Fall From Grace Ch. 01: A Mother’s Story

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My mother was one of those people who always acted like she was better than everyone else. She was born with all of the advantages; good family, attractive, great body, and the knowledge that she was just plain better than everyone else. Needless to say, it made her into royal bitch. Unfortunately, she was also a royal bitch that had everyone wrapped around her fingers. I am sure that had nothing to do with the fact that she had an amazing body, that just oozed sexuality and she was not afraid to tease anyone to get her way.

As he son, you would think my life was golden, yes? Definitely not so. I was the product of her scheme to snare and marry a wealthy man. You see, she “accidentally” got pregnant and of course he did the right thing and married her. After a suitable amount of time, she showed her true colors and drove him away.

Of course she acted the part of the loving mother who would die without the custody of her dear son, which would also come with a hefty support agreement.

She despised me as the physical reminder of my father. As a result, she was cruel and harsh to me throughout my childhood. Her punishments were often very painful and at times humiliating. As a result, I hated her and harbored deep feelings of resentment and strong desires to pay her back if I was ever given the chance. It also drove me to leave the house as early as I could and drove me to be successful.

It had been almost ten years since I saw her again. I heard stories about her over the years, but I never had any interest to invite her back into my life. It surprised the hell out of me, when she showed up at my door out of the blue. She was crying crocodile tears and begging me to take her in. Apparently, she had lost almost all of the money she got from my father, had burned all other bridges, and because she never finished college after snagging my father, she had no prospects.

I am not a heartless bastard and my first instinct was to feel pity and want to help a woman in trouble. I am sure that it as the only reason that she tried me, because she knew I was a sentimental person, despite her raising me. However, it didn’t take long for her to show her true colors again and remind me of why I hated and resented her. Unfortunately, I had already let her move into my house and she quickly embedded herself like a tick.

I tried to make the best of the situation, I generally dislike being alone and I was between girlfriends. I went through quite a few of them. I think it had a lot to do with how my mother raised me and my very skewed view of women based on her as an example. I expected the worst from women and always got it. This is yet another thing on my list of things to repay my mother for.

It was strange to have a woman in my house who I should have a close relationship with, but who I really only saw as a physical person. It gave me the chance to see her as a woman and not my mother. I definitely saw why she was so successful manipulating men. She was petite in a very feminine way, but had nice big tits and a lush ass, which both seemed strange on a woman so petite. It was like she was sculpted to be the physical embodiment of sex. To make matters worse, she was almost always walking around the house in yoga pants and clinging tops or in her silk robe that just barely covered her ass. I was almost constantly aroused and on the verge of exploding. It was strange to be so excited by a woman who I should have felt familial love for, and who I felt such hate for.

The worst thing for me was the constant flip back and forth between such strong sexual desire and such strong hatred. It was building and building and I didn’t know how it was going to end, until that final straw, which not only broke the camel’s back, but dropped the camel down on both of our heads. In an explosive mix of rage and sexual desire, both of our futures changed irrevocably.

I came home after a particularly stressful day and before I cold even change into comfortable clothes and relax for just a second, she launched into me about something ridiculous about the internet service or some such thing. I am tipobet365 güvenilirmi in my room trying to change our of my work suit, and she just followed me in and continued to rant. When I told her to back off and give me a chance to relax in my own home, she lost it and started screaming all kinds of insulting and hurtful things at me. I was ready to snap, when of all things, she calls me a son of a bitch. I started laughing hysterically and she looked at me like I was a crazy person. I said, “You realize that makes you the bitch, right?” and laughed even harder.

Then she did something very stupid. She slapped me as hard as she could across my face. I was stunned into silence and just looked at her, as she almost vibrated she was so angry at me. It was in that moment that 25 years of rage and resentment exploded. I slapped her back. It was the first time I had ever struck anyone in anger. I had been involved in a lot of BDSM relationships, but the pain and impact play was always motivated by mutual desire. This was different. She was stunned. She was silent. She was afraid. All things I never saw her before…. and I liked it.

I spent much of my childhood stunned, silent and afraid. In that moment I felt like I was freed from long imprisonment or something. I had fought back against the bully that rued me with fear. I was in control of my life. I also realized that because of her desperate situation, I was now in control of her life also. In that moment I decided to show her what a bad mother she had been and what happen to bad mothers.

I grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her. I shouted into her face, “You are right, I am a son of a bitch, a royal bitch, a real cunt who is selfish, self centered, and nasty to everyone. She is a bitch who needs to know humility. She is a bitch who needs to be showed how other people feel as a result of her treatment. She is a bitch, who needs to suffer.” Before she could recover or even understand what I was saying, I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled her over my lap and started to spank her ass as hard as I could with my bare hand.

I was slapping her ass so hard that it was stinging my bare hand. However, I barely noticed as I became drunk on the sight of her full round ass, in the tight spandex of her yoga pants. The way her fat ass rippled with each violent slap, the way she yelped and jumped as if trying to escape through my lap, it was all so overwhelming and so very exciting.

As I spanked her, I ranted at her about what a nasty bitch she is and has always been. I told her how that all stops NOW. I am going to make her a decent person or at least someone of use. I was torn between righteous indignation and pure lustful desire. One minute I wanted to make her a better person and in the next, I wanted her to be nothing but a sex toy. It is hard to sort years of bad memories and experiences in a sane and reasonable way. And I was definitely slipping farther toward unreasonable as I started getting hard as a rock, feeling my mother squirm on my lap as she begged me to stop.

In a moment of clarity, I tried to stop my desires and rage, so I yanked her off my lap and threw her back on the bed, holding her wrists in my hands, holding her down. My intent was to get control of myself and stop where my head was going. But when I looked down and saw the look in my mother’s eyes, I knew something drastically had changed. She was looking up at me with this look of wild excitement in her eyes. There was fear and uncertainty, but also this look of unbridled desire.

I know this look well. I have seen this look in the eyes of many women who I shared BDSM relationships with. I had seen this look in the eyes of my submissives, my painsluts, and the ones who craved humiliation. It is more than just the desire, it is also the fear of themselves and what they need, it was the shame of knowing that what they wanted and needed, was not what they should want and need, but they wanted and needed it even more because of that.

Without another word, I held her down and crushed her lips with mine… I kissed her passionately, tipobet365 yeni giriş probing her mouth with my tongue… I shoved one hand between her legs, feeling the smooth spandex…. feeling the wetness that I knew I would find, after seeing the look in her eyes….

As i grabbed her wet pussy with my hand, I felt her push her thighs open… not wide, but enough to know that her body’s instincts were driving her. My other hand went to her large full tit, so firm in my hand as I squeezed it HARD, making her yelp into my mouth and then moan almost imperceptibly. I noticed immediately that she made no attempt to move her arms after I released them to molest her pussy and tit.

As I felt her big heavy tit, I felt the unmistakable pressure against my palm of her nipple hardening. I felt her chest rising and falling in desperate pants as she lost more control of her body’s responses. I felt her squeeze her thighs around my hand, but not to push me away, she was definitely trapping my hand against her wet cunt and trying to increase the pressure. I pressed hard, grabbing her wet cunt, rubbing my thumb against her clit which was now pushing out enough to feel it through her yoga pants. She moaned loud into my mouth as she felt my thumb on her clit.

I immediately stopped and lifted myself off of her. She looked up at me like I stole something she desperately needed. She was panting and so obviously in desperate sexual need. I just looked down at her and laughed. “You are a needy cunt aren’t you?” I asked. “You are always thinking about what you need… what you want… Well now it is all about ME!”, I told her. I can see that she is so desperate and will do anything and everything I want her to do.

I grab her hand and put it on my cock, which is pushing through my pants. “Take it out!” I order her. She never even stopped to think about refusing. I loved the way her nervous, desperate hands fumbled with my fly and my belt as she tried to get my cock out. I loved the look on her face when she sees the size of my cock for the first time. I am not huge, but I have a thick eight inches, which has always served me well. She is looking at it like she is hypnotized by it. She is frozen. She looks at me for guidance. I have never seen my mother out of control and indecisive, so I relished this moment as I see this and know that she wants and needs my direction.

“Take it in your hands. Feel the size of my cock. Feel the weight of it. Get to know the cock that owns your ass now.” I love the way she takes my cock in her hands almost like she is afraid it will bite her. Her hands are so petite and small and my cock looks even bigger in them. I love the way I can feel her hands trembling around my cock. It twitches in her hands and she almost jumps, she is so overstimulated and overwhelmed.

Take my cock in your mouth cunt!” I order her. She jumps again from my sudden and unexpectedly loud command. I watch the looks of shame and desire and fear and indecision quickly move across her face. I see her start to bend forward slowly as if drawn to my cock against her will. I let her drift closer and closer… my cock is right in front of her eyes now… she looks like she is trying to stare down a snake about to strike… I grab her head and pull her onto my cock hard, fast and brutally.

