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Jenny 01Not finished yet, will update….keep looking..thanks….any comment will be truly appreciated…….IanxJenny 01….“OK, see you Monday.”“Bye”“Bye””Wow! What a week! Gerald thought to himself as she closed the door. He watched her as she walked down the road and joined the throng pouring into the college gates. She was a good looking girl, just turned eighteen but you’d think she was older to look at her. She walked with a confident movement that was quite fascinating to him. Her figure was very attractive as was her personality. She was bright and effusive, always making him laugh. They had known each other for nearly two years now, since he had responded to the ad in the supermarket for someone to do the ‘school-run’ for a family not too far from where he lived.The family’s work commitments meant they couldn’t usually drive their daughter at each end of the day, and Gerald had becone their unofficial ‘taxi-man’. He didn’t need the money, but this had been a routine he was quite happy to adopt and gave some structure to his day. His business meant he didn’t have to do much at all these days, his time was his own, his income grew every month and he could afford the things he wanted to do and have to make life very enjoyable. And this part of his day had certainly become very enjoyable; especially after the developments of the last week. Taking Jenny to school and now to college gave him a welcome little push in the morning to get up earlier than he would otherwise need to do. He didn’t mind as he liked the mornings and felt that it meant he’d have more of a day to enjoy. Jenny had changed quite noticeably in the last year, she really wasn’t a girl anymore, she was blossoming into a very good looking young woman. When he had responded to the family looking for a driver, they had been a little reticent about the job being done by a single man, but as there was no-one else available and that initially there were always the two girls in the car with him they’d felt more comfortable and had engaged his services. For some time, his conversations with the girls had been minimal, almost non-existent really; they’d always sat in the back of his car and chatted between each other. He’d enjoyed eavesdropping on their ‘girlie’ conversations, especially when they’d lowered their voices and talked about more intimate matters thinking he couldn’t hear what they were saying. His hearing was actually excellent and mostly he heard every word. Mary was quite clearly a popular girl and very sexually active. He did wonder sometimes if they knew he could hear as Mary often shared with Jenny some really juicy details about what she and her boyfriend had been up to. It was always in lowered tones, but he wondered why they talked like that when they were in the car, perhaps they couldn’t talk freely at home maybe? He’d always made a point of not showing any awareness of their conversations for very good reason. Sometimes Mary would be in the middle of talking about something steamy and she’d raise her voice to normal and say to him. ‘What do you think Mr Histe?” He knew that if he had given his opinion they would know he could hear them when they talked quietly so he always made a point of responding loudly with something like “What’s that? Sorry, what were you saying? Speak up” Mary for her part would invariably change the subject and ask some question completely unrelated to the conversation she’d been having with her sister and after Gerald has answered the girls would lower their voices and go back to talking quietly again.He’d worked out that Jenny however was not like Mary; she’d always be shocked although always interested in Mary’s exploits and constantly pressed her for every detail of Mary’s latest sexual adventures. Gerald had heard some remarkable things that Mary had got up to, she was clearly very highly sexed and on a mission to try every possible activity in every location on the planet! It became like listening to a late night radio soap drama he thought although he doubted that any radio show would be able to broadcast such graphic details and get away with it.Jenny’s sister Mary had stopped needing a lift when she left college and went to university so to begin with Jenny had continued to sit in the back of Gerald’s car and the journeys were mostly silent. By then, the family had become sufficiently comfortable and trusting of Gerald that they didn’t change the arrangements so Gerald continued taking Jenny but now by herself.To begin with, she’d just sat quietly in the car and he’d continued to do the same, however after a while Jenny was obviously finding it boring sitting alone in the back, especially as before, with Mary, she’d been enjoying such regular sexy talk with her sister. It was also much less exciting for Gerald as he no longer was blessed by hearing the details of Mary’s latest sexual exploits as she shared them with Jenny. Of course now Jenny was making her own way and had to find out how to get along without Mary. She’s been quite sheltered by her sister who was extremely protective towards Jenny, but now wasn’t around to do so. Both Jenny & Gerlad’s lives were about to take a major shift of direction and as they sat quietly in the car together, neither was aware of what was about to change their lives forever.The dramatic change came when one day on the way to drop Jenny off. This day she hadn’t needed to go in at her usual earlier time but by the time Gerald collected her it was already a beautiful day with the promise of another hot sunny summer’s day. On the way, travelling along their mormal route which they had done hundreds of time before they drove a short distance on the motorway. It was a pleasant section of the drive as it passed through countryside will hills and trees, Gerald ahd sometimes thought that there were pleasant places to stop and relax, but of course by the edge of a motorway is not usually the place to do so. the car had broken down at about the half way point, of all places, on the short stretch of motorway they took twice every day. Normally they would be on it only for ten minutes at the most as they got off at the first junction after they got onto it. But this day things went completely pear shaped. They had just got up to speed on the motorway and the car engine lost power. Fortunately they were travelling on the inside lane and Gerald was able to move onto the hard shoulder and slow to a stop safely. After trying a few times to re-start the engine it was clear that that was not going to happen and it would need attention to sort out whatever the problem was. Concerned for their safety on the edge of the motorway, Gerald got out and went around to the passenger side of the scar, opened the door and told Jenny to get out. There was a break in the safety barrier close to where they had stopped and they went through the gap and onto the grass at the side of the motorway. It was a good day weather wise anyway, Gerald thought as he helped Jenny up the slope of grass. There was a grassy mound with some trees and a flat rocky plateau just a short distance up the slope so they both climbed up and sat down on a long flat rock. Gerald had brought the thick rug blanket from the boot to sit on and Jenny spread it on the rock and sat down; her legs dangling over the edge looking down on the car just a short distance away.