Entering the World

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Entering the WorldThe first time I ever had sex (in the sense that I knowingly put my penis into a vagina), I was in my early teens. The woman was much older than me, 37 years old to be exact, and she was married. The woman (we’ll call her Mrs. A) was an active member of the local community, involved in all sorts of programs, groups, clubs, etc. I knew her because she was a friend/mentor of my mom. I’m sure a lot of questions are already coming to mind regarding Mr.s A, my mom, and me (and even my siblings). Odds are the answer to most of them are yes. But the purpose in this particular story is to share the first time that I got involved.Mrs. A had a particular fetish she was itching to scratch, and when she discovered my mother, she determined that I met the criteria to help scratch that itch. I wasn’t the only one who met the criteria, but I did happen to be the one who successfully scratched the itch.Mrs. A had six c***dren at the time of our copulation, all about 2 years apart. She had been wanting another one for a while, but that was where the fetish kicked in. Not only did she look for specific traits in the genetics of the father, she wanted to be impregnated by a virgin.Her fetish was to have a very young boy, early teenager or younger, cum in her and get her pregnant on the first ejaculation.The reason she hadn’t had another k** yet was because she hadn’t been able to get pregnant this way. She had tried, quite a bit, but it just hadn’t worked out yet.All of this was unknown to me at the time. I knew her as a very attractive friend of my mother who gave me confidence in being a boy and hope in becoming a man. She encouraged an open mind in all things, sex included, and made conversation with me often.As I grew and hit puberty, she encouraged me to talk to her about everything going on in my life. She talked to me about pubic hair growth, what my body did when I saw girls, even what my dreams were like. Eventually she was ensuring that güvenilir bahis siteleri I was naked with girls and women a lot. It was the opposite of what I see most parents do. As most people get older they are taught to shower alone, use the gender specific restrooms, sleep in separate rooms, and change in private. I was encouraged to shower with my mom, sisters, and I shared a room with one the oldest of my sisters. Sex was an openly discussed and openly displayed occurrence in our home, although we were also taught that this was uncommon in other households, and we learned to be prudent in our talk with people we didn’t know well.In all the sexual activity that surrounded me I was told to wait to have sex, although I was encouraged to masturbate on occasion. Mrs. A always told me not to worry, that when the time was right she would ensure that I would enjoy the pleasures of sex to their fullest.Eventually Mrs. A decided that I had reached the point she wanted me at. I was invited to her home one late afternoon. I walked in the front door as was my custom since our families were close. Mrs. A was in the front room sitting on the couch when I came in. She smiled when she saw me saying my name in a very pleasant, excited tone. She was wearing a green skirt with a lacy see-through bra. It was obvious that she had nothing on under the skirt.I smiled back and looked her over. Even though I was young, I had been taught to appreciate the sexiness of a woman, especially when she was being so open. I could feel my cock getting hard and instinctively grasped at it through my clothing.She told me not to masturbate and said that today was the day, and I knew exactly what that meant, which made my cock feel like it was going to explode already. Despite having seen sex in movies and in person, and being exposed to naked women almost daily, the thought of finally getting to have sex made me more excited than I had ever been.Mrs. A was very kind and canlı bahis siteleri didn’t tease me much or make me wait. She reached her hand out, which I took. She walked me down the hall to her bedroom. Sitting down on the bed in front of me, she helped me undress while talking to me about what she expected. She explained to me that I was going to put my cock inside her, like I had seen in the movies, and that I needed to just do whatever it took to feel good. She told me not to worry about going for a long time, and that in fact I would probably cum very fast and when I did cum I needed to push my cock as deep into her as I could. All the talk got me going, and when I was naked my cock was literally bouncing in anticipation, as if the very air was starting to fuck me. Mrs. A layed back on the bed and spread her legs wide open for me. She looked me right in the eyes, letting her freaky side come out, and told me to shove my cock into her pussy and use her to cum. I scrambled onto the bed and slid my cock into her fast. I could barely take everything in as the intensity began overwhelming me. I tried to remember what I had seen from movies and at my house, grabbing at her breasts and thrusting my hips into her.Her pussy was soaking wet and easy to slide into, and every bit of it felt amazing on my cock. My whole body shook uncontrollably. Mrs. A let out a gasp as I shoved my cock as far as I could into her. As my balls slapped her ass cheeks, the electricity shot through my whole body and out my cock and I could feel myself cumming harder than I ever had made myself do masturbating. Mrs. A looked at me smiling and chanting her enthusiasm for me, cheering me on and telling me to fill her up.I lay on her for a little bit panting as oxygen began to reach my brain again. My mind began to race and try and take everything in. I asked her if I could go again, but she told me no, not in her pussy.I was confused and looked at her. She smiled and told bahis firmaları me not to worry, that I had done exactly what she had wanted and she was very happy with me. She promised I would get to fuck her pussy again, but that for now I needed to wait.She didn’t let me go unsatisfied however. She guided me up to her head and took my balls into her mouth. The feeling was amazing, and I was quickly electrified again. She reached a hand up and began to stroke me while her tongue worked my balls into a frenzy. It wasn’t long before I was coming again, my young juice launching onto her face and into her hair. She gave a womanly squeal of delight as it hit her face, smiling as the cum dripped across her lips and through her teeth.She helped me as I collapsed onto the bed next to her, then she used her fingers and tongue to eat as much of my cum as she could. She had a very excited glow about her that gave me a sense of accomplishment like nothing had before.During my time there we took a break before she took me to the bedroom again. After the break she sucked me until I was hard, then let me fuck her ass to completion. I lasted much longer fucking her ass, which she seemed to enjoy as well.After she had let me have all I could handle of her mouth and ass, she sent me home. Before I left she told me I didn’t need to wait anymore, and encouraged me to give myself to any woman or girl who was willing. She smiled cheerfully as she stated that she was sure I had quite a bit of treats waiting for me at home.Some years later, almost 10 years, I learned that I had been the seventh in line to fuck her that way, and that she had several other potential candidates in mind. But the odds had been that I had given her what she had been wanting. Her fetish to get pregnant from the first cum of a virgin that she broke happened with me, and she had a baby girl. As educated as I was about sex I didn’t realize I was the father for a long time, I simply assumed it was her husband’s c***d. They raised her as a normal c***d of theirs, and even when I learned the truth, the girl still didn’t know. The world I had been brought into through Mrs. A would widen exponentially for me over the years, and still continues to widen.

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