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Furclad mistressI was half asleep on the couch when I heard my love come in from a night with”the girls”.I heard the shower run,then a bit later she came into the livingroom and yelled”Get Up Slave!”Oh boy,its going to be a sex game night.Love was standing in the doorway in her full length fox fur and red high heels. “Go get a shower you filthy slave,I put out something for you to wear,you have ten minutes,don’t make me wait.I made it back just in time wearing the satin cock and balls fitting thong and the fur hand and ankle cuffs and fur collar she’d put out for me.”Bring the Pino Gregio and a glass and pour me a drink slave”When I’d done that she said”On your knees,good,now here are the rules.One..you will address me as’mistress’ Two…you will only speak when spoken to..Three..you will do Mistresses bidding.Do you understand slave?”Yes Mistress”Love then opened the front of her fur to reveal red satin and lace bra and panties that matched her shoes,lipstick and nail polish.She sat on the couch and said”crawl over here and worship my feet.I crawled over and she extended her right foot.I removed her shoe and commenced kissing and licking her foot,but as I started caressing her leg she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.”Did I say you could touch my leg Slave?””No Mistress,I’m sorry Mistress”She bent towards me and said in her low sexy voice”Oh,you will be sorry when I’m finished with you.Now hang the pulleys from the ceiling(our living room transforms into a”playroom”easily)”.She bahis siteleri clipped my wrist cuffs to the pulley and pulled the rope so my wrists were just over my head,then got a three foot dowel with rings at its ends from the toy closet.”spread your feet worm!”and proceeded to attach my ankle cuffs to each end of the dowel,so there I stood,hands in the air and feet held apart,facing the couch.Mistress went to the toy closet,slipped something in her coat pocket,then started going through the weapons.”lets see,cat o nine tails..no.Paddle…not this time. Oh here’s just the thing”and she turned towards me and swung the riding crop thru the air making a whooshing sound.She sashayed over to me and gave me a deep tongue kiss,then set the riding crop on the couch.Beautiful Mistress then came back for another kiss,then said”Open up Slave Dear”then pulled the gag out of her coat pocket and shoved it’s ball into my mouth and did up the strap.She moved around behind me and wrapped her fur clad arms around me and caressed and stroked everywhere except my aching hard on while purring in my ear”Fur makes me feel so sexy and really turns me on.How about you?”Mmmmgh””I thought so,now lets get down to some fun for me and some pain for you”and with that she reached between my legs and gave my balls a crushing squeeze.”MMmGGGHHH”She laughed,then”Now lets see why you deserve some disiplin.One you were sleeping on the couch when I was out.Two..you didn’t jump up and say”welcome bets10 giriş home Mistress”when I came in.Three,you didn’t have a glass of wine waiting for me when I returned,and four,you dared touch without permission”and with that she picked up the weapon and swished it a few times,then set it down and took off her coat,picked it up and went around behind meWhish whish whish SMACK”GGhhmmhg””Oh yes,this makes me so hot!”Whish SMACK”YesYesYes”Whish SMACK,then she dropped it,hugged and stroked me and fondled my nuts.”Oh that was so good”Mistress then put her fur back on and sat in front of me on the couch and leaning back with the front of her fur open started flying solo with her left hand as she cuddled the fur collar to her cheek with her right.All I could do was hang there watching with a raging woodie,such beautiful terrible extacy.When she’d landed she came over to me and released one hand at a time,clipping each wrist to the rings on the collar.She gave me another deep kiss and said”Now we won’t have you’accidently’touching yourself will we?””No Mistress”She went back to the couch,pulled a dildo out of the drawer in the side table and said”If you’d been a good slave,this would be your cock”and commenced to kiss and lick,then push it into her pussy.Next she beckoned me with her finger wave.It was hard to walk with my feet still held apart and my hands at my collar.When I stood right in front of her she puckered up and leaned forward like she would kiss my bets10 aching member,then stopped centimeters away leaned back and laughed.Beautiful cruel Mistress.”Down on your knees and lick me clean Slave”I struggled down and kissed and licked till she let out that little squeeking sound she makes when she comes.” Crawl back to the centre of the room”Then she unhooked my hands and had me put them on the floor,so I was on hand and knees facing the mirrored closet door.Then she took a silk scarf from her coat pocket and blindfolded me.”Don’t go away,I’ve been to the toy store,and have I got a surprize for you”When she returned I felt her arm around my waist as she knelt beside me a purred”You’re not that bad Slave Darling,I think you deserve a good fucking before I tuck you into bed”and she moved around in front of me,then took off the blindfoldThere was a big purple strap on cock staring me in the face.Mistress had some flavoured lube in her hand.She squirted some onto the cock and spread it around.”Suck my cock Slave”and she pushed it into my mouth.Rules of our sex games,if it’s not dangerous or i*****l,do it.After a few thrusts she withdrew,stood up and slid around behind me.We made eye contact in the mirror as she slathered more lube on it and around my ass hole.Then she moved up to me,put her right hand on my shoulder and guided it into my hole with her left.As she blew kisses to me in the mirror she had both hands on my shoulders and began slowly thrusting into me.As she increased the pase she reached around my waist and gave me a hand job in time with her thrusts till she’d milked my cock dry.Afterwards,as we cuddled in bed I told her how much I enjoyed the games she thinks up,even if I was sore all over

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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