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I hope you will excuse my English, as it is not my native language. This is my first submission. I hope you’ll at least find it a bit intriguing. The story is, believe it or not, all true…

I was an ugly kid when I was young. Six feet tall at the age of 14, I just grew another inch the next five years. I had not started filling out my frame. A 14 year old guy does not have enough muscles to fill such a height, so I was totally out of proportions. In addition to that I had facial features fitting for a grown man, and that made me just look peculiar. Add a couple of cheap glasses, and you have your typical geek. My colours were not bad, though: curly blond hair, big, blue eyes and a complexion that allowed me to get nicely tan in the summer.

All this made me unsure when it came to girls, and I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 22. I met her at a party at university, told her I couldn’t kiss, and she offered to show me how. I guess I was a natural, because the very next day I had had sex for the first time of my life. She became my girlfriend, and not very much later we moved in together. I was in heaven. All through my youth I was sure I would die a single man, but now I had someone who liked me. Beth was not a stunner, but as I was ugly as hell in my own eyes, I felt lucky I got her. In the beginning the sex was great, I thought. We did it at least a couple of times a week, something I regarded as much at the time. There was one problem though. I love nice tits and asses, and though she had a nice bosom, there was not much of an ass on her. In fact she was totally flat. Even I had a bigger ass the she did.

At 24 I had developed a body to fit my height. I had worked out much – as an alternative to fooling around with girls and partying. I had lost my glasses and cut my huge curly hair short. I didn’t quite understand why, but the prettier girls started talking to me. Beth was not very fond of parties or going out. She preferred the coach, TV, crackers and coke. I didn’t like any of it much, but endured dull nights at home just to get the two sessions of sex a week.

It all changed when we moved to another apartment. Our next door neighbour was a girlfriend of Beth’s, a single mom with a one year old boy. She was thrilled by our arrival. Beth and Jane would sit for hours talking, while I sat on the Internet surfing. Jane was not very much like Beth at all when it came to looks. She was 5″1, slim and blonde. My Beth was 5″5, not very slim anymore and a brunette. Still the main difference was Jane’s big ass. It was something totally new for me, and I often admired it when I for some reason walked behind her. When she would bend down to pick up Antalya Escort her son, I could help but thinking how it would be to put my hand on it. That winter the four of us went to France together. One of the nights she stated that she hadn’t had a real party since well before she got pregnant, and Beth asked me to take her out drinking. She could baby sit. And so we did. It was a nice evening, and we were really drunk when we headed home to the hotel. We had talked a lot about love, and she admitted that she felt really ugly after the birth.

“Why would a beautiful woman like yourself feel ugly,” I asked, trying to keep focused of walking straight.

“My tits are bigger than before, and my ass is huge and there haven’t been one guy looking twice at me,” she sighed.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your tits seem nice behind your big sweater, and your ass is to die for. The reason you haven’t seen any man look at you twice, is that they stare at your ass after you’ve passed them,” I said laughingly.

Although she seemed flattered, she would accept my explanation, and when we reached the hotel we innocently bid each other a good night and went to sleep.

Some months later Beth asked me to do her a favour. Jane was feeling itchy sitting in her apartment all alone, and wanted a night out. Beth asked me to once again take Jane out. I had a great time in France, and agreed. So we went out in our home town, and once again had way too much to drink. This time we quickly started to talk about love and sex, and pretty soon Jane asked me if I remembered our talk in France. I admitted as much, and she asked me if I really meant it, or if it was the wine talking.

“You have the sexiest ass I have ever seen, and I would love to touch it and caress it. I dream of seeing it naked,” I confessed.

“Hah! Now it’s the beer talking,” she laughed. But I kept telling her how sexy she was. In the start I meant to boast her self confidence, but the alcohol and the talk made me hard. I started to garb glimpses of her chest, and noticed her nipples were visible through her blouse. Beer makes people need to pee, and when I rose, I just couldn’t help myself:

“See! All this talk has made me hard,” I said with a laugh and ran for the toilet.

When I came back she had a strange look on her face, but the conversation didn’t touch the subject again.

But even if that night ended just as innocent as the one in France, I had started to look at her in another way. I noticed her clothes were getting sexier. She came over to us more often, and was it just my imagination, or did she bend over to cuddle Antalya Escort Bayan her kid with her ass towards me more often than before?

