Jess and the life changing weekend: Part five.

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Anal Fingering

Chapter Eight.The rest of the day was spent naked. We swam, we relaxed and talked. We ate a lunch that Jeremy made for us all and even napped in the afternoon after making each other cum once again; this time Jeremy filled my mouth with his cum. Every second of it was spent naked. I had never felt so alive.Eventually, I scooped my swimsuit out of the pool and decided I needed to go home to bed. I was completely exhausted in the best possible way. Trying to put a wet bathing suit on is close to impossible and to be honest, I just didn’t have enough energy left to bother. I slipped my shirt back on and wandered back home. It was almost, but not quite, dark outside now so if someone was watching they would probably be able to tell I was naked under the shirt but it didn’t do anything more than excite me a bit to think someone might see my pussy or ass. I was almost tempted to take the shirt off too but the small vestiges of dignity I had left said no.D “It could be fun but whatever.”A, yawning loudly. “Probably shouldn’t.”I was completely worn out, and it seemed that they were too.I stumbled in through the front door. I didn’t bother to turn on any lights or shut any blinds or windows. I staggered into my bedroom where I collapsed onto the bed with my bare ass facing the street and I was asleep within seconds.Chapter Nine.When I woke up the next morning it was like waking up with a hangover. Not that I had drunk any alcohol but I was aching in places I hadn’t ached in for a very long time. I was lying in the same position I had fallen asleep in, which was one of the reasons for my aches and pains, but not the only one. My hips had done some gymnastics that they hadn’t for years and it was causing some discomfort too. On top of all that though, was the sunburn. I was burnt in places that had never been burnt before and the dehydration headache I had was brutal.I groaned as I forced my body to move and discovered some new pains that hadn’t spoken up before now.“Oh, what have you done to yourself, you silly girl?”A “Karma.”D “Fuck off Angel.”“Yeah, fuck off Angel.”I swear that in my mind I saw a smug grin. As I stood up my already thumping head began to pound in earnest. My skin felt like it had been shrink-wrapped onto my entire body and every movement was stiff and rigid. I staggered into the kitchen and immediately drank a milkshake cup of water along with some painkillers. I could almost feel my body sucking the water up like a sponge. I finished that lot and filled the cup again. I knew a cool shower would help but I was almost too afraid to do it.I eventually plucked up the courage and stepped under the cold water. It both hurt and felt good at the same time. I stayed in there as long as I could stand it and didn’t get out until my teeth were chattering. I patted myself dry with a towel and while I was still half numb from the cold I put on the loosest shorts and t-shirt I could find.I found the coolest part of the house, set up a chair from the kitchen and the fan in front of me and sat there reading a book. There was very little else I could do at this point. The painkillers were helping some and I managed to rub some aloe vera gel into a few places but there were so many I couldn’t reach in the state I was in.I sat there in misery for the majority of the day. The pain sucked and I felt stupid for letting myself get into this condition but the worst part was coming. I would have to explain this to Peter at some point. Sunburn was sunburn and I could explain it on my arms or legs but my breasts? Even worse, on my pussy and ass? How the fuck could I explain that one? All I could do was hope he would be away for more than just the weekend. Hopefully, the worst of it would be gone by the time he got home.I had calmed down a bit and was immersing myself in cool drinks, pain killers and a book. I had taken the shirt off to help with the breeze and was vaguely wondering if Kat and Jeremy were in the same condition as me right now. My phone began ringing, startling me out of my reverie. It was on the kitchen table forcing me to move from a position that it had taken a long time to get comfortable in.“Hello? Ooh fuck.”I had brushed my arm along the side of my breast and I reacted before the brain filter could kick in.“Umm, okay. Are you alright?”“Oh, hi Belinda. Well, if I’m being completely honest, no I’m not. I have a bad sunburn and I just hurt it. Sorry for swearing.”“Oh, sweetie. What have you done?”I could hear the laughter in her voice and I had to admit that it was a pretty absurd situation.“Yeah, I know. It’s worse than that though. I have been a very silly girl.”“Well, I’ll be there in about an hour, is there anything you need me to get?”“You’re an angel, could you grab some salad or something we can have for dinner? I’ll pay you back.”