Her Enormous Son Ch. 04

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As I was driving the girls to the country club, Cathy was sitting up front with me and couldn’t keep her hands off my crotch while I was driving. It was a little bit distracting but I just love the feel of her soft hands, rubbing my large bulge, which was produce by her rubbings.

In the backseat, Cynthia couldn’t keep her hands off Cindy’s huge tits. Squeezing them and poking at them through her blouse. My eyes kept drifting back to watch them play with each other. I thought to myself that I must have unleashed the freaks in these rich and snobby ladies. Beneath every girl, there is some kind of freak to them and I am happy to unleash their freaky sides.

“We must show you to the rest of the girls,” said Cathy. “I’m so glad that we got to meet your mother and that she has a wonderful son with a beautiful large dick that can fulfill my needs.” Her smooth hands had gotten their way into my jeans, to stroke and rub my massive hard on.

As I happen to glace in the backseat again, one of Cindy’s massive tits was swinging freely and Cynthia’s lips were attach to the nipple. That made my cock grow even bigger in Cathy’s hands. She gave my huge dick long and powerful strokes. I was trying my best not to have a fucking car accident with these ladies fondling each other and me.

Before I could shoot my load, I told the girls that we have arrived at the country club. It was gigantic. I pull up to the front gate and the guards looked at me in a suspicious way. I’m sure they were wondering what I was doing in the car with three of the country club’s leading ladies. They open the gate for us and I drove in. The outside of the club was massive. About five stories high. Coated in white paint with large golden words above the doorway saying “Welcome to the Bearstein Country Club.” Figures it had to be Mrs. Cathy’s last name.

We all got out of the car and headed inside the mansion like house. We saw my mom, Beth, and Cassie, having a few drinks at the bar. We walk over to them and immediately, Cassie started asking questions. “Where have you guys been? Theresa said that you were sick Cathy? Are you all right?”

“Yes yes. I’m perfectly fine now. Thanks to some very strong and powerful medicine,” said Cathy giving me a wink and a smile. My mom looks over at me with a puzzling look. None of the girls looked or acted like how they were when my mom first met them. Except Cindy. She was just her perky self.

“You didn’t overdose her son? Did you?” My mom asks. “She’s not the stuck up lady we met earlier.”

“No mother. I gave her what she needed and made sure that she got enough of it,” I said smiling.

Cathy started to whisper in my ear. “Meet us in the oval office upstairs and down the hall to your right. I think it’s time we let Cassie in on our big…I mean huge discovery and if she’s please, then your mother will be a member of our club.”

I thought, whatever it takes to make my mom happy I was down for it. Especially since I have had my eyes on Cassie ever since she came into my house.

“We’ll be back Theresa. We’re going to have a quick meeting that’ll take only 15 minutes, to decide rather or not if your country club material. Beth sweetie. Show Theresa around will you. Thanks,” Cathy said as she and the other girls rush Cassie to the oval office. I needed an excuse to get away from my mom.

“What are you going to do Andrew?” My mom asks me.

“I’ll just go look izmir escort around myself. To see if you fit right in mom,” I said.

“Ok son. Be careful. Don’t get into any trouble. I don’t need the police bringing you back to the house in cuffs,” my mother teased.

“Don’t worry mom. I’ll be fine. Have fun you and Beth,” I said as I quickly rush away to the other side of the club. I waited for my mom and Beth to get out of sight and as soon as they enter another room, I immediately ran upstairs and headed to the oval office.

Once I got to the office door, a sigh on it read “Mr. Bearstein.” I’m only guessing this is her husband’s office and I was about to fuck his wife inside. After reading that, I could only picture my head being place on his mantle for fucking his wife. The door opens and breaks my day dreaming. Cynthia quickly pulls me in and I’m surrounded by all four of the gorgeous ladies.

“We told Cassie about our discovery thought she would like to see for herself,” Cynthia says to me as she rubs her hands up and down my chest. Cassie walks up towards me and kneels down, face level at my crotch. She plants her face hard against my crotch. Rubbing her soft cheeks against my private. I’m sure she could feel my huge boner poking through.

