Hot Times at a Campground

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We had been best friends for over twenty years. I’d always had a secret crush on my best friend, Carla. She was straight though and I knew that we would never go anywhere sexually because our friendship meant the world to both of us and I didn’t want to jeopardize that.

It had been a while since Carla and I had spent any time together so we decided to go on a camping trip together. The drive out to the campground was pleasant. We talked and reminisced about things we’d been through together.

We arrived at the campsite and set up our tent. Then we proceeded to start a fire so we could cook dinner. We had brought some beer and liquor so we were both on our way to getting a little bit tipsy. We cooked some steaks and baked some potatoes.

We cleaned up after dinner and then sat around the campfire and Carla started asking me some personal questions about my sex life as a lesbian. In the past, I would never give her detailed information about my sexual escapades. The alcohol was having the affect on me so my tongue was looser than normal. She wanted me to describe in detail, what it was like to go down on a woman.

I was a little bit speechless at first but I soon started to go into details for her. Describing what I liked to do, what turned me on about a woman and how aroused I got when I was pleasuring a woman. I wasn’t sure about Carla but I was getting quite aroused. She then admitted that she had thought about sleeping with a woman on more than one occasion. She said that she had never found anyone that she was comfortable enough to experiment with.

Her next question floored me. She asked me if I ever thought about her sexually. I was going to deny it at first but then I thought fuck it, we’re both not going to remember this tomorrow anyway. I admitted that I had thought of her more than once in a sexual scenario. She smiled and then asked me to describe one of the scenarios that had gone through my head.

I told her about a time when I had gone to her house and we had smoked a joint. I told her that I wanted to kiss her and then slowly take her clothes off. I wanted to see her naked before me. I wanted to my run hands up and down her body. I wanted to kiss every inch of her body. That I wanted to play with her nipples and lick and suck them. That I wanted to make her moan and I wanted to lick a trail from between her breasts to her pussy. I would tease her by blowing softly on her clit and gently rubbing the outer lip above her clit. Then teasing her clit with my tongue and gently nibbling and licking her clit while sliding two fingers inside her. Depending on how wet she was I’d slide a third finger inside her and start fucking her. I’d then slide a finger into her ass. Slowly at first, then faster I’d fuck her ass izmit escort and her pussy and lick her clit. I’d want to feel her hands on the back of my head as she grinds into my face. She’d be moaning uncontrollably as she gets closer to having an orgasm.

I finally look over at her and her eyes are glazed. I can tell that she’s aroused. She takes a big gulp of her drink and says in a shaky voice, “Wow, that’s quite a fantasy.”

I’m feeling bold as I say, “Yeah and I’ll bet it turned you on didn’t it?”

She just nods and takes another sip of her drink. We calm things down a bit after that. I think she’s a little bit shy about what I’ve shared with her. We turn in about an hour later. We’re sleeping in the same tent, on the same mattress but in different sleeping bags.

We’re both so drunk that I thought we’d pass out right away. Carla is tossing and turning quite a bit. Finally she unzips her sleeping bag.

“I’m too damn hot!” she says in a drunken slur.

I see her in the moonlight taking off her clothes.

“I hope you don’t mind if I sleep naked.” She says.

“Not at all.” I say.

Knowing that she is lying next to me naked is almost too much to take. I start to get very hot picturing her lying beside me naked. I unzip my sleeping bag and kick it off as well. I can feel her smiling beside me.

“Feel free to get naked too.” She says.

I just smile and say, “Maybe later.” I get comfortable and try to drift off to sleep.

In the early morning, the sun is casting enough light in the tent for me to see Carla clearly. I watch her sleep and drink in her nakedness. She is a beautiful woman – clothed or not. She starts to move around so I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. I don’t want Carla to think that I’ve been gawking at her.

I get up shortly after and let Carla sleep a little longer. I start to make breakfast and coffee. Soon enough, Carla unzips the tent and comes out dressed. She says good morning and then heads for the washroom.

She returns looking fresh and wide-eyed.

“How’s your head?” I ask as she sits down at the table.

“Actually it’s not bad.” She says. “It’s nice of you to make breakfast Bren. I appreciate it.”

We both start eating, as we’re famished. I’m curious to know just how much she remembers about the previous night so I ask her.

“So, how much do you remember about last night?”

She grins and says, “Everything.”

I can feel myself blushing. She just laughs and hugs me as she gets up to clear the dishes. This brief touch gives me goose bumps. We do the dishes together and then we head up to take a shower before we head out for the day.

We go to the beach and hang out all day. By late afternoon we’ve both had enough yahya kaptan escort so we head back to the campsite. We make a fire and start cooking dinner. This time it’s hamburgers and salad. Carla does most of the cooking tonight. I sit and watch her while sipping my beer. We eat dinner and then clean up.

