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Subject: Jaiden – Chapter 8 Jaiden � Chapter 8 Gregory Patrick Disclaimer “Jaiden, have you ever wondered what your name means?” “I’ve thought about it but just never took the time to check it out,” “I checked it and was surprised at what I read: a Jaiden tends to be shy, very smart, and sarcastic. Then it says a Jaiden is sweet, loving and likes to cuddle. It says to be open, honest, and kind to a Jaiden. If you find one, you are supposed to hold on to him. That’s what I intend to do: hang on to you and love you to the moon and back.” “Babe, I am going to do the same for you.” “While Peyton is in the bathroom, I think I’ll look up the meaning of his name and surprise him. “Very interesting the definition of the male version of Peyton: determined, kind, smart, and loyal. He is true, successful, quiet, and loyal to the bone. It is an honor to know a Peyton.” Jaiden said, “Peyton, I know why I fell so hard, so fast for you. it’s your name.” “What?” “Yeah, you are determined, kind, and smart. You also are true, successful, quiet, and loyal to the bone. I have to agree with that definition, you are all those things and that is why I was so smitten when I met you. And the last thing it said is so very true: It is truly an honor to know you.” With that said, I walked over to Jaiden and put my head on his chest and just held him for quite a while. I felt warm drops of water hitting my face. One drop hit my lips and it was rather salty. I looked up just enough to see tears dropping from Jaiden’s eyes. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “Nothing, Peyton, it’s just that I have never loved anyone like I love you and I have never felt loved the way you and your family have loved me. I don’t ever want it to end.” “Jaiden, it will never end. I promised you that, and I will never go back on that promise no matter what. That is not something I do and you know that.” Jaiden pulled me tenderly to him and stood there holding me, rubbing my back, caressing my head and giving me small, sweet kisses.” We went to lunch with Becky, Carol, and Angie. All three walked in to the sandwich shop with two beautifully wrapped packages in their arms. The boxes were a bit small but beautifully wrapped. We got our sandwiches and our drinks. This place is probably the best sandwich shop that has ever been in Abingdon, The June Bug and Cupcake. Peyton mezitli escort and I got a roast beef sandwich and a bowl of the best clam chowder I have ever tasted. Peyton agreed. The ladies had chicken salad sandwiches with a bowl of the chicken and broccoli-cheese soup. I have been to up-scale restaurants in New York, San Diego, and San Francisco. None of those restaurants come close to comparing with The June Bug. Carol, Angie, and Becky all said “You guys have to open your presents.” Carol gave Peyton his present and Becky gave me mine. Peyton and I opened the presents together. There were two small satin covered boxes which Peyton and I opened very slowly. We looked at each other and took the rings out of the boxes. They are Hawaiian KOA WOOD Rings, E KOMO Mai, made in MAUI. The rings were the same for both of us. Jaiden asked Becky what the rings were made of. “Jaiden, the ring is made of Tungsten Carbide. The brown wood you see is KOA wood and it has a rich history. The blue in the ring is Azure Opal.” “The word `KOA’ means warrior in the Hawaiian language. The first King of Hawaii, King Kamehameha, owned the land on the big island where the koa trees grew. He and his warriors used the wood to construct canoes used in battles. He also used koa wood to make weapons called lei-o-mano. They were made of marlin bills, shark’s teeth, and koa wood. In hand-to-hand combat, the weapons were used to inflict the worst possible damage by ripping up the flesh of their foes.” “Now, koa wood is used in wedding bands which Is what you two have. The ring is a symbol of love, fidelity, strength, and commitment.” We noticed you two didn’t have engagement rings, so we got you these rings. They are known to draw attention because of their beauty, and they will give you a chance to tell your story if asked and you so desire.” “Becky, I don’t know what to say. Thank each of you for such a lovely gift!” Peyton had already slid his ring on his left ring finger as a sign of his commitment to Jaiden and he just kept looking at the ring. He took Jaiden’s ring and lovingly slid it on Jaiden’s left ring finger. Both had teared up. They couldn’t stop gazing at the rings. We finished our meals and prepared to leave, but not before Peyton and I hugged Becky, Carol, and Angie. When Peyton hugged Carol, pozcu escort she said, “not only is he a looker, he smells good too.” Peyton turned five shades of red. We drove by the