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Gratifying her exI’ll be honest straight off here, I got the idea for this little endeavour from sex story I read a while back. The concept of it was one that got me very excited, but I never, ever expected I would be able to actually do it. But last weekend, I had the opportunity, and I grabbed it hard!As with my other entries, names have been altered for obvious reasons!So, I have been with my girlfriend “Phoebe” for a few years now and absolutely love that when she’s in the mood to be, she can be very adventurous. Seeing her getting fucked down a back alley (as seen in a previous post) by a guy she had never met before was one of the most exciting things I had ever seen her do but, as far as I am aware, she had not done anything like this since.I had talked to her about it a few times, often during sex. She tells me how much she enjoyed it, but she never seemed to be too inclined to do it again… a shame. While I’m not a cuck, I did enjoy her being my personal porn-star for me to jerk off to!Anyway, last weekend, we went out to a Christmas party. It was at a cabaret bar so we didn’t expect to know anyone there, but a couple of hours into the show (and a few cocktails in our bellies) she pointed at someone at the bar and looked a little horrified. I looked over and recognised her ex-boyfriend “K”.Now Phoebe and K’s relationship had been a little one sided. He was totally in love with her, but he annoyed the hell out of her all the time. She admitted she only stayed with him those six months because he was pretty well endowed! Their splitting up had been a little bad. He didn’t take it well and that devotion kinda turned into a bit of hatred for her.From that point on, she refused to go to the bar, so I had to go and get the drinks and inevitably, I bumped into him and was sort of forced to engage him a little. Thankfully, he seemed to be in a good mood and there was no hostilities between us. In fact, as the night went on, we got to chatting quite a bit and it was during these little bar-chats that he admitted he still fancied her. I was quite surprised to hear him tell me how he still jerked off to her photos… surprised, and a little aroused by it.He told me he would love to have one more go on her, but of course he wouldn’t because he still believed me and him were friends. Slowly, a plan formed in my head. I got his number and told him to keep an eye on his phone… Santa might have a special present for him soon!Over the next few nights, I started to fool around with some of our bedroom games. I got her warmed up to the idea of a little light bondage and sensory deprivation. She started to enjoy this quite a lot once she got used to it and one day soon after, I started bahis firmaları to texted her while she was at work, telling her how I wanted to do both at once. Tie her to the bed, blindfold her, plug her ears… and then enjoy her at my leisure.She got very excited about this and no sooner had she got home, had she rushed upstairs and got naked, pleading with me to abuse her.More than happy to oblige, I began to tie her up, touching her sensuously as I did to tease her further, all the while telling her how I might not fuck her straight away… I would leave her to stew for a while. With a kiss, I placed the blindfold over her eyes and the plugs in her ears, then I placed a vibrator against her pussy and set it to low, just to keep her warmed up, then I left her on her own with only her anticipation for company.I went downstairs and got my phone, looked up K’s number and sent him a text with my address and the message “Still want that last go on her? Come round now. Will be your only chance.”Five minutes later, I got a reply. “You sure mate?”I responded. “Yeah.”He told me he would be right over and I didn’t have to wait long. Twenty minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find K looking a little nervous. I invited him in and got him a beer and reassured him two more times that this was totally ok with me. I also explained the situation to him.Phoebe was tied up, naked, legs spread, blind and deaf. All he had to do was go upstairs, and have fun!Again, he looked a little worried and again I reassured him. Everything was going to be ok. She would never know. It would be our little secret. I even joked that when he got a girlfriend, he could let me do the same thing by way of thanks. He went quiet for a few moment, then nodded.”OK.” he said. “It’s a deal.”I could see from the bulge in his jeans he was certainly wanting to do this. So, I took him upstairs and to our bedroom door. Again, he looked a little worried, and asked me if I would be going in too. I told him I would, but only to watch and if need be, to speak with her, though I doubted that would be needed. I’m not sure he was too pleased at being watched by another guy, but he agreed and when I opened the door and he saw her laying naked on the bed, quivering slightly at the vibrations between her legs, he seemed to no longer mind!He walked over to the bed and reached out a hand, gently tracing his fingers across her flat tummy. She gasped and shook at his touch and a broad smile grew on K’s face. His hands went to her breasts, stroking them and squeezing them and she gasped again, moaning loudly.Oh goodness… what would she say if she knew who was making her moan?!”I need it!” She gasped. kaçak iddaa “Fucking tease, just use me!”K didn’t need telling twice. He pulled