“Mmmm. I feel something big all right,” Cassie said. And with that, she unzips my jeans and reaches inside the slit of my boxers. “Oh my. It’s a monster,” she gasp as she pulls my huge cock out. “Geees! You can poke an eye out with this thing;” she joked as she stroke it in both hands and bushes her nose lightly against the tip of my swollen huge cockhead. “Mmmmm. I can smell the semen you have all ready unloaded,” she moans, giving my cock long and powerful strokes. She then took the head of my cock and slips it between her juicy lips. I roll my head back and close my eyes to enjoy her warm, wet mouth, sucking and slurping my cockhead. Her slurping sounds was the only sound you could hear in the oval office. It started to turn the other ladies on.

While Cassie pulls down the rest of my jeans and impales half of my dick deep in her throat, the other ladies started to undress each other. My dick immediately got harder as soon as their big tits bounce and flop into view. Cassie was now sucking my cock with wild abandon. Sloppy sucking my big dick and bobbing her head up and down likes a true pro. My breath started to get heavier and moans were slipping through my moist lips.

Suddenly, I felt another two pairs of lips, lodge themselves around the parts of my dick that Cassie wasn’t able to fit inside her mouth. It was Cindy and Cynthia, slithering their tongues and mouths up and down the dry sides of my huge dick, while Cathy was kneeling behind me, spreading my ass cheeks open and launching her tongue against my asshole.

“Oh my god!” I cried as these ladies were having their way with my lower regions.

Cassie stood up and pushes me onto Mr. Bearstein’s desk. She held my legs up in the air and engulfs my enormous bone back between her lips. Cindy and Cynthia were holding my legs up for Cassie as she chow down on my dick. They took off my shoes and toss my socks. I never had my feet touch by mouths or hands, but what these two girls were doing to my feet got me all ready wanting to explode my cum. Not to mention Cassie’s very extreme sucking on my dick.

Cathy straddles above my face and lowers alsancak escort her wet pussy down on my mouth. I reach up and squeezed her soft ass and thrust her pussy against my hungry mouth. I savagely probe her pussy with my tongue and nibble her clitoris. Cathy started moaning and grinding her pussy down on my mouth. “Oh yes Andrew. Eat my pussy. Mmmmm. Suck my clit. Oh god!” She cried as my tongue probe pass her pussy walls and deep into her wetness.

My huge dick was throbbing hard between Cassie’s lips as she continued to suck more and more of my dick in her mouth. She was on a mission to swallow my entire cock whole down her throat. My legs were being tit fuck by Cynthia and Cindy. Bouncing their huge tits up and down my muscular legs, while my toes were between their wet lips, being suckle and nibble. My moans got louder between Cathy’s thighs and I was ready to unload my balls of their liquids.

Cassie was gagging on my cock as her face was buried in the black hairs of my crotch. She quickly came up for air and started to jerk my cock in her hands. I could feel the cum rushing up from my balls, flowing through my thick shaft as I blasted my first huge load all over Cassie’s face. She opens her mouth for my second outburst and swallows it. The rest of my cum flow down my cock and over her hands. She took my cock back in her mouth and cleans it dry of my semen. Her face was dripping with thick layers of cum. Cindy and Cynthia left my feet and legs and started to lick her face clean of my semen while she sucked my big dick back to life.

“I’M CUMMMMING!!!” Screamed Cathy. I was prepare and suck up all her sweet juices that flow from between her pussy walls and greedily gobble up every last drip.

Cassie stood between my legs and Cathy got up from my face. I sat up to see Cynthia and Cindy undoing Cassie’s blouse. Once her blouse was unbutton, it drops to the floor and she’s standing in an enormous white bra. Cathy was behind Cassie now and unzips her skirt, sliding it down her silk stocking legs and off her feet. Her black panties looked to be soak and stain against her pussy. Cynthia and Cindy unhooked Cassie’s bra and toss it on my head. I could smell her perfume inside the huge bra cups. I took it off my head and read the tag.

