Escape in Shenzhen

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Escape in ShenzhenHow good can it be when you are on a business trip sponsored by the company, and yet, you call up your lover and stay in together for a good 3 days. Well… I got such luck when my company send me to Shenzhen, China. Beside carrying out my work, I got to meet my China girl friend and fuck for 3 nights. She is none others than my XHL, a horny girl that makes me cum 3 Shot 2 Hours, which I met her through WeChat and bonk her HERE.I shall not put down all 3 days of fun I had, but just gave you guys a good story of a particular night of my exhaustion.It was day 2. We came back from dinner. When we hit back to our room, we were fooling around. We kissed we hugged we touch each other while we drop onto the bed. I kiss all over her face. Her soft lips. Her beautiful eyes. Her pointed nose. And her sensitive ears. I blew air into her ear and she was shivering with enjoyment.As I continue to kiss down her neck, My hand roam up her legs. Those türbanlı afyon escort smooth slender legs belongs to those of a model. As I feel those sexy thongs, I slide my hand towards her crotch. I could feel her dampness forming, as she starts to moan on my touch. I’m still working my kiss on her neck line down her collar bone, while I finger her, just outside her panties, rubbing her pussy lips through the soft fabrics that covers her lust, while her breathing becomes heavy.After awhile, I help her undress. I pull down her panties, showy, down her legs, while licking her legs. Next, I pull her top over her head, follow by her bra. I enjoy the view, displaying her nude body in front of me. I toss her clothes aside and quickly undress myself. Once we are both naked, I start to attack her body with licks, kisses,and bites. Her breast are small but with sensitive nipples. Her thin body covered by smooth türbanlı afyon escort bayan soft skin.I plant my lips on hers. Our tongue meet like fighting swords. We exchange our mouth fluid while our hands roam each other’s nude. She began to moan as our kissing became more amorous. I placed one hand on the top of her head and grabbed a handful of hair, then let my other hand wonder down to her nice breasts. As I massage them she moaned and obviously liked it. Her very nice breasts were there standing out firmly, the nipples erect.I shifted, sit across her chest as she caught my cock in her mouth when it flipped up toward her face. She then pushed her head forward, taking it into her mouth. I now had both of my hands buried in her hair; one on the back of her head and one on the side of her face. God, her mouth felt so good and her hair was so soft and silky! I began to slowly hump her mouth as türbanlı escort afyon my climax approached.I removed my cock from her mouth, lay down on her and kissed her face and lips, then slowly kissed my way down her body until I reached her wet pussy. She moaned and pushed her pelvis up to meet my tongue. I ran my tongue around her pussy and found her clit at the top. I pushed my tongue hard against it as she moaned loudly and she arched her back as she cum into my mouth.After her climax I moved up on top of her and pushed my ready cock deep into her. She cried out in pleasure as I thrust it all the way in. I pumped and pumped on her as long as I can hold while she had another tremendous climax. I made a hard thrust all the way into her and held it there. I rammed harder into her a second time and she moaned louder, letting me know that she liked it. I kept thrusting into her until she had another two climaxes. I then allowed my climax to begin as I load my seed into her as it began to spurt out of her pussy and onto the bedspread as I continued to thrust into her.After I was finished, I rolled off of her and she went down on me and sucked any remaining cum into her mouth as my cum oozed from her pussy. Once she finished, we cuddled and went to slept, with my cum stain on her legs and the sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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