Happy birthday to her (2)

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Happy birthday to her (2)………I knew she wasn’t finished with me and she took my chin, looked into my eyes and smiled before holding Mr X’s wilting cock in front of me. “you’ve missed a bit” she said and pointed at the large drop of cum hanging from the end of his penis, a penis that glinted with my saliva and his cum. She scooped it with her finger and fed it to me. I licked it from her and licked my lips.“Good little sissy” she said “you’re a natural, you may be rewarded. STAND!”I jumped to my feet, not easy with hands cuffed behind me, aching knees and heels I could barely stand in.“Spitball him” she said, and I moved forward, pressing my lips against his, smearing my lips even more and forcing my tongue into his mouth, I pushed what was left of his cum into his mouth. To my surprise, he winced and grimaced! I was quite offended! I’d just been very nice to him and this is how he thanked me!My wife had seen this too and I saw her smile, it had obviously given her an idea.As I stood waiting for further instructions, my faggot friend, cock hanging limply was forced to his knees and without a word, his open mouth was pressed against my balls which were held uncomfortably in sheer, black nylon.“Lick his cock” she said”he deserves it”I felt him kissing my shaved balls through the knickers and then felt his tongue trace the length of my penis, slowly, wonderfully. Then, his tongue found my (uncircumcised) bell end and he lapped at it, it felt wonderful.“Make some fucking noise you two!” She said “whores make noises when they’re fucking, and so do you!”She held my face and looking into my eyes told me to make “ooooooooh” noises, I didn’t really need telling but I made them, and then made them as high pitched as possible, my pansy attempt to sound like a girl.As I did this, she had bent lower, uncuffed me and told Mr X to slurp and release me from behind the nylon.“You’ve got until I count to 10 to make him shoot his load on your face” she said and partially pulling my knickers down, he took me whole, in one full gulp.I wasn’t faking the noises anymore, this little sissy was giving me the best blow I could remember having. I felt myself brimming, ready to release and Mrs Mistress spotted this also“STOP!” She demanded and as he pulled back, she roughly pulled me over his face, it took only two tugs and my load coated his face, all over his eyes and even comically hanging from his nose.“Stand” she said, and looking at me said “now you, fucking clean that disgusting mess up”Now I don’t know about you, when I’m turned on, I’m game, but once I’ve cum, I lose interest very quickly. There I stood, cock shrinking into my knickers, my mind registering that balçova escort not only had I just had my first male on male (and worse still, sissy) experience, but that I was also (not for the first time) dressed in my wife’s lingerie, had the taste of cum in my mouth and was now being expected, no, ordered to lick my own cum off another mans face. This was a low, even for me.Mrs Mistress knew me well and she acted quickly, she swiftly clipped a dog collar and short lead round my neck (where the fuck was she getting this stuff from?) and roughly pulled me into Mr X.My cheek bumped his, smearing the cum on me. “I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN HIM!” She hissed “NOW OBEY ME!”I meekly did what she told me and sticking out my tongue, slowly licked from chin to forehead, methodically and thoroughly. The salty taste filled my mouth, sickening me, but shamefully, I felt my cock stiffening rapidly, quicker than it had in many years! I felt his hand wrap itself around my cock and start to wank me as I cleaned every drop from him, being careful this time not to swallow.All that was left on his face, was my saliva. I had not left a drop behind.With my wife still firmly holding my lead, I looked Mr X in the eyes, and keeping my gaze fixed on him, again crushed his lips to mine.This time, he opened his mouth willingly and I spat an almost full load into his mouth and as I did so, I felt his hardness pressing against my knickers and again, he started to rub his cock against me.What a couple of sluts!Mrs Mistress actually laughed out loud when she saw that, she laughed at her two sissy’s, mouths filled with cum, frantically rubbing each other with no shame!His bell end smeared my black knickers with what was left of his cum and I felt the dampness through the sheer material.I was then ordered to get myself on all fours, head down, arse in the air and I heard her whispering to him, I knew what was coming, but the attempt to conceal it heightened my anticipation.Then, my cum soiled knickers were roughly yanked halfway down my thighs, 2 hands parted my buttocks and I felt a warm, wet, enthusiastic tongue probe my arsehole.I couldn’t help it, I pushed back.Mrs Mistress laughed again and I felt Mr X’s tongue push further into me, not quite entering, but almost there, and I knew my wife was pushing his head into me, I felt his breath as he gasped for air, but didn’t stop probing.I idly pondered on how many times Mrs Mistress been thinking about this in the 2 years since she had suggested I go hairless. How many times had she played with herself thinking about the moment she would watch me, used and humiliated by another girly man? I wished she’d done escort balçova it sooner.I felt her kneel next to my head, she stroked my hair, the nearest she had been to tender since we started, and reached under her skirt to play with herself. I actually heard her gush over her hand, so close was she to my ear and I realised with a start, this was her first orgasm of our session. How selfish I’d been!