Follow-up to Tonight’s gonna be a good night

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Follow-up to Tonight’s gonna be a good nightWell you have all by now seen the pictures and video of my sexy wife as she dressed up for me and made me fuck her with a huge dildo. She came hard thinking about Cameron’s big cock and then I bent her over our bed and fucked her little pussy until I filled her with my cum. I have to say it was intense. But now there’s more to this story… My wife and I were talking Friday afternoon about how much fun we had in the bedroom on Tuesday when she took me by the hand, led me to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed and began to inhale my cock. While she licked and teased me she told me how much she had been thinking of Cameron and how she would love to ride him while I watched. It didn’t take long before I squirted in her mouth and she knew what my answer was. She immediately went to her purse and grabbed her phone and his number and sent him a text. It was maybe 5 minutes before he responded and she went off by herself to lure her stud. Obviously it didn’t take much luring because he agreed after a 15 minute phone conversation and all that was left was when and where. She asked me when I wanted to see them together and I told her next weekend would be great. She didn’t like my answer and said, “I was thinking more along the lines of tomorrow night.” “Tomorrow?””Yeah, why not?” She said with a smirk.”I don’t know, I guess we could.. I just thought next week would be better. If you can’t wait, then I guess tomorrow will be fine.”She was excited. She ran back to her phone and sent him a text with the time and directions. I hoped that he would say that he couldn’t do it, but I should have known better. She put down the phone and kissed me deeply and said, “now I can really give you a story to write about.”The next day…Saturday was a boring day as we just laid around the house and relaxed while we waited for that evening to come. Finally it did and we were on our way to the bar where we were supposed to meet him. We got there a few minutes early and took our place at a table in the corner. I ordered a beer and a shot of whiskey for myself and she ordered a glass of wine. We sat and sipped our drinks while we waited for him to arrive. The bar was busy but not as busy as it would be for fight night or if one of the local teams were playing. I was glad that we took a place near the back corner in the case that we knew anyone. I did not want to try and explain who this other guy was and wasn’t in the mood to make up a story about a lost c***dhood friend. Either way it wouldn’t matter because I didn’t recognize anyone there that night. We made it through our drinks and ordered a second round when she saw him walk in the door. He was different than she originally described him. He was taller than she said at about 6’4 and looked to weigh about 230 lbs. He had a sleeve of tattoos on his left arm which I thought was odd because she always said that she thought it was dumb that people did that. He walked up to our table and she stood up to greet him. He looked like a giant compared to her 5’5 frame. He leaned down to kiss her on the cheek and she blushed. He shook my hand and took his place at our table. We began to make small talk and get acquainted. I bought his first round and the night had officially begun. We talked for about an hour and with each passing moment she scooted closer and closer to his side of the table until she was right next to him. He placed his hand on her leg and played with her knee and inner thigh as we continued to talk. After a few minutes he asked her if she would like to dance. She said yes and they both got up and walked to the dance floor. A fast song was playing so they matched their bodies to the rhythm. She was having a lot of fun as they danced and talked. I could tell that they lordbahis güvenilirmi were talking dirty because my wife turned her back to Cameron and backed her ass into him and began to rub her ass up and down his jeans. He placed his hands at her waist and guided her ass back into him. With one hand he pulled her hair away from her neck and leaned down to whisper in her ear. I could not see her face as their backs were to me, but she turned her head and their lips met in a short seductive kiss. They continued grinding until the song was faded into another slower song. Cameron leaned down and began to lightly kiss her neck as he pulled her tight into him. Their pace had slowed way down and suddenly became more intimate. She was putty in his hands as she leaned her head away giving him full access to her neck. He slowly turned her so that they were both facing me. She had her eyes closed and mouth open and was breathing heavily. He looked up at me and winked. After a few minutes of kissing her neck and grinding his semi erect cock into her back she turned around and they kissed. Their mouths were open and it lasted for a few minutes. He moved his hand down to her ass and pulled her in. His cock was resting at her stomach. She took her hand and softly began to stroke his outline. The song