“Of course. See you in a while.”As much as it was a pain in the ass, isvecbahis both literally and figuratively, I felt that I had to at least try and look a little more presentable for when Belinda got here with the boys. I did my stiff-legged waddle into the bedroom and rummaged through the drawers until I found my loosest fitting pair of underwear and bra. I slowly and very carefully removed my shorts. Once they were off, I enjoyed a few moments of feeling the air blow across my naked skin. I waddled into the bathroom and wet a towel with cold water then wrung the excess water out of it. I draped the towel over the front of my body for a few minutes then switched it around to the back. It stung a bit but the relief was tremendous. I cleaned myself as best I could then went back to the bedroom where my clothes were.It felt so good to have the cooler air on my naked skin that I contemplated ringing Belinda and begging her to keep David for another night so I could remain naked. That wasn’t fair on David though or Belinda for that matter. So, with a rather large sigh, I began the arduous task of getting dressed again.Pulling my underwear up my legs felt like a thousand sharpened forks being dragged up my skin and the pressure on my breasts from the bra was close to unbearable. I slipped the shirt back on and carefully pulled my shorts up again. I then waddled back to the seat and the fan to await their return.It seemed I had only just settled back into the chair when I heard the car pull up in the driveway. The front door burst open as two, still, quite excited boys came through. They were talking at a hundred miles an hour and not really making much sense to me but it seemed like they had had a lot of adventures and fun over the last two days. It was probably the only time I was ever grateful that David was beginning to grow out of the hugging age. I just don’t think I could have coped if he gave me one of his big squishy hugs right now.Belinda followed through the door looking a little bedraggled herself but when she took one look at me I could see she was hovering between laughter and pity.“Oh, no. Oh, honey, what have you done to yourself?”Inexplicably, I burst into tears. I don’t know whether it was anger at myself, pain, shame, or just the simple fact that someone was here who cared about me enough to really see the condition I was in.“Oh, sweety. Don’t cry. My god, you’ve done a good job of it.”“You don’t know the half of it.”“I would give you a cuddle but I somehow think that wouldn’t be great right now.”I half laughed and half sobbed. I felt ridiculous and I knew I looked a mess. Just to add insult to injury I was now pretty sure I had snot on my face. Way to go Jess.A “I did warn you there would be consequences for your actions.”D “You know, for an angel you sure are a heartless motherfucker.”Thankfully they went silent again. I sure didn’t want to have to explain that I was hearing angels and demons in my head on top of everything else.As I said earlier, Belinda is one of the most organised people I have ever met. Within moments she had rounded the boys up, had them organising their own dinner and had put on a movie for them to watch. Then once they were distracted she focused on me.“What can I do for you, Jess? You look absolutely miserable.”“I’m sorry.”“Don’t you apologise to me. We’re going to have a chat when the time is right because I can see you’ve got some heavy shit going on but right now, what can I help you with?”“I’m so sorry to ask this but I desperately need some Aloe Vera rubbed into my back and I can’t bend my arms enough to reach there.”“No problem, Just let me get organised and you go lay down on your bed.”“Thank you so much.”“Stop it. That’s what friends are for.”She scampered off, seemingly in her element with something to do. She took a large towel from the linen cupboard and laid it out on the bed. As I slowly waddled in she had a bit of a giggle and shook her head.“Oh, I shouldn’t laugh but you’re moving like a mummy from the classic horror movies.”I laughed too because I knew she was right but I just couldn’t move any other way at this point.“Okay, strip off and get on the bed.”I giggled again.“Best offer I’ve had all day.”“You probably won’t think so soon. This is likely going to sting.”Belinda left me to it while she went and got the Aloe Vera from the fridge and spoke to the boys. When she returned she had brought the fan in with her and shut the door behind her. I was laying on my stomach in my bra and knickers and when she turned to look at me she hissed in a breath.“Oh shit. That’s a bad burn, Jess. Did you fall asleep in the sun?”It wasn’t entirely a lie, I may have been out to it for a while there, so I nodded.“Oh my goodness, where do I start?”“Just wherever I can’t reach please, I can get the rest.”