Holly Ch. 05

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Holly’s story continues as her two lovers, Debbie and Phil, become aware of each other.

After what seemed ages, Debbie came back downstairs and planted a sweet, tender kiss on my lips. “Holly”, she said as we held each other in a warm hug, “do you know that there is a man in your bedroom!”

“Well, um er it’s sort of complicated”, I stuttered, blushing a deep crimson while trying to come up with a reasonable explanation.

“Don’t worry, I’m cool with it. I don’t go for men myself, but if you swing both ways it’s O.K. with me”, she said, giving me an affectionate hug. “Although you’re a dark horse aren’t you having two lovers in the house at the same time. It is just the two isn’t it?”

“Oh yes”, I laughed, relieved at her reaction “I’m not quite that bad! Talking of which, I promised to get him breakfast over an hour ago, he must be starving!”

“Well you go and get him”, said Debbie, “I’ll put the kettle on.” I went to get Phil, who had worked out roughly what was happening due to the noise we made.

I made the introductions between Phil and Debbie, and started making some breakfast. Debbie and Phil were getting on very well although Debbie had made it clear that she wasn’t interested in him sexually. Eventually we agreed that as I was in need of a rest, Debbie would go home and come back for us later in the afternoon. She would take us to a sex shop and stock up with some toys for an evening session involving the three of us.

After some much needed rest and a long soak in the bath, Debbie came round about four and we headed out on our shopping trip. I had never been to such an establishment before and was unsure what to expect.

We arrived at the shop and went inside. There was a young woman in her twenties behind the counter, but we seemed to be the only customers. Browsing the merchandise, there was an overwhelming array of goods, dildos of all sizes and colours, various vibrators, and all sorts of slutty lingerie and costumes.

“I think we should get you a strap on, then you seks hikaye can give me a good fucking”, said Debbie, “and Phil if he’s up for it”, she added.

“Too right I am, it’s only fair that Holly can do to me what I’ve done to her”, replied Phil.

“Do you have any recommendations to make?” Debbie asked of the assistant, Jenny.

“Well”, said Jenny, “speaking from experience, I can recommend this one”, reaching down a bright red 7″ specimen, fairly thin but uneven to increase the stimulation level, from the shelf. “My boyfriend is always up for a bit of role reversal, and this one does the trick for him and a few other friends! If you want, I can show you a video on my phone of us in action!”

We gathered round the counter and Jenny placed her phone down, pulled up a video and pressed play. The video showed Jenny, naked apart from the strap on, standing behind a slim young naked man who was kneeling on the floor with his head resting on a sofa.

It went on to show her applying a generous quantity of lube to his arsehole and the cock, before lining it up and pushing the tip beyond his sphincter. As he got used to it, she pushed deeper until the whole of it was buried deep in his arse. She began fucking him, gently at first, then faster. The camera clearly showed his cock becoming ever more erect until he shot his load on the floor. Jenny bent down to scoop up some of the liquid with her finger before turning to the camera and making a show of licking the juice off her finger with a big smile on her face.

As a sales technique, the video was extremely effective and we bought two of the dildoes, one each for myself and Debbie, a harness for me and a selection of other toys.

“Have fun”, said Jenny as we prepared to leave.

“You too” replied Debbie. “Give that boyfriend of yours a good seeing to.”

“Chance would be a fine thing”, said Jenny. “He’s away on a stag weekend, so it’s just me on my own with some favourite toys!”

“Well if you don’t mind some older bodies, you’re more sex hikaye than welcome to come and play with us”, Debbie offered.

“Yes please, just give me an hour or so to close the shop, and I’ll come and join you”, said Jenny enthusiastically. We headed back to my place, fixed ourselves some drinks and started to try on our new purchases.

I was parading around the living room wearing a bra, stockings and my new cock, with Debbie in a similar state of undress and Phil wearing only a thong with a butt plug inserted in his arse, when the doorbell rang. “I hope this is Jenny, and not some random stranger”, I said going to answer it.

I peeped through the spyhole before opening it and there was Jenny, but with her was a young petite redhead.

“Hi”, said Jenny when I opened the door, “I hope you don’t mind but my friend Gemma was also at a loose end and looking for fun. She was the one who filmed the video we watched earlier and is even kinkier than me.”

“Of course not”, I said, eying up her tasty body, “the more the merrier! Come in.”

I led the two girls into the living room and we settled down with some drinks.

Jenny was wearing a short black dress cut low enough to display plenty of cleavage and black stockings, whilst Gemma wore a tight top through which her erect nipples were clearly visible and a short leather skirt, which when she sat down displayed the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

She clocked me eying up her moist pussy and the neatly trimmed strip of ginger hair above it, and came over to me, peeled off her top and sat on my lap. We kissed and I felt her tongue probing the inside of my mouth as she ground her pussy against me.

Gemma broke the kiss and brought her pert little tits to my mouth so that I could suck her erect nipples. Grabbing my cock, she positioned it at the entrance to her hole and lowered herself onto it. As the cock penetrated her fully, I felt the weight of her body pressing down on my groin sending a pleasurable sensation through me.

She sex hikayeleri began riding up and down on the cock and for the first time in my life, I experienced the sensation of fucking someone rather than being fucked. Gemma was obviously revelling in the fact that she was performing in front of an audience as she turned round and said “room for one more at the back!”

Debbie didn’t need further invitation as she came up behind the redhead spread her arse cheeks and pushed her cock against the opening. Gemma winced as she was penetrated, before sighing with pleasure and saying “Oh yes, the only thing better than having a cock inside you is having two at once. Come on girls make me your slut!”

Debbie quickened her pace as she thrust in and out of Gemma’s arse. I began moving in time with Debbie’s thrusts as together we ravished her tiny body.

As we fucked Gemma, Jenny bent Phil over the sofa opposite, removed the butt plug and proceeded to penetrate his arse. I had a perfect view of her fucking Phil as I fucked Gemma. Jenny smiled at me, blew me a kiss and mouthed the word “later” as she continued to pound Phil’s arse.

I had never seen a man being fucked before and the sight of Phil’s cock getting ever more erect as he was ravished by Jenny was a real turn on, and together with the delightful sensation of penetrating Gemma’s luscious body was bringing me close to orgasm.

Gemma was writhing on top of me in an orgasmic state and I could feel the dampness as her juices flowed from her body onto my lap.

My own orgasm shot through my body and I felt a gush of liquid between my legs. Gemma and I collapsed into each other’s arms, hugging and kissing as Debbie continued to pound the young woman’s arse. Eventually, Debbie climaxed herself and the three of us lay in a heap watching the lovely Jenny bringing both herself and Phil to orgasm.

As I lay there it seemed incredible that it was less than 24 hours since Phil arrived on my doorstep and in that time not only had he filled all three of my holes but I had gone on to have sex with two women, with another ready and waiting for me. My life had changed beyond all recognition. Little did I know that before long I would be plumbing new depths of depravity.

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