Emancipation Ch. 06: Gloaming

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[This story line was a chapter in the bigger story of Sue, Out of The Closet, but is totally stand alone.http://english..com/stories/showstory.php?id=267613 ]

Emancipation – Day 2 Ch 6: Gloaming© Literocat

Whther or not his thumb invading her pussy as he pulsed her ass helped, she wailed in a long groan and an orgasm muffled by Joe’s dick. Sue rewarded Joe with several more drops of her sweet dew forming on both lips. He pulled her pussy down to his mouth and licked and sucked her pussy juice direct from her lusty source. Both moaned several times. My hot wife turned and licked her cum off his mouth and tongue. They hugged and whispered, then also yielded to exhausted sleep. The last thing I saw before sleep took me, was their inspired kissing as she held Joe’s soft dick, and he kept a finger deep inside her honey pot.

Joe and I woke naked, alone and grinning broadly about 8am. It only took a minute to remember why we were in such a good mood before being fully awake. “Did all that really happen yesterday? Waking naked next to you is a good sign it did, or I guess I’m gay! Did Lois really lick our tongues and drink from the same bottle as we did? OH God! Did she wet French me and suck cock? ImPOSSIBLE!”

Groggily, “Yes Joe, your wife blew me while Sue blew you, and I remember eating Sue while you all watched, sharing her pussy juice with all of us, that you finally got to grope and suck Sue’s tits, that Lois had TEN orgasms and of those were FOUR fucking tremendous ones, that we fell asleep on the floor as I held Lois’s pussy and you held Sue’s. But I don’t remember going to the bed. How DID we get here?” Before our memory improved, two beautiful naked women crawled slowly and seductively onto the bed with us. Sue stuck her tongue in Joe’s mouth and, incredibly, a bright-eyed and newly confident Lois pushed hers into mine. [115] I won’t count that she was in MY mouth. She’s up to [115] and we aren’t up yet!

//Both of you picked right up from the previous night. Not even our ‘disgusting, revolting morning, dragon mouths’ phased you!//

Enthusiasm goes a long way. Her luxuriant, velutinous, determined, muscular, collegiate and hungry tongue swirled and curled enthusiastically all around my mouth, quickly making me groan. After several quiet moments filled only with moans all around, both women said they were very grateful and happy about yesterday. Both wanted to talk about it …. later. Right now, they wanted to show us their gratitude.

Lois gleamed and practiced, just a little too hard, more lusty language, “I’m going to squeeze this beautiful cock and suck it deep into my mouth. I told you last night that I wanted to suck your cock while it was still coated with our rich juices. Though dried, I want to savor our [116] love juices now. This time I’m going to relish it [117] and try harder to bounce your beautiful cock against my throat.” Not too bad for a first attempt.

Sue got Joe’s dick hard and hungrily swallowed all he had. Lois licked my balls and, knowing SHE alone was making my cock grow, smiled her confident, beguiling smile with an added touch of giddy. “This swelling, meaty delight is all mine for now! When your entire dick is wet with my spit, I’m sucking it back into my starved mouth.” Lois next did something no one had ever done to me before, a first for ME. As promised, she carefully licked last night’s crusty remains [118] off my hardened shaft.

My swelling, then her eager licks across my dick’s matted fur, painfully pulled hairs. Beyond the initial twitches, I loved the sensations too much to stop her. “Now that they’re softened, our juices taste as though they were preserved for me and just as sweet as they did last night. Sue, you should taste this!” Hmmmmmmm, this is a whole new side to Lois no one ever knew existed.

Not believing for a minute that she’d take it, she laughingly offered her sister MY dick. Now Sue was reluctant! Defiantly seizing the challenge, she gingerly held my wet, stiff cock. After a nervous pause, she took my dick partially into her mouth and licked her lips. “You’re right. The leftovers do taste fresh. Hmmm, I taste his cum, yours and your spit distinctly. Not even the thought of eating all that AND my spit disgusts you? We ARE missing some other of our fluids, but you’ve passed the ‘disgust’ test Lois. Here, take back my husband’s prick and make it pop.”

“Ow! HAIR! Ohhhhh….Owww… uhhhh…” and so it went for many sweet minutes. Apparently Sue had already given her language lessons and more sucking tips. “Umm, we better pause a few minutes. Nature calls and I don’t want to rupture myself by holding everything in. Do you need to go too, Joe?”

“Hey boys, after all I survived in the last day, I want to do something else I’ve never done and never IMAGINED that I’d ever do. I want to watch BOTH [119] of you pee! Up close!”

