Ivory’s First Massage

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5 P.M. Finally, the week has come to an end. Ivory lets out a breath she doesn’t realize she has been holding in during all these stressful hours. Packing things up, ready to leave, she silently hopes her boss will let her call it a day. Ivory walks towards the nearly-50-year-old woman with a small smile on her face:

“Everything done? Am I good to leave?”

“Sure! Have a great weekend!” The jolly woman replies.

Stepping outside of the building, she is relieved to feel the breeze on her soft skin, and takes a deep, relaxing breath. It’s Friday night, and she is glad she has scheduled a body massage session later this evening to let out all the stress of the whole week. Ivory does feel a tiny bit nervous, since this will be her first ever full body massage experience, and she will pay quite a sum. So, even though she doesn’t really know what to expect, fingers crossed it’s worth the money.


8 P.M., the taxi driver dropped her off in front of a five-floor villa. The villa is not massive, but still quite big, and well lit. Outside the gate, it says “Zenith Spa” – weird, but cool name at the same time, Ivory thinks to herself. Stepping inside the gate, there is a small garden on both sides of the path, giving a tranquil feeling. She shifts her eyes towards the glass door in front of her, a girl was already standing there opening the door with a warm welcoming smile “Welcome to Zenith” – the girl says, and then guides her to a table to sit. Another woman, who seems to be the receptionist, comes out to greet Ivory:

“Welcome. Have you booked a session prior to arriving?”

“Yes. It’s Ivory Moran.”

The receptionist looks into her iPad. “Oh yes, miss Moran. So I see that you would like a full body massage. Would you prefer a female or male masseur?”

“Female please.” Ivory says without thinking.

“Sure, please allow me a couple of minutes to check our female masseurs’ availability.”

The woman stands up and walks back inside. Ivory takes the time to observe the place, the ceiling is high, the room is vast, the design is simple yet so neat and luxurious. The chandelier sticks to the simplicity of the whole room but stunning at the same time. The warmth of the yellow lights radiates through the atmosphere. The furniture shares a grey color theme, and everything smells so pleasant.

The receptionist re-appears with what seems to be a regretful smile: “We would like to apologize miss Moran. All of our available female masseurs are occupied. I’m afraid you might need to wait for… say… 20 minutes more for one of them to be done with their session. I am aware that you have booked your session in advance but it seems we’ve been having quite a busy Friday night. However, one of our male masseurs is available and can be with you right away. So if you are okay with that, then we can arrange the session for you.”

Ivory is taken aback a bit and takes a few seconds to think. She doesn’t really want to wait for an extra 20 minutes, especially not after a stressful day like today. And besides, having a male masseur might not be too bad. “Umm… sure. I don’t really want to wait, so let’s go with your male masseur.”

The receptionist then guides her into an elevator and takes her to the fifth floor. The corridor is also beautiful and spacious. The floor is covered with velvet dark navy blue carpet. They stop in front of the third room to the left and the receptionist knocks on the door. The door opens, revealing a beautiful man, who seems to be in his 40s.

“Hello miss. Come inside.”

Ivory walks in. The room is stunningly beautiful with dim and warm lighting. The ceiling is full of small little lights, making it look like a sky full of stars. Candles are put by the windows and on the table. The room has a mild scent of lemongrass, which is not overpowering and very comforting.

“Wow, the room is beautiful…” She murmurs, but loud enough for the masseur to hear, as he is closing the door behind her.

“Glad you like it. We try our best to create the most relaxing atmosphere. Now, what is your name miss?”

She turns around to face him. She did not really focus on his features before but now she is. The man’s got deep hazel eyes under defined dark eyebrows. There is something about those eyes that can see straight into her thoughts, into her soul. His beard is also dark, but not too thick, hugging his sharp jawline. The man seems to possess a great physique underneath his white shirt and white loose trousers. A hint of dark chest hair is visible just above the V-neck of his shirt. As the man stares into her eyes, she feels a strange surge of electricity runs through her, going down south…

“Moran. Ivory Moran.” She replies, almost catching her breath.

