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Ava Addams

Subject: Finding my Other Half (Chapter 2) (Gay/Incest) Thank you for taking the time to read, if you feel like contacting me you can do so at ail or on Telegram: jrobyyz85 If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of fiction, please stop reading now. Thanks to all the previous writers, including Dicksonhill, who inspired me to write this story. Please donate to Nifty so they can continue to let you read these stories. ——————- Finding my Other Half (Chapter 2) I raise myself from my parents bed and start dressing myself with my school uniform. The thoughts from the shower are still fresh in my brain. I can still feel Marco’s hands on my body. Exploring me. The memory of him on his knees in front of me makes my cock twitch. I’m trying to hold on to each thought as I’m arranging my school books in my backpack. His soap filled hands washing my butt. I can feel his fingers washing in between my butt cheeks. I swear I can remember him pressing my boy hole everytime he passed through. I remember feeling alive. I get nervous knowing I will have to leave the room soon to face him. I press my ear on the door trying to see if I can hear and decipher what he is doing, but I can’t make anything out. “Why did I leave?”, I think to myself. “You know you were enjoying it. You know you wanted more. Why did I rush out of the washroom?” I sit on my parents bed and I find myself with a mixture of frustration and anger towards myself. I’ve known I was gay for a while now, and I had just blown an opportunity to really explore my sexuality. I looked at the time and realized I couldn’t hide forever. My father would be home shortly. I stood up, opened the door and slowly walked outside. He wasn’t in my room. I slowly searched for him and found him sitting on our patio with his bare feet up on the table, lost in his thoughts. He was wearing khaki shorts and a red polo shirt. I quietly observed him. The soles of his feet shined bright with the sun. I tried not to focus too much on them and concentrate more on finishing getting ready for school. He must have heard me moving around the house because he called out for me to join him on the patio. I walked over to him and sit beside him. He is nervous. I can tell by how he is breathing. I’m nervous too. “I’m sorry, little brother”, he finally says. “I wasn’t thinking and what happened today, in the shower… that’s on me. I’m sorry”. He is fumbling through his words. I feel a pit in my stomach. “I’m sorry too”, I say. “Don’t be. I’m the adult. I shouldn’t have force anything on you” “But you didn’t”, I almost cried out. “I was enjoying myself. You are like me, It was just too much so fast” “Like you?”, he asks. “What do you mean, papi?” “You are gay, like me”, I start to cry and he reached out to hold me in his arms. “Thank you for sharing that with me, little brother”, he says, lifting my face. “I guess I was a little concerned because you rushed out of the bathroom”. He wipes my tears as he talks. “I just… It was… you are my brother”, I whisper the last word. “I’m also older and could get in istanbul travesti a lot of trouble”, he leans forward, gently knocking his forehead with me. “I wouldn’t say anything… ever”, I’m still whispering. I’m staring into his hazel eyes. Just like mine. He lifts my face with his hand. Rubs my lips gently with his thumb. I kiss it before I can stop myself. It’s like the world has stopped. I can hear both our hearts beating fast. I’m lost in his eyes. He is breathing heavily and licks his lips. We are leaning towards each other slowly. “Marco!”, my dad yells from the other room. “Jaime! You boys ready? The car is running. Let’s go” We both pull back from each other as if returning from a different reality. I’m hard in my uniform and a wet spot has formed over my crotch area. Marco hurries to put on his sandals. He stands up and adjusts his bulge over his jeans. He looks at me and winks. He was also hard, I think. “Let’s go little brother”, he tilts his head and starts walking. I quickly follow, covering myself with my books and backpack. My dad drives me to school. They are in the front seat. I’m sitting directly behind my brother and can see his face through the side mirror of the car. He is talking to our dad like normal and every so often our eyes meet in the mirror. He always smiles when this happens. Makes my stomach flutter. That day at school was by far the longest, most tedious day at school. I constantly found myself reliving the events of the morning. I was constantly hard. My balls started to ache. I kept thinking of his exposed armpits when he was having breakfast. The way he thrusted on my butt when we were wrestling. The soles of his feet on the patio. Friends and even teachers noticed how distracted I was. I just played it off as having not slept well. I found myself disappointed at the fact that the following day was Saturday. We wouldn’t be alone like we had been today. Finally the day ended and I rushed home. I was excited and nervous thinking of what would happen. What other things could we do? I walked home just in time for dinner. My parents and Marco were all setting the table. My mother quickly told me to take my uniform off and sit for supper. I changed into my pijamas and walked barefoot back into the dinning room. I sat directly in front of Marco and we all started talking about our day. Just like the night before our secret language emerged with ease. He would find excuses to ask me for something on my side of the table and hold our touch just a second longer. It was thrilling. My parents were oblivious to this. I was feeling weirdly confident and I extended my leg so that our feet would touch. He didn’t react to my touch, instead he played along. Such a soft sole, I thought. He rubs his feet all over mine. Gently. He isn’t looking at me. He runs his sole up my calf, going under my pijama bottoms. It’s so warm. He slides it down to my foot again and stops. I’m confused. I want him to continue. I insist with my foot. I ran it up his calves. They are hairy. The sensation on my toes is making my cock harden. I stare at him and he bites his lower lip kadıköy travesti listening to my parents speak. I know it’s because of me. It’s our secret language. He is loving it. He