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first text translated into EnglishWhere the story of a man who wants to exist in your eyes ……….A LOLA …It was while visiting a website, a complete accident that I came across this ad. This site did the rest not primarily designed to encourage meetings have but like any site is now complying with pages dedicated to meetings. Since I ‘was there, but I read the profiles are not very inspired that night I did not even used the filter searches for a particular profile fall or even a region. If evidence is needed that sometimes you need to take a path without knowing what it takes you too many people refuse to do the rest. I reviewed many profiles is not very interesting in content, or by the stock photography that does not inspire me or that their content was too explicit and therefore just as often sensationalist and intended to send you later concealed advertisements to visit sites paying adults. Actually I was bored enough in this cyber supermarket people aspiring to no longer be only for one hour, one night, one day or a lifetime. So I went further in my research but I should say reading because I was not really looking into using the “chat” on the site which allowed at least a little less of virtuality in the moment with dialogue. This is how I started the conversation with Lola, a young woman from northern France whose record was only brief and do no research but finally stated that the signing highlighted some bitterness. I translated it from a recent disappointment in love or at least historically wedged with the drafting of the announcement and then guess who is left. The dialogue was friendly, supported and learned that eventually became bitter disappointment since the site had allowed a meeting with a young man in Paris, a connection somewhat supported but ends abruptly for reasons, male, a priori geographical. The distance does not pose a problem at first was too heavy for the man which remained incomprehensible for Lola because suddenly. I agreed with it q it was often so with relationships on the Internet, it was not surprising that on my side and I did not believe in lasting relationships from dating sites on the Internet.Why m ‘then I walked there? Just because every moment was lived this way that could be delicious, who knew the cause, live it and enjoy it. That is all, it was quite simple in design but at the same time clear. Very quickly Lola finally asked me why I persevered in my dialogue with her since I was looking for anything and I signifiais that very often it is precisely when there not looking for anything that was found and then I found his company, though virtual, pleasant.Our conversations were taking turns friendly perfumes to enhance some of which we were wanton provocations turn to the initiative.It’s been a few nights now that we meet to chat over the Internet, to suggest, without causing too revealing and gradually I undertook to discover some ways to Lola I like to undertake through the debauchery. Without being a follower of Marquis shows, I loved the games of the soul, mind and body where one relies on the other and sees his life enclosed within miles vices and pleasures. I had only traveled a few stories from the rest of the Marquis de Sade and only knew his little life. I do not revendiquais of his lineage but that was a world where I liked to evolve. A path among many others but still a long way where many detours, many appearances.In our conversations I was having fun at night to discover Lola few practices or situations for neophytes could inspire fear, disgust, interest, curiosity through some photographs that I sent her. This allowed me to fathom the unfathomable, to discover or to see possibilities of games, but also step by step lead Lola in this game where the defect may have its virtues. It n ‘there was no vile maneuver or manipulation on my part because I was not moving mask. I was dependent on the libertine my vices, but not imposing suggesting Lola and slowly showed his interest, his thirst to discover advantage and great curiosity about this unknown world but exciting.After several weeks of nightly epistolary exchanges on the Internet led Lola advantage of the situation dare seize the opening that I had created by my attitude and my comments and suggested it was time to finally meet. My single life allowed me to freely dispose of my time and so I fixed an appointment but on my terms. It would only be one night in Paris. Lola per game asked me if I had some cravings in keeping the matter but I gave her the full initiative on this subject. Our conversations betrayed my tastes anyway.Lola found me on the terrace of a cafe near my apartment, easy to find since not far from the arrival station of the train. She meant he arrived in Paris by a text message and I knew it n ‘there was now only a few minutes that separated us from the virtual world to the real world.Looking up, I pulled a puff on my cigarette, his eyes hidden behind my sunglasses I was wearing despite the schedule of nineteen hours. J saw a silhouette moving in small steps on the pavement and pulling a small suitcase on wheels travel. She wore a combination of a gray suit with short skirt