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First TimeFirst TimeThe first time I saw you, you were sitting on a barstool chatting away with several friends I presumed. Smiling faces and occasional laughs assured my presumption. There was a stool next to you vacant, so I sat down. Your back was toward me and I got to look you over good before I said anything, if I got the courage to say anything. Black polyester pants, fit was perfect as were the curves contained within. A simple but very nice white top with your light coat still on. Black loafer type shoes and no socks.Courage built by my second gin and tonic convinced me to tap your shoulder and offer to buy you a drink. You turned around slowly, looked me straight in the eye and said, “go away”. Lesser men would have most certainly been deterred, but I saw something in your face I liked a lot and I was not that easy to brush off anyways, especially after my 3rd drink. I put the glass down, and said loud enough for only you to hear, ok I’ll only ask you once or maybe two more times…three at best, if I can buy you a drink. Turning towards me, you grinned. Gotcha! Not giving you a chance to turn back around I blurted out in one syllable, hiyourgorgeouswhat’llyouhaveI’mMike, and stuck out my hand. You put your hand in mine and said hi, I’m Judy. And so it begins.You hand was firm but very soft and you did turn towards me and motioned for the bartender to give you a refill at the same time. You were prettier than I saw from the side, and I glanced down at your shoes…very pretty black with no sock showing just a hint of toe cleavage. My mind already skipped to your place on the sofa watching late night, and me slowly taking off your shoes one at a time and offering to massage your beautiful feet.The next hour or so is mostly blurred out by my anticipation as I’m in your car driving to your place after you convinced me that my car would be fine left in the parking lot. I don’t believe you about that, but I was not in any position to negotiate. I’m on your terms, not mine.You parked in the driveway even though you obviously had a garage. Was this significant, like a sign to your roommate to stay away, makes for an easier get away if you decide this is not for you….I’m thinking of a million things, but I’m out the car and walked in your house.Throwing the keys on the counter, you grab my hand and partially drag me through the house towards what I assume was your bedroom. Our first kiss was hard, hot and wet and lasted long enough for buttons to unbutton, buckles to unbuckle and shoes to be kicked off. I’m standing near nude now with only my shorts tuzla ukraynalı escort on and almost clumsily attacking your bra hook, so you take over and it slips off easily and I feel your mounds touching my chest as we kiss again. They are soft and I could feet your nipples touching my skin and it felt good. It seems we both have four hands as we both begin to explore each other as this passionate moment seems to last forever with neither of us knowing actually what to do next so I take the first step towards the bed and let you fall backwards into the soft mattress. No lights are on, but lots of secondary light shows me how beautiful your body is, and I can touch and feel the softness of it all over. My cock is looking ridiculously uneasy straining to get out of my underwear, so you lift the straps over my hips and free it from the cotton cell. I’m totally naked now, but you still have your panties on and this is my moment, as you have no idea of my desire to smell your pussy as it’s excited. It’s one of my ‘things’, and my cock is twitching in anticipation of that first moment. I know the more turned on you get the greater the aroma, so I’m in full drive now wanting nothing more than to excite you in heights that will give me full aromatic effect when I remove them from your gorgeous body. I’m kneeling over your now, my cock enjoying your soft hand and my hands still not through exploring your body all over. You tight legs are soft as I had imagined as my hands run up and down the full length of them over and over. Your calfs sensational and the soft feel of your feet in my hands begin to make my mind wonder all about how this night came to be so suddenly. I use one had to play with your breast and the other I am now touching your warming slit through your wet panties. I can feel your pussy lips through the silky touch and it is warm to the touch even through the delicate fabric. Your beginning twist in pleasure as my hand has found a mark you find highly enjoyable. All this time your are having this pleasure, your hand never leaves my cock and you seem to know how to touch me there, and I do not want it to explode on you, but do not have the self control to tell you to stop, so my mind concentrates on pleasuring you as much as possible before I unveil you.Soon I know I now need to take your panties off and you rise your ass just enough off the sheet to allow me to slip it under you. I’m doing this slowly, as I want to remember every second of this first time. My fingers rake across your skin as the soft fabric tuzla rus escort is shivering off. There’s no need for you to lift a leg, as I’m bending your knee for you helping