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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 50:

I think that my bed hasn”t been slept on much. The mattress looks almost new. I flop onto it, and it”s very comfortable. I can”t wait to see what it”s like with two people and try it out tonight. LOL.

Everything from outside is now in the right room. The folded boxes have all been stacked in one corner of the tack room, where the horse stalls are and Dad”s tools have been stored in the same shed as the machinery.

I can”t wait to get out the quad bikes and ride with Karl, William and Mr Grant.


“Morning tea!” Helen calls, as I see Dad and Mr Smith heading back from the sheds.


Chapter 51 � Mr Grant and me

It seems strange having morning tea here without the Camerons.

We sit at the dining table. Dad and Helen, Mr Grant and Will, Karl and me, plus Mr Smith. And there are still three empty chairs! Wow! We could have ten people for dinner. Four on each side and one at each end.

This beautiful wooden table and matching chairs is much nicer than our little table for four back… in The Village. I was nearly going to say `at home”, but I now have to think of this as our home. My home.

Helen says to Mr Smith, “Charlie, would you please thank Julie for the morning tea and the other food that she has sent out for us. The Camerons left the pantry well stocked with cans and boxes, but the fresh food is wonderful.”

Charlie? Is that Mr Smith”s name? I”ve never heard that before, ever since I can remember! I look at Mr Grant”s face opposite me. Something tells me that it could be new to him too.

Charlie and Julie Smith. It actually suits them.

Then I think, `Jan and Helen Andersen” and I think that that”s pretty cool too.

Dad says to Charlie and Mr Grant and William, “Thank you all for the help. Greatly appreciated!”

Then, to Mr Grant he says, “Tom, why don”t you and Will stay the night? Instead of going home and then coming all of the way back again tomorrow to pick up the boys?”

Mr Grant looks at William. William grins at Karl. Karl looks at me and I smile at Mr Grant.

“OK,” Mr Grant says. “Very sensible, Jan. Thank you.”

Dad replies, “And there is a lot to explore and do around here. And there are the horses and the quad bikes.”

`Hell, yeah!” I see on William”s face. I can read his mind! Horse riding with Karl.

And I think that leaves me and Mr Grant and the quad bikes, heading in the opposite direction. Hell, yeah!

Helen adds, “You boys can go off and enjoy yourselves. Jan and I have a few things that we need to do inside, organise the kitchen, and to give the bunk house a good clean.”

Mr Grant”s expression at being called a `boy” is priceless! Not embarrassed. Just happy. He is looking more like William”s twin these days instead of his older brother. It crosses my mind that if I can share my brother with William, then he should be willing to share his brother with me! After all, Mr Grant was MY Christmas wish in the first place!

“Well, I”ll be off,” Mr Smith tells Dad. “If you need anything, you only have to ask.” He shakes hands with Dad, then gives Helen a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He adds, “Helen, it is so wonderful that you have bought your grandfather”s property. I wish that he was alive to see it!”

“Who knows?” Helen replies. “Maybe he organised the whole thing from up there!” And she points up to the sky.

We say goodbye to Mr Smith and then Dad asks, “OK. Horse or quad izmit escort bike? Hands up for a horse. Hands up for a quad bike.”

As I expected!

Dad continues, “Kurt and Tom, you can see to the bikes. Karl and Will, go and grab a couple of halters from the tack room, and I”ll drive you down to the horse paddock. You can walk them back, and I”ll leave it to you, Will, to saddle them up. Have fun, all of you. And, be back at 12:30 for lunch.”

The four of us walk together until William and Karl turn in to the shed with the horse stalls and the tack room. Mr Grant and I continue to the quad bike shed.

We uncover two bikes, top up the fuel tanks and check that they kick over and run smoothly.

“Which way do you want to go, Kurt?” Mr Grant asks. Then he says, “Why don”t you just lead and I”ll follow. You know this place better than I do.”

I follow the Utility down towards the horse paddock. Mr Grant and I watch as William firstly attracts the horses with some oats, then selects two and fits them with a halter. Dad heads back in the, with William and Karl leading their selected horses back to be saddled.


I decide to go somewhere I”d never been previously. Through one of the horse paddocks towards the line of gum trees that indicate where the water is flowing. Ron called it the `river” so I want to see how wide and deep it is.

