Jerry the Imp

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Jerry the ImpSam sighed as he looked at the electrical tape pentagram on the carpet of his bedroom floor. The website that was oddly only viewable for a few moments around midnight had insisted this would work for summoning a demon and still allow you to get your rental security deposit back if you lived in an apartment. It was also recommended if you lived with your parents or just had nice carpet. If he was honest this was stupid and he was probably just to obsessed with an outlandish idea anyways. Still everything else seemed to be far too specific to a summoning for him to not try it. With candles and incense lit and making sure curtains were closed tight, Sam jumped as his computer beeped.A check list appeared on the screen along with some questions. He had no robes so he stripped to just a large plain black t-shirt and nothing else. As soon as he was nearly naked a green check mark appeared next to the clothing line, as well as checks next to the; candles, incense and pentagram. The questions were rather oddly specific and a little creepy, he certainly didn’t want anyone killed or some wrong righted. With that the next button appeared at the bottom of the website.He clicked it and the screen went fuzzy before sharply returning with a diagram of how and where he should be sitting in front of the pentagram, including that his tail needed to be close to him on his left side. Thinking this whole thing was too strange to not follow thru, Sam sat down as show on the website a glance at the screen earned him another green check mark and a countdown. Sam closed his eyes and took a little solace in knowing his speakers were turned off so even if this was just some jerk’s idea of a good jump scare it wouldn’t get him. He shivered a bit as the air seemed to cool off a moment and he heard an audible “poof” he opened his eyes and was astonished to see a cloud of smoke in the center of the pentagram along with the silhouette of a short fat imp. “Um, hello.”The short, shirtless fat imp took a deep breath. “Hey k**… is that donut shop incense?”Sam only nodded. “Its all I could find.”“I tell yeah k**, that is the nicest fuckin incense I’ve smelt in a long time. Most people get some emo depressed bullshit or hippy dope crap. My names Jerry, body mod extraordinary.” Jerry grinned widely a mouth full of pearly white sharp teeth added to his charm, or so he generally thought.“Jerry… You’re not exactly what I was expecting… aside from the enormous bulge in your pants.” In his defense, bahis firmaları the imp’s pants were tight and the only thing Jerry was wearing.Jerry chuckled. “This is my look of choice for showing up in people’s rooms, it’s a good look when you don’t want to scare the shit out of your client. So tell me k** what kind of help are you looking for? Please just tell me you want to be like other fox anthros and want to be able to get ****d by an elephant and still walk okay. I hate stereotypes, but that shit gets old.”“I’m not a k**.” Sam grumbled and added “I guess that does make sense.”Jerry chuckled. “My belt buckle is older than this country, everyone is a k** to me. ‘sides, you’re too damned adorable to be called an adult. Plus I thought you didn’t like ‘Sammy’.”Sam blushed a bit. “I don’t, how do you know that?”Jerry snapped his fingers and a tablet appeared in his left hand. “The D man hooks us up, all the latest tech. Should get the paperwork done first anyways before we get down to what you want. Let me pull up your file and doable check some stuff.”Sam watched Jerry tap away for a moment. “How far back does the file go?”“All the way to birth k**do.” Jerry grinned and clicked something. “When you were five your uncle touched you inappropriately, ten you put bubble gum in Daniela’s hair… she is still a cunt by the way. And my personal favorite was you substituting the sour cream in Bill’s burrito with your cum two years ago.” Jerry tucked the tablet under an arm and clapped. “Nicely done.”Jerry pulled the tablet back out. “A’right boring shit first, just nod or say yes if stuff is correct. Full name, Sam Allen Short.”Sam nodded.“Birthday is the twenty second of May, nineteen ninety eight.”Another nod.“Lets see, green eyes. Shoulder length black hair. Five foot five inches and one hundred six pounds.” Jerry eyed Sam and the fox nodded yes to everything. “Everything checks out so tell me, what can Jerry the body mod imp do for you?”