First time back with the BBC that owns me

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First time back with the BBC that owns meI just got back out from R&R and though I was still sore from my stop over in Philadelphia I was ready to hook back up with the BBC that owns my slut ass out here. I sent Sir a text to let him know I was back on the base and waited like a schoolgirl for him to reply. It felt like forever but was really about 20min. He said he’d been waiting for me and to have myself at his room that night. I made the usual preparation, cleaning out my cunt and shaving everything nice and smooth for him then rubbing some cherry flavored lip-gloss on my hole just in case he wanted to eat my pussy before he fucked me. He met me at the door to his room and locked it behind me; cupping my ass from behind he wrapped his other arm around me and pulled me tight against his body. I could feel his thick cock even soft he was bigger then any other cock id ever had. He whispered in my ear that he had something special in mind to welcome me back. He pushed me to the back of the room and there on his bed all carefully placed on display was a black short skirt, red thong panties, black thigh highs stockings, and a red garter belt. “Take this razor and go down to the bathroom down at the corner and shave your legs, pits too I want you smooth from toes to head you get me?” I took the razor and lotion he offered and made my way to the bathroom, it went faster then I thought it would and while I had to use a couple different blades in the end I was completely hairless from the top of my head to my toes. It felt weird putting my clothes back on and walking back to his room plus knowing what was to come next. He was waiting in a chair when I got back and ordered me to strip so he could check me, he ran his hand up my legs and thighs making my cock twitch and swell. “You keep that clit of your in check bitch, Ill let you know when you can finish. Don’t make me help you with that. Now garter belt first then the stockings, slut bitches wear their panties on the outside so they can get them off if they are told to.” He watched from his chair as put on the garter belt and then slid the stocking on over my now bare legs; I’ve played around in women’s clothes before but never like this. The panties came next and by now my cock was as hard as a rock and wouldn’t fit inside the small cup covering it. “Wrap that clit back between your legs for now, I want to see what you look like with it tucked. Push your balls up into your body so you can tuck that sack too” I pushed my hard cock down and tucked it between my thighs as ordered and worked my balls up into my self. With my cock batman rus escort tucked back they stayed in place and I kept my legs tight to hold it there. Finally I pulled the skirt up over my hips and zipped it up the side, I stood there topless with my cock tucked back while his eyes drifted up and down me. “Come baby, kneel here for me.” the walk was awkward but not far and kneeling at his feet looking up at his chest and face knowing he was going to fuck me was so fucking hot I couldn’t stand it. “You’re my girl tonight, Im gonna be gentle at first but just so you don’t forget who you belong to Im going to remind you before you leave, you understand?” I nodded my head and he reached out and cupped my chin, “now show me how much you missed me.” He leaned back and helped me slid his shorts off. His cock was starting to swell but near the size it would become, I leaned forward and took just the head in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around him and savored his taste; he exhaled and leaned back further giving me more access. I knew once he was hard it would be a struggle to get him all in my mouth so while he was still semisoft I push his whole length into my mouth and down my throat. He hissed threw his teeth and grabbed the back of my head holding me down on him. He keeps his own groin shaved and my lips pressed against his skin while his cock throbbed in my neck and mouth. With him fully in my throat breathing wasn’t an option and it wasn’t long before I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. His strong hand held me in place and I reached up and placed my hands on his thighs. His cock is angled down when he is hard so he had no trouble growing fully erect buried in my throat. When I started to think I might pass out I squeezed his thighs asking permission to breath. “Mmm just a little long baby your throat muscles feel so damn good on my cock, just hold a little longer.” Lights exploded in my vision and the tears ran freely from my eyes as he held me in place his member filling my throat and pulsing inside me. Finally he let go and I snatched my head up gasping for air and drooling down my chin and onto my chest. “Damn I love your throat, I could fuck it almost as much as you pussy, get back on this dick baby come on.” I went back to work on his now hard cock, still slick from my throat I took what I could in my mouth and used my hands to stroke the remaining shaft and gently roll his balls in my palm. “That’s enough foreplay, bring that pussy of your up here.” He guided me up and then had me straddle the chair. The skirt bunched batman rus escort up at my waist as I eased down and he positioned the head of his