Empty Nesters Annie and Frank

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Annie woke up horny. And of course her husband was already up and moving. Even on Saturdays, he couldn’t sleep in. Annie didn’t even know if there would be coffee in the pot, or if she’d have to use the Keurig.

But she didn’t care, he was a hard working man and had provided a pretty good life for her and the kids. And now that the last of the girls had flown the coop, her and Frank were adapting quickly to the new sense of freedom.

She threw off the comforter and swung her feet to the floor. She felt the cool morning air hit her warm, naked body and her nipples reacted instantly.  Annie stood up on her tiptoes and reached for the ceiling as she stretched and reveled in the chilly air.

Groaning, she brought her hands down over her body, stimulating her titties, pinching her hard nipples before moving down her belly, loins, the small patch of hair on her pubic mound and the tops of her thighs. She couldn’t resist bringing her fingers back up her body, slowly, across her already aroused pussy. One hand lingered there, teasing her meaty labia, while the other continued up over her belly, and stopping to squeeze her tits.

She needed to find her man, and have him do this for her, she thought to herself. Maybe he’ll even bite them for her, she thought as she gave her thick nipples another pinch and tug.

Glancing around the room, she dismissed her pajamas. Even without underwear, they weren’t naughty enough for her mood. She looked in her husband’s hamper and found one of his work shirts that wasn’t too dirty, and pulled it on with a bemused smile. It smelled like her man, and tickled her nipples as she buttoned the bottom 3 buttons while padding barefoot to the kitchen.

She wondered what Frank was tinkering with this morning, and looked over towards the front door. The lamp from the foyer was gone, so she knew it was getting a new cord and socket. As she poured the last half a cup of coffee from the pot and loaded a pod into the machine, she considered that she could just go jump his bones in his workshop.

That was always fun, bent over the dirty workbench, or sprawled in his desk chair as he knelt down and feasted on her pussy. But dragging Frank’s shirt out of the hamper reminded her that she had clothes in the laundry room to come up to her bedroom, and it was all lingerie.

She remembered the last time she had asked Frank to bring up her naughty things. It had gotten him pretty fired up. She mused with a knowing grin that it should work again. She hoped he had taken a hit from his weed vape, he was particularly uninhibited with a little buzz on. And yes it helped relieve his bad back.

With her coffee made she went to the cellar steps to yell down to Frank. She reflected on how different her and her husband’s home life was now that they were empty nesters. She loved being able to run around in barely any clothes, or even naked if she wanted.

Her and Frank could again fuck in any room of the house, and on whatever piece of furniture they wanted. They could also make as much noise as they wanted, Annie was able to cut loose vocally again, something that she had missed, she had felt repressed trying to be quiet all the time. And they did all of these things. They were like newlyweds again. 

“Hey honey, what are you doing?” She yelled down the cellar steps. “Mornin’ Babe! I’m fixing that lamp from the foyer.” Boomed back up to her, with some classic rock in the background. She smiled knowingly and replied. “Hey, I’m going to get a bath, could you please grab my clothes from the laundry room?”

“Sure can honey! I’ll be up in a few!” Frank yelled back to her. “Thanks, and take your time.” She told him, before heading off to the bathroom to fill the tub. She wondered if he would be joining her in the bath, or waiting for her in the bedroom.

Frank snugged up the screws on the new lamp cord to the socket and plugged it in to try it. The bulb lit, no sparks flew, and the breaker didn’t trip, so he unplugged it again before reassembling the lamp and putting his tools away. Before picking up the newly repaired lamp and his empty coffee cup, he made sure his vape was stowed away in its hiding place, he knew his kids were gone, but old habits died hard.

As Frank was swinging by the laundry room and wondering if he could carry everything in one trip, Annie was pouring some lavender bath salts into the flow from the tub spout. Shedding Franks shirt she then grabbed her little scissors and proceeded to trim the length of the little patch of light brown pubic hair she kept for her husband.

Frank liked to see a little hair, he didn’t want to feel like he was fucking an adolescent. Maybe it was part of being a father of daughters. So Annie kept a neat little triangle of hair, just for him.

