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This is a romantic adult erotic story with fictional characters and plot, targeted at fingernail fetish readers. If extremely long fingernails and/or toenails gross you out, then you’re in the wrong place.

‘Dream chasers – The First Dream’

by V. Tarransky

Nov 2022

…And then: The First Dream

I watched her fall asleep. It was pretty hard to stay awake, I’ve felt drifting and almost lost myself to sleep twice, but this time I was supposed to stay awake and watch her until her eyes’ rapid movements would tell me that she is dreaming. Then I would whisper to her ‘Is this a dream?’ every other minute.

She fell asleep pretty quickly, I’ve noticed her breath pattern change. She was lying halfway between on her side and and on her stomach, facing me with a leg and arm propped on her rolled blanket in a voluminous snake-like shape, like hugging it. I was sitting naked next to her, propped up against pillows doing my best to not fall asleep and keep my attention on her. A very… boring task, waiting for clues indicative of REM sleep from her. Very prone to losing focus and attention.

I saw her toenails’ transparent growth shine in the incomplete darkness of the room. Too beautiful for words, she was very protective of them, almost always wearing those colorful socks, hiding them from my eyes. I thought it would be a shame to spoil them with color.

She also made it very clear that she could not let them grow any longer, wearing shoes was already quite uncomfortable and then her walking and, obviously, the toenails themselves would have to suffer if she continued to let them grow.

“I will have to cut them off soon,” she said the evening before, after I finished the ‘restoration’ of her pinky, while we were hanging out on the sofa at her place, which she seemed to favor over mine, probably because of her ‘clean freak’ nature and the consequent need to have territorial absolute hygiene control.

“And I don’t want to just trim them, I want all the growth… cut. And kept. Preserved.”


“Because… I don’t know, because… I feel like I need to. I don’t want to… lose… any… growth.”

“Yeah, but still… why?”

She rolled her eyes. “Because I’m too weird to understand it myself and explain it to you? I don’t know, you know that!”

“Okay-okay…” I backed down.

She sighed. “Sorry… I know I can get… defensive about that.”

“It’s okay… don’t worry, you know I’m so curious trying to understand it and I get carried away. Never mind… one day it will come to you. And you will tell me, okay?”

She nodded and smiled at me. “It’s so weird, even to me, enough that I am… avoiding thinking about it. I guess that’s why I’m getting touchy every time you bring it up.”

“No need to get touchy with me, Helen. You know that.”

“Yeah, but… it’s a… it’s a… reflex, it’s hard to… control it.”

“I know, I know… it’s okay. Add them to your collection, then”, I smiled. “By the way, you haven’t shown it to me yet.”

“Yes, I’ll have to bring it from home, it wasn’t part of the essentials for the move.”

“Want me to go with you and get it?” I offered.

A satisfied grin took over her face.

“Do you want to come with me and get it?” she countered and looked at me.

“Of course… aren’t you my girlfriend? Lover maybe? ‘Pleasure girl’ in any case” I laughed.

Her grin disappeared instantly. Her face looked horrified. My laugh stopped and my smile vanished.

“You know I said it as a joke, right?” Her expression was turning to disgust. “Helen, I’m-, I’m-, I’m sorry, I… don’t know what came over me, I-, I-, I shouldn’t have said that.”

A few seconds later, still dead serious, she picked it up.

“No, you shouldn’t have.” She paused for a few seconds, looking hurt and trying to find her words. “It’s… basically… the other way around. You are my ‘pleasure boy’!” she started laughing.

“Oooh, you’re going to pay for this!” I raised and shook a finger at her.

“Oh, yeah? …How?” she dared me.

“I… don’t… know! …maybe one day… you’ll have your… impossibly, immobilizing long nails. And you’re going to need help with… something. Anything. Everything. And I’m going to… take my time… being helpful. I will watch you struggle first.”

“No, you won’t!” she laughed at me “You won’t be able to resist me and my nails. You will be under my spell. And in – my – power… Mmmuha – ha – ha – ha – ha!…” she concluded with an extremely funny evil laugh and expression on her face, doing the familiar finger wiggle but downwards like to allow space for gigantic fingernails at the tips of her fingers.