One evening, as Beth was working a night shift in the hospital, Jane came over to lend some flour. Her boy was asleep, and she was baking bread. I had just been sitting reading erotic stories in the net, and was horny as hell. But I dared not do anything inappropriate. She was, after all, Beth’s closest friend. I gave her the flour, but as I walked her to the door, she didn’t seem to want to go. So we talked for half an hour and the talk again turned to sex. She stated that I had to be wrong about men liking her ass, because she still hadn’t seen anyone check her out.

“You are a crazy woman! You have a wonderful ass! If you would only let me, I would touch it here and now!”

“You are just lying. You really don’t mean that. That’s just something you say to make me feel better,” she said and turned to grab the doorknob.

All the talking for all these months had made me bolder, and as she turned I put my hand on her ass and just squeezed a little.

“I really mean it Jane,” I said hoarsely and looked her straight in her shocked eyes.

“You shouldn’t be doing that,” she whispered back, but didn’t move to make me draw my hand back.

That made me bolder, and I started to slowly stroke her jeans clad ass.

“It is soft, and warm and sexy. I still would love to see it naked.”

She didn’t say anything, but kept looking at me with eyes deep as the deepest well. She seemed to consider what to do. I am not kidding, but we stayed like that for ten minutes: our eyes locked and me stroking her ass. Then my boldness grew, and with my other hand I slowly reached for her breast. She didn’t move, and let me squeeze it softly. A moan slipped out of both of us as we made contact. Then we stood there for another five minutes, eyes locked and me stroking and squeezing.

In the end I couldn’t handle it anymore. I gently took her by the arm and led her towards our kitchen. She walked in front of me, but before she got to turn around towards me, I gently pushed her forward towards one of the chairs, and started stroking her ass with both hands. She just stood there, breathing slowly and arching her back a little. Then I let my hands slide under her blouse, up over her back and forward towards her breasts. She let me. I cupped them, and as I did, my erect cock pressed against her ass.

That was her cue. She pressed back, turned her head towards me and our lips locked. Like crazy we grinded towards each other while our tongues fought over control in the other’s mouth. Escort Antalya

“I need to see your ass,” I panted. She just moaned, and I let her tits go to unzip her jeans. They were tight fitting, but in one fast pull they were down by her feet. As I marvelled over the sight of her smooth white ass, she stepped out of the jeans and pushed her ass further against me. My hands were all over that wonderful ass. I just couldn’t stop caressing it. But soon one of my hands found her ass crack, and it followed it down to her pussy. All the time she was mumbling “We shouldn’t do this. We shouldn’t do this”. But her body told me something else. When my fingers found her slit, she sighed and arched her back even more. Then it snapped in my head. I don’t remember opening my pants, but suddenly I had my cock buried in her pussy, feeling it clinging to my cock like she never would let me go. That soft and big ass pressed against my stomach made me a crazed man. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t be gentle. I just took her hard and fast, grunting my lust. And she moaned and kept up her mantra “We shouldn’t do this. We shouldn’t do this”.

I could feel it build in my balls, but I guess she could as well. She pulled me out and turned to me.

“I want to be on top. The bed. Now!”

Then our lips locked again, and kissing and tearing at each others clothes we stumbled into the bedroom. When she pushed me back on the bed, she still had her bra on, but it took her no time to get rid of that as well. Then she jumped into the bed and straddled me.

“We shouldn’t do this, you know that,” she sneered at me as she grabbed my cock and guided it into her.

Then she started fucking me like a maniac. I kept my hands on her hips and ass, staring at her tits bouncing up and down from her frantic fucking.

“You shouldn’t have done this. I haven’t had sex for so long, and now you unleashed me,” she hoarsely panted as she dug her nails in my chest.

“I could get used to having this big cock of yours inside me,” she continued, and slammed down on me.

We kept on for ever it seemed. I watched drops of sweat running down between her breasts as she arched her back, threw her head back and screamed “I am cuuuumming!” Then she shook violently. I grabbed her hips and started bucking hard up against her. My cum was rising, and with one loud roar I let it spew into her.

Ten minutes later she still was on top of me, but now lying still just panting from her orgasm. “We shouldn’t have done this” she kept saying, playing with the hairs on my chest. I had a big lump in my stomach. Just now I remembered Beth. I felt awful. But I knew I wanted to feel a REAL ass against me again. After a while Jane stirred, got up and got her clothes.

“I should get going,” she said – not looking at me at all. I just nodded, and saw her leaving the room.

Later, when I went into the kitchen, the flour was still there on the table.

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