off his tshirt and slipped down his jeans. His hard cock sprang out and being bisexual myself, I had to have a look. Phoebe was right, he was very well hung for such a skinny guy! Oh god, she was going to enjoy this… I just hope she didn’t notice “I” had mysteriously gotten so much bigger!I watched as he reached down to move the vibe from her pussy, then started to rub it with his fingers, slipping a couple in after a few moments. She moaned and writhed on the bed at his touch, clearly extremely excited at being left like this for almost an hour!While he fingers her, he positioned himself by her head and placed his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth eagerly and took his head in as deep as she could manage. Now it was his turn to moan as she sucked on him and when he finally pulled out, she said, “Wow! your so hard! You must be more excited then normal! Mmmm… I like it!”Oh my god… she recognised the difference in size… thankfully, she hadn’t put two and two together! For such a smart girl, she could be pretty dumb sometimes. Thank god!After his dip into her mouth, K was fully hard now and was quite the impressive sight to see! He was easily nine inches, at least! I wanted to have a taste of it myself to be honest, but more importantly I wanted to see him use it on her, something I didn’t have to wait long to see!K climbed onto the bed between her thighs and began rubbing his big cock on her pussy lips, eliciting more moaning and begging from Phoebe. Oh my, the sight of seeing him between my girl’s thighs was such a turn on… I had to get closer, and I needed to have a little release myself!”Do you mind if I…” I whispered to him, grasping my crotch.”As long as I don’t have to watch.” He whispered back with a chuckle.I smiled and pulled out my own cock. While I am pretty average, it was dwarfed next to his!Once more, he looked at me.”You sure about this?” He asked. “I mean, once I get started…”I nodded. “Dude… just fuck her! Remember how she dumped you? All that anger you felt? Use that now… seriously… Hate fuck her!”He didn’t need telling again. In one motion, he rammed his entire length into her tight snatch. Phoebe screamed with shock, pleasure and probably a little pain… she was very tight down there and often struggled to get me in… and he was much bigger. K didn’t seem to care if it hurt her though. He clamped his hand over her mouth and fully embraced the hate-fuck I told him to give her.Over the course of the next half hour, he totally ravaged her. He pounded her pussy relentlessly. He eventually took his kaçak bahis hand from her mouth and used it to slap her big breasts and her face and to occasionally throttle her. Oh god, she looked so hot with her tongue hanging out as she tried desperately to breathe… clearly it turned her on too as when he let go and she had managed to suck in some air, she pleaded for more!My goodness, what a fucking slut!After a while, he pulled out of her pussy. His cock was glistening with her juices and I’m glad it had some kind of lube, because he then proceeded to ram it just as indelicately up her ass! Again, she screamed. This time far louder. Her asshole was virgin territory. It had never been breached, not even with a toy. She had never let me!Again though, K did not care. He muffled her with his hand and proceeded to bang her mercilessly. I could see tears dripping from under the blindfold. I admit, I was a bit worried at that point, but when he pulled his hand away again, she moaned “Oh god… why have you never done that before?” and I felt more relieved! Also, I will totally be going in there soon!K pulled out of her ass and rammed it back into her pussy. He was clearly ready to finish and he wrapped his hands around her throat one more time.”I’m not letting go till I cum, you fucking whore!” he whispered, clearly knowing she couldn’t actually hear him. “Teach you to dump me you cunt!”He carried on whispering abuse until his body tensed and he finally came, bareback, deep into her pussy. I came too, though sadly just into a towel. Still, I came hard. What I had just witnessed had been so very, very inspiring!He pulled out and wiped his glistening dick on her full lips. She opened her mouth and sucked him clean, then he picked up his clothes and we left her alone again. We went downstairs and when we got to the front room we started laughing. Had we really just done that? My god, what a rush! For both of us!We chatted a bit while he got dressed and he agreed he would totally repay me when he got a girlfriend! After he left, I went back upstairs. Phoebe had fallen asleep, exhausted from her ex’s pounding. I could see his cum dripping from her shaven pussy and that sight made me hard again. Mmm… Well, now it was my turn. I took off my pants and slid easily into her. K’s cum made great lube and he had clearly stretched her abit.”Mmm… No more… c’mon, I’m really sore.” She mumbled, half asleep still. But even as she spoke, I could feel her thighs trying to clench onto me! Damn, she must have been super horny!I really enjoyed fucking her. The feel of her warm pussy and the squelch of K’s cum… Bliss!After it was all over, and she had showered, Phoebe did ask me why I suddenly felt so much bigger. I told her I was just the horniest I had ever been. She seemed to buy it and she said she really enjoyed the evening. I was glad about that… perhaps I might have to text K again sometime soon!

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