Horsecock 101

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“Darn it Emma, when I said I wanted less stress this isn’t what I had in mind…” she mumbled to herself, her butterscotch ears twitching as she heard an unexpected sound. Nerves on edge, she sat frozen in her tracks mentally running over how she had gotten into this situation.

When she had explained being too overwhelmed by stress to retain anything she was studying for an upcoming Calculus exam, her friend Emma’s eyes had lit up, She had been so enthusiastic about telling her to be at Arthur Hall at eight that he had scampered away before Linn even had the chance to ask why.

Why did she tell me to come here of all places Linn thought to herself as she carefully padded barefoot across the campus lawn. Arthur Hall rarely had classes during the day, let alone visitors at night. Even with this and how dark it was in mind Linn was still terrified of the slim chance of being caught and getting into trouble.


The school’s clock struck eight, startling Linn and causing her to shoot up on end. Her dainty paw barely managed to cover her mouth before what became a small squeak would have been a squeal heard across campus.


As she realized it was just the clock she blushed softly to herself and quickly patted her fur back down to a dignified state, quite happy no one can gotten to see her so flustered. Realizing she was running late she quickened her pace. The breeze whipped at her dress, cool air licking between her thighs. What a night to forget underwear she thought bashfully, panting softly as as her short legs slowly carried her across campus.

By the time she arrived at Arthur Hall, having barely dodged a single campus policeman on patrol, she was already 15 minutes late. Slightly out of breath she gasped, “I hope she’s still here, what room did she say to go to?”

Unlike the large speaking halls used for lectures on the rest of campus, Arthur Hall was set up more like a traditional school building with small rooms for more one on one classes. She crept slowly around the building while catching her breath until she rounded a corner and saw a single room with a light shining through the window.

Is there some sort of secret party? She thought to herself, walking up to a set of double doors to get into the building and gently testing them with the very tips of her digits. The doors were unlocked, unusual but she figured Emma must have had keys to get in. Curiosity kicking in, she quietly closed the door behind her and made her way towards the lit room.

“Emma, are you in here?” she practically whispered, slowly inching open the door.

“You are VERY late.” a commanding voice she knew was not Emma primly replied.

Linn jumped in surprise and quickly turned to face the front of the room, eyes going wide. “W-wait, what do you…”

“If you expect to get a good grade in my class you will need to show up on time.” her apparent teacher interrupted, eyeing Linn over the rims of hir glasses. Shi placed bother her paws of the desk, meshing her digits together and leaning on it scrupulously. “I’m Miss Xeila. Emma told me you were interested in my special extracurricular studies, is this true or have I wasted my time here today?”

Linn, slightly confused and stunned, unable to manage anything but look at the woman across the room. Her eyes drifted over her generous and rather perky chest hugged tightly by the filmy white fabric of a blouse and noticed how it shone brightly against çapa escort Xeila’s dark orange fur with it’s black highlights. Linn couldn’t help but feel shi was breathtaking.

Emma what have you gotten me into she thought, but before she could stammer a reply she was quickly interrupted once again. “Look, we have limited time here.” she said curtly. How about you come to the front of the room so I can see what we have to work with.”

Too nervous and startled still to refuse hir request, she cautiously stepped towards the front of the room reaching the desk. Suddenly, a single black paw jolted forward to grab firm hold of her wrist, pulling her onto the desk. Xeila was quickly standing up, and before Linn could do more that blurt out a flustered, “Hey!” she was fully bent over the desk, feeling Xeila’s full strength being pushed down between her shoulder blades as she struggled hopelessly to stand.

“Now had you shown up on time we could have gone slow.” Xeila purred, entirely ignoring the smaller woman trying to wriggle out beneath her. “We need to do an evaluation of your skills to see how much you’ll need to learn and take in for Horsecock 101.”