I couldn’t help but smile. “We’ll see about that.”

“Oh, I’m sooo looking forward to ‘seeing about that’…” she added and placed one colorfully-dressed trabzon seks hikayeleri foot in my lap in an obviously seductive manner, wiggling her toes under the cover of her sock, fully aware of that was doing to me. She was seated in the corner of the sofa facing me from my left, resting her other foot on my thigh.

“…Or…” I continued “…I could also exercise my… right… of control over the length of your nails and forbid you to trim your toenails.”

She looked at me in shock. Then she promptly took away the foot that was in my lap and set it next to her other foot, looking concerned at her toenails through her colorful socks. Then back at me.

“What?… You… gave me that… privilege” I argued.

“You!… You… wouldn’t!…” she looked at me smiling with guilt, realizing her predicament.

“But… I could. And I will” I smiled back, waving my eyebrows the same way she used to do.

The smile faded from her face and her sight moved again to her feet, while she was still sitting on the sofa with her feet resting on my left thigh.

“Let’s see…” I took her left foot and placed it back in my lap and gently started to remove her sock. “These won’t be of any use to you for much longer” I added matter-of-factly, handing her the sock. Her foot was now bare, exposing her beautiful clear pedicure with toenails extending outwards as long as the nailbeds on her toes.

“How about… this long?” I asked and indicated a length of about six inches from the tip of her toes, while caressing her foot with my other hand.

She looked at me with horror.

“Just kidding…” I lowered my hand to about two or three inches from the tip of the big toe. “This long?” I probed for her reaction.

“But-…! That’s-…! …That’s-…!” she was looking for words to express her concerns about the implications.

“…gonna make things difficult for you, isn’t it?” I took over her sentence and gave wording to what was in her head. “I warned you. But you wanted it… how did you say it?… ‘put into practice’ if memory serves me?”

“Do you want me to get even fatter?” she countered after a few seconds, the time it took her to find some argument against my reasoning. “Because if I’m not going to be able to walk and move properly then it will be impossible for me to lose at least some weight!”

“Well, that is assuming that the length of your fingernails will still allow you to use your hands enough so that you can eat. Or that I will be willing to help you” I argued.

“You’re… going to let me… starve?” she was beginning to panic.

I let her stew in that idea for a few moments. In my mind this was all a game, and ‘act’ or ‘role-play’, a payback for the prank she played on me moments before, I wasn’t actually thinking about really subjecting her to all that we were discussing.

“Only for a day or two… Maybe three?… Yeah… three should do it” I concluded, trying hard not to laugh.

At this point she started to realize that I may be turning the prank on her and displayed an understanding smile.

“You’re kidding, right?”

With the most serious face I could produce I replied.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

She looked straight at me just as serious as I tried to be.

“No, you don’t, but you’re not the type to see a girl helpless and not do anything.”

“Touché” I surrendered.

“But you almost had me,” she added, starting a smile. “That part when you said that you will take advantage of the control I gave you over the length of my nails?… It came… unexpected.”

“I know. That’s why I said it. Did it… you know… ‘work?'”

“Mmmmyeeees…” she replied grinning “…but only up until the part where you said that you will let me starve while I’d be… in… you know… in long nail… bondage.”

“‘Long nail bondage’?” I laughed.

“Well, what would you call it? To be prevented to… do… things… by the length of my nails? Hmm?…”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right… It’s weird though… To my mind you’d be more like… a… nail… mistress, rather than nail… slave.”

“See?… I told you you’d be spellbound by my super long nails. If you promise to help me around and not let me starve, then I’ll be your… nail mistress… D’you promise?”

“I promise,” I tried to tone down what came through as unease from her.

On her face the biggest, widest possible and most teeth-showing grin revealed itself.

“Wait. Did I… just… agree… to-…?”

“Oh, yeah!” she rubbed her palms like ready to attack something very tasty.

“Umm… what exactly did I agree to?”