“We’re going to do this a lot more from now on” she said “I’ve already told my friends what I’ve got planned, they’ve known you’re a little a panty girl for months, wait until they hear about this!”I shuddered, suddenly realising why they had all suddenly started smirking when they’d seen me, but that was nothing to what they were going to hear now!The tongue in my arse continued its work, I could feel the sissy’s hot breath and suddenly, his tongue was inside me! I moaned and sighed like a slut and as I breathed in my wife pushed a small bottle under my nose, I smelt pear drops and the tongue was instantly granted full access to my pulsing arsehole.Then I felt the sissy’s tongue withdraw and suddenly his face was no longer between my cheeks and instead I felt myself being lubricated.It was then I remembered how much bigger than mine his cock had felt when I held it and then I felt his hands pull my cheeks apart again. Then, as expected and hoped for, I felt his hard cock pushing against my loosened arsehole.“Look at me sissy” said my wife, and there she was standing in front of me, her phone in her hand “you always wanted me to make a porno, well now I am”I should have guessed where this was heading, but I certainly knew now.Thw bell end that had recently been in my mouth, was now pushing into my other hole.I felt it push past my initial resistance and then slide in, it felt like it was splitting me in half.I felt hands gripping my hips and then push further, in little, jagged movements.“OOOOOOOOOOOOW FUCK!” I shouted “I thought this was supposed to be nice!” and then I heard both of them laughing.The sissy who was fucking me, pulled back halfway, and then pushed back in further, not cruelly but not without force.“Please make him stop, I don’t like it!” I cried but all this did was produce more laughter and did nothing to prevent Mr X from pulling back and pushing back in, and repeating and repeating until, with a shock, I realised I was pushing back onto him and feeling his hip bones hitting my buttocks, he was all the way in!He got into his rhythm and I heard myself give out a low, a****l moan and with my final shreds of manhood gone, I moaned again and again.“What do you want queer boy?” He said, and it was only afterwards balçova escort bayan I realised this was the first he had spoken all night.“Fuck me sir, please fuck me, cum in me”I heard more laughter and looked up at Mrs Mistress. She stood filming me, every bit of manliness stripped from me forever.“What do you love sissy?” She spat“I love cock Mistress” I gasped and she walked toward me and thrust the phone/camera into my face“Say it again, say it for my friends”“I……..LOVE……..COCK!!” I shouted, staring right into the camera, now not caring if the windows were open, I didn’t care who knew.I realised why I had been told to suck him, knew it was so that he would last longer as he fucked me.“On your back darling” he said and pulled out so that I could change position.I felt my arse gape now that it’s plug had been removed, and I wanted it filled again quickly!I lay on my back, pulled my legs up and after he had ripped my knickers off (I liked that!) I felt him enter me again, there was no resistance.“Oooooh look at my little sluts” said Mrs Mistress “time for your close ups” and she again, without pausing the pounding smeared lipstick onto me and then, after a sly smile, put some on him too.“Now kiss” she saidHe leaned down and as he did, I felt her grab my ankles, pulling me up for him to go deeper.I kissed him greedily, my tongue entwining with him, lipsticks smearing together and he stopped pounding and instead ground into me in a circular motion, his pubic hair tickling my hairless balls as his bounced against me.My hands were free now, so I reached behind, gripping his arse, the mesh all in one flapping against my hands, I squeeze and pulled him deeper into me.Half an hour earlier, I’d not been comfortable around other naked men, now I was pulling one into me, kissing him like a slut and all the while being filmed and not caring, just wanting more.I looked up, Mrs Mistress looked down on me and holding my gaze, removed her skirt and then stood above my head.I saw her start to play with her clit, rubbing it harder than I’d ever done and then I saw her knees buckle, felt the juices splashing on my lipstick and cum smeared face as she sprayed down over me.This pushed Mr X (I’m going to call him ‘sir’ from now on) over the edge and I felt him stiffen and heard him grunt as he pushed further into me. He was filling me with cum, pumping it deep into me, and then to my shock and delight, just to put the top hat on it. He spat in my face!He wordlessly got up, and walked out of the room, not even ooking back at me and I heard him head upstairs, presumably for a shower.My wife looked down at me, I lay there, bright red cocksucking lipstick smeared on my lips, mine and another mans cum on my face and matting in my hair, his saliva dripping off my chin, knickers by my head and stockings laddered and hanging off, fuck knows where the shoes had gone, I hadn’t even noticed them coming off.“Happy birthday to me” she said.

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