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Subject: Eric’s Brother Daniel – Part 4 ERIC AND HIS BROTHER DANIEL PART 4 The next weekend, Daniel arranged to stay at the In-town house. He walked from the middle school to the high school, found Eric, and told him. Eric related that he had to stay late that day, and that Daniel should go on to the In-town house. Daniel said OK and walked to the house. When he arrived at the In-town house, he went directly to Eric’s room and went in. He was startled to find another young man in the room. The two froze in place, staring at each other. The tableau was finally broken when the older said: “Hi, I’m Cal and you must be Daniel!” Daniel stared at the young man in front of him. Cal was very attractive and had maintained the “surfer-boy” look. For the first time in his young life, Daniel was sexually stimulated by what he saw. Cal was about 17, with blond shaggy hair that covered his ears. He was well shaped, and good looking with a sizable bulge in his pants. In the back of his mind, Daniel could understand why Eric was attracted to him. Even though Daniel had only had sex with Eric, he now found himself wanting to have sex with another boy he was physically close to him! His body reacted and he became erect! He was amazed by his body’s reaction! The silence continued as the boys stared at each other. The silence was broken when Daniel croaked out: “Can we talk?” Cal answered: “Sure, come sit on the bed.” Cal walked to Eric’s bed and sat on the edge. He patted the bed next to himself. Daniel walked to the bed and sat down next to Cal. Cal remarked: “You know you look like Eric?” Daniel answered: “He is my brother, so I would expect a family resemblance.” There was a pause in the conversation. Daniel said: “You have Eric’s heart?” Cal answered: “Yes, and he has mine. The silence returned to the room! Finally, an embarrassed Daniel asked “Do you think I am attractive?” Cal wondered what his answer should be! He was not sure if it would be proper to admit that he was attracted to his lover’s brother. Daniel was cute! Well shaped, very male, and sexy as hell, young and he looked a little like Eric! Cal’s body reacted to the nearness of the sexy boy, and he erected. He put his mind in the mode that if he had sex with the boy, it was to help him, even if he received pleasure in the process! He finally answered: “Yes, you are very attractive!” Daniel pushed it and asked: “Would you have sex with me?” Cal gulped, thought about it, and answered: “I think having sex with you would be very satisfactory, but I would not force myself on you. I would only have sex with you if you wanted to.” Daniel was unsure of himself. He had only had sex with his brother, and was not sure what sex would be like with a different male. He took a moment to gather his courage then said: “I would like that!” Cal was flabbergasted by the invitation, and wondered if it was proper; but Daniel was very sexy and willing. In slow motion, Cal moved his hand to the back of Daniel’s neck, and slowly tuzla eve gelen escort brought Daniel’s head forward and contacted his lips, and kissed him. Daniel;s arms went around Cal and he squeezed. He returned the kiss, his tongue snaking into Cal’s mouth. The two sat there making out orally. After a while, they broke the kiss, and Daniel put his head on Cal’s chest. Daniel said: “Eric said I am too young to fuck, but we can do other things.” Cal replied: “I am not looking to fuck you, but I would like to eat you!” Daniel replied: ” I don’t know what that means.” Cal responded: “You mean Eric has not eaten you?” Daniel answered: “No, he hasn’t. He has not told me what eating is!” Cal smiled to himself and commented: “Then I shall show you something new. It begins in the bathroom where we clean out!” Daniel interjected: “Eric told me that cleaning out was a precursor to fucking and I can’t be fucked yet. He told me what was involved, but he did not show me because we weren’t going to fuck. Fucking is something he told me I would have wait for, to look forward to.” Cal replied: “He was right in that cleaning out is usually a precursor to fucking, but it is also a precursor for other things; so we will begin in the bathroom, which means we have to get naked. Will my being naked in front of you scare you?” Daniel answered: “No.” Cal asked: “Will your being naked in front of me, scare you?” Again Daniel answered: “No.” Cal pushed Daniel back slightly, and started unbuttoning Daniel’s shirt, saying: “Then lets do it!” Cal unbuttoned the shirt and slipped it off Daniel’s shoulders. He stared at the developing chest, and perky tits. The muscle was beginning to emerge; but there was still a thin layer of baby fat. It was a young but mouth-watering chest. Cal could not resist the view. He leaned forward and imbibed one perky tit and sucked away. Although this was not new to Daniel (Eric had sucked his tits) having it done by someone new, was exciting. When his tit erected, he twisted his body and Cal sucked the other tit. After a few minutes, Daniel pushed Cal off. He reached forward and began to unbutton Cal’s shirt. When Cal’s chest was exposed, Daniel leaned forward and began sucking Cal’s developed tits. As he sucked, Daniel was impressed with the developed pectoral muscles. After a few minutes of sucking, Cal pulled back. He bent over and removed Daniels shoes and socks, and then his own. He came back up, pushed Daniel back onto the bed, and reached for Daniel’s belt. He unbuttoned the belt, unzipped the pants and slowly pulled them off, leaving Daniel laying there in just his tighty-whities. Without missing a beat, Cal made a production of his actions and slowly and theatrically pulled the underwear off exposing the young erection. Cal examined the exposed genitalia closely. Being well hung ran in Daniel’s family (Eric was proof of that) and Daniel’s very stiff erection hovered above his stomach. Daniel raised his hips tuzla otele gelen escort to aid Cal’s removal of his underwear. Cal could not resist. He leaned forward and imbibed the young