“Sorry, I don’t know why it’s decided to do this today. It’s never played up before. I’ll call the breakdown people to come and have a look at it.”“Can’t you fix it yourself?” Jenny replied.“Well, let me make a call and then I’ll see if I can do anything. I don’t really like the idea of standing on the hard shoulder with all that traffic whizzing by, and it could be anything.”Gerald made a call to the breakdown people and Jenny called the college to let them know she’d not be in for registration. She also sent a text to her mother as she got no reply when she tried to call her earlier that morning.Gerald finished his call. “They said about forty-five minutes.” Gerald declared.“No way!” Jenny exclaimed. “I can’t do this today, I’m gonna miss lessons.”“Sorry.” Gerald apologised again.“You should get a good car.” Jenny said out of frustration. ‘”I hope they come soon.”As he considered the situation, Gerald noticed that there was now no traffic at all on their side of the motorway. Looking into the distance the road was completely empty. “That’s strange.” He thought. He made his way back down to the car leaving Jenny perched on the rock. “I’ll see what I can do; the traffic seems to have quietened down for some reason.“OK” she said with less annoyance in her voice. “It would be great if you can fix it.” She watched him go back down the short slope and approach the car. She saw him open the bonnet and look inside. Gerald peered into the bonnet to see if it was something he could fix, he knew that there would probably be nothing he could do. “These modern engines are crammed in.” He thought, “How does anyone do anything in here without a shoehorn!” he checked the fuses and tried to see if anything was obviously amiss, but nothing jumped out at him.Just then his mobile rang; he took his head out from under the bonnet and took the phone from his pocket and answered it. “Hello” he said. “Have you fixed it?” It was Jenny. He turned to look up the slope and stood by the car looking up at her sitting just a little way away. He saw her with her phone to her ear sitting on the rock swinging her legs as he looked up at her from below. She looked real cute he thought, in fact too cute. As he watched her looking down at him, he had a very clear view from where he was standing of her young legs swaying back and forth rhythmically and took it all in with a quiet pleasure. They were close enough that she didn’t need to use the mobile, he could hear her voice from where he stood and he was certainly close enough to enjoy what he was seeing. He played along though and continued to talk to her over the phone whilst looking directly at her, watching her every movement. “No, I don’t see anything……” With the phone to his ear he walked closer to the edge of the hard shoulder. From where he stood he could see her legs swinging from side to side and watched as she pulled her skirt up her thighs to expose more skin to the sunlight,“………oh, hang on,” he said, distracted from his attempts to move into position to get a better view. “I’ve got another call coming in. just a minute.”His phone was vibrating again and he answered the second call.“Mr Highe?” A woman’s voice enquired.“Yes, hello?”This is the ‘All-Star Breakdown Service.’ I’m calling to say I’m sorry but we can’t get to you at the moment.”“Why’s that? When are you going to be here? I’ve got to get someone somewhere in a hurry.”He listened as she explained. “I’m very sorry Mt Highe, our man was on the way to you, but he’s just called in to say that there’s been an accident on the motorway. The police have closed off the road. He can’t get to you at the moment, he’s waiting in the queue on the slip road but he can’t move one way or the other. I’ll get him to call you as soon as he knows when he’ll get to you.”“Oh no.” Gerald groaned. Can’t you do anything?”“Sorry, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Can I just advise you to get out of the car and off the motorway, don’t stand on the hard shoulder as it’s not safe.”“Don’t worry, we’ve already done that.” “And with no cars coming this way, it’s not really an issue at the moment.” He said, as he looked at the safety barrier and the grass on the other side. “Well, we still advise you to get you and any passengers to a safe place and wait until we arrive, don’t stay on the hard shoulder.” She gave the stock answer. “Just be as quick as you can please.” He said. “I didn’t pay my membership to be left stranded here all day you know.”“Yes sir, we’ll do everything we can, and I’ll keep you informed as soon as we know anything.”“OK, I suppose it’s not your fault. Let me know when you have news please.”