it along. Only one leg is free but that is all I needed as I totally buried my head into your hairy pubic area and took in that first aroma of erotic heaven. It hit my sense like a hurricane and at that moment I could not get enough of you. My tongue started to dart in and out of you wanting now more than the smell, but the taste as well. The taste was better than the smell as I’m giving you all I can now and your excitement is obvious…… You hips are swaying with my moving tongue and we are both in ecstasy with the apex of this meeting too soon I fear. I want to slow down a bit, but my hands want all of your body as my tongue gives more and more and your flaming pussy is giving back as much. My cock is straining for release and the head is flared out about to burst, but not like this. Some how I get my head out of your luscious middle and see your face almost disappointed, but you know what is on my mind now. You lay there still for a moment as I straddle your legs and you give me just enough room between your thighs. My strained cock is staring right down at your hot hole and I waste no time introducing our two friends. The warmth of your pussy overwhelms my sense at the first touch and luckily for me you cum immediately as my cock explodes on it’s first deep intrusion into the softness of you. Your hot cum spurts all over my cock and our juices meld for that wonderful aroma of sex as it fills the room. My cock is still inside you, each spasm creates another spurt from you until we both are exhausted from such an explosive orgasm. We lay still for a moment, but then I’m back in my element you might say. Don’t move I say as I’m getting back down to the end of the bed. My hands are unsatisfied and coarsely rubbing your smooth legs, both of them at once. My erection is gone yes, but my enthusiasm for your body is most certainly not. Your legs and thigh are begging for my special massage and I am not stopping for an instant. You shudder a little from this unexpected attention, but you seems to like it. I gather one full leg in my arms and hug it tightly to my body and bring your foot into my face and I get the first wave of foot aroma that is complete heaven to me. Nothing is off base now as I can see you are absolutely loving all this special time. My hands are roaming all over your beautiful legs, rubbing calves, thighs, any and all parts of these gorgeous escort bayan appendages. Finally I have your feet right where I want them, both of the solidly in my face. You have no idea that this is a fetish of mine, but your beautiful feet have a sexual aroma that only few men would appreciate, and thank heaven I am one of them. Hands are now all over you luscious feet, the toes, the heels, the arches, I have no favorite spot on you, I love them all. All the time making sure you are enjoying all of this as well. I never miss an opportunity to put these perfect peds in my face and get another whiff of that glorious aroma and then I startle you. I’m licking the soles of your feet, and you are liking it more than you could imagine liking something like this. Slowly the licking turns towards your toes and soon I have both your pinkie toe and the next one in my mouth with my tongue darting all around them. They are delicious and I can tell you are liking it as well as your hips are beginning to sway upwards towards me. Oh, I feel that sudden surge of testosterone in my cock, and I know this could get interesting again…..I am completely having my way with your feet now. The intoxicating aroma is so overwhelming that my once flaccid cock is stirring to life. My hands are up and down your soft legs as my tongue is getting it’s fill of all your toes. My now hard cock feels a bit dry touching against your thigh and wondering if you have some sort of lubricant close by, but your mind is working like mine now and you reach over and open your nightstand drawer and withdrawal a small bottle and squirt a dribble in your hand. The cool slippery oil startles me at first, but the calmness of your hand stroking my cock overcomes the coolness easily. Expertly you are playing with my cock, massaging the long shaft and delicately toying with the swelled hood with you soft oiled fingers. Now, you lub yourself I ask. I can hear you say you probably do not need any, but I want to see you touching yourself. You do as I ask and I have your feet in my face and watching you with you lubed finger tip tease your fiery clit. You are enjoying this more than I thought you would and now I’m hunching your leg with my cock as I take in that foot aroma. You’ve reached the point where your own self indulgence is not enough and say, please please fuck me now. You no sooner got out your last syllable before my cock finds your smoldering pussy and plunges deep long into your soft insides. Full strokes in and completely out before deeply in again and again. A few short strokes with the tip of my cock rubbing your clit sends you over that edge of an orgasmic cliff and a stream of female cum exits you all over my cock just as it explodes again inside you. Spasm after spasm of orgasm juices combine with each other as we fulfill these inner desires for release.

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