“I want to be a hermaphrodite. And some small boobs would be great too.” Sam said with far more enthusiasm than he maybe should have. Jerry was caught off guard, k** had some imagination. A broad smile spread across his face. “Now that is some creativity, and you’ll be the rage at any threesome or orgy. The cute little trap that you are, and truthfully some tits would look good on you. Yank that shirt off and stand up, let’s get a good look at you.”Sam did as he was told, as Jerry snapped a small tailor’s measuring tape into existence kaçak iddaa and walked to Sam’s side. The tape moved by unseen hands and Jerry took some notes. Sam tensed up as Jerry’s rather warm hands grabbed his ass and gave it a squeeze.Jerry whistled lightly. “Sammy, you got one fine ass for a boy, damn give some girls a run for how fuckable this butt looks. We narrow that waist a touch and with your legs you are already fine. You wouldn’t mind if I got a photo for posterity… Ha ha, you can laugh k**, it was a pun.”Sam giggled a bit and glanced down as his waist shrunk just a bit. It was an odd feeling, not painful or even weird. “I expected this to be more painful.”Jerry eyed the tape as he got some measurements. “Na, we don’t do that kind of thing for body modifications, word of mouth is our best advertising. Sure I call hell home and the Devil is the boss, but that don’t mean we are into the pain and torture shit twenty four seven. It’s just a place of more open minded people who disagree with some of the tenants of the big guy upstairs. This next bit is going to make you a little disoriented.”Sam did wobble a bit and catch himself with the back of his chair as he now had a perky set of B cup breasts, a little more than his own handful. A little moan escaped his mouth as he felt them up, his nipples far more sensitive than he remembered. “That is going to take a little more getting used to.”“We can change that too, it is your bodies default sensitivity. Must not have played with those all that often.” Jerry eyed Sam, good breast to waist to hip ratio. He often thought people went too far into the extremes when it came to titties and ass. Jerry snapped his fingers and a full body mirror appeared before Sam. “Personally, I think you got that girl next door look, enough ass…sets to get anyone’s attention but not so much to be a whore or some cartoon. Give us your best flirty smile.” Sam turned a little to look himself over and batted his eyes a little and only curled up one side of his mouth in a sly little smile. God damned did he look cute as fuck now. “I couldn’t be happier.”“That’s what I like to hear, damn near gonna bust out of my own pants lookin up at your ass and that virgin pussy. Didn’t even notice the change did you? Turn around and spread ‘em and take a look.”Sam did as she was told and spread her ass cheeks just a bit and saw the slight slit and pink lips just above her balls from this angle. She watched her fingers slip between those soft lips and explore kaçak bahis herself a little bit. “It feels so, so new… I don’t know how to explain it.”“So you are happy with everything?” Jerry smiled.“Oh hell yeah, I don’t know how I could thank you.” Sam knelt down and gave the short imp a tight hug.“It’s my pleasure; only thing I need is just a finger prick for blood to seal the deal.” Jerry turned the table up and pointed to a small little round notch in the side. “Just a quick prick, like a diabetes tester.”Sam nodded and put a finger in the spot and winced as a quick little poke was all he felt. “So that’s all it takes?”“Yeah, though I am going to make a little note to keep an eye on how well you seduce people from now on. With the thoughts runnin thru your head, you might make a good succubus in the afterlife.” Jerry chuckled. “You seem a bit disappointed though, something else I can do for you?”“Well since you’re here and I am now a virgin… And I really want to know how big that dick is.”Jerry smiled and snapped the tablet and his pants away. “I take pride in going the extra mile for my clients.”Sam was already on his knees and reached out to stroke what was slowly growing into a large dong, Jerry’s balls were massive for his short stature. She leaned down and gave the tip a lick before taking the lumpy head in her mouth. It was quite warm and didn’t taste bad, actually the demon’s dick was a bit sweet. Jerry guessed right, k** could suck dick like a pro and that ass and fresh pussy in the mirror might be his best work in decades. Delicate fingers fondled his heavy balls as well as any succubus had. “Oh fuck k**, lay back and let me give you some tongue.”Sam lay back and Jerry went straight down on her new pussy like a fat guy at a buffet. Holy fuck did he know how to eat a girl out; it was toe curling, lip biting good. Her fingers dug into the thick carpet as her thighs tightened on Jerry’s head as she climaxed. Sam heard him chuckle as she fell back and lay on the floor panting. “You’re not done yet little foxy.” Jerry smiled as he moved so he could rub his veiny lumpy demon cock between her very wet pussy lips. He wasn’t going to hurt her, but he would be damned if he wouldn’t make her first fuck as a girl the best one.Sam groaned as she woke up to an offensively loud alarm. What a weird fucking dream, as she sat up and the sheets fell away exposing her B cups, Sam realized it was not a dream. Hurriedly she yanked the covers off and found she still had her cock and balls and pussy. Sam was a herm and glancing at the clock she saw a note.‘Enjoy your new body, best fuck I’ve had in a while. And don’t worry, I didn’t knock you up, but it could happen. Best regards, Jerry.’

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