Getting Ready for Bath

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You remember the other day; I was sitting in the lazy boy chair reading a newspaper. I heard you turn on the bath, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then you came over, called my name softly, and as you got my attention I could see a naught glint in your eyes. You came over and sat down on my lap, almost like a child, but I could see by your expression that your intentions were not at all childlike. The unspoken communication of lovers passed between us.

“I am going to have a bath,” you said. “I want you to undress me,” your words sent a shiver through me.

Slowly, I began to unbutton your blouse. I had only two buttons undone when I was overcome by an overwhelming impulse to kiss you. Your lips tasted warm, but our kiss remained soft, gentle and unhurried. We sampled each other slowly, our lips nibbling each other as our mouths entwined. I sucked your lower lip into my mouth, kissing it all round, then turned to your upper lip and did the same thing. We continued tasting each other like this for some time, before I realised that my mission was to undress you, not to kiss you indefinitely.

I ran my fingers along your lower lip, down over your chin and along the edge of the “V” formed by your partially unbuttoned blouse. It just reached the inside of your breast, crossed over and back up the other side to your chin again. Slowly, I traced the same path with my lips, undoing the next button only when my kisses and nibbles had passed back up to your lips.

I repeated this sensuous process, undoing each button in turn. By the time I reached your belly button I was bending through some odd angles, but your gasp of pleasure when I nibbled the edge of your naval was worth it. By now, your breasts were fully exposed, and each time I kissed my way up to your chin, I worked my way closer and closer to your nipple.

Undoing the last of your buttons, I pushed the blouse back over your shoulder and it fell to the floor. Your naked breasts looked simply delicious, so I decided that before I continued undressing your further, I would explore their sensual delights. I must say, you looked incredibly sexy, sitting on my lap, naked from the waist up, your jeans still tightly fastened and your lace-up boots completing the picture.

I kissed you up and down, between your breasts, moving just a tiny bit closer to each breast in widening circles. But, knowing how sensitive your nipples are, I worked my way round them, circling each breast in turn, going right to the edge of your little brown areolas. You shivered, and I knew that you were enjoying the subtle changes in sensation that my kissed evoked.

While I kissed around your breasts, one hand slowly moved up the inside of your left thigh. As it neared your crotch, I could feel the warmth that my kissing and caressing (and perhaps sıcak kafa izle your earlier planning of this seduction) had generated. But it was too soon yet to allow the softer sensations of gentle teasing to give way to the more intense feelings of direct stimulation of that area. Reaching down to your boots, I slowly started undoing the laces. As each lace was pulled out of its eyelets, I kissed you once, inching closer to your erect nipples with each kiss. I love the way you whimpered and moaned, it still excites me when I remember, as I am remembering now. It was so tantalizing, removing your boots like that, and teasing your body into an enhance state of arousal. My thoughts, the memories have made me so aroused myself that I am having difficulty typing. But I will continue, because I know that when you read this, you will also feel those special feelings that we both love so much.

When your left boot was off, I allowed my lips to taste your left nipple. Slowly, I drew it into my mouth, enjoying the sensation, and the secure knowledge that I was the shivers, which passed over you, were shivers of pleasure at my kiss. I lingered there for a while, before removing the right boot, and shifting my concentration and kisses to your right breast. Your nipple was so taught, even the areola had hardened, and the little bumps that send me wild stood out as my tongue flicked over them.

I looked you in the eye, your arousal so wonderfully shown in your eyes. Slowly I began to unfasten your jeans, all the while keeping your eyes locked on mine. I undid your belt, then I ran my right hand up the inside of your thigh, I could feel the heat as I neared your crotch, and you involuntarily moved towards my hand, but I lifted it away as soon as it could feel your warmth. I pulled your zipper down, tugging slightly at the bottom of its travel; you kissed me with a most passionate kiss and arched your back to press against your hand.

At that stage you had to stand up, and I pulled your jeans to the floor. Kneeling down in front of you, I kissed and licked my way up your left leg right to the edge of your soaking wet panty crotch. It was hard to resist going straight for your clitoris, but I kissed my way along the edge of your panties, up over the top edge and down the other side.

Going back, I buried my face in you naval, while my right hand travelled up your thigh all the way to the your wet panties. The feel of your silky smooth, wet vulva through the material almost made me cum in my own trousers, and the intense moan of pleasure that escaped your lips did nothing for my self control. But somehow I managed.

