It Was My Choice

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It Was My ChoiceMy boyfriend, Ben, had been out of town on a business trip for over two weeks and was still a week away from coming home. This was the longest time that the two of us had been away from each other since we started dating. We actually both agreed to not even to masturbate for the whole time he was away. Needless to say I was really second guessing my pledge. When he called the Sunday before he was to come back, I confessed I really needed a little physical relief. He suggested I get naked, get my magic wand vibrator, and move to the office computer where we could Face Time and have some fun. I jumped at the idea, cleared an area by the computer, plugged in my vibe, and positioned the camera to maximize his view of me. It seemed like an eternity waiting there for Ben to call me back but finally the Face Time app popped up, and fully naked, I chatted with my lover. Even though I was naked, he purposely avoided any sex talk. Finally, I broke down, “When are we going to have some fun.” I said with slight tone of desperation. He smiled with a devilish grin and said “Ohhh, that’s right you need a little relief.” “OK let’s play a game. Lets play how long can Marisa hold out.” With that he texted me a link to a video and he said to watch first, in its entirety, then we can play. I clicked on the link and it took me to a video on our favorite porn site. He watched my expression as the video came up. I was a little shocked at first, as it was a brunette girl bent over her lover’s knee, jeans pulled down, and bare ass pointed to the camera. The male then started to spank the beautiful brunette getting her ass bright pink with repeated spanks. There were a three spanks and a pause, the then on the other cheek three spanks, and a pause. The girl made slight whimpers as that could be heard during the pauses. After about 3 minutes, he stopped the mild spanking on her sexy behind. “Hand me the paddle” the man in the video said. She reached down on the floor and handed him the paddle. Looking scared she pleaded in a soft voice, “please no, please.” The male then put the leather strap around his wrist and slapped the paddle against her now pink ass. A scream escaped the brunettes lips. He rested the paddle in a new spot and whap! Another crack came down hard on her butt. He showed no mercy as he paddled her repeatedly and screamed trying to avoid the inevitable. Her pink ass turned red, then bruises developed, and then a couple of welts appeared on the girls ass as continued to have her ass paddled hard despite her repeated protests. The spanking finished and the girl stood up whimpering, make-up streaking down her face, and pulled up her panties and jeans. I said in stunned amazement, “is that what you want to do to me?” He surprised me by saying “no, but if I do that to you it will be your choice.” I looked at him with a confused look. These are the rules of the game. You will be allowed to masturbate just to the point of orgasm, then will stop.” He continued, “if you cum before I tell you, then I will spank you just like that girl in the video.” Ben then added “and make no mistake, I will do it.” He asked if I was ready to play the game. I was hesitant, but I knew I canlı bahis şirketleri had the self-control. . In a sheepish and unsure voice, I said “yes”.With that he said “put your leg up on the desk and I want to watch you masturbate.” I then turned on the wand, slowly slid it to my clit, and started to let vibrations drive my arousal. I moved it ever so slightly around my clit letting the pleasure fill me. I wanted this so bad and with the edging I knew I would surely enjoy this. . About a minute later, I felt the rising orgasm and quickly took the vibe off my clit. Breathing hard, I looked at Ben, he was definitely enjoying the show. “You are so fucking hot honey!” he said. My breathing calmed down, and Ben reminded me of the consequences of me coming before I was instructed to do so, which definitely added to my excitement. I then turned the vibrator back on and started the process of getting aroused. Within a few seconds I had to remove the vibrator as I was at the edge of what seemed like an amazing orgasm. “Please honey let me cum!” I begged. “In time Marisa, in time” he said in a playful voice. Again, I placed the vibrator on my clit and waves worked their magic. This time, I almost waited too long to stop. I was fucking panting, I heard Bens voice say “oh I love when you play with fire Marisa, you almost came didn’t you.” I nodded as he continued. “Like I said, it will be your choice if you get paddled.”With that the Face Time session disconnected. I tried in haste to dial him back, but he refused my call. Then came a text. “honesty is the foundation in a loving relationship. Remember, it’s your choice.” The fucking light went off and I felt so stupid and mad for falling for Ben’s shenanigans. Thinking “I got this, I am not letting him win this one.” I completed my bedtime routine and laid down for sleep. Damn! I could not sleep. I was still so fucking horny there was no way I was getting to sleep. I got up and took an Advil PM, then laid back down. My heart was beating and my mind starting to rationalize. Yes, Ben spanked me before but it was light playful, nothing like in that video. I then got up and got my magic wand and plugged it in. As I laid in bed getting ready to masturbate, the thought that maybe he would paddle me that hard entered my mind. I was so mad at myself for being tricked into this predicament. I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep. Pictures of that poor girl getting paddled raced through my head. Then the image of her pulling her panties up over red sore ass made me think if she got through it, so can I.” I grabbed the vibrator and turned it on, placed it between my legs and felt the warm pleasure run through my body. I teased myself a bit and tried to slow the arrival, but it was to little avail. I was on the edge again and the thought of getting paddled actually increased my excitement. I surrendered to my inner most desires as a very intense orgasm built to the point of inevitability. I screamed as i convulsed in delight feeling waves of pleasure radiate from loins and just about every muscle in my body contracting and releasing in orgasmic delight. I was trying to catch my breath, sweat dripped from my face, as the longest canlı kaçak iddaa and most pleasurable orgasm I have ever experienced masturbating subsided. I laid