She swirled her painted toes in the water to check the temperature as Frank entered the laundry room to see all of Annie’s unmentionables hanging around the room, dry. He smiled to himself as he remembered the last time he had been tasked with asyabahis yeni giriş gathering this particular laundry. He had a hunch Annie remembered too, and had ulterior motives in asking the favor.

Frank had fond memories of each little piece of fabric, and he reminisced about the flash his wife had given him in the bar last week as he pulled her black thong off the little clothes line and folded it reverently into the basket.

Annie checked the power in her waterproof electric razor, and dipped her toes into the hot aromatic water again. Satisfied with both, she began to lower herself into the water slowly. The hot water was as exhilarating to her flesh as the cool bedroom air had been earlier.

Frank pulled Annie’s red push up bra off the line and thought about the cleavage this bra gave his wife. Then he thought about taking it off her a few nights ago. He had been sitting on the couch, and she was straddling his lap, grinding her pussy on his hard dick. When he released the front clasp her C cup tits had practically slapped him in the face.

They hung a lot lower than they used to, but he still loved when she pushed them in his face and swung them back and forth. His cock started to grow as he thought about her big titties in his face as he tried to capture a nipple in his mouth.

Annie settled in the tub and allowed herself a moment to steep and absorb the heat of the water. But she knew she would have company soon, Frank would be following his cock, looking for her. She allowed herself a little teasing through her meaty pussy lips before getting on to the business at hand.

She took up her waterproof electric razor, the one she swore was designed by a horny woman. The ergonomic design fit her vulva so well. After the hair was removed it was a nice way to finish off, if Frank wasn’t around, or when the girls had been around.

Frank pulled the yellow thong from the line next, smiling at the memory of the material becoming see through when it got wet. Like last Tuesday, when he repeatedly lapped the gusset, driving her mad as she sat on the dining room table with her sundress up around her hips. ‘That had led to a great fuck!’ Frank thought as he remembered that he still had to tighten the legs on that table.

Annie made quick work of shaving her legs, it was only a touch up job really. She tended to shave more often recently. Then it was time for the fun stuff. She got up and sat on the edge of the tub, facing the open door, her legs spread wide. The act itself was exciting, the freedom to expose herself to an open door seemed so foreign after all the years of not having privacy.

Knowing that her husband may catch her in this position at any minute made it more arousing. She began to methodically remove any hint of stubble from her crotch, paying particular attention to her outer lips.

She felt herself getting wetter at the thought of Frank’s reaction when he walked in and saw her. She envisioned the lust on his rugged face, and his hard cock straining against his lounge pants

Frank needed to rub his cock as he pulled a pair of thigh high stockings from the line. He loved how her legs looked in them, but they never stayed on long, his working man hands tended to snag the material like velcro. But watching her strut around in them with her heels on, and nothing else, was something he loved. And if she was wearing her heels, she was irresistible when she bent over the back of a kitchen chair, like she was last week after a night out.

Annie noticed that her thick inner lips were already blooming open with arousal, and she had barely touched them, yet. But that was about to change. She put some of her silky body wash in the palm of her hand and ran the ergonomic handle of her shaver through her fist, like she was giving it a hand job. Then she slid it up between the flaps of her pussy.

 She liked the little tease she got from the slight vibrations of the shaver. Unlike the toys in the bedroom, it was just a delightful tickle, just right for foreplay. But enough for reaching a climax when applied to her Gspot if she strummed her clit too.

Frank pulled a shelf bra off the line and smiled at the memory of his wife pulling her mouth off his cock and jacking him off all over her cleavage and nipples. That had been in the middle of the living room, the day after they had dropped their youngest daughter off at college.

“Mmmmm” Annie purred at the sensation of the shaver handle nestled in her swollen labia. The vibration teasing her. She hoped Frank would be along soon.

Frank pulled his pajama pants down and wiped the dribble of precum off the tip of his dick with Annie’s thin white bra. The one that showed off her thick nipples so well. He hoped she would smell him the next time she wore it. Then he proceeded to yank the rest of the naughty things off the line quickly. He had to go find her.

Annie was just starting to nudge the buzzing shaver handle higher, just barely teasing her clit, when asyabahis giriş she heard the heavy footfalls in the hall. Then suddenly he filled the doorway, big and brawny, a look of sheer lust in his eyes that always thrilled her. “I put your things in the bedroom.” He growled as he stared at her hand working the shaver on her pussy.

