Duty-Bound – part one

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For the next two weeks there would be no uniforms. They were not going to be in the Army now. They were on leave. On vacation from service. And they were getting married. Private Ashley Lovall and Staff Sergeant Jacob Anderson were becoming man and wife, and for now they were just Ashley and Jacob. Committing to each other. The wedding was happening tomorrow. Tonight they were playing together in downtown Honolulu. Far away from Schofield Barracks and the life of regulations and restrictions. They had separate rooms at the Halekulani Hotel. Ashley’s mother had flown in. So had Jacob’s mother and father. They were all staying at the same hotel. Dinner this night had taken place in the House Without a Key. That was the restaurant here in the hotel, and it was great fun, and great food. The family and friends were in a grand mood, getting to know those they had just met. Ashley and Jacob decided to sneak away for a nice clandestine romp. They slipped out the back way down to the beachfront. Then they started strolling up past the Army Museum, staying on the shoreline. Both had taken off their shoes and could enjoy the sand underneath their feet. It was pleasant just to walk together holding hands. When they ran out of beach they put their shoes back on and just walked for a mile or so though town, watching people and being together. Jacob was fondling her butt as she giggled. They had approached an area that didn’t have a lot of tourists at this time of night. They weren’t far from Iolani Palace. They were passing by the parking lot of the Kawaiahao Church. It was empty except for two cars up close to the doors. Perhaps one was the pastor’s. They didn’t know. But Jacob, ever the adventurer, took her hand and led her over to the biggest car. He grabbed her by the waist and popped her up on the trunk lid.He lifted her summer dress and found her pussy naked. It always was when she was with him. Ashley was ever his little slut. He leaned down and touched his tongue to her dampening pussy lips. She shivered and her hands went to his head as she moaned. Giving her pleasure was always on his mind. He grinned as he started licking her clit, and she whimpered. He became a little more aggressive while her hands were trying to make him eat her more quickly and roughly. He nibbled on her labia and began running a finger in and out. She trembled with a small orgasm. “Baby, I need Erenköy escort bayan your cock. Can I have it please? Oh god, Jacob, fuck me baby.” He released the buckle of the belt holding up his linen slacks. They dropped about his feet and he pushed his boxers down, releasing his prick. His long cock was hard, of course. She did that to him so easily. He took it in his hand and began slapping her slit with it. She loved that. Moaning as he spanked her pussy, she begged for him to give it to her. “Yes, ma’am, I’ll give you all you need, lover.” His cock head entered her pussy and he thrust hard into her treasure. Ashley liked him to use her. And he did, fucking deep inside her, loving the way she cried out wanting more and more. He began pistoning his cock as deep into her as he could. She took it all. His rhythm was slow and steady. He loved fucking his sweetheart. Ashley always did want it a little rough. He twisted his torso, feeding her cock from different angles, but continuing to screw his baby. He was squeezing her breasts too. They were so soft and sensual. He wished he could suck on her hard nipples, but now he was busy fucking his darling. He was close. She was begging for cum. She wanted his cum. He was close. “Jeez, baby…fucking cumming now. Yeah, yeah. Ah baby!” “Yes, Jacob, cum in me, cum in me. Cumming too, cumming too!” He gripped her soft, milky ass and thrust until his sperm stopped spurting. He slowly pulled out, with a handkerchief in hand, and tenderly wiped her clean. Then he bent over and kissed her mouth passionately as she laid back on the trunk lid of that Lincoln Town Car. A door opened in the church and light was escaping down some steps. Jacob pulled up his trousers as Ashley slipped down off of the car, and hand in hand they ran quickly down the street. They were laughing like kids. It was time to get back to the hotel. They would become husband and wife in about twelve hours time. The next day Ashley was in her room preparing. Molly Donahue was with her as she had been for almost two years now. They had completed all of their basic training together, as well as Advanced Individual Training. And they had shared an apartment here at their first duty station. Now Molly was helping Ashley get dressed as Ashley’s mom and Jacob’s mother both sat and watched. They were giving advice once in awhile Escort içerenköy but mostly they just smiled. The gown was white. It was a sweetheart style with lots of lace. It