I moved my mouth and lips down to the crotch of your panties. The sweet muskiness of your love juices was aphrodisiac! I teased you for a while with my tongue, sketchbook izle through the wet material of your panties. But I wanted more freedom to please you, so I had to pull them down, and you stepped out of them. You lifted your leg to let them drop, and as you did so, you opened your lovely vulva to me in all its magical wonder.

I lifted your leg a little more, and you put your foot up on the chair. I buried my face in your vulva. Slowly, I took each of your silky, wet, musky tasting lips and drew it into my mouth. You gasped, and then lit out a long low moan as soon as my tongue made its way up to your clitoris.

I moved my tongue up and down each side of your clitoral hood, then over the top, taking care not to touch the sensitive bare head of your clitoris itself. You began to shake, and your breathing became very erratic.

Taking two fingers together, I massaged your moist vulva, and inserted them slowly between your lips into your hot, wet vagina. I moved them around slowly, and kept them moving in and out at a slow, tantalizing pace. I intensified the pressure on your clitoral area, and then about three quarters of the way inside you I pressed up against your vaginal wall. I knew your g-spot was located there and when I found it, you moaned with such intensity that I thought that you were cumming.

You bucked against my fingers, and I was afraid you were going to fall, but somehow you held upright. But it wasn’t long before I knew that you had passed the point of no return, your hips gyrating and thrusting against my tongue and pressing my fingers into your g-spot. When your orgasm started you began hyperventilating, and the sound was wonderful, mixed as it was with your low moans.

Your orgasm seemed to take an incredible time from beginning to end, and I knew that I had given you a wonderful pleasure. Slowly though, the orgasm petered out, and I held my face against your pubic area, and softly disconnected so that we could lie down together on the rug.

At this stage I felt an urgency to get out of my own jeans, which by now were soaking from all the precum that I had produced. Once my penis was free, it stood very erect and intensely hard, dripping the clear liquid that would help it slide into your still glowing vagina.

I was still so aroused that there was no need for you to do anything further to enhance my pleasure, not this time. This time would be your treat. I knelt down between your legs, and slipped my penis slowly and gently into you. Your moan told me you were ready for more pleasure.

Lying between your legs, in traditional missionary position, I kissed and licked your breasts as I pressed myself excruciatingly slowly in and out of your vagina. At one stage our lips met, and the musky taste of your own sometimes when we touch izle love juices on my lips served to further excite you and intensify the pleasure of my slow and deliberate thrusts.

It was not long before you arched your back, a telltale sign that another orgasm was approaching. Knowing you still had a couple more orgasms in you, I held back, difficult though it was, and just let your orgasm wash over you. I always LOVE watching your body when you are cumming for the second time. Little beads of sweat break out on your breast, and your nipples get all puffy. It is wonderful to watch you cum. Your orgasm must have been intense this time, because you fingers dug into my back, and your body arched as you screamed my name through orgasmic tones.

I stayed inside you as you came slowly down from your orgasm, just moving slightly, enough to maintain my erection for I knew I could make you cum at least once more.

I waited a little, then I began talking to you, telling you how beautiful you were when you were cumming, how much I enjoyed making love with you. As we talked I began to move again, and we shifted position so you were on top, and you KNOW how much I love that. You took over the movements now. Slowly lowering yourself over my penis, and lifting it out again. Gosh, it was intense. I knew that one more orgasm for you was all I had left in me at this point.

You pressed your pelvis against mine, and ground your clitoris into my pubes between each thrust. I looked into your eyes and you into mine. It was intense, and soon I was breathing rapidly, beginning to lose control. I was a bit worried that I might lose it completely and cum before you were ready, but there was no fear of that, for you were controlling my pleasure even as I had controlled yours shortly before.

You brought me right to the edge of cumming so many times that I became delirious and lost track of time. Eventually, your bucking over my penis also went out of control, and I looked into your eyes and could see your orgasm welling up inside you even as you could see mine though my eyes.

Oh, it was intense watching you cum like that, knowing that you were also watching me in the same way. Soon, however the orgasm was too intense, and our eyes closed as our shared orgasm carried us away, as our love was fulfilled as once again we share the pleasure of being lovers.

We lay together for some time on the floor, dosing, cuddling, kissing, caressing. Then slowly, we got up and walked to the bath. While you were preparing the bath, I arranged a little jar of massage oil by the end table, and put your favourite sex video, the one we made ourselves, in the VCR. I got out a little heart-shaped strap on vibrator that I had purchased for you that day, and wrapped it around a single red rose. I wrote on a little gift card, “For you my truly special love. For you and for us!” After all, the night was still young.

You remember all that? Of course you do. I hope that reading this, and the memory has made you tingle, and the tingles grow into the sweet delicious ache I know you love.

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