Julie’s Awakening

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Julie’s AwakeningJulie’s AwakeningIt was another hot Texas summer day. The temperature and humidity were high, making breathing a little tougher than normal. Dan’s phone rang and it was his fifteen year old daughter Julie. She and her twin brother Alex had just got home from school and the house was really hot inside. She told her dad that she checked the thermostat and it was reading 92 degrees in the house and yes, the air conditioning was supposed to be on. When Dan had the air conditioning serviced a couple years earlier, he was told that it was running on borrowed time, but he was hoping it would make through one more summer. He told Julie to go out and cool off in the pool and he would be right home. As he drove home, he wondered to himself why things always break on a Friday afternoon or a weekend. He called the HVAC company he used and they said that Monday morning would be the earliest they could get anyone out. He told them he would pay overtime rates, but they said they already had their weekend booked solid with other units that have stopped in the intense heat. Dan knew this was going to be a miserable weekend with no air conditioning, especially since the temperatures were well above 100 degrees and the humidity was in the 80% range or higher. Even though it was hotter outside, the dead air in the house felt uncomfortably hot and oppressive. He couldn’t wait to get his tie and shirt off as he walked through the house to the back patio. Julie and Alex were in the pool and beckoned their dad to join them. Dan explained to them that the air won’t be fixed until Monday and that they would have to survive with fans. The twins groaned at the thought of having to spend the weekend in a hot house. He told the k**s that he didn’t want to cook and put any more heat in the house so as soon as they could dry off and change that he would take them out for dinner. Dan took his k**s to their favorite bar-q place and they enjoyed their meal along with the air conditioning. Alex joked that he’s never going to complain about it being too cold in there again when he’s eating. After dinner, they walked around a local mall and had an ice cream before finally heading back home. Even though the sun had gone down, it was still around 100 degrees outside and the inside temp of the house was now up to 94 degrees. The twins turned to their father and asked how were they going to sleep in this heat. Dan told them to put their ceiling fans on high as that might help. They still looked at their father for a solution. Dan suggested they get a cold drink and go out and cool off in the pool and talk about how they could try to stay as cool as possible. Out by the pool, Alex suggested they sleep on the floating loungers in the pool and Dan said that’s too dangerous in case you move in your sleep and fall in the water and drown. When Alex got out to drink some of his soda, he commented about how great the breeze felt on his wet body and that it helped to cool it off. Julie jumped out and agreed. That gave Dan an idea and he told them they could experience the same effect in their beds with the ceiling fans on high and if they slept naked. The twins looked at their dad with shocked looks on their face. Dan tried to explain that just like out here, your body gets wet, the breeze cools you off until you’re dry and then you go back in the water and get wet again and keep repeating the process. In bed, you will start to sweat in the heat and the breeze from fan should cool you off until you’re dry and so forth. The twins continued to look at him with questioning looks on their faces. Julie finally spoke up and told her father that it was against the rules to sleep in the nude and she wasn’t sure she would be comfortable doing that. Dan said he understood but then under the circumstances, he was just trying to find a solution. Then he suggested that she just wear a thin panty and bra so that she was still covered, but still exposed enough to cool in the breeze from the fan. The conversion was turning Alex on and it was becoming obvious in his swim trunks and he nonchalantly slipped back into the pool but stayed by the edge where his erection was hidden. He had always wanted to see twin sister naked and the thought her lying on her bed naked or just in a thin bra and panties was really turning him on. Julie still looked frustrated at her father and he said to suit herself, but she may want to think twice about it when she starts to swelter in her nightie. Dan noticed that by now the outside temp was starting to drop a little and the breeze felt refreshing. He told the k**s to open their windows going to bed to let in the cooler night air and that might help cool them off a little also. Julie reacted and said there was no way she was going to lie naked or nearly naked in her bed with the windows open because any pervert might see her. Dan assured her that the alarm system triggers the outside lights if it detects movement and that would surely scare any pervert away. It was obvious that Julie was not pleased at all.They finished their cold drinks and Dan said it was time to turn in. Before going into the house, he added that in order for the outside breeze to come in and help cool things off, that they needed to leave their bedroom doors open. Julie looked at Alex and then glared at her father. Dan turned to Alex and made him promise not to look into his sister’s room and Alex promised. Dan tuned to Julie and said that goes both ways and made her promise not to peek in on her brother. She snidely replied that she had no desire to see him naked. However, deep down inside, the thought of seeing her brother or her father naked did excite the teenager. The family had led a fairly sheltered life and she had never seen a naked boy or man in real life. She had seen türbanlı