“I will do Mr Highe, thanks for your understanding, and thank you for choosing ‘The All-Star Breakdown Service.” The phone went dead as she hung up.He stood on the grass at the side of the road and turning his attention back to Jenny, lifted his eyes and saw that she had turned sideways to him and was now resting on her back with her legs drawn up to her knees and her bare feet flat on the stone, She was soaking in the sun on her face and legs; and her hair lay loose on the blanket on the rock. She wasn’t swinging her legs anymore, but he could see from the side that she had her legs apart at the knees and was enjoying the warmth. She’d taken off her shoes and her toes were curled over the edge. She’d allowed her skirt to slip into her lap and he thought that if she was still 1xbet yeni giriş facing him, he’d have a clear view of whatever she was wearing under it. As the call with the breakdown company ended he looked at the phone and realised Jenny was no longer on hold but had disconnected, although he could see she still had the handset held to her ear,He walked to the gap in the barrier and approached the slope from the direction of Jenny’s feet. It wasn’t far to go, but as he walked up the slope he realised he was in a direct line with the view up her skirt. “Mm” he thought. “Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. As he came closer to her he noticed that indeed he could clearly see between her legs and that she was wearing a pair of small white lacy panties. She had pulled her skirt up to give her legs the full benefit of the sun which was now quite warm and pleasant. Thinking he was still down by the car she was singing along to a song that played on her phone. She didn’t hear him coming up the slope so he just stood looking and enjoying the sight. They were very skimpy panties and left little to the imagination, although of course Gerald’s imagination was starting to run amok anyway. It was too long since he’d enjoyed the warmth of a woman’s body and he suddenly became aware that it was a long time since he’d found release of his sexual tensions. As he drew closer he stopped and felt a warmth flow through his own body as his hormones responded to the sight of the neat triangle of white material he was looking at in front of his eyes. Soon the shoulder of the road wouldn’t be the only thing that was hard round here. He thought.As he stood there quietly admiring the sight of her creamy white thighs and the haven between them, Jenny sat up and looked straight at him and immediately realised he could see everything. “Oh!” She exclaimed, “I didn’t hear you coming…” She quickly closed her legs and dropped her knees and brushing her skirt back in place. “What are you doing?” “Just enjoying the view.” He smiled now looking her straight in the eyes. She blushed. “Ah, well, I didn’t know you were there.” “That’s quite alright, really, it’s a lovely sight.” He said coming closer to her and sitting on the rock close to her side. “There’s a problem on the motorway, the road’s blocked, we may be here a while, they can’t get to us for a while. We’ll have to wait till they call.”She paused to recover her composure. “Did you mean that?” She asked. “Did I mean what?” He replied. “That you liked what you saw?” she asked. “Of course.” He said. “You are a very beautiful young woman; any man would be thrilled to see what you have hidden under that skirt.” “I don’t know about that.” She said. “I’m not like Mary; she’s the type boys seem to like. She’s the one that gets invited everywhere.” “That may be so,” he said. “But I’m a man, not a boy.” I know a good thing when I see it, and you’re a good thing alright.” ”Thanks, that’s very kind of you, you don’t have to don’t have to say that you know.” She sounded a little vulnerable he thought. “No seriously, I mean it.” He reassured her.He put his arm around her shoulder as though to comfort her and as their faces turned toward each other, he reached up with his hand and brushed her hair away from her face. She smiled at him and looked passively into his eyes. He gently put his hand on her cheek and cupped her face, continuing to hold her gaze. He brought his thumb across the front of her face and brushed her lips barely touching them. She felt a thrill run through her body and her heart rate quickened. He pressed his thumb at the side of her mouth and held her head with his fingers around her neck just below her ear. He lent forward until he was close enough for his lips to make the most sensitive of contact with hers and he pulled back just a fraction and relaxing his hand away from her head, looked to see her response; they both held their breath for an instant. Then she responded by moving her head closer again, closed her eyes and putting her lips firmly onto his they kissed each other for the first time. It was a gentle kiss with their lips caressing the surface of each others; then she pulled back very slightly and her lips parted. She looked into his eyes. He leant into the gap between them and putting his mouth firmly on hers he gently let the tip of his tongue tease the moist opening of her warm parted lips.Soon their tongues were dancing in each others mouths, their lips were wet and they pressed their faces firmly into each other turning and twisting as they shared the moment. As suddenly as she had sat up, they broke and took deep breaths of the clear country air. Nothing was said, and then they embraced again, kissing passionately. This time their hands joined in and as one of his hands stroked the back of her head, the other hand slid up and around her side to rest on her back. He gently rubbed her through her clothing and was rewarded by her hands also starting to roam over his strong arms and muscular back.She was the first to speak in one of the gaps as they drew breath. “I’m too hot in this/” She said extricating herself from his embrace. She stood up and facing him reached down to where the buttons of her jacket met and started to undo them. “Let me help” he said as he slipped undone a button with the finger and thumb of one hand. As soon as all the buttons were undone she slipped out of the jacket and dropped it onto the stone. “Aren’t you hot too?” She asked. “This sun is fabulous.” She stepped forwards closing the gap between them and extended her hand towards the bottom edge of the jersey he was wearing. Grasping the hem she pulled it up as he lifted his arms to allow her to pull it over his head and cast it aside with her garment.She stood before him and he drank in the sight of her white cotton blouse. Three of the top buttons were undone now and he could see through the gap that she had a white lacy bra covering her breasts which looked full and ready for attention. Even through the blouse he could see her nipples had grown hard and the material protruded inviting his fingers to caress them. His own shirt had pulled out of his trousers as she pulled the jersey over his head and as she looked at his shirt she spoke with timidity in her voice. “I’m not sure about this. I’ve never…don’t know how……. I mean……..”It made sense to him. It had only ever been Mary who talked about the sexual exploits, never Jenny. She’d always been the one asking the questions, always wanting to know the details. Clearly she’d never had any personal experience in this sort of thing herself.