Kellys marathon weekend – Part 3

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Kellys marathon weekend – Part 3Kelly sat her wine glass on the night stand and took a breath held it for a second and exhaled. She looked around and said “Are we ready to keep going?” A few guys walked to the bed and climbed up next to her. Another black guy climbed between her legs. Kelly adjusted herself on the bed and reached down to grab his cock. Then, she looked up at him and then leaned to look at me and said “Oooh babe! A big one! All for me!” and then she started aiming him towards her cunt. I got a glance and seen the guy had a pretty good sized cock, but had a huge bulb on the end. It looked like a big mushroom! Kelly seen the head of his cock and said “Wow! Once you’re in, are you going to get that thing stuck in me?” He laughed and then said “I won’t get stuck, but when I blast my load, it will sure hold it from coming back out!” Kelly wiggled her hips and said “Ooh. Sounds good. Give me that thing. I want you to fuck me!” He started sending his cock into her and Kelly was oooing with the feeling of this big cock sliding in. She took one of the guys on the bed in her mouth and she was moaning with a mouthful of cock at the feeling of the guy sending his cock into her. She took another in her hand and was jacking him off. Another guy grabbed some warming oil and was squirting it on her and she had hands from all over reaching in to rub it in and rub her boobs. Once this guy had his cock all the way in her, they started off slow, but the more he would push his cock back in, the faster her pace picked up. She pulled the guy from her mouth and looked at the guy fucking her and said “You have a great cock! I can feel that big black headed cock in my cunt! I’m going to fuck you hard. You want that? You want me to fuck you hard?” He said that he wanted her to and he was going to give it to her too. She went back to a cock in her mouth and that guy was trying to cram it down her throat and make her deep throat him. She was really fucking this guy hard and started deep throating the guy in her mouth. After about ten minutes, she pulled back and said “I want you both to cum! One in my mouth and one in my cunt! I want it all!” She looked up to make sure the guy in her mouth already fucked her and he was the first guy, so he had enough time to reload. About three minutes later, Kelly wrapped her legs around this guys waist and the guy in her mouth started cumming. She took a breath through her nose and lifted her head to let him know to shove his cock down her throat. He did and continued pumping his cum down her throat. Kelly started cumming and you could hear her moaning, but still swallowing cum. The guy between her legs shouted he was cumming and thrust himself deep inside of her and he put his full body weight on top of her. Kelly was bucking her hips and soon, she felt him sending his hot cum inside of her. The guy in her mouth pulled back and climbed off of the bed and Kelly turned her attention to the big headed cock that was cumming inside her. She shouted “Shit. I feel your hot cum hitting my insides. Give me that cum baby! Fill me up!” He continued to pump it in her for a couple of more minutes and then collapsed on her. He finally rolled off and even having three others cum inside of her, only a tiny bit of cum ran out of her. She grabbed the washcloth and wiped it up and smiled at me.She looked at the next guy that was going to fuck her. He was the black guy that had the huge balls. Kelly looked at me and said “Oh look babe. See what I am getting ready to get? Those balls look full!” She reached down and started cupping his balls and said she felt them squirming in her hand. She asked the other guys if they could wait this one out because she wanted to help this guy because he needed to have his huge balls drained before he explodes in the room. Then she looked around and said “You guys can be my cheering squad!” One guy said “Take it in! Take it in! Take it aalll in!” and everyone started laughing. Kelly looked up at the guy with the huge balls and had one hand on his balls and the other around his neck and said “Well, you heard him! I should call you Mr. Bigballs! Are you going to empty those balls into me? Huh? You want me to empty those balls with my cunt?” He said he was going to fuck her so hard and his balls were going to blast his hot jizz deep into her. She said “Oooh. That’s what I like. Take me! I’m yours!” and she spread her legs and arms out wide on the bed. As he started to enter her cunt, she pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around his waist and said “Mmmmm. I love it. Let me feel that big cock. I want your cock fucking me and empty those big balls in me!” They both started fucking and once again, the one guy said “Like I said… Take it in! Take it in! Take it aall in!” Everyone laughed again and Kelly giggled and said “Well, we have to listen to