balıkesir escort the drawings in sex education classes, but those were just drawings. Everyone agreed to respect each other’s privacy as they headed to their own rooms. Dan went through most of the house and opened up the windows. The breeze instantly helped to make a difference. As Dan stripped down and laid on his bed under the ceiling fan, his mind began to think about his daughter. She looked just like her mother did at that age as they had known each other in high school. That brought back memories of his wife who had died early from cancer. Susan was a tall beautiful woman with long red hair that hung almost to her butt. Her green eyes shone brightly and sparkled when she smiled. According to Dan, Susan had the perfect figure and the perfect tits for her slender frame. She was the type of beauty that would always turn the guys heads to watch her walk by and Julie was growing up to look just her. Those thoughts caused Dan to start to get an erection and he tried to think of other things as he knew his thoughts were wrong. Alex was laying in his bed with an erection thinking about the possibility of seeing his sister naked. All of his friends kept telling him how hot his sister was and kept asking him if he had seen her naked. Other than seeing her in a modest bikini in the backyard pool, Alex never even got a glimpse of his sister’s body as she always seemed so prim and modest. Julie had gone through her clothes and realized that she really didn’t have any thin bras or panties. She looked through every drawer for something cool to wear, but nothing surfaced. Julie turned her lights off and snuck up to the open window and strained her yes to see if anyone one or anything was lurking outside. The breeze felt great and she stood there for a few moments cooling off. Then she quietly tiptoed to her open bedroom door and peeked down the hallway towards her dad’s and brother’s rooms. She listened for any sounds of motion, but the only sounds were the breeze rustling the curtains behind her. Satisfied, but still wary, she moved back to her bed, took off her bikini top and bottoms, placed them on a chair to finish drying and then hurried into bed. As laid there she felt the combination of the fan above her and the soft breeze from window and realized just how smart her dad was in suggesting this. The gentle stroking of the breeze soon carried Julie off to sleep. In fact the three of them slept better than they had anticipated, but the morning sun woke Dan first as it poured in through his open window. He could feel the heat from it and knew that it wouldn’t take long to start warming the house back up, especially since the breeze had stopped and air was dead still. Dan crept to his bedroom door and listened. Alex’s snoring filled the hallway so he knew his son was still sound asleep. He debated whether to grab a pair of shorts or not, figured that Julie should also be asleep as she was not an early raiser. Very carefully, he crept out of his room and down the hall towards the kitchen. As he passed Alex’s room, he glanced in and saw that his son had taken his advice and was sleeping naked. As he quietly approached Julie’s room, the thought of seeing her naked began to stir his loins. He very carefully peeked around the corner into her room and was taken aback at the vision of his naked daughter. She was still asleep and Dan’s cock rose as he watched her tits rise and fall with her steady breathing. This confirmed the thoughts he had last night of just how much like her mother she looked. At fifteen, Julie was tall, slender and was filling out the same curvy figure that her mom had. Her tits were not quite as big, but Dan figured that she still had some developing to do. Her bright red bush caught his eye as her leg shifted just the slightest. Not wanting to get caught, Dan scurried on down the hallway and into the kitchen. His cock was rock hard as he stood there envisioning the lovely young woman that he had just gazed upon. He reached down and slowly began to stroke himself without even thinking about it. Dan was lost in his thoughts and stroking when suddenly he heard Julie take a deep breath. He opened his eyes and saw her standing in a robe, staring at him cock. He wasn’t sure how to react. Reality began to set in and he quickly reached for a dish towel to cover himself. Dan began to apologize when Julie asked if he had seen her naked in her room. He could feel his face turning red and as silently shook his head yes. She looked at him and reminded him that he made them promise not to peek and then he went and did it himself. All Dan could do was stand there and stammer. Then Julie asked him if he if what he was doing was called masturbating and again Dan shook his head yes.Julie stood there for a moment realizing that she had control of the situation and took a step towards her dad. She looked him straight in the eye and told him that she had never seen a guy’s cock in real life and asked if he would show it to her. As if following the commands of someone in charge, Dan pulled the dish towel away. By now, the shock of getting caught had softened his cock and it hung limply in front of him. Julie looked surprised and asked why it was so much smaller than when she walked into the room and caught him. He told her that it grows larger and harder when he gets stimulated and then smaller and softer most of the time. Julie moved another step towards and stared at my cock, which naturally started to grow. I could see the fascination in her eyes as she watched my cock become erect again. Her hand started to move towards it and then she thought better and pulled it back. I told her that it was okay if she wanted to türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan touch it and see what it felt like. Her expression now was one of excitement and a smiled returned to her pretty face. This time as she reached