clinic and showed Mom the rings. She teared up a bit like Peyton and I and said “how beautiful they are.” Then Peyton and I got in my car and slowly drove toward the house. I don’t think we said a word all the way home. We couldn’t! We walked into the living room, stripped down to our boxer briefs and tees. Then we laid on the leather sofa holding each other while we both softly cried. “It just feels so right.” After about an hour, Jaiden put some soft, saxy jazz on the house-wide stereo system. Then he took me by the hand and said, “Come with me.” When `Singing in the Rain’ came on, Jaiden cut on the shower, slowly undressed me, undressed himself, and pulled me to him taking my right hand with his up to his shoulder. For the next hour, we stood skin-to-skin, and slowly danced under the shower with the lights dimmed as low as possible. It was heavenly. It was about time for Mom to get off and head home, so we gave each other a quick bath and then got dressed and went into the den. Jaiden put his feet up and I snuggled as close to him as I could get. We sat there arm in arm, hand-in-hand enjoying the peaceful solitude as a light thunderstorm rolled through the mountains. Jaiden never took those gorgeous steel-blue eyes off of me, even as I drifted off to sleep. “Wake up, babe, Mom just drove into the garage.” “Jaiden, how long was I asleep?” “I don’t know for sure, maybe two hours, three. I never took mt eyes off of you. You just looked so cute snuggled up to me. I kept thinking how blessed I have been since you came into my life.” “I love you more.” “I don’t know if that is possible, Peyton.” “Hi, boys. I hope you two had a quiet, restful day.” “It went way beyond that, Mom, way beyond that.” “Good! I was hoping and praying that would be the case.” Peyton put our ringed hands across each other and took a picture of the rings. He texted the picture to his mom. A minute later, Peyton got a call from his Mom wanting to know all about the rings. Peyton told her how we had gone to lunch with Becky, Carol, and Angie; how they brought the rings in beautifully wrapped packages. Then he told her he escort bayan and I cried all the way home and had sat on the couch holding hands without so much as a word, even how I had watched him as he slept. He even mentioned to her how we slow-danced to soft, saxy jazz. Mom Riley teared up (it’s a family thing…I THINK) and said how happy she was for us. We both spoke with Mom for a few minutes and then told her we loved her to the moon and back before she and Dad Riley had to leave for a benefit gala. Since one of Peyton’s passions is cooking, he went into the kitchen and prepared Veal Marsala, garlicky creamed potatoes, and fresh asparagus. Mom raved over the food and Peyton’s talent. I must say, I have to agree with Mom. And the salad he prepared to go with the meal and the homemade raspberry vinaigrette � UNREAL! Mom looked at me and said, “Jaiden, if you eat like this all the time, the 2-20 rule is going to occur in a week.” “What is the 2-20 rule, Mom?” “The first two months you are married, you gain 20 pounds that never seem to leave.” Peyton laughed and said, “don’t worry, Mom, I’ll keep his weight in check.” Peyton is a big fan of the old Andy Griffith re-runs, so I thought I’d take him to see Mt. Airy, North Carolina. It’s only a two-hour drive from Abingdon, so Peyton said, “let’s go in the morning.” Day three of Spring break and we were on our way to the birthplace of Andy Griffith and the town that gave Mayberry its existence. It was all back-mountain roads though only a two-hour drive. Peyton sat in the middle of the front seat with his seatbelt fastened. We were in the middle of nowhere when he laid his head in my lap. I felt him slowly tug at my zipper and unbutton my jeans. He quickly found his target and began giving an unbelievable head job. It was getting really sensitive when I gave up a torrent of love juice. Peyton smiled, looked up…and swallowed. “Jaid, you should be a lot more relaxed now.” “I am, love, I am!” Peyton put my shirt and pants back in order after he took a couple of napkins and cleaned a few spots. I am so relaxed now that I am getting sleepy. Peyton and I changed places and he started driving. Imagine his surprise when I laid my head in his lap…and returned his favor. I was surprised when he let loose a gusher that was bigger and longer than any I could remember him giving. He had a big smile on his face and so did I. “I bet you’re more relaxed now than you were twenty minutes ago.” Then we started laughing. Yep, turn-around really is fair play. When we got back to the house, we continued our love session sending ourselves into blissful oblivion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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