His Sister’s Eyes – chapter 8

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It was three more days before they brought her home, three days in which we went to see her first thing in the morning each day. Angie took her the ‘syrup of figs’ (her wig for those who don’t do cockney rhyming slang), and she looked quite good in it, it was blonde and short, not unlike her natural hair, mind you for the money it cost, it should have been good!She walked out of the ambulance still clad in her robe, and we both made a big fuss of her after listening to the doctor’s instructions.”Just a week or so more of rest David,” he said, “And then she’ll be her old self again.”Well, I think she was just about her old self again when she asked Angie to help her in the shower. When I went up after about fifteen minutes with a tray of coffee for us all, I found her with her legs wrapped around Angie’s neck in the throes of what must have been a much-needed orgasm!She grinned impishly at me as she opened her eyes again and held out her arms for me.”Come and kiss me, Dave,” she said softly. “You two don’t know how much I’ve missed you both.”Our kiss was tender and lingering, and we held each other tightly.”I’m sorry for being a pain Dave,” she said and kissed me again, but I pulled away and looked at her, the old brightness was back in her eyes, (she’d lost the eye patch.) And even though she was still weak, I could tell this was the old Mickey, the beautiful, lively and very sexy girl that I’d fallen in love with just a few short weeks ago.”You’ve got nothing to apologise for you silly tart,” I grinned, “We’re bloody grateful that the problem was a piece of glass in your head and that you don’t have any real mental problems.”We let her sleep then, and Angie took my car to go food shopping while I went through the last of mum and dad’s papers, I wasn’t expecting anything, but I just needed to make sure there were no loose ends anywhere. What I found though changed our lives forever!It was in an old brown envelope and dated about twelve years previously, I read it and then reread it just to make sure.”Hello, Capital and Provincial, how may I help you?”I introduced myself and explained what I’d found, and she asked me to hold on while she spoke to a senior member of staff.”Can you read me the reference number please?”I did as he asked and for a moment I was left listening to the rustle of paper.”Sorry to keep you, sir,” he said. güngören escort “But I have to check these things, do you have your parent’s death certificates?””Yes of course.””In that case may I make an appointment to come and see you as soon as possible?””Will tomorrow be soon enough?””That will be fine sir, about eleven a.m. say?””Yes that’s fine, I’ll look forward to it.”Angie arrived back as I replaced the receiver and frowned as she noted the serious look on my face.”Oh no Dave, not more trouble?””Just come and read this, I’ll put the food away.” and I handed her the letter.She looked stunned as she read it, so I asked her to reread it.”Bloody hell Dave,” she whispered. “If this is genuine and I think it is, you’re rich!””We’re rich Angie, I’ve told you before, there are three of us here, if I have to tell you again, I may well have to spank your bottom.””Ooh yes please,” she laughed. “But have you shown it to Mickey?””No, let’s go and see if she’s awake yet.”She was stirring as we crept into our bedroom and she sat up giggling, letting the sheet fall away from her breasts.”Right Dave, your turn,” she laughed, “Get em off!””Bloody sex maniac,” I told her, “Just get your brain in gear and read this.””I daren’t Dave, Dr. Phillips told me not to do any reading for at least a week, you know to rest my eyes.””Aw babes, I forgot.””Why what is it?””It’s an old policy of your mum and dad’s,” Angie took up the story.” It says that if they die in an accident on the road or in their home, which they were, you two as their sole heirs will receive from this company the sum of one hundred thousand pounds.”She let that sink in for a minute, and I grinned at the look on my sister’s face.”Oh, my God.”Then Angie finished it,”In respect of each of your parents.”Mickey’s eyes widened.”Wha… ?””That’s two hundred thousand pounds!””Yup,” Angie and I nodded our heads in unison.She flopped back down again.”That means we can afford the pub.””Yes,” I grinned, I hadn’t thought of that! ooOOooHe was punctual, arriving dead on time at eleven o’clock I asked him inside where the girls sat expectantly trying to hide their excitement, Mickey made us all tea, in spite of my protests.”She was badly hurt in the crash,” I explained.”Oh dear,” he said with genuine concern. “And are you fully recovered bağcılar escort now miss?””Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.””Good, right down to business, may I see the death certificate first please?”I showed him the certificates, the coroner’s reports and the press cuttings of the crash.”We’ve already checked those sir,” he said with an embarrassed grin. “The internet you know, we receive details of every fatal accident in the country via the web. And your birth certificates sir and your’s madam?”We looked at each other in a panic, then Mickey smiled.”Dad’s desk,” she said, and I dashed into his study.It took a minute or two to find them, and I handed them over to him with a massive sigh of relief.Briefly, he examined both of them and passed them back.”Well that seems to conclude our business sir,” he said.”Oops, nearly forgot.”He fished in his briefcase and handed me a cheque.”It could never replace your parent’s sir, but it’s yours, I’ll bid you good day.”The whole thing had taken less than five minutes, and we were two hundred thousand pounds better off!”Jesus Christ!” I said in wonderment.Mickey was equally shocked, but all she could do was to stare at the cheque, Angie, however, found her vocal chords. She stood up and lit a cigarette.”Look you two, I know what you’ve both said to me, but this is getting a bit bloody silly, one minute I’m practically a prostitute. I’m in debt up to my ears, on drugs and on the slippery slope to oblivion, the next minute you’re throwing thousands of pounds at me, I’m not taking it, I can’t take it.”Her shoulders started to shake, and she covered her eyes with her hands.”I just can’t,” she sobbed.I had no idea what to say to her, how could I tell her that one day I hoped to marry her and that as far as I was concerned, she’d always be a part of Mickey and me! But thankfully my sister knew exactly what to do!THWACK!I flinched as Mickey’s open palm caught her right on the cheek, Angie’s eyes flew open, and she stared in shock!”You slapped me!””Yes I slapped you, you daft bitch, ask yourself, Angie, just fucking ask yourself how many people like Dave and me have you met in your life? Go on how fucking many?”I’d never seen Mickey so angry, her face was purple with rage, and she was trembling.”Mickey,” I said softly. I was worried about merter escort her.”No Dave, I’m okay, but look at her will you, we’re trying to help her, and she won’t have it!”A thought struck me, something I’d said earlier and I grabbed Angie round the waist, I sat down quickly and pulled her onto my lap.Mickey’s face was a picture as Angie struggled and screamed at me.”No! Dave, no please don’t do this.”She kicked and beat at me with her fists, but I was adamant, there was no way I was letting her up.The first slap landed on her bottom, but her panties cushioned the blow somewhat, so Mickey pulled them off and scurried back round to hold her wrists.Thwack, and she screamed as my hand connected with her lovely little bottom.”I warned you didn’t I, I told you I’d spank you if there was any more of this fucking bull shit!””You bastard,” she hissed and screamed again as my hand connected.”I’ll sue you, I’ll have you in prison for assault.”Thwack, another scream, and another thwack.”You’re a rich and sexy young lady Angie,” I shouted above her sobs. “All you have to do is to say yes, there are no strings, none at all, so why are you such a fucking bitch?”Again and again, I smacked her bottom, gradually it turned from pink to red and equally gradually, it dawned on me that she’d stopped struggling.”Don’t stop Dave,” she said in a somewhat muffled voice, “I’m going to cum in a minute!”Turning my head away from her beautiful globes, I saw that she was kissing Mickey hungrily. Tongues entwined in each other’s mouths, she had a hand between my sister’s legs which were wide apart, she too looked as if she was about to cum.”Do it, Dave,” she hissed, “Fucking do it.”I spanked her again and made her cheeks quiver like jelly, she moaned in Mickey’s mouth as Mickey started to spasm.”Yes, again Dave, one more darling please just one more.”THWACK.It was a good one, drawing a scream from her mouth and just for good measure, I gave her one last slap. The timing was perfect, she let out a long drawn out sigh, and I felt the shock of her climax almost as if it had been mine!Mickey had climaxed too, but somewhat less noisily, she slumped back against the couch, legs still open and her eyes shining.”I’m not taking the money either Dave,” she giggled as she got on her knees and presented her gorgeous little bottom to me!Both of us cuddled a sobbing Angie then, but she was glowing too in the aftermath of her orgasm.”I’m sorry you guys,” she said softly. “It’s true what you said Mickey, I’ve never met anyone like you two before, it’s all a bit much to take in!””Well it’s happening babes, so let’s not hear any more of it at all, okay?””Okay,”Mickey kissed her and held her tightly.

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