out, I noticed that the tie on her robe was coming loose and I could see her cleavage. That made my cock twitch which surprised her. Slowly her hand reached my cock and her finger touched the tip right as the first drop of precum oozed out. She asked what it was and I tried my best to explain it to her. She rubbed it between her finger and thumb and commented about slippery it felt. I told her it’s used to help lubricate a cock during love making. Then I told her that her mother used to love to lick it off the tip of my cock. Her flashed with excitement as she looked and asked me if she could taste it like mom did and I told her to go ahead. She knelt down in front of me and tentatively stuck out her tongue and barely tasted it. I saw the smile on her face and told her that her mother also used to like to put my cock in her mouth and suck on it. Julie looked hesitantly so I took her hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock and then moved the tip to her lips and asked her to open her mouth and pretend it’s a big lollipop. I watched intently as her lips parted and slowly wrapped around the head of my cock. I kept encouraging her as she began to suck on the tip of my cock. Before I could ask her if she liked it I heard her patented mmmmmm that she always does when she really likes the taste of something like her favorite ice cream. Giving her a little more encouragement, I slowly worked the entire head and then part of the shaft into her mouth. Her lips felt like heaven around my cock and I couldn’t help but start to pump in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were closed which let me know that she was really enjoying sucking on my cock. I reached down and gently moved one side of her robe to reveal her very pert b cup tit. Looking down at her made my cock swell a little larger as I continued to pump her mouth. Julie stopped and looked up at me and asked if she was doing it like mom did and I smiled at her and told her she was just like her mom except that her mom always did it naked. It was then that Julie realized that her robe was open and revealing one of her tits. Her first reaction was to cover herself and then she asked me if I wanted her to be naked like mom and I told her it would be fantastic if she was. Her face turned red as she pulled her robe open and let it slide off behind her. The vision before me was spectacular and reminded very much of her mother back when she was in high school and I first saw her naked. I told Julie that she was the pitting image of her mother at that age and that she was a very beautiful and sexy young lady. She smiled, blushed and asked me if I wanted her to continue sucking my cock and smiled back and nodded my head. As her lips returned to engulf my throbbing cock, I now found myself looking down at both of her tits and naked torso. I told myself that this must be a dream and not really happening, but her mouth moved down over my shaft I knew it wasn’t a dream. I reached down and entwined my fingers through her red hair and placed my head gently on the back of her head. Besides feeling her lips sliding back and forth on my cock, I felt her tongue sliding along the underside of my shaft. It wasn’t long before I felt that stirring in my balls and debated if I should tell her what was about to happen or just surprise her. I decided to be honest with her and told her that I was getting close to ejaculating. She slowed down and looked up at me, still with my cock in her mouth with a questioning look on her face. I told her that her mom used to swallow it but that at first she would pull off and let me cum on her tits. Julie pulled off and said she wanted to see my cock cum as she had never seen anything like that before. I told her to wrap her hand around it and stroke it like she saw me doing and she did. I watched as her tits jiggled to the movement of her arm as she began to pump me. Watching them jiggled was the last stimulus I needed to start shooting rope after rope of semen out and onto my daughter. The first spurt surprised her and hit her in the face. Then she leaned back and aimed my cock down so that the rest of it sprayed her chest and tits. I don’t remember cumming with so much volume before but it seemed like I would never stop.When the last drop had been pumped out of me, Julie looked at me and smiled. I took my finger and scooped up some of my cum and held my finger to her tongue. She took my finger in her mouth and sucked it clean and I could hear her mmmmmm again. She took her own finger and scooped up some more and sucked it off her finger. After she pretty much cleaned herself off, she told me that she would like to do it again sometime and that she would like to try and swallow it. I told her that we could do that, but we can’t let anyone else know about what we did, especially her brother. Fortunately, we could hear Alex who was still snoring. I held out my hand and helped Julie to her feet. Once she stood up, I stepped back to get a good look at her. She turned around when I circled my finger in the air and I noticed that she also had her mother’s sex little ass. When she turned back to face me, she asked if I really thought she was pretty and I told her that she was every bit as pretty and sexy as her mom was. I knew this meant a lot to her because Julie used to sit and stare at the photos of her mom and wish she would be that pretty when she grew up. She blushed as I complimented and stared at her. Julie sheepishly told me that she has never let any boy or man see her naked before. türbanlı escort balıkesir I told her that I was glad that I was the first and held out my arms to her and she moved in and we hugged. Feeling her bare tits press against my chest was so sensuous and my cock quickly got hard again. As we hugged, my stiffening cock lifted between her legs and pressed against the lips of her pussy. I gently