The fire is getting low so I stoke it up and we break out a deck of cards. We play a few games and then Carla suggests that we up the stakes. I raise an eyebrow and ask what she’s got in mind.

“Well, the loser has to take a shot of Sambuca.” She says.

This sounds harmless to me so I agree. We keep playing and we’re tied at 3 shots each. I tell her that I cannot possibly have another shot so we stop playing for a bit and just sit and watch the fire. Carla asks me to tell her about one my hottest sexual experiences. I tell her about my first experience with a strap on. How much it turned me on and how wet I got. Between the alcohol and the talk I’m getting incredibly turned on. I’m starting to undress Carla with my eyes and that’s not a good thing.

Before long we’re both pretty tired so we decide to go to bed. We clean up and then slip into the tent. It feels much colder tonight so we’re both dressed when we go to bed. I’m drifting off when Carla says my name.

I answer groggily and she says that she’s cold and will I come and warm her up. I sense that this is trouble in the making but I agree anyway. I move closer to her and we pile our sleeping bags on top of each other. Our backs are touching. She sighs.

“What?” I ask.

“My back is aching.” She says.

“Do you want a massage?” I ask.

“Would you mind?” She asks.

“Roll onto your stomach.” I tell her.

She willingly complies. I know I’m in trouble as soon as I touch her. I start to massage her neck and shoulders. It’s a little bit hard to do with her shirt on. She coyly asks if I’d like her to take it off. I agree that she should do that all the while holding my breath. She sits up facing me and takes off her shirt. I have a perfect view of her breasts. Then she lies down again on her stomach. I am so turned on right now I just want to roll her over and pounce on her. I manage to contain myself though.

She’s moaning a little as I continue the massage. I make my way down her back and I stop just above her ass.

“Can you keep going?” She asks.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

She nods. So I continue to massage her ass and the backs of her legs and down to her feet.

“What would you do now if I were someone you were dating?” She asks.

“Well I would tell her to flip over so I could massage the front of her.”

No sooner are the words out of my mouth then she’s flipped over for gebze escort me. By the look in her eyes I can tell that she’s completely aroused. I’m stunned so I just sit there for a second and then I snap into motion. I slide up beside her and start massaging her neck and shoulders. I work my way down to her breasts. She’s watching my reaction as I massage her breasts. I’m trying desperately not to touch her nipples. My breathing is shallow. She suddenly reaches out and grabs me by the shirt pulling me down towards her. Our lips meet tentatively at first and then our tongues meet.

We’re kissing with abandon now. I kiss my way down to her breasts taking a nipple in my mouth, sucking it licking it, teasing it. I play with the other nipple and then switch. I slide my hand down to her pussy. I can feel how wet she is through the fabric of her shorts. I kiss my way down her stomach to her pussy. I slide off her shorts and then her panties. I blow on her clit just as I did in my fantasy. I slide my hand up and down her pussy. Feeling her wetness. Then I slide a finger inside followed quickly by a second. I can’t hold out any longer as I flick her clit with my tongue. Slowly at first and then with abandon. She’s going wild as she guides my head with her hand and grinds into my face. She’s moaning wildly now and I’m sure the other campers can hear her clearly but I don’t care as I lick and suck on her clit and fuck her pussy with my fingers. I have three fingers inside her now and she’s loving it. She climaxes but I keep going and before long she has another one. I stop to give her a break.

I slide up next to her and lie on my back to catch my breath. I can feel my wetness as it drips down my leg. She turns on her side and I can feel her watching me. I look over at her and she smiles.

“Holy fuck that was awesome!” She says.

“Yes it definitely was.” I agree.

“We’re not done yet though.” She says.

She leans in and starts kissing me again. I moan as she starts playing with my breasts and my nipples. She pulls my shirt over my head and eagerly begins to suck and play with my nipples. Just this touch is almost enough to make me climax. She slides off my shorts and starts to play with my pussy. She doesn’t seem shy at all and she seems to know exactly what to do as she plays with my clit. She makes her way between my legs and I can feel her tongue on my clit tentatively at first, then a little harder and faster. She slides two fingers inside me and starts to fuck me. She quickly realizes that a third finger would be better. She fucks me hard and fast and continues to suck on my clit. Flicking it back and forth with her tongue. All too quickly I feel my orgasm overtake me. She continues just as I did to her and I have a second orgasm. Carla comes up to lie beside me.

We barely come out of the tent for the rest of the weekend. When we do emerge, we get curious glances from our neighbors. We don’t care though we’re having too much fun.

Copyright Wendy J. March 9, 2003

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