at your service.”

She stood staring at him making him uncomfortable. “I don’t know you, do I?”

“No you know my daughter Anita,” the woman said watching him closely.

Jack’s face gave him away. My god he thought it is the one who nearly caught us this afternoon. what’s she doing here.

She moved away down the aisle giving him a chance to study her figure. She did not look old enough to be Anita’s mother. He admired her fine muscled legs, her wide hard butt, and her tiny waist under her large boobs. She was well groomed. Her striking face and jet-black hair highlighted bright blue eyes. She was a fine figure of a woman.

She walked up until she was only inches away from him. “I have acreage. I only live a little further down gold creek road from Anita’s. Maybe you would like to come up and inspect my paddock too,” she whispered in a voice that made his cock sit up and take notice.

Jack gulped “I love to do that. Dad said we have too many horses in our paddock. We need new places.”

“Good then I can look forward to you calling tomorrow,” she said as she took his hand and gave it a squeeze.

As soon as she left Jack rang Anita.” Your mother has been down here. I think she suspects something. She says she has paddocks for our horses and wants me to go up and inspect tomorrow. Should I go?”

“You will have to go. I thought she acted funny this afternoon. Don’t panic, while she might suspect she doesn’t know for sure. I am sure she won’t say anything to Robert. Rose plays around herself when she gets a chance. She divorced her second husband two years ago and hasn’t had a boy friend since to my knowledge.”

Jack was worried. “If I go up to her place, I won’t get a chance to see you. I won’t have time.”

Anita sensed his concern. “Don’t worry. I will drive past the high school at twelve. Be down by the sports gate. We can have an hour together.”

Their conversation was cut short when Anita told him, “I have another call waiting. Have to go,” she cried. “Today was awesome, see you tomorrow.” The other call was from her mother. After a little small talk about the baby her mother laughed. “That Jacks a fine young man. When did you start laying him?”

Anita started to protest, but her mother would hear none of it. “Don’t deny it, you had they well fucked look when I arrived. Then I saw him scuttle away on his bike without saying goodbye.”

“My god you are game screwing around with a young baby and all.” Anita said nothing her heart beating wildly. Her mother went on. “Is he any good? I might give him a try. Its time I took a randy young lover. I haven’t had a good screw for months.” Anita laughed, “Mum you wouldn’t.”

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