and jacket buttoned three-quarter front hinting a white blouse. She also wore sunglasses are protecting the eyes of others and last rays of sun that fell. His hair was immaculately coiffed forming a bun. Watching this woman well dressed and pulling his suitcase and with the effect of the bun Lola looked like a hostess air and its makeup is perfect, its refined silhouette and size were perfect illusion. I was left but to finally win and earn my stripes as captain for the night and I was amused by this reflection. For my part I wore a suit and tie combining modern in its cut “sport” and sobriety. I got up on his arrival, the saluting, the kiss on both cheeks with great affection. I asked Lola if she had a good trip and proposed to order a drink. We took both a glass of champagne and started our conversation, watching Parisians rushed passed before us.Provocateur at heart I asked Lola if she realized she had reached Paris on a stranger for a night and the potential risk that this could represent. She answered with great confidence in his voice that a friend with whom Paris knew she was, and where she could also be accommodated and also told me that she feared me absolutely not. She took care of me set in this statement. I smiled, nodding of the head, pointing out that it therefore had a fallback asyabahis yeni giriş solution in case I was a vile satyr, a madman or a visionary. She said she knew why she was there and if I was staying at one of these men cited it certainly would not be there. Seated in front of the other contacts living in our own speech and gaze. Lola made me a little about my experience libertine questioning me asking a few questions that I guessed somewhat prepared beforehand. I answered honestly and consistently asked him each time after a question about my answer to a desire, a fantasy, fear, or to leave the comment on the practice or the situation described. Our conversation was something to be ashamed of our neighboring table if they strained their ears and when I looked around I found that nobody seemed to listen to our conversation. This does not bother me and I would not think Lola would have been embarrassed by it either because when the server came back for a second order it does not mean paused in his explanation that she led in some photos that I he had sent over the Internet.Daylight savings time and the temperature drop induced me to propose to Lola to join my apartment. I took care to take care of her suitcase and arrived on the doorstep of the building. I let Lola go before me up the stairs myself reveling in the undulations of its basins conscious when it went up the stairs as I looked. It certainly was not gallant but so delicious …I signified to him that we had arrived and I opened the door. I headed for him around the small apartment and she quickly took its brands putting the suitcase in the bathroom. I lowered the lights in the room, leaving only a subdued atmosphere and put a little music. J had mechanically taken a CD placed on the stack without even looking. We sat next to each other on the sofa, in profile so that we are facing. At this moment our hands were just a few centimeters from each other and our bodies brushed against by a leg, an arm with every movement caused by respiration. All eyes were now more insistent and repeated by resting my glass I would pretend to m advance towards Lola thereby indicating a willingness to cut my kiss but soon enough momentum to cause, suggest but leave some doubt. Of course I could be assured almost certain that I liked but could it be otherwise if it had gone home when she was a situation of possible folds. The fact I’d invite home without reciprocity? Always it is that I was having fun, not to maintain a doubt that had no basis but the desire to increase, despite the circumstances and make the moment of first kiss surprising. The surprise came not into the kiss, of course, but the moment he was involved and especially the seducer that I wanted to see, feel the desire to give Lola her lips, her mouth. It was his attitude by not wanting res **** r, no more power and thus to abandon me. I watched for the sign not as a fighter but as a devotee who seeks passion in a moment.Based again my glass I advanced somewhat my hand just above the knee of a gesture that Lola leaned forward inviting me to continue my gesture but looking thirst with my mouth. I kissed him while letting me kiss because I always love to receive that first kiss, so magical moment, rather than give or take.I still taste that first kiss fiery, passionate Lola whose body yielded to my touch. I opened one by one the buttons of her jacket and did the same buttons of her blouse revealing. I touched more than I caressed the soft skin of her neck, would walk the birth of her ample bosom and firm under the fabric of her bra. My lips tasted turns his mouth, his cheek, the birth of his coup, the lobe of his ear, the birth of his chest, his ribs gently roamed up and down towards her navel, her belly. D a gentle but firm hand I obligeais advantage to open thighs, she was a natural movement. She wore stockings with seams and discovering that I stroked her long legs and her divinely sculpted by hours of jogging and I