had taken several shopping and trying on sessions to find the perfect dress. They had disagreed several times but finally both had known that this dress was perfect. There was a car downstairs waiting to take them to the wedding venue. It wasn’t far away. Just up the shore at Fort DeRussy Beach. It was going to be a beach wedding. Most of the guests were already on their way over to the site. Jacob’s father had called to say that the men were leaving. “Okay, Molly. I’m ready. Let’s get going. I want to get married.” “Ash, you’re so pretty. I’m not going to cry, but I want to. I love the dress. We were right.” The two mothers agreed and they all gathered up their purses and anything else they thought they might need for the rest of the afternoon. They would be staying down on the shore at an outdoor facility for the reception. When Ashley started walking down the aisle of sand everyone turned to watch. The several dozen celebrants could clearly see how beautiful she was, and Jacob was completely certain of how lucky he was. A woman who loved him and a comrade in arms. What more could a soldier want. He smiled. The music was played by a local group with portable keyboard, a guitar, and two ukuleles. It was festive and solemn at the same time. Several ladies were crying, of course. When she arrived before the officiant she took Jacob’s hands and they traded their vows. With the kiss it was complete. And the soldiers in the group sent up a “hooah” to send the lovers on their new path together. The party was in full fling in an hour. Ashley and Jacob had danced together, and the whole happy crew were soon dancing and eating. The couple greeted everyone and thanked them for being there. When that was over they were standing alone for a moment at the back of the shelter. Ashley took Jacob’s hand and drew him away quickly. She had noticed when they arrived there earlier that there was a group of shrubs not too far away. She had decided on a whim that she wanted to give her man a treat. Right now and right here. He could see that she had something in mind as they slipped into the bushes together. “What are you up to you little scamp? We can’t just sneak off like Tuzla escort this. We have family and friends in there.” “No, baby. We have each other here, now. I’m glad this is nice white sand. It won’t ruin my dress. I don’t care, though. I want you Jacob. Here. Let me show you, my love.” She pulled her dress up and dropped to her knees in the sand. Her hands were struggling to get his pants undone. She needed him. She had to make love to his manhood. She wanted to taste her husband for the first time as wife and husband. She was fumbling, but he helped her, and soon his hardness was free for her to praise. She was holding the cock up and away as she licked his balls and the length of his dick, up and down. Smiling up at him, she took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. She giggled as he gave a loud groan. Her saliva had lubricated his thick cock and she was slowly stroking it while sucking on it. He tried to give her more but she was controlling this. “You like, Sergeant?” “Damn, baby. You know I love this. Come on sweetie, make me cum. Please?” She giggled and stroked him harder, squeezing his cock in both hands. She was raking her teeth across his cock head and then sucking him in, turning it purple. Jacking it faster now she stopped and then she allowed him to thrust his prick deeper into her throat. She knew how to take him and enjoyed having that talent. He was getting eager now to fill her mouth with his milk. And then to watch her relish it as she swallowed it all down. “Let me girl. Let me jack it. Oh fuck, I need to cum.” Jacob was frantically jerking his meat as Ashley looked up into this face, needing his cum, needing to show him how much she loved him. He was grunting now, pointing his prick at her wide open mouth. Then it squirted out, striking her on the face, and then onto her tongue. Filling her mouth as she whimpered. Wanting it all. Wanting his love juices. He kept groaning as it spurted in smaller streams until it was done. He squeezed it out, letting it drip onto her outstretched tongue. She closed her lips and savored his cum. Then opened up wide to let him see it was all gone. She gave him an impish grin and he leaned down to kiss her. He tasted himself on her lips. It was good. He used some moist wipes he carried with him now. He had become used to the fact that he needed them often with this lady. He cleaned her face and then himself. They went back to the reception and tried to slip in without being noticed, but they were greeted by Molly standing by the entry. She was grinning. It seemed that no one else had noticed they were gone. It was time for them to end this celebration They were flying to Fiji for their honeymoon.

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