our cheerleaders! Fuck my cunt so deep!” Another klasbahis yeni giriş guy spoke up and said “That’s it! Take one for the team!” We all busted up laughing and Kelly said “I’m trying!” Those two started fucking so hard. He was slamming that big black cock into her and she was bucking wildly and thrusting her hips up to meet his thrusts. My cock was starting to hurt watching how hard she was fucking this guy and I knew that before long, she would feel those big balls start to empty deep inside her. They fucked hard for almost 15 minutes and Kelly screamed that she was cumming. She shouted. Fuck me! Fuck me so hard. Take my cunt! Fill it! Fill it deep with your hot cum!” Hearing that, it didn’t take him very long and without warning her, he drove his cock deep inside of her and started to cum. I seen that his huge balls were tight against his cock and knew he was really flooding her insides. Kelly held on to him as tight as she could and she was cumming so hard on this guy. He was digging his feet into the bed trying to get even deeper inside of her cunt and kept unloading his cum inside of her. Every time he was shooting his cum into her, he would grunt. Over and over and over. Damn! This guy was pumping a huge load into her. He laid on top of her and I heard him saying to her “You want a baby? You want my baby inside of you? Is this what you want?” Kelly said “Oh yes. I want it! I wouldn’t mind having that baby! Give it to me.” and she reached up and started kissing him. After he was drained, he slipped out of her. After all of the cum she already had inside of her and with his massive load of cum freshly planted into her, all I was able to see was just a little cum on his cock. I also seen Kellys cunt muscles relax and tighten on his cock as he was sliding out of her very slowly. If I didn’t know better, I would think her cunt was trying to give him head at the same time! He finally rolled off of her and off of the bed and Kelly spread her legs and arms out across the bed and said “Damn!” Kelly looked at me and said “I lost count already. How many have had their turn so far?” I told her so far, she has had five. She said “Damn! This is going to take a lot longer then we thought! Well, time to keep going!” The next guy to fuck her was a white guy with a long, skinny cock. The black guy with the huge cock head stepped over to the bed. Kelly looked at him and said “Hey. You already had your turn! What are you doing?” He looked at her and said “Baby, can I fuck that sweet ass while he is fucking you?” Kelly leaned over to look at me. Her eyes were really big and I think she was looking for me to help her out. I was giving her a smile and nodding yes quickly. Kelly frowned at me and mouthed the words “Damn you!” Then she took a deep breath and exhaled and said “Oh hell. Might as well! You better use a lot of oil on me and on that big cock so it doesn’t hurt. If it hurts, you’re stopping, got it?” He told the white guy to lie on his back and said “Climb aboard sweet thing! I’m gonna catch this train while it’s moving!” Kelly climbed on top of the guy with the long skinny cock and started guiding him into her. She was sitting up on him and once he was going into her, she relaxed and laid on top of him and slowly started to grind her hips at him. I could see her cunt muscles working on his cock as she was raising her hips and going back down on him. Big head cock (Sorry, I don’t remember what his name was) grabbed a bottle of oil and started filling his hand. He rubbed it all over his cock and it was so much, it was dripping, but well oiled. Kelly was still humping skinny cock and Big Head filled his hand again and then started to rub it on Kellys ass. It was warming oil and some of it dripped all over skinny cock and he started to buck his hips into Kelly. He said “Slow down man! I’m still buying a ticket for this ride!” As skinny cock slowed down, Kelly was on top of him very still as Big Head slipped a finger in her ass and started working some oil inside of her ass. He put a second finger inside of her ass and gently spread her ass apart and took the oil and started squirting some right inside of her. Kelly said “Oh my God! That is so hot!” I said “Are you doing okay?” Kelly said “Oh yeah! It feels hot, but it feels so good!” Mr. Big Head told her to get ready and started to put his big headed cock to her ass. Kelly laid still for a second and Big Head started to push. The head of his cock slipped into her tight little ass. Big Head said “Oh man, that feels so tight! I want that ass!” Kelly looked over her shoulder and said “Go slow, but I want it in me. I want to feel you fucking my ass while I am fucking this guy.” A minute went by as Big Head kept pushing his big cock into her. He was almost all the way in and Kelly flinched. He wasn’t about to hurt her now, so he stopped and stayed still. Kelly klasbahis giriş started fucking the guy in her cunt and pretty soon, Big Head started sliding