“What!” Linn mewled out in frustration, still attempting fruitlessly to escape her captor’s clutches. “What’s going on, what are…”

Xeila shoved paw in between Linn’s legs to hiked up her dress, stopping her sentence dead in its tracks. “No underwear? That’s good, I’m glad to see an eager student.” Xeila teased as Linn’s face begun to burn bright red. “What a lovely ass you have my darling, this will do quite nicely. You see, in Horsecock 101 your goal is to see just how far this can fit in you.”

Linn felt something long being placed down on her, the warmth of it spreading from her rear across her lower back. She struggled to tilt her head and get a view, only to have her jaw drop when she finally saw it. As dark black as the skirt it poked out from under, Xeila’s cock throbbed eagerly. Linn was quite sure she couldn’t even wrap around it with a single paw, let alone fit it inside her.

“You only pass my class when you hit the base.” Xeila teased, grinding her length against the feline beneath her.

“Th-There’s no way!” Linn whimpered, her heart fluttering as a warm haze settled in over her. She had stopped her frenzied struggle to get away, unable to hide her excitement.

“I guess if you don’t pass you’ll just have to take my class over and over and over.” she growled, punctuating each over with a powerful grinding of her length against Linn’s rump. “Your evaluation today will be to see just how much you can take. If you can get to the medial ring I’ll be impressed.”

Linn felt the pressure slowly lifting off her back, only to have her pigtails yanked to the side, the sudden pain causing her to yelp and roll over. She could see Xeila towering over her, her cock stretching entirely over her lithe lithe belly with some still hidden underneath the skirt.

“Now lift your legs for me so our evaluation can begin.” Xeila purred.

Linn knew she was no longer being held down, and could easily scamper out of the room and get away but she once again looked down at that impressive length and felt her blood began buzzing. “Y-Yes ma’am.” she stuttered hazily, hooking her arms around the bend in her knees to presenting her soft curved rump to hir.

A cocky grin spread across Xeila’s face, hir hips tilting back to position the tip of fatih escort her against the feline’s tailhole. Shi grasped Linn’s chin with a single paw, leaning it up as she pulled forward until their foreheads touched.

Linn’s sparkling eyes locked with the blue blaze of Xeila’s as she felt just how thick hir tip was as Xeila teased it up and down against her pucker. She tensed up, feeling Xeila begin to push against her harder, the pressure against her hole building, spreading wider and and wider, until finally the tip could burst through.

Linn squealed out in shocked delight but her noises were quickly muffled as Xeila’s lips crushed into her own, hir tongue quickly darting forth to swirl and explore inside her mouth. Linn panted deeply, adjusting to how massive the cock was that had been forced inside her, dazed by the sudden kiss.

Xeila pulled back slightly, biting down softly on Linn’s lower lip as she chuckled, “Not too loud now dear or we’ll end up disturbing the other classes.”

Linn was unable to utter even a breathless reply before Xeila leaned forward, Linn’s ankles caught over hir shoulders while hir length sunk in deeper. Linn could feel the blazing heat building up inside her, pulsing each time Xeila rocked hir hips back and forth to pull out ever so slightly before making more of hir cock disappear further into the cat’s body.

Linn’s claws sank deeply into the wood of the desk, feeling herself stretched far beyond what she had ever been before in her life. Moans escaped past her lips as she writhed so powerfully at the length Xeila was forced to reach down and pin her by the shoulders to the desk.

“I can’t… So huge… So much!” she frantically breathed, intoxicated by the dizziness that was quickly overwhelming her.

“Darling, you’re not even half way to the medial ring! I guess I shouldn’t have expected much more from some tiny kitten like yourself.” Xeila sighed slightly pulling back as if to stop.

“N-No!” Linn cried out, pressing her footpaws against Xeila’s neck to pull her back in as her face flushed red. She was finally getting into the fantasy being played out in front of her and was determined to push herself to the limit “Y-You’re gonna force that cock deep inside me no matter how much I squirm and beg to stop. I need a good grade!”

A wild grin cracked across Xeila’s face, black paws curling tightly onto the white fur of Linn’s shoulders. “Are you sure? I don’t intend to hold back kitten.”

“Yes! Please fucking fill me!” she begged.