Mr Grant follows. I open the gates and Mr Grant closes them. After only a few minutes, we end up at the river bank. At a place where the ground slopes gently to the water. Ideal for horses to get a drink, and there are lots of hoof marks to indicate that I”m not wrong.

The river here is wider and appears shallower, only because I can see right to the bottom all of the way across. However, I know from experience that, with clear water, it might be deeper than it seems. Because of the unevenness of the bottom, the water is babbling.

This is a beautiful, peaceful place! I”ll have to remember to bring Andy here.

“I”m glad that we stopped,” Mr Grant tells me, turning off his bike. “After what I drank at morning tea, my bladder is full.”

In other words, he needs to pee.

Instead of just pulling his zipper down in front of the gum tree, he unbuckles his belt, undoes the button, then opens up the whole front of his jeans.

“Me too,” tell him, and, standing alongside him like us guys do in the toilet at school, I copy him.

I deliberately water the same tree that he is peeing on, except from a different angle.

I take an extra step and half-turn towards him so that I can see his cock and he can see mine.

I finish first but, instead of putting everything away, I leave Junior hanging out. Getting excited, he is soon pointing straight out, even upwards.

Mr Grant keeps looking at Junior while he is finishing peeing. His cock is getting longer and harder too. He leaves it hanging out and looks at me.

“Wanna play?” I ask.

“We shouldn”t!” he replies, but makes no effort to do up his jeans.

“But we can, if you want to,” I tell him. “There”s nobody around. Besides, nobody knows where we are.”

“I don”t know, Kurt,” he replies. “What about Andy?”

“Andy isn”t here!” I say. “And he wouldn”t mind. We talked about mucking around with our friends, and it”s OK with both of us. With the one exception of giving yourself completely! And it”s been ages since you and I have done anything. We can just play! Please.”

I drop my jeans and undies to my feet.

He moves towards me. Yes! He”s going to do it.

He nudges me away from the tree and stands directly in front of me.

He takes a gentle hold of Junior, which jerks in his right hand.

“You”ve grown, I think,” he says, putting his hand under my balls and lifting them. And so has your hair.

“All the better for you to play with!” I say, imitating the voice of the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, which all of the little kids love.

His penis is now fully stiff too.

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“I haven”t spurted for ages,” I tell him, as a hint of what I want. Then I think, `not for about twelve hours anyway, when I was in bed last night with Karl”.

His cock is directly in front of my right hand. I reach out and take hold of it. It jerks. I rub it a few times.

“Ooh!” Mr Grant moans. “Your hand is so soft.”

At Mr Grant”s compliment, Junior jerks and I can tell that it has given Mr Grant some pre-cum to use, which he spreads up and down. It feels so good. This is better than with Karl!

A moment later, Mr Grant is wet and slippery too.

We play, sort of like milking the cow that Karl and I do in bed, facing each other.

I reckon that he wanted to do this all along, otherwise he would have just pulled down his zipper to pee.

“You”re really good at this!” I tell him. “Have you had a lot of practice?”

“Cheeky!” he grins at me, giving Junior a squeeze. “You”re not so bad yourself, you know!”

We both grin and groan, say things like `Oh, yeah!” and `oh, nice!” Our two dicks jerk and jerk, but Junior isn”t ready to cum yet.

Then Mr Grant does what I was hoping he might. He kneels down in front of me.

“Do you want me to?” he asks, looking up at me and leaning forward and pointing Junior at his mouth.

“Truck, yeah!” I tell him. “I mean, yes please.” Then I ask, “How long is it since we did this?”

He doesn”t answer, because he now has a mouthful. His mouth feels amazing! So hot and slippery! He reaches behind me and squeezes hold of my `nice glutes” and holds my body against his mouth.

“We won”t be able to do this after school anymore, you know,” I say. “Because Karl and William can”t go to our place and leave us alone like they used to.”

“I”m sure that we could find a way. If you really want to!” he replies, looking up at me. “Jintabudjaree is a big property. A lot bigger than Whispering Gums. If Will gets a couple of horses, maybe he and Karl would like to go riding after school for an hour before dinner.”

“They wouldn”t need to be gone for that long!” I laugh.

“But they might just want to,” he says. Then he laughs. I get it!

In the past Mr Grant has swallowed my stuff when I”ve spurted, but I warn him anyway when I feel it coming.

He surprises me by pulling off, just holding Junior and watching as it jumps and spurts, all over the ground. Quite a few times.

“More than usual!” he smiles at me.