ended after a few minutes and she made her way back to the table while he headed for the restrooms. She told me that they were ready to go and that I needed to get the tab. I wasted no time and when Cameron showed back up, we headed for our cars. We planned to meet at the hotel that we reserved and I got in my car. I waited for a second and realized that my wife had decided to get in his car and ride with him. My stomach was in knots. I hoped that they weren’t going to get each other off before we arrived as I wanted to watch them fuck. The hotel was about 10 minutes away and I got there and checked us in. I waited outside for another 10 minutes before they pulled in. I could see my wife adjusting her skirt and through the front window of his truck. They both got out of his truck laughing and we made our way to our room. Once inside, I walked over to my wife and leaned in for a kiss. She pulled away and asked me, “what do you think you’re doing?” “I’m going to kiss my wife before she gets impaled by another mans dick.””No you aren’t,” she said seductively. “Tonight I’m all Cameron’s and you are going to watch.”I leaned in for a quick kiss on the forehead and got it before she could back away. “Hope it doesn’t hurt babe,” I said with a smile and turned to head for the chair in the corner of the room by the bed. She waited for our eyes to meet again and she mouthed the words “I do!”Cameron walked into the room and walked over to my wife and asked her if I was bothering her. “No. He’s fine. He’s going to sit in that chair and watch us. If he causes any problems we will just kick him out and he can listen from outside.”He looked at me and smiled. “Ok, sounds good.””Hey, you just do your job and I won’t be any problem,” I said to him with a smirk that said “try me asshole.” “No problem,” he said. He turned his attention to my wife. And they began to kiss and pet each other over there clothes. He moved his hand over her breasts and down her stomach to her skirt. He began to lift it higher and higher on her thighs until I could see the black lacy panties that she wore especially for him. His hand went under her skirt and she began to moan into his mouth. He had one hand on the back of her head, holding her mouth to his and the other tracing the outline of her pussy through her panties. He pulled his mouth away to let her breathe. She looked at him lustfully and moved her hands to his zipper. Their mouths met again as she fumbled with his lordbahis yeni giriş zipper, eventually getting it down and her hand inside his pants. He unbuttoned his jeans to allow her hand to get all the way in and she outlined his cock with her fingers. She pushed him down on the bed and she reached inside his underwear to rub his shaft. She leaned down and began kissing his stomach. With little kisses and flicks of her tongue she made her way down to his waistband. She reached underneath his underwear and pulled out his huge dick. It plopped onto his stomach with a thud and they both laughed. She told me before that it was 10 inches long and as thick as a soda can. She was off a little. It was closer to 12inches and was thicker than a coke can at his shaft and got just thinner than a soda can at the head giving it somewhat of a pointy look. I only got a second to look at it before she wrapped her beautiful lucious lips around him and sucked on his head. Her hands looked tiny as she held him into her mouth. I was amazed that she was able to make him orgasm that way. Or atleast, that what she told me.”I forgot how much fun this was,” she said to him as she began to bob up and down on his pole. She kissed and licked the entire length of his cock and settled underneath his head on the bottom side and began to kiss and suck making loud popping sounds with her lips. Precum was oozing out and down his shaft. She looked at me, smiled, and from the base of his dick, she licked his precum all the way up his shaft to the opening, wrapped her lips around him and sucked as if to completely clean his cock. I almost came in my pants. He was on the verge of cumming and he told her to stop. He motioned for her to lay on the bed and he began to undress her. He slowly pulled off her panties as she worked on her top and bra. With in moments she had her beautiful 34DD’s out in full view. She was completely naked and I was the only one in the room with clothes on. Cameron stepped back to admire her body before he slipped up her body kissing every inch of the way. She spread her legs to allow him full entrance inside of her, but he stopped when his mushroom head met her awaiting pussy lips. She cooed when she felt his warmth at her wet opening. He kissed her softly and slowly. At this point I knew that he wasn’t just going to fuck my wife, he was going to make love to her and treat her as if she was his. At this point she was his. As they kissed, she bucked her hips toward him. With each try he would pull away, teasing her. I could see strands of his sticky precum connect them each time their parts touched. It was too much for me to take so I stood up and unbuttoned my pants and let them drop to the floor. I sat back down with