iSummer, chapter 4

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iSummer, chapter 4iCarly – iSummer, chapter 4Freddie woke up when he rolled over in bed and didn’t feel Sam.”Sam?” He said, still half asl*ep.He lifted his head and looked around. He assumed she got up and went to make herself a sandwich or something but when she didn’t come back a few minutes later, he got up out of bed and went looking for her. He went into the kitchen. No Sam. He went back into the bedroom to get his phone to text her but he noticed her phone laying there too.He put on the pants he was wearing before bed and was heading over to across the hall.”Maybe she went over to Spencer’s refrigerator.” He thought out-loud to himself.When he reached the front door he could hear voices outside in the hallway. It sounded like Melanie and Sam. He could barely hear what they were saying, but it sounded like they were having argument. He slowly opened the door enough to hear them better.”I don’t care.” He heard Sam say. “You shouldn’t tell her. You’re just sitting yourself up for heartbreak.””Sam…” Melanie said. “I have to tell her otherwise I’m going to explode.”Sam groaned. “You’re not going to explode. But if you do tell Carly that you have a crush on her, she is going to freak out.”Hearing what Sam said caused Freddie to lose his balance and he fell through the door and landed in the hallway next to the blonde twins.He looked up from the floor and saw them both giving him mean looks.”Hi girls. What’s up?””Dip Thong, how long have you been standing at the door?” Sam angrily asked.”Not long, I didn’t hear anything about Melanie and Carly…” Freddie said and then he smacked himself for saying it.”Oh my god, now Freddie şişli escort knows.” Melanie whisper yelled.”No, no. I know nothing. Honest.” Freddie said, finally getting up out of the floor.”Freddie?” Melanie said to him.”Alright. I heard how you have a crush on Carly and Sam doesn’t want you to tell her.” He admitted.”I should kill you for eavesdropping.” Sam said as she smacked him across his bare chest.”Owww, Sam. It was an accident. I was looking for you and I heard you guys out here and I just… I just…””Stood behind the door and listened to us.” Sam finished for him.”I guess you’re right.” He said dejected. “I feel horrible, believe me. I didn’t plan on eavesdropping, it just happened.””Never mind.” Melanie interrupted. “Freddie you have got to promise not to tell Carly.””Don’t worry. I won’t. But… wow, I don’t know what to say.” He told her. “I didn’t even know you liked girls.” He added while looking over to Sam.”Don’t look at me. I didn’t know about it until earlier this evening myself.” Sam told him.”Do you plan on telling Carly sometime?” Freddie asked Melanie.”I’m not sure. I want to, but I’m scared. Plus Sam doesn’t think it’s a good idea.”Freddie looked back over at Sam.”What? Well. Carly isn’t gay. If she was, I would know, I’m her best friend.” Sam said, trying to justify her opinion. “Mel will just be disappointed if she tells Carly her feelings.””Maybe, but she can’t keep it to herself. She has to take that chance, Sam.” Freddie said to her. “I think you should tell her.” He added as he turned back to Melanie.”I think you’re right Freddie.” Melanie said.”Fine. Whatever.” Sam said. “If you want şişli escort bayan to tell her, then tell her, but be prepared for the worst.””Goodnight.” Melanie said as she went back in the Shay’s apartment leaving Sam and Freddie in the hallway.Carly was coming down the stairs when Melanie finished locking the front door back.”What was that all about?” She asked.Melanie smiled. “You know Sam. She and Freddie were having some discussion and she wanted my opinion on it.””Oh.” Carly said, not really believing that. “Is there something you want to talk to me about?””What do you mean?” Melanie asked, as she started to freak out on the inside.”I mean do you want to talk to me about what Sam said?””Oh, no. It’s all good. I understand Sam and how she is.” Melanie told Carly. “So no worries.””You sure?””Yeah.””Alright then. Are you ready to go to sl*ep?””I am exhausted.” Melanie admitted.”Come on, you can sl*ep in my bed with me, there is plenty of room.” Carly said as they started toward her room. “You don’t kick in your sl*ep like Sam does, do you?””No. I don’t think so.””Okay.”* * *As Melanie and Carly went to bed, Sam and Freddie were back in his old room, arguing.”I can’t believe you would tell Melanie that.” Sam said. “And I can’t believe you eavesdropped on us.””I told you guys I didn’t mean to, it just happened. And Melanie deserves to know if Carly would like her back.””It’s all going to blow up and when it does, I’m going to be really upset with you because both my s*ster and my best friend will be destroyed.”Freddie swallowed hard. He hadn’t really thought about that. It was a good possibility. He hoped mecidiyeköy escort bayan that it wouldn’t come to that.* * *It had been an hour and 35 minutes since they went to bed. Carly was sound asl*ep, but Melanie lay there on her back staring up at the huge gummy bear chandelier that the moonlight shining in through the windows revealed. She looked over at Carly who was turned the other way, her long dark hair curled up at the end in these cute little curls. Melanie reached over and lightly rubbed her hand through those curls and sighed.’So soft.’ She thought. Realizing how dangerous it was, she stopped touching Carly and turned over, facing the opposite direction.With all kinds of thoughts running through her head, Melanie stayed awake for the better part of the night. She was awake when a dog outside started barking, she was awake when he finally stopped. She was awake when Carly woke up, went to the bathroom, came back and fell back asl*ep. It felt like lightning had struck her when Carly accidently grazed Melanie’s leg with her leg as she got back into the bed. That feeling kept Melanie awake longer than anything else. It was just an accidental touch that Carly barely even remembered the next morning but to Melanie it was a touch that she would never forget. It was only for a second but a second in pure pleasure.Melanie knew without a doubt now that she had to tell Carly what she was feeling. It was just a matter of getting the words out. She almost wished she could tell her right at that moment, as dawn began breaking. She wished she could roll over and stroke Carly’s face and tell her how she felt. She rolled over and found herself face to face with Carly. She looked so peaceful and beautiful asl*ep but then again, Carly always looked beautiful.Melanie smiled at Carly’s beauty and managed to close her eyes for the first time all night and finally fell asl*ep.

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