in and out of her ass. He would pull it back about halfway and would go back in. Before long, I seen she had the long skinny cock buried to his balls inside of her and I seen that Big Head had his big cock all the way in her ass. All three started fucking hard. Kelly screamed out “Oh my God! I can feel you both! I feel so full. Fuck me you two! Fuck me good!” As one was arching up into her cunt, she had the other pushing down into her ass. I was so fucking hard right now. I only heard Kelly telling me about someone in her ass, but now I am seeing her with a cock in her cunt and one in her ass.The guy in her cunt said he could feel the other guys cock in her and said “I’m trying to hold off, but I am going to cum!” Kelly said “I want to cum with you. Make me cum. I want to feel your cum shoot into my cunt!” And then she started cumming just as skinny long cock started cumming in her. Within seconds, Big Head said “Oh man, here it comes! Can I cum in your ass?” Kelly said “Oooh, both ends! I want it. I want both of you cumming. Give it all to me!” All three were bucking hard and it looked like they were having trouble staying in time with each others thrusts. Kelly slammed down on skinny long cock and her cunt was milking his cock as the guy in her ass was unloading his cum into her. I wasn’t paying attention to the others before, but noticed everyone was jacking their cocks off. Somewhere along the night, I shoved my hand in my shorts and was stroking myself! Damn this was so hot. My wife had a cock in her ass and another in her cunt and both were filling her up. Before this, I only witnessed her with my cock in her mouth and another in her cunt, but this was the hottest thing to date! As both guys were finished, Big Head slipped his cock out of her ass and said “I didn’t hurt you did I?” Kelly turned and said “If you did, I wouldn’t be feeling your cum inside of me!” She looked down at the long skinny cocked guy and softly said “Did you enjoy yourself? Did you like fucking me with another guy?” He said he thought it was so great and Kelly said “I felt your cum hitting the back of my cunt. It was so hot too. Are you trying to get me pregnant too?” He said “Well, not really trying, but I wanted to feel my cum going into you, so I guess whatever happens.” They rested and then Kelly rose up off of him and rolled to her back. She looked over and noticed there was light coming in through the curtains and said “What time is it babe?” I looked up and seen it was 7 O’clock in the morning! Holy shit! We walked into the bedroom just before 9 last night. And she still had five more guys to fuck. Kelly said “Babe. That light is killing the mood in this room. Would you close the blinds to make it darker?” I closed the blinds and another guy grabbed the bedspread from the dresser and unfolded it and him and another guy d****d it over the curtain rod. Now, it was dark and only the red glow from the lamps were seen. Kelly grabbed the washcloth and wiped her cunt which had some cum flowing out and wiped her ass because it felt oily to her.She sat up for a second and looked around and said “Okay. For those guys that are waiting their turn… Are you okay with fucking me full of cum?” I somehow missed this, but Kelly noticed that the next guy in line was the black guy with the big bent cock, and he said “I think it is going to be so fucking hot. I don’t mind you full of cum. Just makes it easier for me to get into you!” Kelly laid back and said “Then let’s get to it! I have been watching your cock all night and I want to feel it sliding into me. So far, everybody has filled me up, so the rest of you, don’t be shy. Might as well give it to me good! I want to know what it feels like to have this many guys cum inside of me!” Kelly was on her back with her legs spread just a little and bent up at her knees. As this guy was getting in between her legs, she looked at me and with her hand, it looked like she motioned a letter J. In the beginning, I noticed cock sizes, but was so excited watching her simply getting fucked hard all night, that I stopped thinking about it. Until now. When Kelly did that, it made me look at this guys cock. This guy did have a cock that looked like it really curved up. But I also noticed that hard, this guy was huge too! She was about to have this huge black guy fucking her any minute now. I know a womans anatomy and I know that Kelly does have a tilted uterus, but laying on her back, her uterus was still closer to her stomach and pointed up. With this huge black guy ready to fuck her, I didn’t think he would have any trouble hitting her cervix and splitting it and getting into her uterus. And with her filled with so much cum, he would have no trouble sliding klasbahis güvenilirmi into her. He was between Kellys legs and Kelly reached down and was feeling his curved cock and was feeling his balls. She looked at him and said “You going to fuck me hard? Am I going to feel those balls