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Subject: Family Cabin Seed And Feed. Chapter 5 All the usual disclaimers apply. Nifty needs our financial support to keep going. Please give what you can, man. Thank you fty/donate.html Send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! Family Cabin Seed And Feed Chapter 5 Lando and I entered the Cabin, naked, fully boned and leaking pre cum like fucking crazy. The electric lanterns had colorful scarves over them, casting a warm light around the big rustic room. Dad and Uncle Chuckie and our cute Cuz, Davey were sitting nude on the wrestling mats, getting their drink on. These guys were completely relaxed being naked together, completely comfortable in their skin. Davey stuck to beer but the men were doing shots with beer chasers. The rowdy threesome coming in behind us wasted no time stripping down to their birthday suits. Dad, Chuckie and Davey greeted Uncle Ron and Luke and Lee warmly. Ron Solo is a Sex Machine and his hot sons are sexual athletes who can stay hard and fuck ass all night. They bring a sweaty, horny college Locket Room Frat Boy vibe wherever they go. They are like Abercrombie & Fitch get naked on PornHub and fuck like Conner and Dawson and Josh on Corbin Fisher. Some of you guys know what I mean ! Their nudity is Pretty appropriate seeing as this is a Birthday Party ! After everyone had a drink in hand, we all moved and sat our bare naked asses at the Poke Her table which was now more like a Poke Him table ! Dad told Lando to get on the Lazy Susan on all fours, back arched. My little Bro’s sexy bubble butt was right in our dad’s handsome face ! We all watched as dad used both his strong hands to pull open the juicy boy butt cheeks of my sexy little brother. Gymnastics have given Lando a truly awesome ASS ! Dad asked, Lando, my son, about to become a man. What do you want, you sexy Stud ?” Lando answered in a firm and husky voice. “I want you, Dad, to eat me out and get me ready fo, you know.” Dad istanbul travesti replied, “Son, we are gonna give your tight virgin hole killer Rim Jobs and a good Birthday spanking to warm you up. And then we will Finger Bang your Boy Hole so you can take the Cock that gave you life to be followed by all of your Uncles and Cousins. And Toby Wan will fuck you right after your Uncles.” “Sounds good, Dad. I’m horny to get started !” Our father buried his handsome face right in there, dragging his wet tongue up and down the slightly salty crack. Low moans came from my baby Bro. Then dad started eating and tongue fucking his youngest son’s perfect, hairless, pink starfish hole. getting him ready for the main event. Daddy Dick. A Father Fuck. The best thing a Boy can get. Makes his 13 th birthday truly special. I can still remember the night, right here in the Cabin when my dad, Ron Solo and Uncle Chuckie ate my butt, spanked my ass and fucked the fuck out of my super tight Virgin Boy Hole ! And when my hot college boy cousins, Luke and Lee spitroasted me, hard and deep, they high fived and made an Eiffel Tower over my arched back Those older male relatives took me to Pound Town and back. They Rode me hard and put me away wet. And Dad. He’ll do the same fuckin’ thing to. And for. His youngest Boy here tonight ! HOT. Butt for now it’s a Boy Ass Buffet as Dad chowed down on Lando’s tight hole. Go, dad. You sexy, horny fucker. Stud ! My sexual Hero ! He ate his youngest son like a Pit Bull chows down on steak tartar. Like a fuckin’ boss. Alpha all the way ! When he was done, dad spun the Lazy Susan so Lando was presenting his hot bubble butt to his Uncle Chuckie. Uncle went to work ! Then Dad spun the Lazy Susan so Uncle Ron Solo was expertly rimming my Bro. SO good ! Next I got my turn to lick and tongue fuck my Bro’s Boy Hole. So wet and slippery from Family Saliva. Then I spun Lando so Cousin Davey got a good taste kadıköy travesti of Boy Cunt. When Davey’s jaw got tired, he spun the Lazy Susan so hot Bros, Luke and Lee