First train sex

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First train sexI guess this is more of a real-life story – based on an actual experience with an ex. Comments will determine whether I post more.We are sitting opposite each other on a train. We exchange knowing looks to each other – your grin gets wider and I can see a sense of devilment in your eyes.Next thing I feel your stockinged foot as it begins to massage my groin, my cock getting harder as you rub your toes against me. Can you feel it? Nobody notices this except you and me, but you have an angelic look on your face even though you know you have got me wanting you so much.I get up and make my way to one of the toilets on the train, hoping you will follow me. After a minute I hear a light tapping on the door – I open it and you slip inside. My mouth is on yours in a flash, and your hand caresses my hard on through my jeans.We grope at each other, you fumbling at my zip and my belt, my hands slipping inside your t-shirt, and to the top of your stockings, running my hands through your hair – so much I want to touch, but spoilt for choice! .There is no foreplay here, we just want to have sex.My hands pull pinbahis güvenilirmi down your knickers in one move. You push me off so that you can get my belt undone.Against one of the walls of the loo, there is a shelf so I turn you so that your back is to the wall, and you put your hands on my shoulders for support.I can feel the hot tip of my cock against your thigh as I move it towards you. I know when I hit the ‘spot’ as you let out a groan as my cock brushes your clit.I can feel how wet you are, the moisture coating my cock, and I slip a finger inside you to feel how wet you are – and to savour your taste as I bring it up to my lips.You raise your legs a bit so that your legs opens wider and you feel my cock slip in a couple of inches, your legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me in closer, my cock sliding in further. I am virtually holding you up now, your bum barely touching the shelf of the toilet and I begin to move in and out of you.You start to moan and talk to me, telling me to fuck you harder, deeper, jerking your body against mine as I thrust into you.I can feel your pinbahis yeni giriş orgasm building, and your volume level increases, and the walls of the train begin to rock with the rhythm of our fucking and the movement of the train itself.You come very quickly, stifling your cries partly by burying your head into my shoulder, and biting against my shoulder, the rush so intense that you droop against me.I turn you so that your hands are against the wall, and you open your legs, bending over at your waist so that I can slide into you from behind.My cock goes in as deep as it can. As we begin to fuck more frantically, it becomes impossible to separate the rocking of the loo and the movement of the train from my thrusts as we go faster and faster as I near my climax.With a huge groan you feel me come deep inside you. What a rush.We disengage, give each other deep french kisses and get ourselves together, dress and prepare to go back to our seats.But I am not done with you yet – I turn you towards me, drop to my knees and begin to kiss your thighs, the smell of our sex making me so excited pinbahis giriş and desperate to taste you.I kiss and lick my way to the tops of your stockings, relishing the feel of your bare flesh at the top of your thighs.I move my lips closer to your knickers, and I can sense the change in moisture, the smell and the way that you move yourself towards my mouth signals that you want me to go further.My tongue pushes against the material of your knickers, and I can trace the outline of your vagina against the material, taste and sense the moisture. Using my fingers I trace your vaginal outline against the material, pushing gently to make sure I am tracing it as accurately as I can. Finally I can’t wait any longer, I move the sodden knickers to one side and allow my tongue to tease you, to flick over your lips, to dart over your clit. But you have other ideas, and you pull my head into your crotch, my tongue pushing into you, over your clit, the frenzy of my tongue matched by the thrusting of your cunt against my mouth. I can sense you are close to coming as your thrusts become more frantic, your breathing more rapid, and your cunt is flooding, until you moan and with one more thrust I feel you climax, flooding my mouth with your juices.You push me head away as your clit becomes ultra-sensitive. My face is wet with your juices, and my cock is hard again.Will we ever get back to our seats?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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