Emily, Part Two

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She was an English bride to an American man. They walked past my home about four times a week in the evening with their dog. Emily walked the dog by every morning alone.I was in my mid-fifties when I met this unusual young lady. When she walked with her husband, they would either initiate or reply to my banter. Whether it was ‘Good evening’ or ‘Nice weather’ or some other such nonsense, we all offer to be friendly. However, in the mornings, when it was just her and the pooch, Emily was pretty stone-faced and rarely even acknowledged my chit-chat. I put it down to fear of being seen socializing with a single man and left it alone.Several weeks later, as I was harvesting some veggies from the garden in the mourning hours, Emily stopped at the outside fence. I did my obligatory glance to see if it was someone that I usually spoke with and, upon seeing Emily, went back to my work. I’m not generally so dismissive, but given her lack of responsiveness lately, I wasn’t even in the mood to try. Besides, she was probably paused there because her dog was either sniffing or peeing on my fence.As I had my back to her, picking green beans, I could’ve sworn that I heard her eke out a ‘Good morning.’ Not really sure of what I heard, if anything, I finished the last vine before turning back to respond. However, by the time I did, she was already headed down the sidewalk with her head hung low as it frequently was.I was always outside in the mornings before leaving for work and the late evenings afterward, especially during gardening season. That evening, Emily and her husband Henry passed by as I pulled a few broccoli plants that were finished producing.Henry inquired, “Why are you pulling up those plants?””Because they are done producing. Broccoli produces one main head, which is what you buy at the grocery store. But once bahis siteleri that is removed, it only creates smaller little florets. So it comes down to better use of the space after a while.””I see. So you can plant something else there now and get another harvest before the season ends?””Exactly!” I replied.”Could you teach my wife some of the basics? We were considering starting a garden ourselves, but I just don’t have the time with work. She can get started without me if she can learn a little from you. Frankly, it’s unlikely that I’d be able to help her much anyway with my workload.”Ignoring that his request was rather forward, I considered that his better half seemed quite shy and could probably use more personal interactions with others to open her up. The other problem was that I didn’t have much time to teach someone. As I weighed all this, Emily finally lifted her head enough to make eye contact with me. Her hair was fiery red, and her skin appropriately pale to match. But her eyes were intoxicating. I’d only ever met one other person with eyes that pale of a blue. They drew me in like soul-stealing seducements.”Sure, but it will have to be in the mornings. I don’t have much time in the evenings. I only just got home a few minutes ago,” I heard myself jabbering like a fool.”Okay, Emily will be by tomorrow morning. About what time to begin her training?” Henry questioned while commanding simultaneously. None of it bothered me one bit as my eyes were still locked into Emily’s.Again I blathered, “I get started at six in the morning,” while unable to escape her hold.It wasn’t until she lowered her head again as they walked away that I slowly recovered from her penetrating gaze. I seemed to be in a fog for the rest of the evening, and then there were the wild visions in my sleep. I say visions because canlı bahis siteleri I’ve never had such detailed and thorough dreams in my life. Waking from them, I was sure that she was right there in the bed with me and even swept the bed with my arm to confirm.Rising from the bed at five, I slipped on some loose workout shorts and a t-shirt. With the coffee started, I grabbed a water and jumped on the exercise bike to loosen up the old body. After twenty minutes of biking finished, I moved to the bench and pushed through my regular routine of butterfly and bench presses. Then I followed up with a few sets of push-ups in different variations. The finale involved three sets of squats at varied leg widths. Feeling more worn down than pumped, I made my way to the coffee for a little lift.It was a couple of minutes before six. Standing at the kitchen window, I noticed Emily at my front gate, waiting patiently. Taking my coffee, I opened the front door, offering, “Come on in, Emily. Would you like some coffee?”Head staring down as she entered my yard, Emily replied, “No, thank you. I can’t drink coffee.””Okay then, let’s head to the greenhouse and begin with the basics.”Emily followed me along dutifully like the little puppy dog she walked every morning. Upon entering the greenhouse, she seemed a little hesitant due to the limited room available from the overcrowding of dirty pots. Mid-season as it was, in late June, left me little time to tidy up between planting a second crop and harvesting the first. Therefore the limited space for two.”I won’t bite,” I advised. This brought a glimmer of a grin to her dainty young face as she moved inside. Once she was next to me, I asked, “Have you had any experience gardening or potting plants?””Yes, we had a small flower garden that I tended when I lived with my Mum. canlı bahis It was beautiful. With several different plants, it had something blooming all season long. Mum and I were constantly weeding and digging up bulbs for winter and replanting them in the spring. Of course, there was mulching and light fertilizing with compost from our bin. It was all so enjoyable and relaxing.” Her face lit up like a Christmas tree as she spoke.”Okay. So why are you here ‘learning’ from me? It seems like you’d have no problem starting your own garden.””Henry doesn’t believe that I can do a vegetable garden since I’ve never done one before.””When it comes down to it, plants need the same basic things, whether they’re vegetables or flowers. Didn’t you tell him that?”The light drained from her face as her head once again lowered.”I see. So he doesn’t have any faith in your abilities then?”Head still lowered, Emily eeked out a quiet, “No.””Well, we can go about this two ways as I see it. Either you can continue to come by here, pretending to be taught by someone that likely doesn’t know any more than you do, or you can plant a garden.”Emily turned into me and grabbed me in a needy hug. I returned her closeness and held her for several minutes allowing her to break away first. When she finally did relinquish her hold, Emily mumbled a congested, “Thank you.”I realized that she’d been crying during our hug, and I raised her face to say, “I’m sorry that he has so little faith in you. But, maybe that will all change once you show him what you can do.”Emily gave me an obligatory nod as the tears continued their quiet streaming down her childlike face. I released her chin that I’d propped up so delicately, and it quickly lowered to its resting position. Trying to come up with a way to cheer her up from her partner’s apparent lack of belief in her, I suggested, “Why don’t you show me what you know about starting seeds, repotting plants, and cultivating a garden. Maybe we can learn a little from each other. I’m certain that I don’t know it all! What do you say?”

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