there as my breathing slowly returned to normal. I got up to clean up and noticed a huge wet spot that I created and washed off. I slept on the other side (aka dry side) of the bed that night until my alarm went off in the morning. I got up and noticed a text, ->“how did you sleep last night, anything you want to tell me?” Damn I thought, I know I have to tell him. <- I slept great……<- Once I took care of my need. Yes, I came and came hard, are you happy now!?He replied-> No, now I have to paddle you, but it was your choice. I shook my head, “he is not really going to go through with this,” I thought. We never played with pain or anything serious like this before. A few minutes later a received another text, it was a picture of a paddle. Well there was nothing I could do. I got ready for work and went into work. That night Ben called and asked me how my day was and did not even bring up the paddling. I certainly did not want to as I was hoping he was only joking. However, Wednesday when I got home, I saw an Amazon Prime package on my porch. I grabbed it as I went in and changed into something more comfortable before I opened the package. I cut open the box and a piece of paper and the plastic bubble wrap. I pulled out the bubble wrap and saw the same paddle that was in the picture he texted me on Monday morning. I unfolded the paper where there was a message from the sender – Remember, this will happen and it was your choice. I cold chill ran up my spine as reality started to sink in. I was curious. I ran into the office and logged on to our Amazon account. I went to my orders, and looked at the time stamp. It was Sunday night! He knew I would break and ordered the paddle 10 minutes after we chatted “That fucking SOB,” I thought. Friday, came too quickly. I knew Ben’s plane landed at 2pm and I left work early to be home when Ben arrived. My heart raced as I saw the Uber drop Ben off. As he came through the door I ran and hugged him, but he barely returned the hug. He did not kiss me and said, “let’s get this over. I did not want to have to do this, but it was your choice.” He pulled out one of our dining room chairs and he instructed “ grab the paddle and come over here, Marisa.” As I walked over, he said “Stand in front of me.” I stood in front of him. “Marisa, I went three weeks without jerking off and all I asked you to do was the same. Remember, you had a choice, so unfortunately, I will have to punish you.” He continued, “Give me the paddle and pull down your pants and panties.” I pleaded one last time,” No Ben, please don’t do this.” The look on his face was all I needed as there would be no mercy given. I complied with his wishes and laid across his lap. I felt his hand on my bare butt. It was there one second and then whap, whap, whap. He rubbed my ass for a second or so, then whap, whap, whap! I felt warm sensation in my butt as he continued to spank me. I was determined to gut it out. With each set of three, my rear was getting more sore. Just when I thought that I could weather the spanking canlı kaçak bahis he picked up the paddle and rubbed it in a small circle on my sore rear. The cool wood actually felt good. Then WHAP! I laid out a loud “fuck!” WHAP! WHAP! As is struggled to move away from him. Pain like I never felt before emanated though out my bare but. He grabbed my arm and placed it the small of my back, “You are going no where Marisa.”He paddled me one WHAP! after another. I started to kick and beg as he kept on paddling me. I placed my free hand back over my ass. He stopped and commanded, “move your hand Marisa,” I refused. Then he landed a hard spank right on my sensitive upper thigh making me scream out and whither in an even more intense pain. “Now move your hand, Marisa or I will smack that thigh again. ” I slowly moved my hand giving him free access to my butt again. Ben showed no mercy as he paddled me repeatedly. I kept on kicking and squirming until I gave up and I let him spank me. Each paddle hit landed on my sore butt resulting in a never ending agony . I barely could tell were the paddle was landing as my whole ass was in constant pain . I stopped holding back the tears and started to cry. “See Marisa our choices have consequences.” He said as he stopped, for a few seconds. “Tell me Marisa, how was that orgasm you had on Sunday.” I was crying, “it was fantastic”. He asked “Did the idea of this paddling make it better for you?” I did not want to answer, then WHAP, WHAP two very hard hits landed on my ass, “Answer the question Marisa,” he commanded in an aggravated tone. “Yes, Honey it did.” “Now you know why I have to spank you,” He replied. I am not sure if I followed the logic as my burning ass was all I could think about. Ben then resumed the paddling, this time harder but at a slower rate. Each hard hit landed and a small scream emitted from my mouth. I was in a full on cry as the last paddle landed squarely on my upper thigh forcing a final scream from me. The paddle dropped to the floor. “Ok Marisa, your punishment is through.” I pulled up my panties and pants. Then Ben came over to hug me. Part of me wanted to push him away, but his arms around me really comforted me. I really needed my Ben back, the one who loved me. Ben held me tightly as he walked me over to the couch. He sat down and I curled up in the fetal position snuggling against him. I did not understand what happened or why Ben came up with such a devious game. I was confused, hurt, but his comforting help sooth me. As I drifted off in a short sleep. I woke, for a second thought was this a dream, but the fact my butt still burned in agony reminded me otherwise. I went upstairs and cleaned up for dinner. I pulled down my pants to take a look at my but, it was deep dark read with two almost purple bruises in the center of each butt cheek and a number of welts. We went out to dinner. Ben enjoyed the fact I could not sit comfortably at the table. We came home and made love. He wanted to fuck me doggy style, probably so he could see my red ass as he fucked me. His cock felt so great in my pussy as we orgasmed together. That night was the first time I orgasmed during intercourse without out having to stimulate my clit, which surprised both of us. Addendum. Ben did not enjoy the paddling, the said it was not his thing. Even with the pleasure I was able to attain I am not sure I was willing to go through that ordeal again. Yes, I am glad I went through it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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