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Subject: Devil Boys 27 DEVIL BOYS By Encolpius DISLAIMER: This story is fiction. Compliments, complaints, comments to ail Contribute to Nifty. Press the donate button. Hot stories to come! Author’s note: This is the first erotic story I ever posted. It’s set at Club Orlando and since some the action is in Orlando, I’m throwing it in. It’s still one of my favortites and I hope you enjoy it too. The next chapter is the sequel. TWENTY SEVEN About a week before my 18th birthday, my dad told not to make plans for that day. I could have a big blowout the next night, Saturday, but Friday he had something special planned. I’ve been living with him since I was thrown out by the bitch just before my 15th birthday and he is a super cool Dad, as Dad’s go. The next couple of days, he hinted around that I would enjoy his little surprise but he didn’t give anything away despite my begging. That morning, though, he told me to douche and be ready to go by 9. Well, I thought, there’s going to be sex involved. And sex is cool. His wife Allison and their girlfriend Jordan, both gave me Andrew Christian underwear. It was cool even though it came from my Dad’s store. Allison gave me a jock and Jordan a pair of briefs. They made me model it for them, which was kind of fun what with them making sexy jokes. Besides, I looked good in them, a little too much muscle to be a twink but I also have kind of a baby face and freckles, that make me look younger. So maybe I am a twink. They also get that I’m gay. That is cool with them too. The fact that I showed up at his door queer was nothing for my Dad, he didn’t give a shit, as long as I wasn’t a celibate Bible thumper, like The Bitch. I told him I hate that fucking God shit. That made him happy. So, at my house, having a boyfriend or a trick stay over is no big deal. I told you he was super cool. So, I was prancing around in the jock, showing them my little ass, camping it up really, when Allison said, “It’s not like you’e going to need it tonight.” “Why is that?” “He’s taking you to the bathhouse” she answered with a sly grin A wave of anxiety hit me. “Really?” She nodded. It had been my plan to go anyway, maybe next week. If I could find the courage, of course. But, I decided, it would be better with my dad. I would be less likely to pussy out and it would be cool to have somebody to look out for me if I got in too deep. But I was surprised that he was going, being straight and all. For a minute, I thought he would be just dropping me off, the way you would for a middle schooler with a “date” at the movies. When I asked him, he swore that he was going to with a plan for busting a nut. I was surprised. “Allison doesn’t like to suck and Jordan isn’t that good at it. Neither of them take it in the ass. Besides, Jordan is more Allison’s girlfriend than mine anyway. So, every so often I got permission to get a blowjob from an anonymous guy and plow a hot hole.” My instructions were clear: Wear whatever, but no valuables and no phone inside. He gave me two twenties and told me the only thing to carry in my wallet was that, my ID and my insurance card. Plus some lube. Got to have lube. As we were driving, he explained the night to me. “You will definitely be the youngest person there, obviously. But it’s going to be by a long shot. After midnight, there will be more guys in their 20’s and 30’s but it is mostly 40 plus. There are going to be a couple of fairly old guys and some that are fat. Not everyone is going to be into you just because you’re young, got abs and a trendy haircut. You don’t have to do anything with the first person that takes an interest in you and you don’t have to feel guilty about being greedy.” I just nodded silently. It was the fear of the unknown that was making me anxious. I thought about all kinds of things, like somebody making me do something I didn’t want to do, or drugging me or something. Or being rejected. Or not finding anybody I wanted to play with. Or not being able to perform if people are watching. All of that entered my mind. Then a new thought came in. Am I going to freak out if I see my Dad getting a hummer? I know he is a pretty sexual guy, I am too for that matter, but he does his thing behind closed doors and I do too. There is a difference between knowing it and seeing it. Then, shit, what if he sees me being freaky, like getting double plowed or something. Is that going to fuck up our relationship? Shit, for something so fun, sex can really fuck things up. The bathhouse is a non-descript building with no windows on a side street behind the Walgreen’s and next to some produce market. When we pulled into the parking lot, it looked like there was about 20 cars there, so not full but not bad, I guess. I was breathing a little bit hard as we walked up to the office to pay. We stepped into this little alcove with a window along one wall, glassed in, and a locked door in front of me. There wasn’t anybody there at the window at first and I had to wait for what seemed like a very long minute until a thin black guy leaned over and asked me to hold on. The time seemed to last forever until he came back. Before he did, another guy came along and stood behind us waiting to get in. Finally, the black guy came back. “What you need, baby?” he asked. I stammered that I wanted a video room, which is what my dad told me I wanted, and handed him my ID. He examined it and kept it before handing a form on an orange card that I was to sign. It basically said that they weren’t responsible for anything. “Well, baby, entry is free for you. It’s $29 dollars for the room.” I handed him a twenty and a ten and got my change. I got a choice between a shower towel and regular. Unsure, I choose regular. Then he handed me my towel, a remote and a key on an elastic ring that could wear around by wrist. Telling me I could go in, I tried to go to the door straight ahead but my dad gently moved to a door behind me that I hadn’t seen. Going through that, I stumbled into the locker room. Unsure where to go from there, I went straight ahead. There were 3 guys standing around in towels there as I passed. It turned out that was the wrong direction as it led nowhere. Feeling like a fool, I retraced my steps. The guys there didn’t seem to notice me at all. Then I found a little lounge area in front of this large, well supplied gym in a glassed in