I love the way she pushes her hands against my thighs trying to pull off my cock… I love the feeling of her tongue and throat as she is desperate like she will choke without air… I fill my fingers with her thick, smooth black hair and I hold her mouth tighter on my cock. I hold her a little longer on my cock as she struggles, and then yak her off by her hair. She falls back on her ass… looking up at me with her mouth wide… again she has that desperate look of longing and denial on her face. I laugh as I look down on her. I am looking down on her physically and intellectually. She has always been so high and mighty, but there she is on her ass, looking up to me, needing me, wanting me….

“Get up and strip for me whore!” “Show me that sexy body that you are so proud of and tipobet365 güvenilirmi which you have used so often to get what you want”

She hesitates… looking down at the floor… shamed by my words and the position she finds herself in… shamed that she likes it.

“NOW CUNT, get your fucking clothes off NOW” I order her. She gets to her feet and I watch as her trembling hands grab at the waist of her yoga pants. She is looking t the ground as she slowly pushes them over her full ass, slowly down her thighs. I immediately notice that she is not wearing any panties under her yoga pants. I am not sure if this is just how women wear them or not, but I decide to add to her shame by calling it out. “No panties, eh slut? Do you always walk around like that? Have you been trying to tease me this whole time you fucking whore???” I love the way her cheeks flush bright red. She says nothing though. She just continues to to push the tight spandex down her legs. I laugh as I watch her struggling to get the over her sports shoes. “Just take the fucking shoes off you stupid cunt” I tell her. Again she blushes in shame and I can’t imagine my cock can get any harder.

She stands back up and has her hands together over her exposed pussy. I love the way she tries to preserve some modesty considering the circumstances. “Now the top bitch, DON’T make me wait.” I command. She grabs the hem pf her top and pulls it up in one swift motion, but it catches on her head, allowing me to watch her big tits in her sports bra as she wrestles with her top, trying to free herself. It comes off and her hair is wild from the static and wrestling of the top. I love the wild sexual look it gives her. It adds to the desperate sexual vibe she is giving me.

“Now the bra, why do you make me wait for everything???” She fumbles with the sports bra. It is very tight and I can see immediately why, her tits are fucking big… bigger than I remembered. When she yanks it off of them finally, I am amazed at how they flop and bounce back against her ribs. “God DAMN you have some great tits” I say without thinking. “How did I not know how fucking amazing my mother’s tits were?” I ask her. She instinctively wraps her arms around herself, trying to cover her big tits with her tiny hands. I bask in her shame, as she tries not to look at me or think about her son leering at her tits.

“Move your fucking hands, cunt!” she drops them like she was struck… still looking at the ground… I relish the look of shame after so many years of her looking down on me and treating me like I was the useless thing. I want to increase her shame. I tell her, “turn around slowly, show me that sexy body whore.” She turns on trembling legs. “Your ass is fatter then I remember, but still pretty fucking hot. You always were all tits and ass, a walking wet dream. But I guess you already knew that, didn’t you? That is how you got everything you wanted, isn’t in whore?”

She says nothing. Without warning, I slap her HARD on her ass. “I asked you a question cunt, ” I tell her. She stammers and her voice is weak as she says, “yes, i have always used my body to get what I wanted.” I love the weakness in her voice, having heard her strong commanding and demeaning voice for so many years. SLAP, I spank her ass with my hand again. “What was that whore? I didn’t hear it. Tell me that you are a fucking whore who used her big tits and fat ass to get what she wanted.” I love the way she blushes down to her full tits as she says louder, “I am just a fucking whore who used my big tits and fat ass to get what I wanted.”

“Now we are making progress. Maybe you are trainable. The first part of your training is to learn your place. This is MY house and you came crawling to me, so I make the rules and you follow the rules or I kick your worthless ass out. Come to think of it, you didn’t really come crawling, did you? You barged in here and demanded, like you always did. Well, why don’t we fix that now. Get on your knees and crawl to me bitch!” I order her. I think that I will cum right then and there, when I see her slump to her knees and start to crawl to me…

***This is just the start of this journey. I will write more as it develops. Please let me know if there is interest in seeing how this plays out. I will also appreciate any thoughts people may have on how I can improve this story or any I may write in the future. Thank you for your time.***

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