“What? You mean you’ve never…? Ever?”She shook her head and looked embarrassed so he quickly reassured her. “It’s not a problem Jenny. Don’t worry. I can help. I’ll show you.”“Will you teach me?”“Of course, if you want ne to?”“Yes, I do. I trust you, I know you’d never hurt me. Will you show me what to do?”“OK, what do you know?”“My sister told me lots of things, but I’ve never actually done any of them myself. I wouldn’t know where to start.” She looked genuinely shy,“OK, well we have all the time in the world, there’s no hurry. The road is still blocked. It’s a beautiful day, we can see for miles and no-one can see us. Let’s start slowly and if you want to stop, just say and I will. You just do what comes naturally and if it’s a problem I’ll let you know.”Now she looked genuinely relieved and more relaxed. And Gerald knew it really was going to be the best day of the week, the month and even the year!“Give me your hand.” He reached out his hand from where he sat and as she took it he pulled her closer to him until she stood right in front of him in between his knees which were spread apart. He continued to look in her eyes and guided her pretty hand onto the front of his trousers where it bulged out obviously.At first she just rested her hand on the material. Then as she felt a movement as he throbbed in response to her touch, she gently squeezed what she could feel then carefully rubbed it. “Is that feeling nice for you?” She asked. “Yes, you’re good.” He encouraged her. “But it would be even better if these trousers weren’t in your way ”She stopped rubbing him and reached for the waistband of his trousers. As she did so he stood up giving her better access and took her in his arms and kissed her again. When he stopped, she returned her attention to the trousers and slowly unzipped hin. She opened up the trousers at the front pulling them apart and pushing them off his hips to reveal his briefs. His bulge was now much more evident as it strained to push against the white cotton of his pants. Again she squeezed and gently rubbed his growing bulge. He stepped out of his trousers and stood with one arm around her, kissing her mouth as she held him in her hand.He moved one hand around from her back and over her shoulder, moving it down the front of her blouse stoking the skin around her neck and kissing her ear at the same time. She was electric in his hands and she moaned as his lips teased with her ear lobe.Skilfully he slipped his fingers down to the buttons of her blouse and undid them with his thumb and two of his fingers. Soon the opening of her blouse extended the full length and one by one he pulled the blouse sides out from the waistband of her skirt. He ran his hands together over her shoulder blades lifting the material of her blouse as he went. She sighed as the blouse slipped over her shoulders and down her back. The blouse fell easily onto the stone and Gerald smoothed her shoulders and arms, gently squeezing her young skin. He stopped kissing her and holding her arms in each of his hands he held her out at the stretch of his own arms and looked at her with appreciation. “You are beautiful.” He praised her. “You have a wonderful figure.” Then thoughtfully he added. “Much better than your sister’s.” “Really?” She asked. “Do you mean that?” “Yes I do, absolutely!” He declared strongly. “She’s not a patch on you. You’re gorgeous Jenny.” “Thanks.” She said and then as though to show her gratitude she continued her ministrations to the object she held in her hand. Squeezing his cock through his soft white cottin underpants felt good to her and shethe was curious to see the cock which throbbed and pulsed as she tenderly grasped it.At the front of his pants were a few small buttons and she slid her hand across the front she felt them for the first time and looked at them. Seeing a gap she slipped her delicate fingers through springing a couple of buttons in the process.Realising her success she undid the others and put her whole hand through the opening. Wrapping her fingers around his now hardened cock she grasped it and squeezed it gently. The first touch of her fingers on his skin caused him to moan and she stopped. “Sorry, am I doing it wrong?” “No” He spoke gently in her ear. “No-one could do it better, no-one. Don’t stop, what you’re doing is perfect.” Encouraged by his words she squeezed him again and slid her hand to the top of his cock letting the tip of her finger slide over the end. “It’s wet.” She said feeling his pre-cum moistening her finger. She sounded surprised and pulled her hand out from his pants so she could look at her finger. She rubbed her finger and thumb together lubricated by the clear fluid from his cock, and held them up to her face looking intently at the way fine strands appeared as she closed and separated them. “Yes, that’s how it should be. It shows your doing a good job.” He said. “It’s called pre-cum”. “Why’s that she asked?” “Well, pre cum, you know, pre, what happens before something else.” “Oh, that happens before ‘cum’ then?” “Yes” “What’s ‘cum’ and when’ does that happen?” “When you do this well then you’ll see my cum too. I’ll tell you when it’s going to happen, if you like pre-cum, you’re going to love cum.” “Oh well I do like pre-cum.””Oh She said.She held her finger to her nose. “Girls love the taste, try it” He said. “You’ll like it.” He said. She hesitated then gingerly touched the tip of her tongue with her finger whetefrom it wasthe wet and glistened in the sunshine. “Mmm, it’s got hardly any taste, but I do like it, when do I try the cum? Can you give me some now?” She said looking again at his pants and carefully re-inserting her fingers inside.Gerald closed his eyes for a second as her soft fingers surrounded his hardened shaft. Watching her licking his pre-cum has caused his cock to pump and as her fingers touched the head they were greeted by a slippery delivery, the biggest so far. She massaged the smooth fluid into his skin giving him delights of pleasure.Jenny’s thoughts were focussed keenly on performing well. This was so enjoyable she thought but also she knew this was a skill to learn. She wanted to be 1xbet giriş a skillful lover, knowing that if she was to make any man happy enough to stay she needed to be capable of keeping him happy enough to not want to leave and go looking elsewhere. She was alert and watched Gerald’s response to each slight change of pace