Xeila’s claws dug into her shoulders and with a grunt she surged forward, pulling the slender feline back onto her length. Shi started building a rhythm, mercilessly delving into the depths of the trembling cat below her. Linn placed her paws on her belly, feeling the enormous pulsating cock pressing hard enough the tip made her belly bulge out beneath her paws. Her moans reached a fevered pitch, shockwaves of ecstasy rippling up through her body as every thrust buried Xeila’s length deeper inside.

Static tingling began to pool in her lower abdomen, her body shuddering powerfully as the pleasure coiled tightly like a spring, begging to be released. “M-Miss Xeila!” she cried out, desperately panting. “I’m g-gonna!”

Xeila quickly responded, rocketing forward to impale the expanse of Linn’s core, howling out at just how tight it was. Linn felt as if the world stuttered on its axis, but as readily as time seemed fındıkzade escort to stop around her it rapidly returned. The lightning that had built inside splintering through her, causing how back to arch and her arms reach out and her paws clambering desperately at Xeila’s back in an attempt to center herself in the world of pleasure she had dissolved into.

Xeila howled, feeling the pressure building in hir length, the blissful ecstasy of the feline underneath her driving it forward with each clench, whimper, and mewl. Finally shi couldn’t hold back from bursting any longer, her warm seed flooding into the feline’s thin belly causing it to slightly swell at the copious amounts of sperm. Shivering, shi collapsed and rested on Linn, pulsing and twitching within her as the two melted together in the warm afterglow.

“Good kitty…” Xeila purred, slowly leaning her hips back to work her way out of Linn’s now flooded depths. She pulled out with a sloppy pop, cum gushing out onto the desk as Xeila looked over her conquest, deeply satisfied.

“You actually got the medial ring kitten, I’m impressed.” she murmured, grabbing a towel she had stashed in the deck to make sure the mess of cum didn’t go too far. “However, you weren’t able to hit the base, so it seems we’ll have to have more courses together.”

Linn’s eyelids fluttered as the drunkenness from the pleasure she had just drowned in began to melt away. Pulling slightly back into reality she cooed, “I certainly need more lessons, and often.”

Xeila couldn’t help but laugh, leaning over to place a soft kiss on her cheek. “I have to say I agree! Besides, you weren’t even able to hit my knot yet, and we have to get you there!”

Linn’s eyes shot open. “Wait, you have a knot too!” she exclaimed.

Xeila just chuckled. “I’m filled with plenty of surprises kitten, now you head back to the dorms and I’ll clean up, class is at the same time next week so you’d better not be late this time got it?”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” she stammered, biting her lower lip thoughtfully. She carefully stood as to not let any more of the seed she had taken spill out of her and slowly moved past the door and started her journey back to the dorms.

“Linn!” Emma yelled from across the campus lawn, quickly making her way towards her.

Linn’s face instantly turned pink, as she looked up from the bench where they usually met each week to catch up. “Oh h-hey there Emma!”

When Emma reached her she instantly grinned. “So, did you enjoy the tutoring I set up for you?”

She playfully shoved her to the side. “If you EVER do something like that again without warning me…”

She laughed and plopped down on the bench next to her. “Oh come on now, you certainly look much more relaxed than when I saw you last week at least!”

She looked down, slightly embarrassed. “F-Fine… I admit it, it worked. I actually got a good grade on my big calculus test. Relaxing and feeling good has really helped out.”

“Well you’re welcome! It’s the least I could do for a friend!” she replied, giving her a teasing wink.

“Say… I’ve been wondering…” Linn said slowly, a small gleam in her eye. “How exactly did you know about these ‘extracurricular classes’ to set me up in the first place…”

It was Emma’s turn to turn a pink. She quickly grabbed her bag and stood up. “Th-That’s none of your business, I have to go and do… stuff.”

She started to walk off and Linn got up to follow, giggling, “Oh come on, I’ll share if you do! Let’s get lunch and study a bit!”

“F-Fine.” she stammered in reply, and the two set off for a day of storytelling and studying.

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