I could Never Say No to BBC Blacken

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I could Never Say No to BBC BlackenMy new husband wanted to get me pregnant and have his baby. We had only been married 4 months but he was 48 and I was 44 so the clock was ticking. I told him we would give it a try but if I didn’t get pregnant in a few months then it probably wasn’t going to happen. We had been trying for four months with no luck. We had sex all the time. He took me every chance he got. Sometimes three or four times a day. He was a great lover with a huge cock. I have known him for a very long time and we have had a long history of sex. I really love him and wanted to have his baby badly. Each time that big cock of his spurted inside me I hoped that would be the one to do it. We had an open marriage. He knew that going in. I loved to have threesomes and foursomes with him. We had met some cool couples and enjoyed sex with them. I also wanted to be able to play on my own. In particular with a black guy I worked with and had a sexual relationship with for about three years. I didn’t want that to stop and my husband agreed to that. I had the opportunity to have sex with a few of my BBC’s black friends and even had a few gang bangs with them. The bottom line was I loved BBC and was fairly addicted to it. It seemed like I could never say no. During the four months we had been trying to get me pregnant I did however abstain from sex with anyone else. I wanted to concentrate on the task at hand. I will admit though that having constant sex makes me really horny and I just want more. This is very apparent when I am ovulating. Of course this is the time when I usually avoid sex which can be a real challenge. It was April and my target ovulation day was Wednesday with possible success on Tuesday or Thursday. My husband and I fucked like rabbits those three days. I lost count of the number of times he came in me. A week before we went in for some tests with a fertility doctor. Just to make sure there wasn’t an issue with one of us that would prevent conception. The test results had not come back yet. It was Friday and I was at work. It was a warm spring day in Texas. I was wearing a flowery sundress. It had a scooped neck and I was showing plenty of cleavage. I have 36E boobs and they get a lot of attention from the men in the office. Especially if I go out in the warehouse. Those guys out there will just stop whatever they are doing and just stare. That’s were the black guy I have been fucking works. I am the office manager for the place and have to interact with just about everyone. It was mid afternoon and I was in the break room when I felt someone come up behind me. They were standing very close behind me. A hand reached around me and went down inside my dress and bra to cup my breast. It was a strong black hand. I knew at once that it was John, my black lover. He squeezed my big tit and pinched the nipple. I sighed and leaned back into him. He had been working in the warehouse and smelled like sweat. Very manly to me, which I love. I told him to be careful that someone might walk in. He continued to play with my tit as he whispered in my ear. He said that he wanted me so bad he couldn’t stand it. It had been almost five months since the last time we had sex. He told me that he wanted me and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He kissed my bare neck bahis firmaları as he pulled on my nipple. He knew exactly what effect that would have on me.My pussy was instantly wet and I wanted his huge cock. It was 11 inches and very thick. It took my breath away every time he started to put it in me. I could feel that huge and very hard cock pressed against my ass through his jeans. I was in a fog and couldn’t help myself. I turned around and smiled at him. He was so handsome and dark. He was very fit and muscular. He had been a star college running back but hurt his knee his junior year and lost his scholarship and his chance for the NFL. I just loved to held in his arms and feel those big strong hands all over my naked body. Our skin contrast was a huge turn on for me. So opposite and taboo. A young dark skinned black man just wasn’t supposed to touch a white skinned MILF. Whenever he did it was like an electrical charge passed between us. To me it felt so right that I was his slave and he was my master.I whispered to him that after work I would meet him at his apartment on one condition. He had to wear a condom. I had never asked him to do that before. He had always shot is load in me but even though I thought I was probably out of my fertile time I just wanted to take extra precaution. He look a little disappointed but said ‘okay’, he had some and he would see me there. The rest of the day was a blur. I wanted him so fucking bad. Was I really going to do this? I had not had sex with anyone but my husband for five months. The condom thing gave me confidence to go ahead. I was giddy that I was going to get to fuck him again. I knew he wanted me. He loved my body. He said I was the best he ever had. I was 44 and he was 28 and we were a perfect match. He loved my big tits and my ass. He said he couldn’t believe how tight my pussy was. It was finally 5pm and I left work. I called my husband and told him I was going shopping. That would give me a couple of hours of play time. I arrived at his apartment. My hand was shaking some as I knocked on his door. The door opened and he quickly pulled me inside and closed it. He was kissing me immediately and his hands were all over me. He was grabbing my ass and my tits and I let him. I was breathing hard and wanted him badly. He had pulled one of my tits out of my bra and dress and was sucking on it. I loved the feeling of his full dark lips on my nipple. He flicked it with his tongue and kissed it then led me to the bedroom. I had been in this bedroom hundreds of times but I knew this time was going to be different. We wanted each other so badly it was almost painful. For a moment a thought crossed my mind. Was I in love with him? Was he in love with me. We had never talked about it but there was some kind of connection between us there was no mistake. I was married now but I felt a pain at the thought of never seeing this man again. I couldn’t bear the thought of that. I pulled my sundress off over my head and stood there in my bra and thong panties. As he pulled his shirt and shorts off, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra releasing my big boobs. He basically threw me on the bed and peeled my thong off quickly. Our desire for each other was rampant. I had to see his big cock. I reached down to grab it. It was big kaçak iddaa and getting bigger. I moved down