“That I will be your… ‘nail… mistress’ and in… ‘nail bondage’ and you will be my… ummm… my… ‘helper’. And… ‘pleasure boy’.” Her grin was sustained by her familiar eyebrow wave.

“Okaaay…” I was beginning to put it into perspective. “For how long? A week? This can’t go on for too long.”

“Oh…” a disappointed look took over her face. “I was under the impression that it would be for… you know… for good. I mean… we’d start it… without a deadline… and see how long we can… you know… make it work. So we’d have time to… to adjust and allow my nails to grow even longer. And… you know… take… pleasure… in that. I mean… since we don’t have to hide this obsession from each other… we might as well… share… indulging… in it.”

She was definitely right, but…

“Helen… look. I won’t try to deny you your… I dunno… your… fulfillment? …if that’s what you’re looking for. And I… concede… to… how… appealing this possibility is to me, but… it’s not just about the… immediate restrictions and changes in lifestyle that would come with this… change. Or the… erm… the… the… pleasure.

I will admit that you have the experience of really long nails, having grown them for eight years at some point, and that you probably know many of the things you should expect as they get longer and longer.

You’ve already encountered the prejudice against long nails, of that I am sure, and of course many of the lifestyle adjustments you will need to make in order to overcome the difficulties that come with it.

But… what you’re talking about is a… transformation, a… change into a… different… I dunno… a different being. I don’t think you’ve had the chance to take a close look at some of the people who’ve either committed to or just ended up growing their nails for decades. They’re… changed. For good. I mean… the way they move and-, and-, and… behave… it becomes a… a… an act of… self-preservation, probably because breaking or losing their nails would rob them of their… I dunno, of their… purpose?

And then their hands get… disfigured somehow by the quasi-constant weight they have to carry, the finger joints get over-used and eventually unusable, while the nail-beds get thicker and thicker to support the growth. Unless their weight is somehow managed they will destroy your beautiful hands.

What I’m saying is… Is that …what you want to become? …to turn into? Would you still… take pleasure… in that? Because I’m not so sure I would.”

She kept silent for a few moments, looking at her hands and nails.

“You know this is a… a… like… an addiction. It’s gonna be… really… painful… to… to let go… at the end of it” I added.

“Wow, I… never would have thought of all that. But I guess you’re right, it’s not… very… appealing, though the… erm… transformation… sounds oddly… stimulating” she raised her eyes towards me with a thoughtful smile. “So how would this work?”

“What do you mean? How would… ‘what’… work?”

“I mean… I know I’m going to need some help, but I don’t want you to feel like a servant. Or slave. Except maybe ‘pleasure boy’. But then again, I think both of us will be… taking… pleasure… in that. Don’t you think?”

My imagination was starting to conjure up images and situations of her being helpless because of her nails being unmanageably long. I was again sliding into that… satisfying… feeling of being in the position with the ability to provide a damsel in distress with the help and protection she needed.

“Well?” she nudged me out of it.

“Erm… yeah, but… again, it depends on how long you plan on… living like this, and what ‘living’ would be. I mean… I’m okay with helping you around, even… you know… being your… erm… erm… uh…”

I couldn’t help smiling looking for a word that would properly define my… role… in the… play… we were somehow… developing.

“…Slaaave?” she meow-ed questioningly with that same huge grin and raised eyebrows she had when she caught me off-guard.

“As-sis-tant!…” I replied with emphasis. “But… there will be things I won’t be able to help you with. Like… do you mean to still be up for work during that time?”

She was pondering my question, while I continued.

“And I don’t believe you’d want to be confined to your flat if you’re thinking for longer than a couple of days. D’you consider going out? Being… seen? You will draw a lot of attention if you do.”

She was looking away thinking about what I said. A few moments later, with a mix of longing and resignation in the expression on her face, she looked like what I was saying was finally getting through to her.

“Yeah… I-… Hold on,” she started and stopped abruptly. And then, with a shrewd smile, she resumed. “Would you take me out like that?” she asked with the ‘in-my-crosshair’ look.

I was speechless.

“…How would that make you feel? …To be… seen… with a… woman who presumably has been growing her nails for… decades? And a fat one at that?”