or direction her fingers made as they danced on his hard strong cock. Quickly she learned what excited him most and realised she had a power she had not known before. She recognised that she could make Gerald seem very excited and could move her hand in other ways that more calmed him down. She played him, causing his passion to rise then she would change and stop and she would feel him throbbing wildly in her hand. When he did, she stopped and squeezed his cock tightly with her fingers, not moving them until his throbbing calmed.After one such cycle, Gerald, breathing deeply looked her in the eyes saying “Jenny, you’re doing a wonderful job. You have such perfect hands. And you use them like you are a skilled expert. No-one has ever done this so perfectly for me before.”Jenny had listened to her sister Mary and although unpractised it now seemed as though everything she had heard was starting to make sense to her.Gerald’s voice interupted her thought. “It’s making me feel just great. If you really want to be a good girl I can show you something better?” “OK, what’s that then?” Gerald couldn’t believe his luck, she was definitely a gift from heaven he thought. “I’ve got plenty more where that came from.” He said. “Here, let’s make things easier for you.” Right. “Can I see it?” She asked of him and he nodded and kissed her on the mouth. “Yes, take it out and you’ll find it easier for you. “With her hand round his cock she carefully pulled it through the opening. His cock sprang out hard and erect pointing up towards her as she looked down at it. “Take a good look’” He said and sat down on the stone. She did as he said and sat between his legs kneeling on the grass in front of him with her back to the trees and the empty motorway to their side. Still no traffic appeared and for once he was thankful for the traffic jams.She undid the top button and the pants parted. His cock bobbed up and down as it sprung free.She pulled down his pants and he stepped out of them. He was fully naked now, his hard cock standing straight fascinated her as she carefully wrapped her tiny fingers around it again. Now the cotton pants were not touching the tip of his cock, the pre-cum no longer was absorbed and bigger drips glistened from the tiny opening.Every time she stroked the skin of his cock with her hand he continued to groan with pleasure and more fluid emerged. “Yes, Yes, Ooh, Yes, Jenny, you’re amazing.” She felt genuinely pleased that she was getting it right, “Good, I’m glad you like that” she responded by rubbing his cock more confidently. Although it had seemed a bit awkward for her to move her hand nside his pants, but now she could stroke it much better. This was the first time she had seen a real cock and she was very excited by what she was doing. Gerald was obviously enjoying what she was doing so maybe she wasn’t so bad after all she thought. “How much of that is there?” She asked as another sizeable dribble of glistening clear fluid dripped from his cock. “Enough to satisfy your thirst” He replied. She captured it on her finger and licked it off with her tongue. “Why not cut out the middle man?” He asked. “What do you mean?” She replied. “Use you tongue instead of your finger.” He suggested. “Really?” She questioned. “Try it.” he said. She leant forward and cautiously licked the top of his cock with the tip of her tongue causing him to close his eyes and moan with ecstacy, As she gently licked the small opening, she pulled down on his cock and looked inside where she saw the moist tube fill at each throb. Gently pressung her lips to the head she cautiously sucked gently, not fully in her mouth but just at the end. She was rewarded by the morsels of pre-cum Gerald’s balls were pumping up his shaft with every squeeze of her petite hand moistening her lips. “mmmmmm” she murmered, you do taste nice.She was suddenly very aware that her own panties were becoming wet as well. This was the first time she had ever held a cock in her hand, let alone wanked or sucked one, and she found it very exciting. She was starting to understand what her sister was on about. Mary had started having sex from an early age, As soon as she discovered it she had become fascinated by anything to do with sex. And her curiosity was fulfilled by the young boys eager and keen to become sexually active with her.Jenny on the other hand had seemed to miss out somehow. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested. She had listened avidly to everything Mary had told her about anything she had done. Jenny took her time and Gerald gently guided her with reasurring words and gentle gestures. Soon she was not just kissing the pre-cum from Gerald’s cock but was experimenting with putting it inside her mouth, surrounding it with her warm soft lips. She liked the taste, the texture, the smell; it was so good for her as well as Gerald. She slid his shaft inside her mouth then pulled her mouth away as she gently sucked tightening the grip if her lips around the head and drawing out the pre-cum from deep within. She did this slowly several times and then instintively increased the pace as she became familiar with the action. She would have lept going and was so enjoying the sensations and the extraordinary wetness she was feeling between her legs that she didn’t want to stop.Much as Gerald was enjoying the perfection of pleasure she was bestowing upon him, and despite his desperate desire to introduce her to the experience of him cumming forcefully in her mouth, he knew that it would be best not to just yet.By now he was standing legs apart looking down on her head bobbing on his cock. He knew himself well enough that if she didn’t stop soon, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself and volumes of hot thick cum would erupt pushed by his balls through his shaft and would be filling her mouth and all over her face. she stood up again. Reaching to the side of her skirt she undid the clasp and a couple of poppers and the skirt fell to the ground. She stood in the sunshine wearing just her bra and panties. She stood for a moment and let him look her up and down taking in every detail of her beautiful young toned body in the stunning white tiny underwear that covered her breasts and crotch.“Now that I like.” He said. “Wow! Did I die and not realise it?”“What?”