felt abandoned Lola advantage millimeter of skin caressed, discovery. She did more than his now seamed stockings and string and I reveled in its delicious chest. I caressed my mouth sometimes, sometimes my fingers, sometimes very gently pinching a nipple, nibbling the barely breathing every movement of his body, leaving me only sighs each guided by the reactions of the pleasures of Lola. My hand went many times on the fabric of her thong, sometimes traveling below the elastic, introducing just a furtive caress the lips of her sex, parting just a piece of fabric to find a sex shaved three quarts. Then slowly kissed my mouth his cock through the fabric, then when I felt my body tense Lola, I saw his eyes closed so I parted advantage of the cloth and gently stroked my tongue the lips of her sex interfering just at the entrance of the fruit offered. I slowly slid her panties down her legs accompanying the movement of my mouth. Lola had sought a few moments to browse through my body, but I did not let her take the initiative, she had just discovered my chest, stroking her hands, kissing furtively. It was finally abandoned to my caresses including my quest, that of his only pleasure before mine. My fingers gently parted lips and my tongue came and rested on his sex. She searched her intimacy with short circular movements, sometimes penetrating as was the finger back up to her clit as I longed sometimes, between two fingers shook as I would have done with my sex. I went down slowly with my tongue along the outline of her lips caressing my tongue this little tiny square of skin making the join between anal sex and then a finger appeared at the entrance of her sex don ‘penetrating than without moving a few millimeters. My tongue went back to play with her clit and pelvis Lola folding of coming to meet my finger. I entered this single finger, by first small circular motions and then I penetrated inch by inch by two fingers now slowly declining to the same sex slightly. My mouth is stuck to her clitoris, the annoying, the aspirant, the licking while I was entering the sex of Lola three fingers pushing me into it fully, while following the movements of his pelvis sometimes faster by taking part sometimes slow to take full sinking my fingers into it completely. The movements of my fingers caress the clitoris and tore at Lola long sigh that devirent rales. She gave herself fully, no longer looking to give pleasure but simply to take it when his body arched, asyabahis giriş her nails dug into my neck while she cried, her whole body trembled, begging after a few long seconds to do more caress. Each caress of her sex was almost a torture, his body arched and I always walked slowly up to him a kiss, my mouth full of the fragrance of her pleasure while pinching her nipples, sometimes gently stroking his chest, sometimes more strongly that made her sigh. I put a wet finger to her pleasure over her mouth, she opened and sucked as if it were my cock, asking me to replace it but I plaquai finger against it. She felt my hard cock through my shorty LICRA black rubbed against her parted thighs benefit from his feet behind me to press my pelvis against hers, inviting me to take but I did nothing. My fingers parted her sex, took it again this time immediately by three and four deep but slow motion sometimes while I was waving my pelvis against her sex. I went up a finger for him to lick the back into sex, then rewrote the same game with two then three then four fingers so she invites me to take it well. His cock was wet, Lola let out sighs, cries during my movements became more rapid. Feeling her body tense I quickened my movements of coming and going with my fingers and then she could not guess it freed me from his body in order to reach her clitoris with my mouth. I knew now stand ready to receive my kiss. My fingers took it quickly, dismissing her sex and I inhaled her clitoris. Lola cried, screamed, trying to hold back her cry of pleasure enjoying his pleasure for a few seconds and then suddenly lifted me up and threw himself on my cock. She rolled the shorty, pulled taut by my sex desire and to his mouth. She played with my penis, will fetch the language of my flesh, watching the reactions of my body, guided by my sighs and groans. She played with her tongue sometimes my penis, then I swallowed almost entirely gently caressing my testicles. She began to masturbate in her nimble fingers licking my testicles, beardless, and realizing that I would enjoy decreased the intensity of her caresses. She went up and down along my cock, drawing it from his mouth, his tongue, encircling his lips, looking at me sometimes in the eye and then suddenly swallowed my cock back down more quickly. I was electrified by pleasure, did not rattle me and she pulled away not wanting my cock and receive cum in my mouth. She looked at me enjoying myself as I am when she enjoyed swallowing my semen while allowing some to escape the corner of his lips. She licked my cock again, swallowed, then shook the back toward my mouth and kissed me. We had not had our fun together but one after the other delighting us by the same of that of the other which reinf *** e his own pleasure.There are situations where