cock at my hole. I thought after having two cocks rip me open in Philadelphia his wouldn’t hurt that bad and the girth didn’t much till he put his hands on my hips and shoved me down pushing his entire length inside me and taking my breath away. “Now ride this dick baby, make me cum.” He growled at me. I grabbed his shoulders for leverage and using my legs started to fuck up and down on his shaft. I was in bitch heaven as his cock filled my hole and first his hand and then his mouth found my pierced nipple. His tongue was working my nipple flicking the ring in it while I bounced up and down on his cock. I was amazed to find I was about to cum and I had never even touched my cock. I could feel it building and I started to fuck his cock faster, “I think im going to cum” I gasped “You better ask me if you can bitch, don’t you fucking cum with out permission.” I was getting closer and closer, ive never cum from just getting fucked before but I could feel it building slowly towards that. “May I cum” I asked breathlessly from the work out and the building orgasm. “I don’t know don’t sound like you really need to” he replied flat and with out emotion. The orgasm was getting closer and closer, “please, please can I cum fuck please” I begged knowing if he said no I would have to stop there was no other way I wouldn’t cum. “Ok baby since you asked so nice you can cum just this once.” He barely finished giving me permission when my cock exploded into those red panties and onto his stomach. I kept slamming my self down on him and my cock kept shooting what felt like a gallon of cum out onto us both till I was spent and wrapped my arms around his neck and collapsed against him with his cock deep inside me. “You got a mess to clean up, then Im going to get my nut so get with it.” I crawled off him and kneeled on shaky legs to lick my own seed off his stomach and down to his cock. Once he felt Id gotten it all he took me to the bed and laid me down on my stomach. I was a rag doll as he climbed on top of me straddling my hips and guiding his cock back into my hole. He fucked me slow with deep strokes all the way in and out as the bed squeaked in protest. I could feel his weight on top of me pinning me to the bed and he took my wrists in his hands and held them down. “Damn I’ve missed this cunt bitch, gotta make sure I get more of it before I go on leave.” He grunted into my ear as he fucked my ass. His rus escort batman pace quickened and it was long after he filled my ass with his hot load, “there you got bitch gave you all them baby’s up in your pussy get your ass knocked up like a real bitch.” He ground his hips into my ass enjoying the after glow of his orgasm. Eventually his cock shrank and the angle forced it to slip out of my ass leaving a trail of cum down my sack and onto the bed. “Ok bitch time to remind you who you belong to, put your sweats on over the skirt and shit.” I got dressed still dripping cum from my well-fucked hole, my own spent cock fit in the panties now as I pulled on my shoes over the stockings. “Go back to the last stall in the bathroom and wait for me.” He said motioning to the door as he pulled on his own shorts. I did as I was told, the last stall was empty thank fully and I locked the stall door behind me. I heard the outer door open and him walk to the stall door. “Open up bitch we’re alone.” There wasn’t much room but he turned me around and bent me towards the wall over the toilet. He pulled down my sweats and shoved the skirt up high and out of the way. His cock was only semi hard and he had to work to get it started into my ass even after the fucking he’d just given me. He used his hand to and thrust into me till he was almost half way inside my hole then leaned forward and put his hands around my wrists. “Whose bitch are you?” He snarled into my ear “I’m your bitch, your slutty white bitch.” I whispered back. “That’s right, you are my fucking lily white ass bitch and its time I marked you. You know how a dog marks what he owns bitch?” I had no idea what he meant, “no Sir I don’t” I said. “ Just like this.” He said and then I felt the warm wet start to fill me. “Yea bitch, tats right I’m marking your cunt with my piss so you know and any other dg gets near your cunt knows this shit is mine, mine to fuck, mine to breed, my to share with anyone else I tell you to give it to. I got a couple friends here I been bragging about your mouth and pussy to and here soon your gonna let them fuck you cause I tell you to.” His piss was filling my ass, I don’t know how much he had to go but it already was more then I usually use to clean out. “I’m going to sit in that chair you just fucked me in and watch while they fuck the shit out of you, and your going to give them the fuck of their life and make me proud right bitch?” He must have stopped because I wasn’t filling up any more, “yes Sir, anything you want.” Was all I could think of to say. “Good answer, Ill be in touch, oh and welcome back.” He pulled out fast and stepped back as I tried to clamp my ass closed quickly, some of his fluid ran down my thighs and I had to quickly turn around and drop to the seat so I could empty the rest. By then he was gone so I cleaned up and walked home, ass sore and the skirt still bunched up around my waist.

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