“I must have died ‘cause I must be in heaven.”She laughed and put her hands out and around his head as he sat in front of her, pulling his head into her breasts. He kissed the skin at the edge of her bra, the softness of her flesh yielding to his tongue. He reached behind her back and undid her bra. The straps fell to her side and her breasts pushed forward out of the material. His head nuzzled into her breasts as she reached up to slip one by one the thin white straps off her shoulders with her thumbs. As the bra dropped to the ground his eyes were level with her breasts. They were firm and her nipples stood out erect. He put his hands onto both breasts and gently massaged their firmness. He put his lips around one nipple and gently licked the tip with his tongue. Her delight was obvious. She squirmed with pleasure encouraging him to continue. “Ooh, that’s wonderful, don’t stop.” She murmured. Ministering to each in turn he kissed and sucked, squeezed and kneaded her breasts and the nipples which now stood out strong and bold. She was lost in pleasure with no thought for their location, the fact that they were in the open alongside the motorway and amongst the trees, and all thoughts of college had long since faded away and she thrilled with the excitement of the moment. Pausing, Gerald stood up and took off his own shirt before he pressed her body against his, feeling her breasts against his chest. As they held each other tightly wrapping their arms around each other, the sun shone warmly on their exposed bodies. The morning gave no breeze and their mutual heat was increased by the passions burning within them. So many times he had admired her young body in a variety of clothing as he collected the two girls in the car on weekdays. In the winter she had been wrapped up tightly and he had taken pleasure in seeing her pert firm bottom undulating in tight jeans as she walked away from the car to the college gates. In summer he had seen her in a variety of enthralling outfits; some quite revealing. On one occasion whilst Mary and Jenny had travelled together he had seen in his interior mirror Jenny pull back the edge of her bra exposing an enjoyable quantity of flesh unaware of his eyes glued to Jenny’s breasts. Now here he was, actually fulfilling a fantasy that he had thought would only occur in his dreams of Jenny. Many a time he’d woken with a start in the night remembering a fleeting encounter with her in his sleep. The hardness of his cock had been an inescapable evidence of the effect even the thought of her young lithe body could have on his passion. Once even he had engaged in a sexual encounter with her in his sleep ending as he awoke simultaneously flooding his semen involuntarily from his aching cock onto the bed sheets. Driving the girls that morning had been particularly difficult. Sometimes he wondered as he thought about it why his dreams always featured Jenny and never Mary? Mary was always the one bringing up the subject of sex in the conversations between the girls in the car. Maybe something was destined to happen one day he mused. He’d even considered making a pass at Mary but had thought the better of it. If she didn’t like his advance it could result in the end of this opportunity to take the girls in his car and if she had taken him up on it, things could have become very complicated; he’d decided it was probably best to keep things as they were and not to rock the boat.Today, in the sunshine, as they enjoyed each others half naked bodies, pleasuring each other easily, he knew he was clearly rocking Jenny’s boat; he knew the moment he had first stood staring at Jenny’s crotch that morning that this was a point in time that marked a significant change in their situation. And what they were doing to each other was going to change things for ever between them, He had been aware that Jenny was finishing college very soon and that he would no longer be needed to do the car run daily. She was finishing college soon and although she was not going onto university and had no set plans for her future, He knew she already was more significant in his life than she knew.He held her in his arms, turned her around so her back was to the stone platform covered with the rug blanket from the car and whilst still kissing her, he pushed her gently backwards until she sat on the rock. He lifted her legs and put them carefully on the rock and stretched them out full length. Standing besides her he bent over and kissed her lips. His hand caressed her stomach then he let his fingers wander over her panties and down her leg. He brought his hand back up and this time let his finger slide in between her legs and smoothed it over her hot sex. She arched her back and parted her legs slightly giving him more room and he stroked her several times in between her legs. Each time he did so she moaned and gave a sharp intake of breath. He let his finger gently play over the surface of the lacy white material that covered her skin. He teased with it as it touched her leg, He lifted the edge and as he touched the skin under her panties she moaned. “Ooh, mmm, yes, oh, that’s good.” Encouraged by her enjoyment he slid his finger across the front of her panties. He could see a tiny patch of hair through the lacy fabric of her panties, but otherwise she was neatly trimmed and clean shaven. He could feel the warm dampness that was emerging from within her and leant down to breathe in her fragrance, “You smell wonderful.” He murmured. She was too lost in pleasure to do anything but moan. She’d never had anyone pay such attention to her and she felt an awakening of passion she didn’t know she owned.His finger stroked the small furrow at the centre of the panties and the flesh responded swelling and parting at his gentle touch. The rhythmic sliding of his finger triggered a response in her and she moved her hips in time as he slid the full length of his finger back and forth, back and forth.Gerald changed position moving alongside her standing next to her head. He smoothed her belly with his hands and let his fingertips poke below the seam of her panties. With each slide if his firm hands he delved deeper 1xbet güvenilirmi towards her pussy lips. Jenny in turn yearned for him to go further and lifted her hips to meet him each time his hands travelled down over her stomach and into her panties. “Oooooooo, yes, ooooo yes, ooooooo yes” she moaned with every visit. She was now really wet as Gerald discovered when his fingers glided across the faint triangle of pubic hairs and touched her aching clit. Realising how wet