“Ivory. What a beautiful name for a gorgeous woman.” His voice is soft, but deep. She can almost feel the vibration in his throat as he speaks. “My name is Ethan. Now, I’m going to step outside of this room to give you a few minutes of privacy to undress and get ready on the massage table right here. You can choose to keep your undergarments Antalya Escort on or not.” He explains, then grabs a large towel on a nearby shelf. “Lie on your front, and put this on to cover yourself. That’s all. Do you have any further concern before we start?” He adds, again staring into her eyes.

“No… all good so far. Thank you.” She smiles, feeling nervous all of a sudden.


As she is left alone in the room, she takes a few seconds to process what that specimen of a man just instructed her. Undress. She takes off all the outer layers of her clothes, and then when it comes to her underwear, she pauses. Should she? She came all the way to this place and they are not charging this session cheap. Well, better make the best out of it. As she slides down her panties, she thinks of Ethan, and starts to feel a bit damp down there. That beautiful man is doing things to her and he is not even back in this room yet. She puts on a cheeky smile, who knows she might get lucky tonight…


The masseur is back in the room after Ivory is ready. She lies there, with her eyes closed, feeling nervous but still tries to relax so that she can enjoy this properly. She starts hearing the soft relaxing instrumental music playing in the air, and then next, the sound of Ethan’s soft footsteps towards her. She holds her breath waiting for the first contact of his hands on her bare skin. She can’t help but wonder which part of her he would touch first. After all, the towel only covers from the middle of her back downwards, which means at least for now, he knows she’s completely topless.

Ethan starts from her head. She feels his fingers gently massaging her scalp, moving from the top to the back of her head.

“Is the pressure of my hands alright for you?” He asks.

“Hmm… yes…” Ivory softly replies, as he continues his circular motions on her head.

Ethan spends some good minutes there before his hands disappear for a few seconds. Then she feels them back on her neck and shoulders, this time coated with massage oil. His large, warm hands work their magic at her normally tense area. He firmly but gently presses his thumbs on the back of her neck, then slides downwards. He switches back and forth between her neck and shoulders, leaving a trail of goose bumps on her skin. He then uses only one hand, grasping the nape of her neck, firmly pressing and slides inwards, repeating a few times then back to kneading both her shoulders.

He surprises her a bit with his next step: uncovering the entirety of her back, so that now, the towel only covers from her hips downwards. Ethan adds more oil on his hands and slowly slides from her shoulders all the way down to her lower back, then back up. Each time, he seems to widen his circular motions more, so that he starts touching the sides of her waist, approaching dangerously close to the sides of her breasts. She could swear she can hear and feel his breathing change a bit as he comes close to those mounds, subtly visible and touchable as she is on her front. He then switches to massaging her back horizontally, again moving from top to bottom and back. Afterwards, she feels his hands back to the sides of her waist, pressing firmly, and slowing sliding upwards, to the sides of her breast. Ivory softly gasps, but more of a sensual gasp than a disapproving one…

“Is it okay if I massage this area?” Ethan asks, after hearing her gasp and the change in her breathing.

“Yes. Please carry on.” She responds, without any hesitation.

“Good.” He says, to her surprise. She thinks he could sense her attraction to him, and her answer is the approval he needs to… go further.

He continues the motions at her sides, after going up and down a few times, he stops at her breasts and starts doing circular movements only at that area. The pressure of this fingers now is no longer firm, but a lot softer, gliding on her sensitive skin, sending goose bumps and electricity all over her, making her nipples harden underneath. The more he massages, the closer he gets to the part where her breasts touches the table. She feels herself getting wet down south and almost holding her breath. But then, he stops, his hands disappears from those smooth mounds, and shortly after, she feels them again but on her lower back. This time, he applies firm, strong and focusing pressure on her skin again. It takes him a few minutes before his hands travel south, reaching the edge of the towel. The towel shifts, slightly revealing the swelling of her ass. She silently hopes that he now sees she is not just topless, but also bottomless. He stops proceeding further down south for the moment, and continues his magic on her lower back. Ivory enjoys the pressure, but also looks forward to feeling him on her ass.

She gets lost in his touch for how long, she cannot remember. She is then brought back to Earth by Ethan’s voice asking her: “May I remove the towel?”

Her heart suddenly beats fast, and she feels herself getting a bit damper down there. For a brief moment, she cannot believe her Antalya Escort Bayan body’s reaction to his question. “Yes, it’s fine.” She answers.