“Lois! You are getting braver and more daring. I like watching him pee, but have NO interest in going further. What is bets10 usually called ‘water sports’ is another fetish. Urine not only treats certain insect/animal bites, but it is sterile when fresh. There’s a fetish where people drink their fresh urine too – often from a fancy glass. Despite knowing all that, I don’t want anyone peeing on me. If that’s a problem, I’ll wait here until you’re all done.”

“Like any other fetish, you participate only when you’re ready, or are forced to it. That might be part of an S&M session, or maybe a fantasy of being ‘forced’ as you planned. I imagine if you choose to see it not as ‘being pissed on’, an insult, but as sharing another intimate act, you can deal with it. We’ve already shared spit, cum and air. Imagine with me what a warm bath or footbath feels like. Now replace the bath water with a clean, fresh, sterile golden liquid. I can visualize the warmth of Sue’s body gelling then liquefying and pouring over me as I lay in the tub. Lois, your heat joins hers and also avoids my face. That warmth must feel gratifying and one day I may be ready to try that, but it’s not today. Yettttt, there is a price to pay for your sauciness. If I can speak for you too, Joe, you may watch as close as you like, but then WE get to watch YOU pee STANDING, and up close.”

“Wait, haven’t you figured out yet that women pee sitting down? I’m so disappointed. I thought you knew it all!”

“Who told you we knew it all? They lied! It turns out many women already pee standing. Would you believe there’s a website to teach you how? Well there is. They also post write-in comments where many admitted to doing it, and why or where, including using urinals. I’ll teach you if we get there. Bring two cereal bits for target practice.” Both women sat where they could watch us spray. Sue sat on the bidet, Lois on the tub edge. We tossed the targets in the bowl and ‘fired’, but of course, there was no point in keeping ‘score.’

“Sue, you’ve watched this before? Well, there are a couple of things to watch, things that doctors have told us to watch before – on ourselves. Since that was so ‘disgusting’, you KNOW I haven’t wanted to do that. Here I see [120] there is a difference in those things, but the pattern too is interesting. Joe’s stream seems to be twisting in mid air forming a near helix before diffusing. I wonder if our pee comes out like that. What happens when your foreskin is covering you? ….ohhhhh, I see. And I see why you guys often make a mess. Can I…. um, aim [121] it?”

“WHAT? Hmmmmmm. I don’t have a problem with that. Come stand behind me and find your best viewing angle. Your best grip for precise aiming is two handed, but then you can’t see me or your target. Take your best shot, and don’t freak if you splash yourself. Remember, it’s sterile and you can wash within a minute, so there’s no health risk. Looks like Joe wants Sue to hold his dick too. Better hurry, I’m running out of ammo.” I released my cock when I felt her soft hand wrapping around the shaft.

“Wow! I can feel the urine [122] moving through your cock. It feels really neat. I wonder if I can feel my own flow.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know if you can feel it. Check and let us know. The closest access may be by pressing UP inside your vestibule to feel your urethra, or maybe by pushing UP against the vaginal ceiling and behind the clitoral shaft. As generally curious as I am about everything, I never thought about that, or to ask that question. You know, now I think I do want to feel for that too! Thanks for the insight. When the last drop of urine drips from the end of my dick, you have to shake it for me. Here’s a skill you never had to consider. Put that last drop exactly where you want it. There’s a silly rhyme ‘No matter how much you jump and dance, The last drop always goes in your pants.’ Good luck…. Ahhh, looks like a gallon was all I had…. OK, a quart. Ladies, your turn.

“Since neither of you has tried this before, you can expect a mess until you practice. So, you may want to pee into the tub – it’s harder to miss. Very briefly – get close to the wall mirror and find your pee hole, put your first two fingers in a V shape around your clit and the hole from above. Pull back to unblock the hole and recenter it. Watch the hole swing as you press one finger or the other. THAT’s how you can aim. Simple. Put your shins against the tub and let loose. STOP! STOP! Sue has it, but Lois, you need a little help.