she was he pushed one finger deeper, past her clit and into the warm wet folds of her pussy lips. Parting them with his finger he gently moved it around and finding the fluid spread it with his finger bringing it back to lubricate her clit.She was squirming on the stone, laying on her back in the sunshine having her clit and pussy gently massaged was the best feeling she had ever known. Her juices flowed and she became very aroused. Suddenly, her body shook and jolted, her legs clamped tightly together around Gerald’s hand, his finger pressed against her clit and trapped in her pussy.She shuddered and shook again and let out a loud sound “Aaaaasaaah! “And another “Aasassssah!” As strong feelings surged through her whole body. Coming now like waves getting stronger everytime she gasped and shook, “Aaaaaaaaah! Ooooooooooooh! Aaaaasaaaah! Completely abandoned to the orgasm her whole body twitched and moved around on the stone. Her legs shook and trembled and straightened out. “Aaaaasaaaaaah!”Gerald had paused moving his finger in her sex, partly from surprise and partly because her legs had gripped his hand so tightly he couldn’t move it. As the waves of pleasure subsided and her muscles relaxed, he gently moved his finger again. Gently he touched her clit, but Jenny was now so sensitive that it was practically unbearable for her, and her legs clamped tightly together around Gerald’s hand again, forcing his finger against her clit again. This in turn triggered another body quaking orgasm. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oooooooooooh! She practically shouted. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ooh! Don’t stop!” Gerald’s cock was throbbing and pulsing, and Jenny, remembering how turned on she was by sucking it befote turned her head and saw the slippery ropes of pre-cum dripping from the end of his cock as it twitched excitedly in response to her orgasms.She quickly turned and grasped it with her hand, and lifted her body to bring her lips to the head, slipping out her tongue like she was thirsty she caught the fine threads og Gerald’s pre-cum and eagerly licked the tip of his cock.Again it was almost too much for Gerald, also he knew how wet and juicey Jenny’s pussy must now be, and he wanted to feel its warm smoothness around his manhood.He let Jenny continue to suck him as she pushed her mouth down onto his cock. Each time she did so she pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and she tightened her lips gripping him firmly around his bulging cock head. As she pulled his cock from het mouth she used the saliva mixed with pre-cum as a lubricant for her fingers. She tenderly moved her hand up and down the length of his shaft. Up and down, up and down. Each time running around the head with her delicate fingers. Rubbing the moisture down the shaft driving Gerald wild.Jenny still lay on the stone and Gerald once again moved around to stand between her open legs. Bringing his body closer to her this time he took his cock in his own hand and started to tap the soft fabric of Jenny’s pants arousing her clit once again.Pushing aside the fabric, now damp with her warm juices and his pre-cum, Gerald gently touched her swollen pussy lips with his engorged cock head. Jenny loved it. She pushed with her bottom and made clear her enjoyment. “Aaaaaaaah! Yes! Mmmmmm! Oh yes!.”Her encouragement spurred him on and he pushed the head in moving it in small circles with his hand and clenching his buttocks together as he did. Soon he was feeling the tight warmth of her womanhood around the head of his cock. Gently he moved his body, rocking on his feet, allowing just the head of his cock to enter between the wet soft warm lips of her welcoming pussy.Never before had Jenny felt a hard cock seeking shelter and comfort in her pussy. She was tremendously excited by the sensation. She lent up so she could get a better view and saw Gerald’s cock shaft between her legs and when he pulled out fully she could see the glistening head rubbing back and forth over her clit pointing towards her and brushing the neat patch of soft damp hairs that formed a neatly trimmed heart shape beneath her panty line.Re-entering the opening of her womanhood Gerald pushed deeper and met with resistance. “Oh my God! ” He thought to himself. “This is her first time! She’s still a virgin!”He was amazed; she was so good looking, so absolutely gorgeous. Cute and sensual and with such a pleasant personality. How on earth was she not having sex with a boyfriend, or how come no-one had been blessed before with taking her flower?So Gerald gladly proceeded to go where no man had gone before. Pulling Jenny gently by her hands towards him he sat her up. Her legs were still around his waist, her bottom in the rock as he wrapped her arms around his waist. His cock was in her entrance blocked from further progress by her maidenhead.A look of sweet vulnerability mixed with strong desire was expressed by Jenny’s pretty face. She felt his cock pressing hard within her and desperately wanted more of him. “Yes! Oh! Yes! Please! She begged him. “I want all of you in me, do it Gerald, I want you deep inside me. Fill me, fill me! Mmmmmmmm.”Her words were all he needed and grasping her buttocks one in each hand he pulled her towards him. He dug his feet into the ground and with a mixture of deliberation and involuntary muscular exhertion he thrust his cock hard and strong into her tight wet tunnel. By way of adding her willingness to the event Jenny held Gerald tightly around his waist with her arms and tighter still around his thighs with her young strong smooth legs. As he made the life changing thrust she tensed her muscles and pulled him into her. There was a sudden short pain as her hymen tore apart making way for his strong circumcised cock to plunge deep into her most intimate hidden chamber. She let out a sharp exclamation. “Ahiiiiiiiii!” And followed it with another “Oooooh!”of unquestionable pleasure as she felt him push deep within, stretching the sides of her vagina and causing her to exhale fully.Fully inside her and as close as they could physically be, they both clung tightly together with seemingly every muscle in their bodies tensed to keep them together. They both trembled as their muscled strained. Jenny had dropped her head onto Gerald’s chest and was breathing heavily. The tension abated in their passion charged muscles and as they relaxed a little Gerald’s cock moved