In a swift move, he lifts the towel off her, leaving her firm, round ass bare and exposed. This is followed by a few seconds of complete silence, except for the background music. She takes it as he was gazing at her nudity, on full display in front of his eyes. Next, Ivory hears him rubbing his hands together, with what sounds like more oil. Before she knows it, his hands are already on her bum, slowly spreading the oil and applying pressure at the tip of his fingers, then downwards to her long legs. After that, to her surprise, he gently spreads her legs apart and starts lubricating the inner parts of her legs. She holds her breath as his hands slide upwards, closer and closer to her private part, which must be fully revealed to him by now. He stops near the top of her inner thighs then slide his hands back down. He repeats the motions a couple of times more, then with both hands, he shifts to focusing on her right leg. With horizontal movement, he massages her leg from her ankle up to the bottom of her bum, then back to her ankle. Every time Ethan approaches her bum, he would slightly brush the tip of his finger through the side of her outer labia. Ivory could swear that by now, he could clearly see her pink, puffy pussy glistening with wetness, more and more by the minutes. Ethan switches to doing the same on the other leg, this time, brushing the other side of her labia.

Next, he turns to massage her ass, each hand on each side, holding, pressing, squeezing, almost caressing, and using circular motions on this thumbs. His long thumbs move from the bottom of her bum, up on top of the mounds, then outwards to the sides. As he does this, Ivory feels him opening up her pussy lips, her clit and hole are now fully exposed. She feels her juices ooze out even more, knowing he is feasting his eyes with her pink, wet pussy. She voluntarily lifts her hips up a bit, in sync with the movement of Ethan’s fingers. She breathes slightly louder at the increasing sexual tension. His thumbs, again, so dangerously close to her labia. Her clit hardens, the star of the show is screaming for his touch…

“You comfortable?” Ethan asks, breaking the silence. His voice is suddenly huskier than normal…

“Mmmm…” She mumbles, not even being able to speak clearly by now, lost in his touch.

He stops for a brief moment. Her magnificent ass is now naked, spread, and well coated with oil. Afterwards, she feels his hands massaging her right thigh. It was innocent motions at first, just up and down her thigh. But later on, his thumb approaches that private part again, this time, she feels him lowering his hand to her inner thigh, his thumb reaching the junction between her pussy and her right thigh, pressing gently and caressing. There are moments, he even directly touches her labia, so close to touching her clit, but it did not happen. She slightly lifts her hips up again to give him more access. A few minutes later, he moves on to the other thigh, doing the exact same motions. He starts massaging the part between her pussy and her left thigh, coming so so close to her clit…

After a while, he pauses for a second, and what happens next shocks her entire system – this time, he guides his thumb to touch her pussy directly, rubbing her clit. She lets out a moan she didn’t realize she was holding in, releasing that sexual tension. Finally, he touches her where she aches for his touch the most. Her pussy is dripping by now, it helps his thumb move so easily with the amount of lubrication. He rubs slowly, and gently, but with enough pressure. He switches back and forth between focusing on her clit only, to widening his circular motions. Then, he moves his thumb a bit upwards, hovering it at the opening of her pussy, and gently penetrates her. Ivory lets out another loud moan as he does so. Her ass lifts up even higher than before. She is offering herself to him, to his magical hand, to the insane pleasure he is giving her. In and out, in and out… the rhythm gets a bit faster. She later feels him pull out his thumb, and then put back inside her two long fingers, while his thumb starts rubbing her clit at the same time. The feeling gets intense. Heavy breathing can be heard across the cozy room. He is touching all the right spots, making her grab the sheet in satisfaction.

“Don’t cum yet.” He says sternly. Hearing his voice, automatically and instinctively, she obeys. But man, it is hard to control herself not to cum.

He pulls out completely, while she was on edge. Her body is already aching the moment his touch leaves her. “Turn over”. She hears him say. She follows his words, and her glorious boobs are now for the first time on full display in front of him. Ethan gets more oil and starts spreading it on her chest, up to her shoulders, around her boobs – not touching her nipples just yet. Ivory glances quickly at his pants and notices a remarkable bulge. He is also getting turned on by all of this and it is Escort Antalya not just simply giving away pleasure. She feels an urge to reach out and touch him, but then refrains herself. Not yet, she thinks.