the silences and the looks are worth many words and know where to taste this unspoken and revel in it. My fingers replaced my words, my tongue became words and my body an instrument of pleasures, pleasures of takes, which gives pleasure.Lola gave me for the first time, abandon its taboos, were guided in to really take the initiative, accepting the game knowing that ultimately, silent, can not be exceeded. The night was only the exploration of two bodies, sometimes of a soul who lets see after the intense time and disappears as quickly out of modesty, for protection too. The breakfast was still theater of a rapid physical game, no play, just launched a preliminary dice but was most intense, violent as a farewell that we wanted beautiful, strong, powerful, memorable. I gave, took, she received and lavished.I watched the train departed carrying Lola and I received a text message.- “Thank you for this unforgettable night”Simple homage to the body that had given so much pleasure or words from a silence and a call later that night who wanted one?I hesitated slightly before answering then meant reciprocity in the felt and a signed “soon” which left the other free interpretation of the rest …I walked briskly to my desk, still breathing the scent of Lola, still feeling the softness of her little tips of my fingers and I realized I had just a few meters beyond the entrance of the building where I worked. I made a U-turn and decided to buy a croissant for me to restore benefits.It jostled me without even looking at me or speak a word. I was invisible, nonexistent, and I turned around I saw this figure leave the bakery hastily without even looking round.I was annoyed that is all, which was reinforced after the night I had just passed though it may be paradoxical, unless ….After all it was an unknown, I do not see her again, she probably was already far away. She wore a green dress with a light summer silk cloth covering his shoulders and sunglasses at great smoky green. Floor high heels, revisiting the scene of its release I thought of an actress, one of its stars from Hollywood movies in black and white. I was amused myself remembering that I had been transparent and would not likely to remake the same as me.I buckled a few files without interest but they fallaient the finish and hunger drove me to go eat. I had a few habits in the neighborhood and I decided to go eat in a small unpretentious restaurant with the decor, the location, but which covered the plate was a treat for a more reasonable sum dice.I reveled in my salad countryside where ham, bacon rubbed shoulders salads, eggs, tomatoes and many other dishes and yet, is scarce, drank a few sips of my Côte du Rhône recommended by the server. I almost never drank wine, the Roman oracle would have probably seen a sign …I looked up almost mechanically when I heard the server came to greet her and offer a table for one person, that there even beside me.A short green dress and light hair with red highlights, hair fairly short and styled in a battle that piercing gaze rested upon me. I returned the smile silently praising Providence that had brought me to this place and had not driven her to me. Chance are you really? The coincidence that it is mere coincidence? And what’s the question, the important thing is it not simply to live?Although the idea has crossed my mind I had a hard time choosing the disdain and therefore not to look at this stranger who was sitting next to me. Our eyes met a few times without it I can not guess there really exist. I sighed inwardly, realizing the end of my claim. Why should I exist in his eyes? I must have those there, those asyabahis güvenilirmi who can not exist by themselves but through others, or I was just a simple player eternal …Plunged into insipid records I had trouble keeping my mind and I could not remove the image of the unknown. I had nothing to reciprocity since I left the restaurant without being turned or not even greet her with a word or a smile. After all, I’m transparent, I remained transparent …CHAPTER II: Divine providencesThe oracle I had not necessarily prevented but Providence guided my steps …Life is made of miles and one way to take and give pleasure. So I had a few pairs in my relationships friends who did not live the relationship Overlooking \ Submitted as a game but as a way of life, or should I say an art of loving. I was sometimes the privileged spectator of his games, but the director, actor and informed insider. For the typical person, witnessed by chance, it may be odious, incomprehensible, vulgar. Be aware that in a real relationship D \ S (dominant \ Submitted) assuming daily lifestyle, feelings of mutual love and real then it is not. Vulgarity, obscenity tend to me words that can be given to those who judge by appearances and that they themselves are often not daring to confess appearances or even simply a desire to tell him or her who share their lives. It is these silences, lies of omission that are obscene and vulgar for me.I sat on the bench for about an hour reading a photography magazine and seeking the inspiration of the moment to take some pictures. I had this sudden urge today to take pictures but I wanted to live models. I was