within Jenny’s depths. Even this smallest of movements stimulated the sensitive nerve endings of their sex organs sending electricity surging through both of their bodies. As if commanded by powerful energy, their bodies clamped tightly together again, thrusting Geralds engorged member back deep within the tight walls of Jenny’s pulsing vagina. As they once again experienced the fullness of their union Jenny gasped and her bottom squirmed on the stone seeking to work Gerald’s cock even deeper within. He in turn grasped her cute buttocks pulling herto tightly to his groin. As she lifted her head from his chest he kissed her with a passion to match the strength with which they were clamped together at their hips. Their tongues danced in each others mouths and touched tip to tip as their faces parted slightly as they continued to kiss erotically. It became a cycle as again their mucles relaxed, their sexual contact eased, causing stimulation, followed by deep union. As this repeated the frequency gradually increased as almost simultaneously they relaxed and tensed; relaxed and tensed. Gerald cock was gripped tightly by the strong mucles of Jenny’s sex and each tiny movement brought him indescribable pleasure. Soon they were moving in a gentle slow rythmm their bodies moving together and away. Gerald’s cock started to make longer movements inside Jenny. She was gasping as he pulled back then pushed in; pulled back then pushed in. In and out, in and out, the primal urges compelled them. In and out, in and out. His cock travelling deep inside her. In and out, in and out. They moved in time. In and out, in and out. He was travelling the full length of her canal. In and out, in and out. She was wet. In and out, in and out. He was hard. In and out, in and out, his cock was nearly all the way out. In and out, in and out, their bodies rocked together. In and out, in and out, their juices mingled. In and out, in and out, their bodies slapped together under the hot sun. The pace increased. In and out, in and out. Jenny’s breathing quickened. In and out, in and out. She was breathing fast now. In and out, in and out, very fast. In and out, in and out. Suddenly she started to shudder and shake. In and out, in and out, Gerald continued. In and out, in and out, the pace much faster. In and out, in and out, Jenny was gasping. In and out, in and out, Jenny let out a loud scream, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! And another, “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!”And no-one but Gerald could hear her. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”And she continued to scream. “Aaaaaaaaaah!” He continued to thrust in and out, in and out, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” In and out, in and out, “Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Her body was shaking. In and out, in and out, his cock kept pounding her. “Aaaaaaaaaaah!”In her screams kept erupting from her mouth as she threw her head back, her long hair flowing down her back. In and out, in and out, in and out, she shook her head from side to side. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!”As suddenly as she had started shaking when her orgasm had flooded her body as Gerald pumped his cock in and out of her tight wet cunt, Jenny slumped in his arms trembling at the release yet again of her youthful passions. Each orgasm was more intense, more thorough and stronger than the last. She shook in his arms and gasped. His hot cock still deep within, she knew this was not yet over, but thought that if her orgasms continued to increase she would die.But after a short moment in which Gerald paused from sliding his cock back and forth inside her velvet tube, she lifted her head and moving her hips pushed her pussy towards Gerald again. However Gerald took advantage of the opportunity to change positions. Whilst they fucked he didn’t notice, but as soon as Jenny’s last orgasm initiated a pause in their vigour, he felt the need ti change position. Standing back his hard wet cock slipped free from Jenny’s tight slippery cave. “No! “She exclaimed. “Not yet! I’m ok, that was wonderful, I don’t want you to stop yet.” She implored him. With a grin he laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet, we haven’t finished what we started. Are you enjoying this?””Absolutely! You are wonderful.”She replied. “This is much better than I thought it would be. Thank you for being so kind with me; I mean with it being my first time. Am I doing things right? I mean are you enjoying this as much as I am?”She hesitantly enquired.”You are wonderful Jenny, everything has been perfect, relax, you are doing fine.””Oh!”She exclaimed, looking down at his erect penis jutting out. “You are bleeding! Oh, did I hurt you?””No, I’m ok. That’s not my blood, it’s yours . “This was even more shocking to Jenny and she quickly looked down at her groin and saw some smears of red on her legs at the top. Then the penny dropped and she realised. “Oh, yes, of course, I forgot about that for a moment.” Quickly she reached for her handbag which lay on the ground beside the stone. As she bent over to pick it up, Gerald knew what had to be next in the menu. Unzipping her bag, Jenny produced a small packet of make up wipes, pulling one from the pack and facing away from Gerald she carefully wiped her legs clean. All the while Gerald gazed at her cute firm bottom. Having finished attending to herself Jenny turned and saw that he was looking eagerly at her figure.”Oh! Sorry. She said looking again at his erect penis jutting out and twitching up and down at the sight of her attractive bottom. She reached into her bag again and this time went to Gerald and gently cleaned his cock with a wipe. As she stood up from this, Gerald took her in his arms and started to kiss her again. her actions had done nothing to calm his ardour and his cock was hard against her tummy as they held each other in a tight embrace.Relaxing his hold on her and continuing to kiss and stroke her, he gently turned her and placing his hand on her back put pressure with his hand until she leaned over the stone placing her hands upon it and presenting her cute ass to Gerald as she did so. Gerald reached down with his hand and stroked the pert bottom cheeks and she moaned…..”Oow, Yes, I like that.” Gerald massaged her cheeks and her back then slipped his fingers towards her

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