puts a bite of food in his mouth and says: “It’s soooo good”. He licks his lips, chills run through my body. “How did you boys spend the morning?”, my mother asks. The moment has passed again. Marco smiles and says: “I got to know my little brother. It was very educational”. “Have you enjoyed getting to know Marco”, she asks me while reaching for her drink. “It’s been great”, I reply back. “I never thought I would meet somebody that’s interested in the same things I am”. My father celebrates this. He is beyond happy and proud. I’m happy too. Dinner finished. My parents and Marco moved to the living room and I tried focusing on my homework. I would glance over to the living room but I couldn’t see them so I just focused on school. At around 10pm, my parents announced they would go to bed. They all walked into the kitchen. My mother went to their room and my dad with Marco kept talking there standing. “Almost bedtime?” My dad asked me “Almost”, I replied back with a smile. “You know, dad” Marco started. “I still feel bad that Jaime has to sleep in the hamac, while I intrude in his bedroom. The bed has 2 mattresses, why don’t we just lower one beside the other; that way Jaime can sleep more comfortably in his room” My dad pondered the idea for a bit and seemed to start to think if the idea was possible. While he was distracted, Marco looked at me and winked. Not waiting for my dad to make a decision, he quickly said to him. “Come, help me lower the mattress”. I just kept quiet. Watching. Nervous again. Once the arrangements were done. Marco said he would get ready to take a shower; and my dad went to his room saying goodnight to me and closing the door behind him. I stayed seated in the kitchen finishing my school work and then I heard the door to my room open. Marco walks out and checks my parents door. He sees it closed. He walks back into the room. Always within eyesight and starts to undress. A heavy tension fills the space between us. He is nervous. He keeps trying to check my parents door and his breathing is a bit heavy. He takes his shirt off, and runs his hand over his chest and belly. Now I’m breathing heavily. He undoes his khaki shorts and lets them drop to the floor. He is wearing black briefs. I wonder if they are the same ones from the day before. The same ones I had sniffed earlier in the day. He tugs at his bulge, and I move to do the same. But as I start to move, he starts to shake his head no. I freeze. My heart is pounding hard. He turns around and takes the briefs off. His round butt makes me lick my lips. He then wraps a towel around his waist and turns to me. He leaves the briefs on the bed and walks to the bathroom smiling, closing the door behind him. I gathered my books and put them away in my bedroom. I stare at the briefs. That primal instinct is back. Without thinking I reach for them. I look at them and see that they are indeed the same ones from this morning. bakırköy travesti I inspect the crotch area, and find a moist spot. Fresh. I’ve lost all control at this point. I take the wet spot and bring it as close to my nose as I can without touching it. It seems sweet. I stick out my tongue and taste it. My cock hardens. It tastes sweet, like my own. I taste again, it tastes like him. Like my big brother. I sniff the briefs hard and deep. I feel myself getting intoxicated in his scent. It’s stronger than in the morning. It’s muskier. His sweat is strong but I love it. I’m obsessed with it. I reached into my pijama and grabbed hold of my cock. I start stroking as my brother’s scent takes over my brain. I’m not thinking, I’m just acting. The images from this morning flood my brain. His veiny feet as he walked. The shiny soles because of the sun on the patio. His feet running up and down my calves during dinner. I hide behind the door of my room. I can feel the juices from my cock starting to slide down my shaft as I stroke. My balls start to ache again. I let out a soft moan into his briefs. It’s then that my mother comes out of her room. She goes to the fridge for a drink. I get startled and start to collect my composure. I stop stroking and fix my clothes. She finishes her drink and returns to her room. I put the briefs back where I found them. I try to collect myself but the day has been filled with so much emotion. I can’t stop myself again. I stand up and leave my room. I make sure my parents’ door is closed. I slowly make my way to the bathroom. I was nervous. My heart was racing. My mind was screaming: “what are you doing? He is your older brother” But an instinct so primal had taken over my body, and it was stronger than the shame and guilt I felt. I tried to open the door and to my surprise it was unlocked. Had he done this on purpose, I thought. I tried to act casual and in a not too loud voice asked: “Can I brush my teeth?” “What?”, he replied back behind the shower curtain. I cleared my throat nervously and asked again. “Sorry, I can’t hear you through the water and the shower curtain” Nervously, I peered through the shower curtain. He was all covered in soap and with a razor was shaving his pubic area. I stared at this wet body and his semi hard cock. He looked up at me and I nervously asked again; and he said: “Yes, of course you can”. A smile formed on his face and he swallowed hard. His expression quickly changed and shook his head indicating my parents’ room. I moved back and started to brush my teeth. Staring at the reflection of the shower curtain in the mirror. A few minutes later, the shower turned off. He opened the curtain fully. He peered to the bathroom door, checking if we were actually alone. I kept brushing the same tooth over and over. Admiring his wet body. He took his time to dry off. Always aware that the door was open and ready to cover up if needed. His breathing was heavy. He was nervous but in control. His freshly trimmed cock hung between his legs and he made no effort to hide it while he dried his back. He finally wrapped the towel around his waist and looking at my reflection in the mirror he said: “Maybe you should shower too”. He smiled and before leaving the bathroom said: “I’ll see you in the bedroom”. I looked back at my reflection. I looked into my hazel eyes. I rinsed my mouth and whispered: “Fuck!”.

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