not trying to steal photographs of strangers in itself, but to capture a moment of life that is all. Looking up I saw no reason to stop a car at the curb in front of me. A man in his forties spoken, elegant and out went round to open the door of his passenger. These movements were slow, full of care when opening the door and helping the person out. I understood the reasons for seeing tans attention out of the sedan a blindfolded woman, blonde hair pulled back. She wore a beautiful black vinyl dress enhanced by a pair of shoes with high heels. His hands were tied by a pair of handcuffs with a rope at the end to guide it. This was a surreal spectacle, amazing in this morning in central Paris but so poignant, mysterious and captivating. The sunlight of this spring were caressing the face of the unknown, playing with her blonde hair and I was privileged to witness a single array, so beautiful and alive.The man threw a few looks around, staring at me a few seconds and seemed to ignore me and then he walked slowly to his companion the porch of an old building located in front of us. It made him cross the street rather nimbly by holding size while guiding the rope connected to the pair of handcuffs. The street was almost deserted but they met a couple, not pressing, probably horrified at this stage but would at least have something to talk about during their monotonous evening. I must admit that this show had me confused, and agitated that I had even forgotten to leave my camera. On reflection I think I would never take a picture indeed, out of respect for this couple, for their boldness and not to betray the beauty of their gameI followed them just the look that is all subdued. The man wrote a code at the entrance of the building and then as if to reassure his subject he placed a soft kiss on her neck. A stinging spanking that will probably reddened buttocks of the unknown, pushed her to move. I imagined the rest excited by the situation, frightened but also troubled by all this.The duo disappeared by rushing into the lobby of the building and I was losing my mind. I scanned around me to watch any witnesses to this scene, the couple disappeared, taking with cross their legs to their necks and I saw no one. I lit a cigarette, I still had the right to self-destruct to me outside without falling within the scope of the law, and I was passing me slowly every scene in slow motion. I was lost in thought, and I promised to tell everything at Lola coming back tonight which I was persuaded to greatly excite the yet unknown since this experience outside of the headband.I do not hear the footsteps coming towards me.”- HelloLooking up I recognized the man- Hello.- I thought I noticed you had not been frightened by the small stage at any hour- Not the contrary. When j have the chance to watch the beautiful I look, the gaze that is all- I’ve noticed that you had a camera on you- Indeed- Would you be interested to join us and ass **** r in a session? you might be postponed for our game as well- I’d be delighted and honored- But I must be satisfied for images of their private use only.- I have my laptop with me so I propose to take the photo, download them to the laptop, burn the CD, of the offer then you delete all pictures immediately in front of you. You will send me the pictures if you wish- This is perfect. Follow me. “I left my seat with great excitement and soon after mounted the three wooden floors of the building we came to the door of an apartment. A man greeted me and ushered us. The apartment was furnished with tasteful furnishings and decor and showed a certain social class but without apparent exaggeration and they made me enter the room. The shutters were closed but instead of artificial light was sufficient for me to take photographs.’- Phil, delighted!- Olivier, as well- Khan told me that you had noticed it and so you have agreed to be our privileged witness and immortalize this little session?- Indeed, yes and I am more than honored- No worry we are not fools- Rest assured long ago already, despite my thirty four years since I read the work of this dear Marquis …- Ah I see that we are fortunate to have an insider?- Yes the likings of my career but I would be there that day mere witness and not an actor, he would miss the one I love for it.- This is a tribute to you.At these words he went away, Khan sitting in a large red leather chair and came back with the unknown. She was still blindfolded, advancing timidly. Phil took great care to examine the conduct, and thus reveal the while taking photographs I thought he was checking the accuracy of the holding that he had asked.”I present to you dear Oliver Cristalle. “Phil said with amused toneIncluding that another man was present and in addition a complete stranger Cristalle had a decline of body movement. Phil looked at her hard, while the rope to keep it moving and then coming behind her quickly he unveiled his magnificent chest bulging and firm.He mauled somewhat by pinching the nipples, forced him to lean the torso forward and releasing his butt smacked three hits supported by his hand on her buttocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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