“You need to visualize where your hole is and how to unblock it. Use the mirror to practice. Let me give you a hand – my [123] left one. Just to take advantage … I’ll align myself by nestling my dick into your warm gluteal cleft, fancy words for ass crack. Feel what it’s like when I pull my fingers in, around your clit, [124] to open your lips and steer back and up to clear the hole. YES, that’s it. Now hold back and try again with your hand. Both of you, spray straight ahead…. good, now [125] spray left as far as you can. bets10 giriş That will let you know how far you can go without losing control. Now spray right…. and now spray left and as high as you can… and the hardest one – spray straight down. That’s it, now you’re experts. Let’s rinse the tub, clean up and get back to where we were. I believe you were feasting on my marinated dick, but you’ll just have to put up with it all cleaned up. Boo hoo…”

Back in bed, Lois quickly buried my tasty, tingling tumescence deep in her throat as if we’d never left the room. I felt her nose tickle my pubes followed immediately by a steaming pressure from hitting the back of her hot throat. “Great Lois, there was no gag reaction and I know I’m beginning to drop into [126] your throat.” Each time my thrust stopped, my GLANS pulsed and stretched her throat a little more. Each following thrust went deeper and she began gulping when I bottomed. On the next push, I felt my dick head being firmly choked INSIDE [127] her throat and her nose crushing my damp bush. She had never done that with anyone.

“You must have taken lessons somewhere! Sue, she’s becoming a damn good cock sucker. Ohhhh noooo, don’t stop now. This is your first deep throat? I… caaaan… hardly… sp…speak it feels so fucking snug. I don’t want you to stop this rapture, but I want to deliver deep into your throat…. I can’t hold out much… aaughhh!” My loins contracted several times as she clenched me like a pro. She SWALLOWED two waves of semen [128] before the third filled her mouth. She smiled confidently and moved my gift around her [129] mouth and teeth! WOW! I’m so impressed with her. “I think Lois has found her inner slut! And it’s all my fault!”

“Ummm, that wasn’t bad at all. You taste good [130] and the feel of your cock pulsing in my mouth, in MY [131] control, was exquisite. I’m still savoring your sweet cum [132] and it’s tasting even better. Sue, look!” And she showed her sister her cum drenched mouth. My climatic grunts had already pushed Joe closer to his edge, but seeing my cum in her mouth pushed him over and he spurt into Sue’s mouth again. She swallowed twice, then showed Lois and the rest of us her mouth full of Joe’s cum. Both rolled their tongues thru our cum and in another daring move, Lois leaned to her sister and they exchanged a deep [133] wet kiss. My still hot cum mixed with Joe’s in Sue’s mouth as his cum mixed with mine [134] in Lois’s mouth. Finally, Lois tasted her husbands cum, sweetened by mine, for the [135] first time. We both moaned and violently came again at the lusty sight.

“Hmm, Lois, the tart talk is working! I feel flattered, as well as turned on, to be your first in so many ways…” Especially since she chose me over her husband who was next to me, being swallowed by my wife. Later, she confided that she wanted to suck me because Sue confirmed that Joe wasn’t long enough to reach her throat, and she wanted [136] the ‘new deep throat experience.’

Lois said “It doesn’t turn me on much, but watching your intense reaction to being in my throat is very gratifying. I mean uhhh… FUCKING HOT.” As she gently squeezed my balls, she easily drew me into the depths of her steaming throat again. She clenched her throat on as much cock as I could feed her and yanked me over the edge yet again! She held my dick firmly in her throat while I unloaded and she swallowed nearly all of it. The rest lined her cheeks.

Sue and Joe had been watching with amazement. This had to be Lois’s evil clone! We watched them as Sue resumed sucking Joe and squeezing his balls. He had been mindlessly stroking her bare ass, but now that I had cum, he gave her more attention. Sue was on her knees on his left side, still watching us. She pushed her ass higher in the air and Joe ran his fingers down her crack. Covering my dick for warmth, Lois studied her man as he pushed a finger into Sue’s wet pussy. Sue clenched his dick harder and he pumped her cunt several more times before slipping his pussy-wet finger gently into her asshole. He satisfied two more fantasies with Sue. Lois said she wanted to feel more pussy fingering, but still wasn’t ready to let her ass be invaded.

As Sue rotated into 69, Lois lay on my legs on her back, her face touching mine. She had my still stiff cock standing up an inch or so above her pussy. She spread her legs wider and offered me her open cunt [137] then asked me to describe everything I did to her in lusty detail, making sure Joe heard it. “Then turn around, love, head on my ankles, feet flat at my sides, and slide your sweet cunt against my upright pole again. Your unspoiled pussy lips are closed and slightly puffy. Your clit is hiding in its hood, waiting for an invitation to come out to play. I love the look and feel of your lush jet black bush and your nearly bare lips. They pulse slightly, reaching out to hug my stiff cock nearby. I smooth your hair back, pulling your hood back a little and stretching your lips bets10 güvenilir mi up and tighter.