empty in me?” He looked back at me and then at Kelly and said “I’m going to empty my nuts so deep inside you!”He started to enter Kelly and I could see her smiling and closing her eyes. She looked like she was really going to enjoy this big black cock fucking her. Another black guy got on the bed and said “Baby, take my big dick in your hot little mouth! I’ve already fucked you and now, I want to get off in your mouth again!” Kelly opened her eyes and seen a big cock in her face and she opened her mouth and took him in. She started making slurping sounds on his cock and the black guy in her cunt started to force his big cock into her. He had all but a few inches in her and he pushed a little harder into her. Kelly let go of the guy in her mouth and said “Oooh. You are hitting the back of my cunt. Go slow and it will open up and you can get yourself all the way in. Just take your time there handsome. You’ll get it in there.” Kelly went back and took that big black cock in her mouth while she had a huge black cock trying to get into her uterus. Kelly was raising and lowering her legs to find the right position and then pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his chest. She kept trying to suck the cock in her mouth down her throat, but he was not in the right position, so she could only let him hit her throat, but he wasn’t sliding down into it. Finally, the guy in her cunt pushed just a little and just as he met with resistance, Kelly was trying to arch her back some to help him out not knowing he was backing his cock up a little to push it in her again. As they met, Kelly spit the cock from her mouth and screeched “Yeow! And you’re there! I can feel you so fucking deep inside of me. Now fuck me good!” and started the black guy again. The guy fucking her was raised up on his arms and the guy in her mouth was straddled sideways across Kellys head. A few seconds later, one of the white guys was squirting some oil on her chest and rubbing it in. She was starting to smell like coconuts and it smelled so good. That guy leaned in and started licking and sucking her boobs. As he did that, Kelly reached one arm and took his cock in her hand and started jacking him off. Now, she started going wild and was really arching her back to have that hung black guy deep inside of her uterus. They fucked, so hard and Kelly started cumming so hard, I seen her body shaking.The guy in her mouth yelled “Suck me!. Here it comes!” and I seen Kelly start swallowing and knew he was shooting his hot cum in her mouth. The guy fucking her said “I can’t hold it any more!” Fuck. Here it is!” and he drove his cock so hard and deep inside of her. Kelly was still cumming too and I heard her moans as this guy pumped her uterus full of cum. The guy in her mouth finished and pulled out of her mouth and the guy sucking her boobs was really going to town on her chest. The guy fucking her was flinching over and over in her and Kelly was still cumming so hard and shaking like she was having a seizure and at one point, it looked like she fainted because her body went limp. I started to jump up, but she opened her eyes and said “Oh God, your cock is so good. Empty those balls in me!” He held himself in her and after another minute, that guy exhaled after holding his breath and collapsed beside her and said “Shit! Nobody’s ever made me blow like that! You are so damn good!” Kelly looked over at him and said “I take it, you enjoyed that?” He said “Damn. How can anyone not enjoy your hot little body?” Kelly looked at me with a big grin and I grabbed the cloth outlining my hard cock to show her how hard she made my cock seeing this. Kelly said “So somebody else is enjoying watching them fuck my hot cunt aren’t you?” I just smiled and told her she was doing great so far. Kelly wanted to take another break for a minute and seen that all of the wine glasses were empty and so were the bottles. Kelly said “So no more wine?” and two guys headed to the door and said they would go get her some. By now, it was almost 9:30 in the morning and Kelly said “Well, so far, it has been just over twelve hours. Is anyone giving up yet, or are we still going?” Everyone started saying they were ready to keep going as long as she could. We had another glass of wine and the first white guy that fucked her held his glass up and said “Okay, so my toast is a little corny, but a toast to Kelly. Do you think you’re pregnant yet?” The room got silent and everyone looked over at me, but Kelly said “Who knows? Maybe. Not that I am trying, but if it happens, it happens. As I said earlier, I can’t stop you guys from cumming and it isn’t your fault I am not on the pill. I’m sure you guys were all set when you got here to cum inside of me. How can I blame any of you?” Then everyone clicked their glasses to hers and guzzled their wine down. Kelly looked over at me and gave me a wink and a big smile.

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