Ethan seems to want to speed things up a bit. He does not spend too long massaging her shoulders, top of her chest, and her arms. Instead, he quickly goes back to focus on her breast area. He glides his hands around her breasts, his fingers move in circular motions. Then he starts kneading them, his thumbs go so close to her nipples at times, but choose to tease her instead and slide away. Her nipples get so hard they scream for attention. Ivory arches her back a bit, lifting herself up to offer her round boobs to his large hands, begging to be touched, to be pleasured. A few more minutes of massaging and kneading, and her screaming nipples come into contact with his thumbs. At first, it is only his thumbs, but later he uses both of his thumbs and fingers to rub her nipples. She raises her upper body even higher, welcoming all the sensation. He grabs those love buds, and to her surprise, pulls them, holding for a couple of seconds then releases them. That sends a burst of pleasure across her body.

“I like that. Do it again.” She breathes.

Ethan smirks. So she’s a bit kinky. He pulls those hard and inviting nipples again… and again. Soft moans release from her mouth. He turns to gently massaging those naturally beautiful breasts to ease a bit of the burn from all of that kinky pulling, then back to the kinky again…

He later moves further south, spending some time on her belly. Her belly is not skinny flat, there is a bit of fat that makes it softer to touch. His fingers work their magic there, agonizingly slow, then gradually travel south, moving on to her legs first. He must be saving that special private part for last… He does the same massage techniques that he did on her legs while she was lying on her front, horizontal moves, up and down, but not before he spreads her legs a part for a bit, showing him that smooth, shaved pussy in all its glory. Up… and down…, each time brushing the outer edge of those pump pussy lips. Then, his fingers slide to her clit, glistening with juices. Ivory’s back arches the moment he touches her there. Beautiful sounds of pleasure leave her lips and her hands clutch the sheet tight. She moves up her legs, bending them and spreading them further apart, to open up that centerpoint of bliss for him to touch. His fingers flipping that clit, caressing it, swirling around it, pressing on it, massaging it, slow… then faster, gentle… then a bit harder. It’s been a while since she felt a man’s hand on her, a magical hand – as a matter of fact. It feels so good it makes her want to return the favor. She refrained herself before, but now she decides it’s the time to do it. She reaches out, touching that big bulge, and oh boy… it is hard as a rock. Even though Ethan has tried to remain calm since the beginning when things started to become sexual, he cannot help reacting to her touch, and his facial expression changes a bit at that first contact – he exhales and utters a soft moan, his eyes roll up, then open, looking at her, full of desire. He welcomes her touch, standing closer so that it’s easier for her to reach him properly. She strokes that hardness with her small, slender hands, up and down, then below where she feels his balls should be. Ethan’s other hand reaches her boobs, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples. The hand on her pussy is working its magic, before he slides two fingers inside her. Her body writhes a bit at the effect of his movements. Her hand on his crotch trembles slightly, while her other hand reaches one of her boobs that is not currently occupied by Ethan’s nipple-pulling, and squeeze it. Her legs also start to shake, with his hand in between. His fingers thrust into her faster and faster, and his thumb rub her clit at the same time. She can literally feel the sheet under her ass get so damp from all of her juices oozing out. All of that, plus the feeling of his hard cock in her hand, wanting to burst out of his pants at any time, gradually send her to the edge. She arches her back, her body tenses, her other hand holds her boob tight, her eyes roll back, and with a few loud moans, she soars to heaven…

Ivory breathes heavily, and slowly opens her eyes, coming back to Earth. She looks up and sees him looking at her, smiling gently, his hand combing her hair. She suddenly realizes her hand is still touching his crotch, never leaving it when she came. She then turns her body and, with her hands still a bit shaky from the orgasm, she fumbles at his pants, trying to pull them down. Ethan helps her and then, his large, hard and veiny cock springs out right in front of her face. In awe, she grabs it and starts stroking up and down the thick shaft. Ethan’s face turns upwards and a moan leaves his mouth at that first skin-to-skin contact with his cock. The moment she’s been waiting for since she saw his bulge is here – Ivory brings her mouth close to the tip of his cock, and slowly wrap that shiny tip with her warm plump lips. This time, he moans louder at that warm, wet feeling. She takes him deep into her mouth, the tip touching the back of her throat, she pulls out, and then back in. She produces more and more saliva in her mouth, creating wetness and sloppiness.

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