“Your breathing deepens as you feel your clit stretched, your outer pussy lips get pinker. There’s no sign yet of your hiding inner lips. I slide my thumb around your clit then back on the central crease of your delicate pussy. As I slide down your dewy lips, they open slightly. My thumb continues its gentle trip, pausing to visit the lowest meeting of your lips, continuing to the very edge of your pink rosebud. It pushes against the bottom of your plumping pussy causing your immaculate lips to open your small gap a little wider. My thumb presses your left lip and rotates it open. You can feel the chilling cool breeze inside one lip and take a long slow breath.

“I gently pinch that solitary lip, slip my thumb onto the inner edge and pull it open as my other hand strokes and opens your other lip. I blow on your moistening pussy and the breeze feels deep and startling inside you. You grunt and lurch toward my dick. I squeeze your gap, top and bottom, making your swelling lips open wide for me. Your inner lips look virginal, smooth and unstretched. Even before I clearly see your building dew, I smell the wafting fragrance of your sex. It fills my head, invigorates my lungs, fogs my brain and weakens my knees. I’m a slave to that intoxicating perfume. Your gleaming lips yield to my intruding fingers and I feel the first moisture of your arousal.

“You begin to smell your own sweet scent and slowly draw it deep into your lungs. We both get dizzy on your juices. My fingers follow your inner lips, gathering your nectar. They begin to stroke your lips, rolling and stretching them. You feel your clit itch, I see it growing. My index finger slides inside and along the valley of your pussy. It dives into your love channel, follows the soaring heat, feels your cunt clamp down. Your pussy adjusts to my finger and the moist walls move in and out with my strokes. As you enjoy my motions and relax, your pussy loosens. Before it can readjust, I slip a second finger inside you and continue gently sawing. Your gasp comes a split second before you clamp down on me again, but this time I rotate both fingers against your love muscles.

“Your demanding inner lips are pushing open your engorged pussy lips, forcing your pussy to bloom like the fragrant rose it is. Now three fingers easily slip inside as your body merges with mine. Your breathing increases, matching my pumping speed. Your moaning gets louder and more lusty as your heaving chest and taunting tits redden. I pull your clitoral hood to one side then up and gently caress your sensitive, begging clit. I want my moist hot tongue on it, but, for now, can only offer my stiff cock.

“I slide you toward me, bringing you tightly against my vertical mast and press my shank to you. Your pussy clamps my dick, leaving its head exposed and chilled in the breeze above your bush. You pull my mast hard against you and moan. My hand finds your ravenous cunt again, enters and saws faster and deeper, pausing only as you approach orgasm. Your moaning gets faster and faster, louder and higher until you wail and shudder in relief, shaking my stiff cock with your quivering quim. Your first screaming orgasm today leaves you dizzy, breathless and deeply satisfied. I’m so proud and moved to help you reach it.

“Joe and Sue are frozen watching you, Joe’s jaw has fallen onto his chest. He’s still not accustomed to seeing or hearing you like this lusty, sexing being. We’re not done yet. You slide off my legs, trying to pivot around my cock, and struggle to crawl up to my mouth. You kiss me deeply, sucking the air from my lungs. Your moans and your hot tongue break my calm. As we kiss, I bring my sodden hand, dripping your sweet juices to our noses. Your fragrance is so intoxicating neither of us can resist inhaling the scent followed by frenzied licking and sucking my fingers into our mouths, together.

“This is not your first taste of your own sweet nectar, but we all knew you’d be loving and feasting on that delightful repast daily. Once the last drops of your dew are devoured, you collapse against my shoulder and pull my hand to cover your cooling pussy. When I stroke it, you open it to me and draw two fingers back inside. With a wondrous, sensual sigh you drift into sleep. You have yet to experience loving sex from Joe. He is still in awe. He never suspected his prudish, ‘frigid’ wife could be so sensual and accepting.”

Sue began sucking Joe’s dick again, inspired by our sensual display. Her fragrant pussy was in Joe’s face. He could now spread her pussy open and look directly inside. When he did, her airborne scent doubled and mixed with a faint hormone laden aroma from her open anus. Like me, he liked the sight and scent of her puckered pale brown hole.

“Joe, look about 1/4 inch from her asshole at eight o’clock, just outside the puckered folds. That little, dark spot and the three others near it form a perfect S. For Sue? It always intrigues me and I love licking her S. We nearly had the S tattooed in, but I like forming the S pattern with my tongue. Now you have the intimate opportunity to lick and taste my wife’s speckled asshole while I watch.

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