“44FFF!!!!” I said to myself. Though, they were not as big as Cindy who has the biggest tits out of them all, but was still very enormous from most of the girls I have done. My huge dick was throbbing at the sight of her huge creamy white tits. Large pink nipples toppled them, surrounded by massive red and puffy areolas. Cassie reaches for the back of my head and smashes my face between her massive orbs. She smothers my face with her enormous breasts. Dragging the nipples up and down my cheeks. My tongue travels up and down her cleavage. Both Cindy and Cynthia each took hold of Cassie’s huge tits and started beating my head with them. Smacking them hard against the sides of my face. Squeezing her magnificent tits around my head and nearly trying to suffocate me in her cleavage. This is how I want to die. Being suffocated between enormous pairs of breasts. But I wasn’t ready to go yet because I haven’t fuck Cassie properly.

Cathy pulls down Cassie’s soak panties, revealing her nicely trim pussy. Cindy and Cynthia drop Cassie’s giant tits and lift her up by her thighs and underarms, placing her straight onto my dick. buca escort “Oooooh god!” Cried Cassie, feeling my oversize dick fill her tight pussy up. Her pussy was cram, straight to the base on my cock. Her juices were all ready flowing down my meat. She place her arms on my shoulders and around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist. I start slowly thrusting her up and down my dick. We both started to moan with pleasure and feel the sweat glistering off our bodies.

Cassie’s huge torpedo tits were aim in my face, bobbing up and down for some attention. I greedily stuff my mouth with her nipples and puffy areolas. Sucking long and hard on them as they bounce periodically out of my mouth and back against my chest.

The other ladies were running their hands up and down Cassie’s sweaty back. My hands grip hard on Cassie’s big ass and bounces if off my thighs. I felt Cathy’s hands move over mines and spread Cassie’s ass cheeks apart. Her tongue slithers deep inside Cassie’s anus, making her feel like she was on ecstasy, being pleasure at both holes. While she ate out Cassie’s ass, Cindy and Cynthia lodged themselves on my heavy sweaty balls, bouncing with the impact of my dick, pounding inside Cassie’s soak cunt. Cassie’s drinks had been leaking down my cock and to my balls. The girls gladly gave my balls a tongue and mouth bath.

Cassie begins to move her pussy up and down my dick. Bumping our hot and sweaty crotches against each other. My mouth was still feasting and devouring her delicious titties. Licking and sucking up her salty sweat from her orbs as they bounce violently against my face and under torso from her pushing herself up and down my dick.

OOOOH yeeeeaaah! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” Cried Cassie bouncing harder and faster on my monster dick. Cathy had been thrusting her tongue in and out of Cassie’s ass while she bounces.

I continued to fuck her rapidly, faster and faster. Feeling her soak pussy tighten and spasm around my dick.

“Oh fuck the shit out of her Andrew. Pound her pussy,” urged Cindy fondling my balls and rubbing Cassie’s pussy every time it bounce off them. Cassie was being overpowered by her orgasm and came hard on my dick, uncontrollability tossing and turning her body. Her huge sweaty tits slapping my face and sweat just flung off them.

She presses her body tight against mines, smothering my chest with her huge tits, draining her pussy all over my dick. After she finish cumming, she got off of me and Cindy and Cynthia immediately attack my pussy-juice soak cock with their mouths. Sucking and slurping every inch of my mammoth meat dry from the juices.

Cassie was lying next to me on the desk, with her legs spread eagle. Cathy was licking and sucking Cassie’s pussy. My hands moved over to Cassie’s sore thighs and started rubbing them. My hands then moved from her thighs to her clit. Rubbing it furiously as Cathy suckles Cassie’s pussy hole, drinking the juices. I made Cassie cum once again, this time, inside of Cathy’s mouth.

“Ooooooh. I’m cumming” I moaned. I blasted an enormous load over Cindy and Cynthia’s faces. They took turns catching a load on their faces. They both embraced the first huge load, and then Cynthia took the second massive load. Cindy took the third, which wasn’t as big as the second load. Then Cynthia took the last spurt inside her mouth. While she cleaned my swollen cockhead, Cindy licks and sucks my thick shaft.

Unaware to any of us, my mom and Beth were walking pass the oval office and heard moans and slurping sounds coming from inside. Beth opens the door and was stun to see us all naked, sucking, slurping, and touching each other.

“Oh my god!” My mother said in shock.

To be continued…

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