She looked at the bulge in his pajamas and said breathlessly “Thank you.” Clearing her throat she held up the shaver and said, “I know you didn’t shave this morning….” He yanked his shirt off and dropped his pajamas where he stood, and stepped into the tub as she watched his hard cock sway.

He stopped in front of her, a days growth of hair on his face and two days on his balls and pubic area. Annie leaned over and grabbed her can of shaving gel. She smiled as she squirted a healthy dollop of the gel in her hand. Frank groaned as she grasped his cock in her clean hand and applied the shaving gel to his pubic area, then his balls, which she had to massage well. Then she snaked a finger back between his legs, and he gasped and lifted a foot to the tub edge, granting her access.

Her smile widened as she remembered her recent discovery that he loved her tongue back there too. His heavy breathing confirmed it. She had discovered that little kink half way up the staircase heading to bed the other night. She had yanked his sweatpants down and just on a whim started to kiss his ass, prompting him to bend over to give her access to his balls. When she let her wicked tongue stray around his asshole, she thought for sure he was going to cum!

With his hairy areas foamed up and ready, she couldn’t resist grasping the swollen head of his dick with her foamy hand and jacking it a few times while pulling his foreskin back as far as she could with her other hand.

Frank gasped at the sensation, and she stopped to rinse her hand in the tub. She picked up the shaver and proceeded to shave the area above his cock, then down around the sides.

With that done, she went to work on his balls, pulling the sack as needed to stretch the skin taut as she expertly worked the razor. In the process she felt compelled to roll his big nuts in her hand, evoking a growl from the big guy.

Then she reached farther back, shaving any hair from his taint and the very bottom of his ass. “Want to turn around and bend over?” She asked him with a naughty smirk.

“Not today baby.” He answered as he put his hands on her head and pulled her mouth to his dick. “At least not right now, I had something else on my mind right now.”

She sensed what he was going to do and splashed some water on his dick to rinse off the foam and opened her mouth wide as he drew her closer. And soon the fat head of his dick was going through her lips. She moaned, he gasped and she rolled his balls again, turning his gasp to a groan.

He pulled her mouth half way onto his cock and stopped. “Is this what you wanted baby? Were you hungry for the cock when you asked me to get your laundry?” Her eyes blazed and she hummed “HMM hmmm” She moved her hands to her tits and started roughly caressing them, occasionally tweaking her swollen nipples.

Frank felt the vibration in his dick and felt her tongue swirl around the head, he pushed his hips forward, slowly feeding his dick into her mouth until he saw the slightest gag reflex, and he pulled back out slowly, until the crown of his head was just visible.

Frank paused momentarily before slowly sinking himself back into his wife’s mouth. Then he backed off again. He watched her face, the lust in her eyes, the way her mouth molded to his prick. He felt her tongue working to increase his pleasure.

“You know, this isn’t what I came here for,  but I saw your mouth so fucking close, you know I can’t pass it up.” He started to insert his thick length into her mouth again. “I actually came to see if you would fuck MY mouth.”

“Mmhmmm” She moaned, giving her head a nod. “But now that I feel your mouth, I don’t want to stop.” He told her. She tried to convey with her eyes that he could do whatever he wanted with her.

He began to rock his hips, slowly fucking her mouth. He knew she enjoyed it as much as he did. Annie had always loved giving as much as getting. But Frank loved giving too, especially since she was now able to let loose again.

She had always been very vocal during sex, until the kids came along. Then not only did the frequency die off, as was natural with busier schedules, more chores, and less privacy, but she had learned to restrain herself from making any noise during sex. Neither of them wanted to wake, much less traumatize the girls.

Now that the kids had moved on, she was becoming the screaming banshee that he enjoyed hearing so much. It was such a thrill hearing her get off, knowing that he caused it.

He could still remember the way she screamed the first time they had fucked in the back seat of his car all those years ago. He had never experienced a girl like that before, asyabahis güvenilirmi and he was sure he wanted more.

He stroked easily in and out of her mouth for a while, and she was moaning along with the rhythm he set, when he suddenly pulled out. “We gotta stop babe, I need to do you!” Frank told his wife.

