Fun at the Village Fete Ch. 05

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Epilogue: Summer’s End

“But, Sally, why do I have to go?”

“Come on, Johnny. I know you’ve enjoyed your summer, but you can’t stay here forever. You’ll be starting university in a week. You don’t want to waste your potential. Now, finish packing your things. Tabitha and I will make breakfast.”

As his aunt and cousin headed downstairs, Johnny put the last of his clothes in his suitcase. He knew that she was right, but that didn’t make leaving any easier. He had enjoyed the summer thoroughly. He had spent all day fixing up the house, and every night Sally and Tabitha had rewarded him in bed. They had really benefited from a man’s touch, in more ways than one.

Johnny could tell from the calls for flour and eggs, and the sound of a whisk in a mixing bowl, that they were making pancakes from scratch. His favorite breakfast. He knew that Sally would add the milk from one of her breasts to the batter, leaving the other breast as a snack for him or Tabitha.

“Shall we add blueberries?” he heard Tabitha ask.

“We’re out, but there should be a delivery any minute,” replied Sally. Just then, the bell rang, and Johnny hurried downstairs to watch the delivery.

Sally opened the door, and was immediately hit in the face with a blueberry pie. The fruit kaçak iddaa filling pooled in her cleavage and began to soak through her cotton nightgown.

“And for the young lady?” came a voice from outside. Tabitha came to the door, wearing nothing but a pair of thigh high stockings. She had become quite the exhibitionist over the course of the summer, and didn’t even seem to care that drops of Johnny’s cum were leaking from her pussy. She too was hit in the face with a blueberry pie, and then the door was closed.

The two women made their way back to the kitchen and scraped the blueberries off their faces and into the pancake batter. Sally had gotten a job in one of the shops, and received a stipend as the new head of the fete planning committee, but the villagers knew that being a single mother is hard, even with a nephew to help, and had only been too happy to supplement Sally’s income with free food deliveries, of the messy kind.

The pancakes were soon made, and they say down to eat. “Celia texted me this morning. She’s coming over to pick up some of her things. And I think she and Renata will want to see Johnny off.”

After the word of what had happened at the village fete got out, Celia’s husband had been so outraged at what she had done that he had kaçak bahis kicked her out, along with Renata. The two of them had crashed on Sally’s couch for most of the summer. Celia’s husband finally relented when he had learned that both of them were pregnant; he wanted to be a part of his new son and grandson’s lives, even if they were both illegitimate. Also, Celia and Renata had showed him how much fun a mother and daughter can be together, especially if they like getting messy. Johnny had enjoyed their company, but he hadn’t been too upset when they left. It was hard pleasing four women every night, even if they often occupied each other. The two left were much easier to handle.

After breakfast Johnny took his bags out to the front yard and waited for his mother to pick him up. While he waited, he saw Celia and Renata walk up. The two were soaked, from their hair to the hems of their summer dresses, with a dark, sticky liquid. Chocolate? When they reached him, each gave Johnny a big kiss, and he was able to determine that it was in fact treacle. Sally and Tabitha kissed them too, and soon all four women were comparing the sizes of their baby bumps.

Johnny’s mother pulled up, and he put his things in the backseat, because most of the trunk was filled with a illegal bahis big picnic basket. It seemed oversized, like it could hold food for a dozen people, and Johnny couldn’t fathom why his mother would bring something like that for a drive of a few hours.

“Goodbye, Johnny. We’ll miss you!” Sally said just before he got inside the car. “Be sure to come back next summer so you can meet your ki—your new cousin,” she patted her pregnant belly, “your, uh, other new cousin,” she gestured towards Tabitha’s belly, ” and uh…” her gaze drifted to Celia and Renata, and their bellies. “Your–uh, their friends.”

As the car pulled off, the four women stood waving until they were nothing more than specks in the distance.

“So, how was your summer?” Johnny’s mother asked.

“Good. Very good,” Johnny replied, trying not to grin too widely.

“Your aunt tells me you’re a delight to have around.”

“Oh, yeah, she said that.”

“Yes, she said that you’re a very talented and energetic young man, and she wondered why I hadn’t taken the opportunity to put you to work in my household.”

“And what did you say to that?”

“I told her that I would get on it as soon as possible.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me put it this way: I know a nice spot about 20 miles from here. Very beautiful, and very secluded. What do you say we stop there and have a picnic together? I brought plenty of pies. Sally told me you’d know just what to do with them.”


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