my dick in my hand and I slowly began to stroke myself amazed at how wet my boxers got.”Ohhh fuck me baby. I need your huge cock. I have thought about fucking you for the last week. Come on baby, don’t make me beg.” He smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear. I could not hear what he was saying to her.”Yes baby. Please. Please. Oh yes.” She was answering his whispers. “Tell me you want my cock baby, say it in front of your husband. Tell him that there’s nothing he can do, that your going to cum all over me.” She tried to repeat after him, but it was no use. She wanted it and I knew there was nothing I could do. “Please god, Cameron, I need you in me.” And with those words he slowly slid inch after inch inside of her while she grabbed at the sheets on the bed and began to moan and scream. “Oh baby you feel so good.” She said looking deep into his eyes. He was half way in. “God, your filling me up!” He slowly began to push his fat cock deeper into her until she screamed that it was too much. It was almost lordbahis giriş all inside of her. He didn’t want to hurt her so he pulled out a little and then slowly fucked her with about 9inches of his cock. It didn’t take her long before she looked into his eyes and breathing heavily exclaimed, “oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ohhh yesss.” He continued to fuck her slowly through her orgasm until she had come down. With one motion he rolled to his back and pulled her on top of him. She placed her hands on his chest and lowered her stretched pussy as far down on his cock as she could. “Mmm, your so tight baby,” he said as she began to grind on his pole. She moved her hips in circular motions. His hands were on her tits, cupping and caressing. They had both forgotten about me. I was in the corner of the room with my swollen cock in my hand, and they were lost in their own world where I didn’t exist. She leaned down pressing her chest to his and began to slide her pussy up and down his thick cock. I was in complete awe at how much she was taking on every stroke. 12 inches of thick white cock disappeared into my wife’s gaping pussy. Their cum had formed a foam around his shaft and her tight pussy was squeezing every inch of him all the way up. His hands were on her ass helping to guide her up and down as if she needed to be shown what to do. I know from experience that grabbing my wife’s ass while she is riding me, and holding her hips still while I piston my cock in and out of her makes her cum in moments. This time was no different. She slowly slid up and down on his shaft and began moaning. “Ohh baby, your making me cum again.. Mmm.. Yes, ohhhh yes.”This was enough to put Cameron over the edge and he began to cum. He held her hips down to his and buried his cock deep into her as he spurted stream after stream deep into my wife’s trembling pussy. She collapsed on top of him and they kissed each other passionately. I sat there with cum all over myself as I had orgasmed with them. The room was quiet except for the sound of their lips and tongues smacking. My wife slowly lifted her hips off of him until his still erect cock slapped against his stomach. Her pussy was a 3in gaping hole with cum dripping out onto his midsection. She rolled off of him and he got up and walked to the bathroom. I left my chair and went over to where she was laying. I kissed her lips and caressed her body with my hand. She smiled at me and whispered, “he’s going to stay until morning, and you are going to sleep on the floor.” I smiled back. I knew she was his for the rest of the evening. Cameron came out of the bathroom and laid next to my wife on the bed. I took my spot on the floor where I would later dose off and fall asleep. I was awakened 2 different times that night at the sound of them fucking. The room smelled like cum and sweat. I stayed awake until they were finished pounding each other and then we all fell asleep. The next morning I woke up before them and hurried into the shower. When I shut off the water I heard the familiar sounds of the bed springs squeaking. When I poked my head out the bathroom door I saw that he was slamming my wife doggy style and she was cumming louder and louder with each thrust he took. When he finally drained his balls into my wife’s pussy for the last time he got dressed kissed her goodbye and exited the room. I walked over to my wife’s used body and smiled at her. She smiled back and said, “I guess you want your turn don’t you?” “Of course I do baby.” “What are you going to do to me?”I rolled her over and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I immediately knew that that was not going to work and so did she. In one quick motion I shoved my spit covered cock deep into her ass and I fucked her good and hard until I unloaded every last drop deep inside her ass. After cleaning ourselves up we left that hotel and drove home. We spent all day Sunday fucking and sucking and holding each other. She has stated since that she wants a repeat of Saturday night. Of course she knows that it will have to come after I get my turn.

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