“Too… embarrassing?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Erm… uh… let me put it this way. I’d have no problem taking you out and being seen with you if there’d be no chance of meeting… people… whose judgment matters to me, because they wouldn’t understand my- our!… extreme… nail… affliction. But let me ask you this. Would you show up in… full… attire… at your parents’ place and introduce me? I am your boyfriend after all” I grinned.

“I… might. They’d freak out, though, I can tell you that. I mean… they are aware of my nail obsession… it’s just… they don’t know how deep it goes. One of the reasons I left home was to escape their relentless attempts to convince me to give up my nail growing habit. And with you… it’s even harder keeping it tamed. If they had any idea what we’re discussing here they’d probably label us deranged.”

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then?”

Again she looked away, thinking.

“What about… somewhere… where nobody would know us?” she pushed the subject forward a few moments later.

This took me by surprise.

“Oh, erm… Then… I’d have no problem taking you out and… you know… being… out …with you. But you’d better get used to the idea that you will be noticed. And people will be rude and they will steal photos and videos of you and they will share them through their social media accounts. With a lot of rather ungratifying comments.”

“Forget… them! How would you feel?”

I thought about it for a minute. Being… in public… around THE Lady who has the super long nails I would no longer just dream about. And she’s my girlfriend. And… mistress. And… I’m her… assistant. So what if she’s… a bit… round? I couldn’t deny a feeling of embarrassment, but nor could I hide from my excitement at the possibility.

“It’s a… mixed bunch but overall I think I’d feel like the happiest and luckiest guy in the world.”

She grinned.

“I think we’d better start planning a getaway. Don’t you think? A… vacation?”

I had to do a reality check. Things started to seem too good to be true. She noticed me doing it and it looked to me that she was doing the same herself.

“What if… this… was a dream?” she resumed. “What would you do? Or what would you want to… experience?”

If this was a dream and I had this much awareness in it, then I knew what I had to do.

“I have a question. To the dream. To you. To… to me?”

“Oh?” she looked intently at me.

I took a deep breath.

“Why?… Why am I so… responsive… to long nails? What do they represent? To me? Where and when did it start?”

I waited for a providentially-delivered answer from… anywhere. Nothing happened. I remembered her voicing her wish to what she thought was a dream. I couldn’t help smiling at that recollection and I looked at her.

“Oh, don’t look at me, I’ve got issues of my own,” she chuckled. “I have a cleanliness obsession, a nail growing obsession and I definitely eat more than I should. I’m worse!” she ended, laughing.

I looked around me, still waiting for some… sign that my wish to understand had been acknowledged.

“Well… that’s that then. Worth a shot though,” I concluded after it became obvious that I wasn’t going to get any answer.

“D’you mind if I have a go now?” she said a few moments later.

“Not at all, go ahead.”

I expected her to say or do something that would ultimately be another expression of her desire for uncontrollable nail growth. She sat up on her knees on the sofa and brought her hands up for me to see and started doing that subtle and gentle finger wiggle I couldn’t resist watching.

“I… want…” she started with determination in a crystal clear voice and then, in a very… ‘feline’ way, she reached and started dragging her nails on my T-shirt, licking her lips, “…you” she ended in a whisper.

After that she leaned down and we started kissing. I turned and embraced her while we kissed. I started pushing her house robe off, while she started pulling my T-shirt upwards, as we hurried to undress one another. Eventually we got completely naked and then she took me by the hand towards her bedroom.

We got there and started making out on the bed, we kissed and touched and caressed each other. The touches and the sounds of her nails were ‘delicious’ and ‘satiating’ to my nail-sense, and she knew it and that aroused us both.

She reached for my dick to stroke it, but after the first touch I pulled away. “You don’t want me to finish before I even begin, do you?” I said and her puzzled look changed to a sly sideway smile.

I got down in between her legs and started kissing and licking her lips which she kept spread with her thumb knuckles giving me a stimulating visual on her nails next to her fresh and groomed pussy. All the while she was moaning softly and licking her lips. Apparently the ‘yuck demon’ was no longer grossed out at me going down on her.

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