“Don’t be ridiculous, you can barely move at all.”She undid my bra isveçbahis giriş and tried to gently push it off my shoulders but because I was laying on it, it wouldn’t go. Belinda was talking gently to me now like I was some terminally ill patient. It was soothing but a little disturbing at the same time, I mean how bloody bad was it?“Now, honey, if you can’t that’s okay but it would be a lot easier if we could take this bra off. I think you would be a lot more comfortable.”If I was physically capable of it I would have blushed, knowing she was about to see just how silly I had been. I lifted myself carefully and removed the bra. It was a relief to have it off but I felt ashamed when I saw the look of pity on Belinda’s face.“Oh wow. You’ve really done a number on yourself haven’t you.”I just nodded sadly as tears began to stream down my face.“Jess, please don’t feel ashamed. We’ve all done our share of things that didn’t turn out so well. Just lay down and let me soothe this for you.”I felt like a child who had been caught doing something naughty and I hated the shame that I felt. I hated feeling weak in front of somebody that knew me so well. I lay down again and buried my face in the pillow, then almost screamed as the cold liquid went onto my back. I went from shame to shock to blessed relief in moments as Belinda began to smooth the gel into my thirsty skin. She was very gentle as she worked her way from my shoulders slowly down my back. It wasn’t a massage but it had the effect of relieving some of the tension in my body as she went.“Oh, Jess, there’s still so much heat in your skin. You poor thing, I hope this helps.”I was almost crying tears of relief it felt so good. She worked down my back and began on my legs, working from the bottom up. When she got to the top she pulled the top of my knickers down a bit, obviously expecting to see an obvious tan line but of course, there just wasn’t one there. So she just kept tugging them down further. She essentially stripped me until my bare, red, ass was on full display.“Well, I have to admit I did at least expect a G-string mark. Were you completely starkers out there?”All I could do was nod as I tried to hide my embarrassment and I could hear the buried laugh in her voice.“I would spank your bum for you for being naughty but it’s already red enough I think.”She began rubbing the gel into my butt, which felt amazing but also a little embarrassing.“It’s okay Belinda, I can get that.”“Oh, shoosh. You’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before. Besides, we’ve gone this far, a little further won’t hurt.”Suddenly I was thinking about her seeing other women like this and wondering what that meant. Had she, like Kat said, had some fun with another woman? Was she into that? Did she like what she could see of me? Would she want to see more? God, damn it, Jess, now is not the time to start getting all wet.I could feel her hands all over my ass and it felt so good. She squirted some more gel on and slowly but surely began working her way between my cheeks.“Oh, honey, you did a thorough job of this burn didn’t you.”All I could think about was Jeremy ploughing his cock into me from behind and leaving me open and exposed and now Belinda staring at my asshole and pussy that was so thoroughly fucked only yesterday, as she got closer and closer to them with her slippery fingers. I wondered if she could see the glistening moisture forming there? Did she notice as I tilted my hips up a little to allow her better access? Then it happened.Her slippery, gel coated, fingers brushed across my pussy and asshole. I moaned into the pillow then wondered if she had heard. When she spoke her voice had somehow become a little huskier and deeper.“Oh, you’ve even burned your poor kitty. We need to take care of that.”I felt more gel drip down directly onto my most intimate areas then her fingers were gently sliding back and forth over them. She spread the gel all around making sure that I was completely moisturised then the tip of her finger slipped between my lips, then down over my throbbing clit. I had no control over my hips as they pushed up back against her touch. She went up and down several times then as she went back up I pushed up as well. Her finger slipped inside my opening and she stopped moving, just holding it there. I began a slow gyration of my hips that caused my pussy to slip up and down the length of her finger a few times before she began to join in the motion. She slid her finger in deeper and my body just about sucked it in. Before I knew what was going on she had pushed a second finger inside me and was steadily fucking me with it. She had her middle and forefinger inside me and her next finger was rubbing against my clit. The gel was soothing me but her fingers were setting me on fire as I moaned into my pillow and humped against her. When her thumb began to push against isveçbahis yeni giriş my puckered anus I thought I was going to explode as an orgasm washed over me.I lay there panting as my pussy clutched and pulsed around her fingers. I felt her breath on my ear as she whispered.