closer. I had it in my hand as I licked the head. I just love the taste of him. He was leaking precum as I played with it. I sucked the head in my mouth as best as I could while stroking his length. He was so big it always amazed me he could even fit his monster inside my pussy. I was using two hands and my mouth on him. He told me he had to fuck me now. I told him to get a condom then. He reached into the nightstand and handed me one. He said for me to put in on him. I tore the package open and took out the condom. It had been so long since I had made a guy use one I looked at it and placed it on his swollen cock head to roll it down. I was having trouble getting it to do that. I asked him if he had any larger ones. He said no, this one was the biggest they make. I looked at the package and it said Magnum. I tried a couple of more times and finally the stupid thing started to stretch and roll over his fat cock head and down his thick shaft. It was a really tight fit and when fully rolled out there was still some of his cock left uncovered. I looked at it and asked him if this was the way it was supposed to fit. It was really stretched and tight. He said he almost never used them and that he was only doing it because I wanted him to. I moved up to him and kissed him and told him thank you. He pushed me on my back and spread my legs exposing my wet pussy. He climbed up on top of me and while kissing me and squeezing a boob he lined his big cock up with the entrance to my pussy. He started to push inside me. My husband’s cock is big but this one was a monster. I was really being stretched and I arched my back. The condom had some lubrication on it and I was very wet. I started to open up for him and said a few choice cuss words as he pushed harder. Damn I missed his cock. I wanted him so bad.He continued to push more of his shaft inside me and told me how much he missed being inside me. He started to stroke more and I was in heaven. Our bodies were in tune with each other. There was so much desire for each other that it hurt. He would speed up the slow down. His huge cock pistoning into my pussy. Like it was made to be there. We changed positions a few times. I could tell he was trying to hold back his orgasm. He wanted this to last. I had cum a couple of times. My pussy squeezing his condom covered cock. He slowed and it me recover before picking the pace back up. I was on my hands and knees and he was really pounding me. It had been so long and he was lost in my pussy. My big tits were swinging back and forth and I grabbed one to squeeze it. I love pulling on my own nipples. It usually made me cum hard when a big cock was in me. I heard him say, ‘oh fuck oh fuck’. I knew the end was near. I pulled hard on my nipple just was he was ramming as deep as he could in me. I felt his cock head push into my cervix. I always knew when he was about to cum because his cock swelled up just a little bit more and then it would explode. That’s what I felt as I pulled hard on my nipple and came like a freight train at the same time he did. I cried out as I felt his cock pulse inside me. It was like he had saved up for five months and was now finally releasing his built up load kaçak bahis deep inside me. My pussy spasmed on his cock clenching and squeezing it. Our combined orgasm went on forever. Finally we collapsed on the bed. Him behind me but his cock still inside me. I could feel it shudder and twitch as it continued to shoot all of his built up need inside me. We were a big sweaty mess laying there in each others arms with his cock still deep inside me.Finally I turned my face back to his and kissed him. I told him how much I loved doing that with him. He kissed me deeper, his tongue probing and insistent. I told him finally that I need to get going. Reluctantly he started to pull his still semi hard cock out of me. I was a little sad because I would have loved to stay all night and do this again and again. When he finally pulled his long cock out of me he froze. I was wiping my sweaty hair out of my face when I heard him say, ‘oh shit’. I turned back to him and asked, “)h shit what?” All he said was, “It broke.” I said, “Broke?. What broke?” He said, “The condom.” I jumped around and looked at his cock. He was right. The condom had torn and his cock head was fully exposed. I looked at it for a long time. I looked at him and said,, “You came inside me then.” He just nodded. His full load had been deposited deep inside my pussy. We had left his cock in me for quite awhile which meant his seed was well past my cervix traveling in my womb. If there was an egg there and it hadn’t been fertilized by my husband then it would be under attack. I couldn’t speak. I just stared at his bare cock head. Damn condoms. I knew that thing was stretched to the max. I shook my head to clear it and just said I had to go. I pulled my dress over my head not bothering with my bra or panties. I put my shoes on and headed for the door. As I opened it he caught me and asked if I was alright. I just said I was fine and pulled away and went to my car. On the way home I convinced myself things would be fine. If I was pregnant it would be by my husband and I was probably past my fertile days anyway. A couple of weeks went by and I was late. My period should have started a week ago. I went to the d**g store and got some tests. I took three and the results were all the same. I was pregnant. I was about to call my husband with the good news when I decided to check the mail. There was a letter there from the clinic where we had the fertility tests done. I opened it and started to read it. It said that I was fine and should have no problem conceiving. My eggs were very viable and I was built perfectly for them to be easily fertilized and then implanted. As I read on my heart stopped. It said that my husband had a very low sperm count and that what sperm he produced were not very viable. It seemed he had a virus when he was in his 20’s and the high fever he had destroyed his reproductive ability.The conclusion was he was sterile. A few weeks later I had a sonogram. It revealed I was having twins. That was a huge shock. I never expected that. At 12 weeks I had the amnio test. It confirmed paternity. I was going to have black babies. The father was positively my black lover. I actually felt relief at that news. At least I knew for sure. I told my husband right away. No need to wait. He was quiet but finally said he would support my decision to keep them and he would raise them as his own. I am not sure what the future holds but I know I will have some beautiful babies soon and probably some important decisions to make.

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