could eat cleanup. These hot studs are athletes and super competitive in everything they do. Sports. Grades. Girls. And eating Boy asshole ! The studly brothers went all in and their handsome faces were covered in saliva and ass juice. Lando was moaning in lusty pleasure like a sexed up Bitch in Heat ! Fuck yeah. The Frat Bros spun my brother’s well eaten virgin ass back to our dad who started off the Birthday Spanking. One. Two. Three. Four. We all counted them off up to 13 ! After each smack we rubbed the spot to lessen the sting. Lando’s Lilly white And well muscled Boy Butt had pink hand prints all over. Nice ! Dad lubed up his index finger and ordered Lando to lie on his back on the padded Lazy Susan and hold his legs back, exposing his puckered pink hole. “Are you and the guys gonna finger fuck me now, dad ?,” My little Bro asked. Our Dad replied, “That’s the plan, Little Man ! Are you ready to go from Boy to Man by being initiated into our Family Of Men ?” “Yes, Dad, I want my Family Seed And Feed. I really appreciate you guys doing this for me. Seriously. So let’s do this, guys. Get me ready for Dad Dick. Uncle Cock. Bro Bone and Cousin Cock. Finger Fuck Me Now !” When dad got two fingers inside Lando, he told us he was giving his youngest boy his first Prostate Massage. Lando gave sexy moans as Dad worked his Boy Hole using two lubed up fingers to stroke my cute brother’s Love Nub. I know how intense that feels. Dad is an Ass Master and at my Seed and Feed, his expert Prostate Massage gave me an epic, hands free orgasm. My first but not my last. Right, dad ?” I shot cum up to my face and even got a taste of my own Spunk. SO AWESOME. The little fucker was boned to the max and gushing Cock Snot all over his flat stomach, some bakırköy travesti running down his well defined Cum Gutters. I learned about The V and Cum Gutters from Luke and Lee, the High School and College horn dog athletes. I guess dad didn’t want Lando to bust his nut yet so he pulled out and spun his son around to Uncle Chuckie for a very aggressive lube job and Finger Bang ! Next up was Uncle Ron Solo. And I can tell you from personal experience. This Uber sexy man has mad skills. If my dad is The Ass Master, I would call Uncle Ron The Ass Ninja. He’s stealthy and tricky and full of sexy surprises ! Uncle Ron Solo said, “Come on, Lando. You gotta take three fingers at least, if you’re gonna take my B.O.D. That’s my Big Ole Dick To you young Studs ! Hahaha. Ok, that’s better, nephew. You’ve now got three fingers up your poop chute. Good Boy. Proud of you, Young Man ! Each of your cousins and your Bad Ass Brother got up to four in their hole. Four in the hole so you can take my Big Pole ! Lol.” Our cousins, Luke and Lee spoke up and said,”Dad, spin his ass over here so we can double team his tight virgin asshole ” In a flash The three dads rotated Lando’s asshole in front of fit brothers, Luke and Lee who whooped like wild banshees. Lando moaned so loud as each cousin used two fingers to pry Lando’s Boy butthole wide open. After they got him loosened up, the brothers used their Sexual Teamwork to double lube and double Finger Fuck my little Bro. They Finger Banged my Baby Bro. Hard and Deep. Over and over and over again. Then they called Cousin Davey over to join in the Ass Action. It looked like Davey was horned up and getting a little cray. Seems like he’s trying to FIST Lando ! My dad interrupted,”Slow down, Cowboy. Your fist will blow out my Boy’s O Ring. No Fists. Fingers only ! Understood ?” “Yes, sir,” said Luke, Lee and Davey like good Sex Soldiers. “Men, I think he’s ready. What do you say, Son ?” “Dad. Guys. My Uncles and Bro and Cousins. I’m ready for my Family Seed and Feed. Now Get over here and FUCk ME IN The ASS. NOW !” Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! Please support Nifty ! Family Cabin Seed and Feed. Chapter 5.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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