“Must be growing up!” I say. I”ve been using those words a lot lately.

He looks at me. I can”t tell what he”s thinking. Is he gonna jerk off? Or put it away? I make the decision for him. “OK. Stand still. My turn to make you feel good.”

I start to milk him. Maybe he thinks that I”m just going to use my hand.

But I don”t. I kneel in front of him.

“Kurt…” he starts. “Remember what happened once before when you tried this!

“Don”t worry!” I say. “I”m not going to choke this time! I”ve had a little bit of practice since then.”

I can tell from the look on his face that he is wondering `who with?” I”m not about to let on that William has taught me, and I”m certainly not going to dob in my brother for something that we haven”t done. “It was when Andy was here.”

“Thought that might have been the case!” he says.

Then he closes his eyes as I take hold of his big dick, like William”s and take the head into my mouth. I suck and allow my tongue to play with it. I push my mouth a little farther down and then suck hard on the way back up. Down and back. Just a little deeper each time. I take him in as far as I was able to do with William, but not as far as I could with Andy”s. Down and back. Pushing and sucking, and I lick under the head each time I come up.

He opens his eyes. “Did you learn all of this from Andy?” he asks.

“Can”t say!” I tell him, taking a breath. “House Rule! But Andy didn”t complain darıca escort about me practising!” William”s secret is safe!

He must be getting close. I can tell from the way his body is starting to tremble.

He gasps, “You”re nearly as good as…” then he stops.

“Yes?” I ask. I know whose name was going to come out. “As good as…?”

“House Rule!” he laughs, then says, “Look out!”

I pull off him and watch him spurt, directing his streaks of white stuff to where mine has already soaked in.

I produce my always-ready handkerchief (thanks Mum!), clean up Junior, then offer it to Mr Grant. He wipes his cock and, instead of giving it back to me, he says, “I”ll wash it,” then he folds it carefully so that the wet spots are in the middle, and tucks it into his back pocket.

“Come on!” I tell him. “There”s a place that I want to show you.”


After looking around the southern workers” cottage, we head back.

We use a broom and a towel to clean off the bikes, and then cover them again.

Mr Grant says, “Thank you, Kurt, but be careful, eh?”

I reassure him that I will be, for my sake and for his, and I receive a good tail swat as we head out of the shed.

I point at the house. “That”s my bedroom there, on the corner!”


We all enjoy a talkative, happy lunch. Mainly cold meats and salads. Cheese and biscuits to go with coffee afterwards.

Seven people can”t play Chinese Checkers, so I offer to clean up. Totally surprised when Dad offers to help me!

“Hey!” he says. “I can”t let everyone think that Helen and I have a slave to do everything. Besides, it will help me get used to where everything goes. You wash, and I”ll dry and put away.”

“So,” I tell him, “it looks as though Whispering Gums has a new dishwasher!”

“Where?” he replies. “I don”t remember seeing it.”

I strike a `ta-dah” pose, meaning me.

He laughs, and ruffles my hair.

Helen wins one game. So does William.

Dad swaps places with Helen, so that she can do some preparation for dinner.

“Would you like me to make an apple pie for dessert?” I ask her.

“I know that we have cream, in the refrigerator,” she tells me. “Let me just check whether there is any ice cream in the freezer.”

“All good,” she tells me. “Do you need any help?”

“Maybe just locating everything,” I say, “in case things have changed places. I”ll get all of the ingredients out first, before I start mixing.”


Roast lamb and vegetables, followed by apple pie, ice cream and cream has everyone rubbing their stomachs and settling into coffee on the lounges. Especially `tubby”!

“Karl has offered to wash up tonight,” Dad announces.

The look of surprise on my face is exceeded only by that on Karl”s. And on William”s, when Mr Grant announces, “And Will just offered to help him.”


Discussion over a few games of dominoes includes the sleeping arrangements for tonight. “Do you and Karl want to sleep with Mr Grant and William in the bunkhouse?” Dad asks, looking at me across the table.

I glance at Mr Grant, who is next to Dad. He can tell what I”m thinking, and puts his head down to hide his smirk!

I look at Karl first, and then answer, “Dad, Karl and I will be sleeping with William and Mr Grant at Jintabudjaree from tomorrow until the end of the week. I would really like to try out my new bed here tonight.”

Karl adds, “Yeah, Dad. Me too.”

Does that mean that Karl wants to try out my bed with me?


(to be continued)



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