Gay Guys Can’t Drive Ch. 01

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Everyone has heard the old stereotype ‘Gay guys can’t drive’. Well, I am here to tell you that this stereotype is true. Even at 18, I hadn’t improved much since getting my license. I’ve been pulled over more times than I can count, and the only thing that has saved me from dozen of tickets has been my good looks. And, well, my willingness to suck a few cop dicks.

As it turns out, more than a few cops are kinky bastards. All too willing to shove their meat down a petite twink’s throat on the side of a highway. It was exhilarating for me too, going down on these men with only my car hiding what I was doing.

I figured this stop would be like all those other ones. I had been coming home from college, dressed in crop top that read ‘bottom bitch’ and a pair of tight ass jeans. It was late, and the highway was nearly empty save for me and a hand full of other cars, so I was surprised when sirens roared to life behind. Normally I could go a bit faster on night like this and not need have to worry about getting pulled over. I sighed, watching the cop car in my rear view mirror, waiting for them to go around me. They didn’t, so I pulled off to the side.

It was dark, with only the car lights and streetlamps lighting up the highway. Still, I could make out two figures in the police car behind me. The one who stepped out – the driver – was athletic looking, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. The closer he got the more attractive he became. He was young, probably just few years older than me, with a head of messy red curls and a jaw so strong you could cut stone with it. I smirked, staring at his muscles. Men like this were always the most fun too blow.

Once he reached my car, he leaned against my rolled down window. His eyes were dark green, hooded at hot.

“Do you have escort izmit any weapons or firearms with you tonight miss?” He asked, glancing around the car.

“Sir actually,” I correct, used to my feminine face getting people mixed up, “And no, no weapons.” His eyes almost lit up at the ‘sir’ part, but he masked it well. “Have I done something wrong Officer?” I asked sweetly, turning so that the ‘bottom’ on my crop top was visible.

“You were going 20 miles over the speed limit,” he said with smirk, “Licenses please.” My face turned pink, I hadn’t actually noticed how fast I was going. I fished for my license, handing it over to him and watching him carefully check it over. “So what are you doing out this late?” He asked.

“I had to drop my parents off at the airport,” I lied smoothly, subtly letting him know I wouldn’t be needed home any time soon.

“Well, even though there aren’t many people out tonight, driving that fast is still dangerous,” the hot cop said, “I’ll need to give you a ticket.”

“Wait Officer please don’t,” I pleaded, grabbing his rough hand. I looked up at him with pleading eyes, wetting my lips.

“Mr. Danny,” he said, “I can’t just ignore this.” I held his hand with both of mine.

“Please,” I begged, “I’ll do anything sir.” The cop glanced down, before looking back at my face.

“Anything?” He asked, leaning closer.

“Anything you or your partner wants,” I promised, guiding his hand lower. He reached down on his own then, grabbing my crotch. I hissed in surprised, my back arching as he kneaded my dick through my jeans. This was a first.

“Hmm,” he hummed, still working me through my pants, “You’ll need to step out then so that I can preform a cavity search.” He gave my dick a squeeze before stepping back. I opened my door and izmit escort followed him around to the other side of my car, where we were blocked from the view of the street. “Bend slightly and put your hands on the car, then spread your legs a bit,” he ordered, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was getting off on bossing me around. I still did as he said. He came up behind me, placing his icy hands on my bare waist. I shiver, biting my lip as he squeezed, spreading his calloused fingers and ran them down my legs then back up again. They climbed higher, coming to rest on my nipples. The officer hummed, playing with the perky buds as he step closer, pressing his rock hard body against my back. He pinched them, rolling them between his fingers while I trembled at the shocks of pleasure that shot through my body.

One of his hands slid back, rubbing my smooth stomach as it trailed back to my half-hard dick. He pinched my nipple as he squeezed my jean-clad dick roughly. I moaned, the denim rubbing my bare member as it leaked pre-cum. What a good day to go commando. While I tried to grind against his hold on my dick, the cop moved the hand that hand been playing with my chest up even further. He slipped it out from under my top and caressed my neck, tickling me and forcing another moan from my lips. He took this opening as a chance to slide two of his finger into my mouth. I started sucking the cold fidgets, wetting them with my tongue.

It felt odd, having the strong cop give me such pleasure. The other cops I had just sucked off, they hadn’t bothered to try and get me off as while. They just shoved their dick in my mouth and fucked my face until they came. One hadn’t even let me touch him, saying he didn’t want a fag’s hands on him while he came. This man though, he dick was hard izmit kendi evi olan escort against my back just from playing with nipples and hearing me moan.

He pressed light kisses to the back of my neck, putting a third finger in my mouth and sliding his hand into my pants. He chuckled against my jugular when his hand felt my pre-cum slick dick. He pulled his fingers out of my mouth to pull down my pants, exposing my lower half to the chilly air.

“Excited are we?” He teases, pumping my dick while his slick fingers rubbed my hole. “I told my partner, the other cop, that one day, I was gonna find us a dirty little law breaker to fuck.” One of his fingers slid inside me, and I cried out at the cold intrusion. “You,” he bit my neck, pushing his finger deeper inside me for thrusting it in time with the hand on my dick. “May not be the dangerous criminal I expected, but I think we’ll enjoy you more. I knew you were the one as soon as I saw that dirty shirt of yours.” I whimpered as he added a second finger, scissoring them as he thrusts them in.

It was too much, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even think. The idea of getting worked over by two hot young cops, the feeling of his rough hand jerking my painfully hard cock, and the two cold, wet fingers fucking my ass. I moaned and trembled, my walls squeezing his fingers as my balls tightened. I tried to fuck myself deeper onto the fingers while thrusting my hips forward. A cry tore from my lips as it came to a head, and my back arched as I came all over the cops hand.

When it was over, I slumped forward, panting. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had. The cop was chuckling behind me, holding me close to his chest and he pulled up my jeans. He wiped my cum on his pants.

“Jesus Christ,” I panted, turning to look at him with wide eyes, “I thought you’d want blow jobs.” The cop smiled at me, like a wolf looking at his next year.

“You can give me one on the way to a hotel,” he said, cupping my chin and jerking it up. He kissed me roughly, and all thoughts left my head.

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