She tried to wrap her lips around his cock again, and he shifted his hips and drug it across her face. She let out a sexy little whimper as she tried again to capture it in her mouth.

Finally she leaned back and told him, “If you don’t want me to suck it, you have to get it out of my face!” He laughed and kneeled down in front of her. “I understand, I know you can’t help yourself.”

Before she could reply, he kissed her. She avidly returned the kiss, and soon they were making out like horny teenagers. She brought one hand to his face, and the other stroked his prick.

Frank splashed water on her open snatch to rinse it off before running his fingers up and down through her lips. She gasped into his mouth and worked on capturing his fingers inside her, as his other hand started to work on a nipple.

Eventually she broke the kiss and rubbed her hands over his cheeks. “If you want me to fuck your face honey, you have to let me get rid of this stubble.” “Sure.” He smiled. “Have at it.” He knew she couldn’t take his teasing anymore. He sat back on his heels to allow her to shave his face.

She reached again for the shaving gel as she told him, “I know you like it when you are freshly shaven too.” As she squirted the gel in her hand he agreed. “I do, the feeling of your smooth, wet pussy on my freshly shaved face is incredible!”

She smiled and smeared the gel over his day old growth and as it foamed up she giggled as she smeared some on his nose. “You enjoying yourself?” He asked. “I definitely am!” Annie replied honestly. She picked up her razor and turned it on.

He decided to leave her pussy alone while she was working. He remembered a pretty shoddy job she once did while distracted. So he put his hands on her knees and let her work.

Annie made quick work of the job, but made sure she was thorough, she remembered missing some spots once too. She blamed his roving fingers for the missed hairs.

Once she was satisfied she got it all, she used her hand to bring water up to his face to rinse. Then they were kissing again, and using their hands on each other, turning the heat back up quickly.

This time Frank didn’t hesitate to slip two fingers inside his wife. She gasped at the ceiling and the kiss was broken, so he moved his mouth to her sensitive neck.  

He roughly mauled one of her tits as he kissed her neck, throat and collarbone while fucking her slowly but deeply with two fat calloused fingers, causing her to moan.

She rolled her hips and groaned at the ceiling while she enjoyed his attention. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned loudly, encouraging him to continue.

He took the hint and dipped his face lower, kissing and licking her cleavage. Teasing her with his tongue getting closer and closer to her nipples.

“Suck my titties baby! Quit teasing me!” Annie ordered him with frustration as Frank took his time. She pulled her shoulders back to raise her tits to his mouth.

Frank relented, he was ready to move on too. He captured her nipple with his mouth and sucked hard, making her squeal. Then he traced the areola slowly with his tongue, before sucking the erect nipple again. “Yes! Suck my titties!” She exclaimed.

He heard her squeal again and pinched her other nipple with his big strong fingers, while he sped up the pace of his other fingers in and out of her increasingly wet pussy.

Frank could feel her pussy, and her whole body begin to tense up. He knew she was close to cumming. “You going to cum for me baby? You going to give me your cum?” He asked, before flicking his tongue across her nipple.

“YES! KEEP SUCKING! YES I’M GOING TO CUM!” She exclaimed loudly. It echoed off the ceramic tile of the bathroom and sounded so exciting to Frank. He’d missed her exuberant climaxes too. She never seemed to cum as hard when she had to restrain herself, like she did when the kids were still home.

Suddenly Frank pulled his fingers out of her pussy and released her nipple from his mouth with a pop. Annie cried out with frustration, she had been so fucking close.

Frank stood and grasped her under the arms, lifting her up too. “Oh fuck! What are you doing baby?” She asked him. Frank held her close until she got her balance, telling her, “I need to eat your pussy baby.” He told her simply. “And I can’t do it in here.”

He stepped out of the tub and grabbed Annie around the waist. She laughed out loud as he physically lifted her from the tub and pulled her body against his own.

They were both dripping water all over the floor as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and he walked over to the sink. Frank sat his wife on the edge of the quartz top, and when she released her grip on him he dropped straight to his knees and dove face first into her pussy.

He lapped frantically up between her lips and flicked his tongue over her clit. Annie was practically howling, she was so close to cumming. “OH YES FRANK, RIGHT THERE, YES!”

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