Harem University Ch. 05: Pre-Party

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**Note from author: Hey I’m sorry this one came out a little late but my graphics card just stopped working for some reason. This may be the last chapter until I get my new one from the manufacturer. Please bear with me and I appreciate all the support. Glad you guys are enjoying the story! Have fun!**


Nothing else happened until I woke up Friday morning at 10 to the feeling of someone’s mouth licking on my morning wood. When I looked up I saw blue eyes staring back at me. Mia was sucking on my cock. She stopped to speak, “Well good morning sleepy head. How could you forget about our date?” I heard a voice from the other side of the room.

“He didn’t forget,” Angel said, “He just slept through his alarm.”

“Oh, really?” Mia looked at me with doubt, “Well then as punishment you have to walk down to the bottom floor common room, completely naked, and you have to use the stairs. I’ll be waiting for you.” She stood up and I got a good look at her outfit. She was wearing a tight black dress that accented her ass more than anything. She was also wearing black heels. She sauntered out of the room and left me.

“I’d go downstairs if I were you,” Angel said without looking up from her book, “She seems nice, not to mention the ass on her.”

I got up and stripped my pants completely off and the rest of my clothes. I walked down the stairs, getting a couple weird glances from my dorm mates and a couple approving glances from some of the girls.When I got to the bottom, Mia was sitting on a couch facing the stairs. She was stripped of her dress, leaving just black lace thongs covering her body. She opened up her legs and started to massage her pussy through the fabric of her undies as I was on the final stretch of the stairs. When I got to her I pushed my body on top of hers and took over the massaging. My lips met hers and our tongues dance together. She moaned softly into my mouth, and her hand reached out and started to stroke my cock. When our lips parted she said, “Good job, looks like I have to reward you for following instructions.”

She sunk down to her casino şirketleri knees and took all of me into her mouth in one swift motion. I nearly came then and there but managed to hold myself. Her hands wandered up my thighs and one of the started to fondle my balls. The other hand fell back to her and she started to squeeze her own tits as her head bobbed along the entirety of my shaft. She pulled her head back and licked the head of my cock while it stuck in her mouth. I noticed her hand move down her stomach and down to her slit. She pushed aside the thong and started to finger herself. She moaned around my cock, sending vibrations along it everytime she took me deep into her throat.

I pulled the back of her hair to get her off my cock and I picked her up, throwing her onto the couch. I practically ripped off the thong and slammed my cock inside her. She practically screamed from the pleasure and slight pain. I continued to ram my cock as deep inside her as I could, and her moans continued to fill the room. I changed from standing over her to laying over her. I slammed myself into her missionary style, with her legs over my shoulders. Her walls were soaked and her juices dripped onto the couch. Her moans turned screams and then shrieks before she finally came, soaking my cock even more. Her walls tightened around my shaft, massaging it as I didn’t let up my relentless assault on her. Her nails dug into my back which left marks later. One of my hands groped her tits, taking in handfuls and pinching her nipples between my palm. Her hand moved down and started to massage her clit. She came again quickly after that, latching her teeth onto my neck to avoid screaming so loud this time. Too late since there was already a couple people watching us.

She managed to finally push me off of her for enough time for her to bend over the arm of the couch, presenting her ass to me. My cock continued to slam into her from behind this time, her tits swinging over the edge of the couch. My finger invaded her asshole. She yelped in surprise, but it quickly turned back into moans of pleasure. I casino firmaları moved my finger out and slowly pushed my thumb into her tight ass. I used it as a grip to pound into her harder. She gladly took every inch of my cock, her tongue started to hang out as she bounced from the force. It looked like one of the guys couldn’t handle it anymore and decided to try and help himself to a taste of her tits, which she quickly slapped him away. She put her hand on my stomach indicating me to pause for a moment.

She took a small minute to get her mind straight before pointing at one of the girls that was started to touch herself under her skirt as she watched us. She beckoned her over and told me to continue. My cock slid out of her slowly, feeling every inch of her walls cover my cock in more of her juices, which were dripping down onto the couch in an almost constant flow, before viciously slamming back into her and continuing my work from earlier. Mia started to make out with the random blonde that was brought from the crowd. She blonde made her way down Mia’s neck and started to fondle and suck on her tits. I felt my cum starting to build up.

“Where do you want me to cum?” I panted.

“Anywhere, fucking anywhere,” She moaned back. I slammed into her as hard as I could and came deep inside her. She collapsed over the arm and gradually sunk to lay on the couch. The other blonde girl came up to me.

“Find me at the orgy tonight,” she whispered into my ear, “I can’t wait to try some of that cock for myself.” She ran off toward the elevators before I could get her name.

“Thank you Lucas,” Mia spoke, “I knew you had to be a great fuck. I never knew a guy could do it that good.”

Mia went back to her dorm after she got feeling back into her legs. She bid goodbye but not before getting the numbers of a couple of the girls that watched. When I went back upstairs I took a shower and when I got back into the room to put some clothes on I noticed Angel was in the same spot reading the same book.

“Did you enjoy your fuck?” she asked flipping to the last page.

“I güvenilir casino did, we drew quite a crowd too,” I responded.

“I’d imagine, I could hear you from all the way up here,” she chuckled, closed the book, and put it down, “Hey, Lucas, I have a dilemma. Would you mind helping?”

“Not at all, in fact I’m happy to. What’s up?”

“Well the orgy tonight, I know I’m going to get at least a couple guys inside me tonight, and hey maybe even some girls, but I want to really leave an impression and I don’t know what to do,” she explained, “I want to do something exciting, y’know?”

I thought about it for a moment. A light bulb appeared and I told her, “I went to the store yesterday, by the way I have your plug, and grabbed some things. I was going to lay them out for tonight for anyone’s use but I don’t see why you can’t use them.”

“Well what is it? It’s not something too freaky is it?”

“I got my hands on rope, handcuffs, and a blindfold. We could tie you up and let them use you to their heart’s content.”

“You know, it’s not a bad idea,” she told me, “However, I don’t like blindfolds. Plus it would cover my face, defeating the purpose.”

“Ok, yeah no problem. Let me grab your stuff,” I reached into the plastic bag and pulled everything out but the lube, dvd, and blindfold. I decided to go out for lunch again, and I took a stroll around campus after I did.

It was only around 1 o’clock so I decided to call up Ali. She didn’t answer so I decided to go visit her in person. When I got to her dorm room I realized the door was cracked slightly. When I peeked in I saw her talking to her partner from her class.

“When will you do it?” he grilled her, “I’ve been waiting so long for this.”

“I will do it soon,” she replied, “It’s not easy to break up with someone y’know? Lucas is a sweet guy and I just want to put him down gently.”

“Well, how soon is soon?” he asked.

I opened the door and looked at Ali, “Now is a pretty good time.” I walked away from the room and I heard her footsteps follow.

“Wait, Lucas! Hey wait up!” she shouted after me.

I turned around and and grunted, “What?”

“I’m not going to say I didn’t mean it,” she began, “I’m just sorry you found out like this.”

“Me too,” I replied sadly. I walked off toward my dorm.

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