erection and proceeded to give an experienced blow job. Daniel was ecstatic! Cal’s technique was slightly different from Eric’s, but the result was the same. Having his cock in a warm mouth was wonderful! As he was still young, he did not last very long and ejaculated into Cal’s mouth. A smiling Cal came off the cock and wiped his lips. Daniel tasted very good. Slightly different from Eric’s taste, but definitely similar. He stood and removed the rest of his clothes intently watched by Daniel. Daniel was amazed when Cal’s erect cock came into view. When he was nude, Cal extended his hand to the supine Daniel, and helped him stand up. Cal said: “We will start the next action in the shower!” They walked to the door. Cal opened it and stuck his head into the hallway, looking to see if anyone was there. There was no one in the hall. Cal pulled Daniel into the bathroom. As Daniel intellectually knew the clean out process (Although he had not done it) he turned on the shower and quickly cleaned them both out. After “cleaning out”, they showered, using regular soap. Daniel stared at Cal’s naked body. He could not help himself and embraced the naked teen. Cal was surprised, but allowed himself to be hugged. After a few minutes of erotic hugging, Daniel slipped to his knees, and stared at Cal’s erect cock. The cock was different from Eric’s. Cal was circumcised, as was Eric, but the pattern of veins was different. After several moments of staring, Daniel leaned forward and put Cal’s cock into his mouth. Having a cock in his mouth was not foreign to Daniel as he had been having regular sex with Eric. He began sliding up and down Cal’s rigid pole and gave him an experienced blow job. Cal brought his hands to Daniel’s shoulders, for support; Daniel brought his hands to Cal’s ass-cheeks for support. . All too soon Cal ejaculated into Daniel’s mouth, and, like a trooper, Daniel swallowed every drop. Cal reached down to Daniel’s armpits and pulled him up right and hugged him. Cal asked: “Did you like that?” With a smile on his face, Daniel answered: “You taste good! Different from Eric, but good!” Cal answered: “Part of the fun of having sex with other guys is finding out how different they are, even though they have the same equipment. No two guys are sexually endowed the same way. Finding the difference is part of the fun of sex. But we had better dry off and not monopolize the bathroom.” After drying off, Cal took Daniel’s hand and returned to the bedroom. Daniel asked: “What now?” Cal answered with a smile: “It’s dinner time!’ As they walked to Eric’s bed, Daniel asked: “How do you want me?” Cal answered: “Get on the bed on your hands and knees. Be sure to leave room behind you for me to get on the bed.” Daniel, not knowing exactly what was to happen, tuzla sınırsız escort followed the instructions and got on the bed. Cal got behind him and said: “The first thing I am going to do is massage your ass, then I will eat you.”Daniel was slightly apprehensive as he had never been eaten before; He did not think that Cal would hurt him even though Cal would not give details as to what “eating” was. Cal visually examined the young ass in front of him. The ass was mouthwatering! Cal reached his hands forward and put them on Daniel’s ass. He began by rubbing his hands all over the luscious young globes. He felt the incipient muscles and the thin layer of baby fat. Cal loved the feeling. He then changed his technique. He kept his hands in place, and rotated the ass globes. As he rotated the ass globes, the asshole came in and out of view. The striations of the virgin rosebud caused Cal’s cock to get very hard; but he knew that fucking was out, and he would have to be satisfied by being the first to eat the virgin ass hole. Cal pulled the ass cheeks apart, leaned forward and started licking the rosebud! Daniel reacted by arching his back and sitting up, thereby breaking contact with Cal’s tongue! Daniel twisted around so he could see Cal and asked: “What did you do?” Cal answered: “Did you like it?” Daniels said: “It felt wonderful. What did you do?” Cal responded: “I licked your asshole. Congratulations, you have just been eaten!” Daniel exclaimed: “It was wonderful! Do it again!” Cal said “It gets better.” Daniel got back on his hands and knees, and Cal resumed licking. Daniels again exclaimed: “That’s wonderful! Cal resumed licking, then thrust his tongue into Daniel’s ass hole! Once again, Daniel arched his back and sat up. He asked: “What did you do?” Cal answered: “I pushed my tongue into your ass. The nice thing about eating is that it is as pleasurable for the eater as it is for the person being eaten!” Again, Daniel twisted around and asked: “You mean if I did that to you, I would like doing it?” Cal answered: “That’s right” Daniel became pensive for a moment then asked: “Can I do that to you? Cal hoped he wasn’t moving too fast, but answered: “Yes, if you want to. You have to remember that you saw me clean out and shower. There is no shit!” There was another pause, then Daniel said: “I want to try it! What do we have to do?” Cal answered: “We have to change places.” Daniel got off the bed and Cal got on his hands and knees. Daniel then got on the bed behind Cal. What Cal had done to him was burned into his mind, so with no hesitation, he began to massage Cal’s muscular globes. He worked up his courage, extended his tongue and began licking Cal’s asshole. Cal was right, it did feel good doing it. Daniel decided to go to the next step, and thrust his tongue into the now moist asshole. He was amazed by the asshole’s grip on his tongue. He liked it! He began rapidly thrusting his tongue like there was no tomorrow. Although he did not realize it, he was fucking the asshole with his tongue. All good things must come to an end, and both young men ejaculated. The expenditure of energy in sex, resulted in both being exhausted. They rearranged themselves on the bed, laying on their backs, and cuddled. Daniel looked up to find Eric standing there.

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