rubbed my cock against her pussy and Julie softly moaned and hung onto me. Whispering, I asked her if that felt good and she said it did and whispered back asking if mom liked that also. I kissed her forehead and whispered that her mom liked to feel me against the outside and inside of her pussy and then added that she always said it felt so much better inside than rubbing against the outside. Julie was reacting to the new sensations between her legs and I realized that I was also rubbing against her clit and that she was building to an orgasm. I held onto her and increased the pressure and speed of my cock rubbing against her and almost instantly I felt her body begin to shake and her knees almost buckled. I tightened my grasp on her to hold her up and against me with her face buried in my chest. When her orgasm subsided, she tried to catch her breath and then looked up and me said that she has never experienced anything like that before. I asked her if she has ever masturbated and she said yes, but they never felt like that. Then she asked me if I was serous that mom said it felt so much better inside and I told her most definitely. That’s when I heard the words that I thought I would never hear as my beautiful daughter asked me to put my cock inside her. I told her that it was very wrong and I could get in a lot of trouble and she said she knew but she had to find out just how much better it felt inside than rubbing outside. She also told me that she had broken her hymen with her hairbrush handle so it shouldn’t be a problem. I started to turn her around and bend her over and Julie told me that she wanted to be able to see my face when I put it in her so I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and closed the door. I laid her on the bed, spread her legs and gazed up at her pussy for the first time. My cock was throbbing in anticipation and it moved in and began to press it against her lips. Our eyes locked on each other and I asked if she was sure she wanted this. She told me she was sure and then she told me that she knew I missed her mom and she missed mom and was doing her best to be the woman of the house and this seemed like the right thing to do. I told her I loved her as the head of my cock began to work its way between her lips. She was very tight and made sure I took it easy as I didn’t want to hurt her. Bit by bit I slipped in a little more until finally the head of cock was inside her. It was everything I could do to keep from cumming right then and there. Our eyes were still locked on each other but I could see hers getting glazed over in sexual ecstasy as my cock penetrated further into her. It took several minutes but I was finally completely inside my daughter and began to slowly move it in and out of her. I held myself up off of her which allowed me to watch her body and to put more pressure on her clit. Julie’s eyes fluttered several times and then closed. Picking up a little speed to establish a rhythm, her tits began to sway on her chest. I used to love to watch her mother’s tits move when we made love and found that Julie’s tits also excited me as they moved to our rhythm. Julie’s body began to arch as she built towards another orgasm. I pressed harder against her clit and began pumping her a little faster and this sent her over the edge. Her pussy was tight to begin with, but as her body spasmed, it seemed to clamp around my cock. The feeling was incredible and as I watched her tits sway and her body ride her orgasmic wave, I felt myself getting ready to cum. At the moment, I didn’t care if she got pregnant or not. All I knew is that I wanted to fill her with my seed and I started pumping my white ropes deep into her pulsating pussy. Through her gasps for air, Julie whispered that she could feel me cumming inside her and that it made her feel all arm inside. I pumped and pumped until there was nothing left to pump and then I stopped and held my cock inside her as long as I could. Eventually I started to soften and get smaller so I pulled out of her and rolled over next to her. We laid there next to each other in the silent afterglow of our love making. Eventually, Julie rolled over towards me and told me that mom was right about it feeling so much better inside than rubbing against the outside. I told her that I was glad she enjoyed it. Julie leaned in and passionately kissed me on the lips. She was so much like her mother that again I was flooded with her memories and it felt like I was kissing Susan again. Even Julie’s smell was the same as her mother. My emotions swirled in the turmoil of knowing this was my daughter and that what we had done was wrong, while at the same time being with Julie was just like being with her mom, who I still terribly missed. About that time, we heard the toilet in the other bathroom flushed and realized that Alex was up. I also realized that we left Julie’s robe lying on the kitchen floor and that she had no clothes to change into. I quickly got dressed and opened Susan’s closet and let Julie pick out some clothes. I had to stop when I saw her in her mom’s clothes. It seemed like Susan had returned. I told her that if Alex asked what we were doing to tell him that she wanted to talk to me about school and boys and that we didn’t want to be interrupted. We waited to see if Alex would knock on my bedroom door, but after a couple of minutes of silence, we ventured out. Alex had gone back to bed and was already snoring again. Julie kissed me on the cheek, ran to the kitchen and picked up her robe. I knew life would not be the same after that.This is my first attempt at fiction. A number of people have like our true stories and have asked if I’ve ever written fiction and that I should try. Let me know if you like it and I will try to write some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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