“I’m glad that helped you feel a bit better but I believe the job is only half done. I need to do the front now, but I better check on the boys before I do.”She slowly extricated her fingers from me, wiped them with the towel and went out into the lounge room. I could hear her chatting with the boys as I rolled over onto my back. When she returned she paused in the doorway and gave me a sultry smile. She then closed the door and placed a chair I have in the room in front of it. She began removing her clothes and at my queried look she just shrugged.“I don’t want to get that sticky gel on my clothes do I?”“Oh, of course not.”I couldn’t believe this was happening. Had Kat turned me into a sex-starved lesbian? No, I still loved having a cock inside me too much for that but she may have unleashed something in me that had been chained up for too long.“The boys have a new movie on and drinks. I have told them to leave us alone as were discussing something serious. We should be fine for a while longer yet.”I think it says more about my head-space at the time that I didn’t even consider the consequences of Peter arriving home. He didn’t enter my mind at all. The only thing in my mind right now was Belinda standing before me completely naked. She reached down and slid my panties completely off me then as though this was a completely normal thing to do she began rubbing more gel into my burned skin.She started at my shoulders and was facing down towards my feet. She worked her way down my arms first then started on my chest. The gel felt so good as she rubbed it into my aching nipples and they swelled into her palms as she slid her hands back and forth over them. She leaned further forward as she descended to my stomach and her breast grazed against my face. It was a purely reflex motion to catch her engorged nipple between my lips and suckle her. She sucked in a breathe and moaned as I did my best to make her feel good. She allowed me to suckle for a little longer, sucking her nipple into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. She then pulled away from me and began rubbing more gel into my stomach and lower until she moved my legs apart with her hands. She then began to massage my pussy once again and slide her fingertips back and forth over my clit.My hand began to wander and traced a line down her back, over her ass, then in between her thighs. She didn’t say anything but she did move her feet slightly further apart to allow me better access. My fingers slipped between her thighs and immediately found her very wet centre. She stopped moving her fingers over me for a few moments as she savoured the feeling of my fingers sliding back and forth along her slit and over her clit. She tilted her hips back slightly towards me allowing me a slightly different angle and I knew what she wanted.I slide one finger slowly inside her until it was in as deep as I could get it. Her pussy was so hot, steamy and inviting. I began to slowly fuck her with it until I felt she was ready for a second finger. I slid the second in along with the first and again began to fuck her slowly with my fingers. I remembered the things she had done to me and wondered if she did that because she liked the same herself. I made sure my third finger was gently rubbing along her clit then I did what she had done to me and used the tip of my thumb to begin applying pressure to her anus.She began pushing back against me and although I didn’t want to hurt her I could tell she was loving the extra pressure. My thumb was already slick from the cum that my fingers were spreading around her and when it began to slip inside her ass I couldn’t believe what was happening. She suddenly stopped moving and at first, I thought I had hurt her. I was beginning to remove my fingers when she spoke quite urgently.“Don’t stop, just hold still for a second.”I did as I was told and I could feel her pussy clenching around my fingers at the same time as her tight ass seemed to throb around my thumb. I felt her relax a little then begin to push back onto me some more. I applied a little more pressure and she moaned as my thumb slipped even further into her ass. Once again she stopped for a few moments as her body adjusted to the intrusion. She relaxed again and began pushing back onto me until my thumb and fingers were as deep inside her as they could go, then she began to gyrate her hips.As she did my fingers would push into her pussy and my thumb would slip half out of her ass, then in the next motion, the opposite would happen. I could feel the tension building in her body as her tempo slowly increased. Just the sheer sexual energy was causing my body to respond in kind. I was getting off on just how much Belinda was getting turned on. I had never felt more alive sexually than I had this weekend despite the pain.

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