area. I decided to wait for my dad there. After several minutes, he came along and waved at me to follow him. We went for the area where the rooms were and I found mine, 242, which was a corner room. There was a latin guy with a bit of belly standing outside my room, just waiting. The walls of the room didn’t go all the way to the ceiling and you could hear the techno music that was playing and guys moving around. I turned on the TV and stripped down. I laid on the bed with a thin mattress and a single pillow, looking at some twink porn, trying to get my courage up. I ran my hand through my trimmed pubes and stroked my dick until I was hard. It is long enough and thick enough to do the job. I could hear people moving about outside and I decided to go give the place a look. The Latin guy was still there and I passed by him without looking him in the eye. I figured I could see myself doing him but I didn’t want to hook up with the first guy I saw. As I went around the circle that the rooms were in, I saw a short, old and grossly fat man paddling toward me. We passed in the hall and he looked up and down. It felt a little creepy to be checked out by grandpa. As I found my way out, I saw another older guy going turning away from me that was very fit and almost sculpted. Straight ahead from the rooms was the area with the bathroom and open showers. Across the hall was the dry sauna. I went inside for like a minute but realized I didn’t really like that. At the end of the hall was the steam room. It didn’t seem to be working because it wasn’t very hot but there were about 5 guys standing around in their towels, not actually doing anything. I found the way outside and went out to look at the pool. Nobody was on the patio but the water seemed warm enough, so I got in. It is actually winter time but this is Florida, so swimming is not out of the question. But the water turned out to be a degree or two too cool to be actually comfortable, so I got out. Passing down the side of the main building there was the outdoor hot tub and an open air shower. At the far end was the maze. It was dark inside, just enough light to be able to see. I went through the first room, which was long, and then a smaller one beyond that, before I realized that someone was following me. The next room was just over on the side, leading back down the hall. I stopped there, sat on the bench and watched the monitor on the far wall, playing the same twink video I had seen in my room. Reaching inside my the towel wrapped around me, I stroked myself. The guy following me came into the room, looked up at the monitor and sat down on the bench too, just far enough that another person could have sat between us comfortably. It was just close enough to say he was interested and just far enough for him to just be sitting there. I was interested. I couldn’t tell for sure but he didn’t look super old. He was definitely muscular and his head was shaved. I was interested in him. At first, I just ignored him, continuing to play with myself. Then I opened the towel a bit, then opened it more and openly stroked my cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that he was looking at me jack off. I continued to ignore him, watching the movie and rubbing my hard dick. An Asian guy, an older guy, came hurrying through, stopped and looked at us and then headed on to the next room. My towel was completely off. But I was tired of playing a game. I looked over at him, staring at him as he had his dick out too. I stared at his body as he pleasured himself leisurely and I did the same. He scooted down to where he was next to me. I reached over and grabbed his dick and he grabbed mine. He was uncut, which is totally cool. The Asian guy came back in the room. He looked at us and the sat on the bench on the other wall to watch. I was surprised that I didn’t care. I wasn’t at all self conscious about it. In fact, I wanted him to watch. I decided to give him a show. Leaning over, I opened wide and took my guy’s dick in my mouth. I went down to the fucking root, taking all of him in my mouth. Then slowly up the shaft, pulling his foreskin tight with my lips. Then I pushed it back a little and slipped my tongue between his foreskin and the sensitive head. He liked it, moaning a bit as I sucked. He stroked by shoulders as I bobbed up and down his dick. I could feel his strength tandoğan escort in his hands as he rubbed them over me. “Yeah, that’s it” he said as he began to face fuck me. I looked over and the Asian guy got up and left. I was disappointed because I wanted an audience. Still, I had a strong, muscular guy force feeding me his prick. That’s cool enough, I thought. I pulled off and went below after his low hangers. I took one ball and then the other and sucked on it. I stroked him as I did it. He was a greedy fuck though. He wanted my mouth. I let him have it. My warm mouth went back down on him and he held the back of my head to push me down on his dick. All the way down I went, smelling the musk of his untrimmed pubes. He swiveled his hips to drive it in. I reached up and massaged his taint as he shoved himself into me. “Ahh,” he moaned but he kept trying to push me further and further down on him. I gagged a bit even though he wasn’t that hung but then went right back down on him. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my Dad pass by, going from one room to the another. Instinctively, I stopped what I was doing and pulled off of the guy. He reacted by grabbing his dick and stroking it because he was lost in his own lust. I held my breath for a split second but my Dad passed right on by. Maybe he didn’t even notice me but, then again, how many lean blond guys are there here tonight? But when he left, I went back to it. I gave muscle dude a couple of good hard yanks, played with his foreskin for a few seconds and then swallowed him whole. Fuck, I do love an uncut dick. I’ve sucked off maybe a half dozen Latino boys with uncut pingas and have liked it every time. Muscle dude liked what I did too. He didn’t care about shit except my mouth on his dick. I was hard as fuck too, stroking myself as I did him. Then he pushed me away and began slap my face and lips with his tool. He held my head with his powerful hands where my mouth was right at the head of his dick and jacked himself off furiously. I opened wide to catch the cream. I caught the first spurt on my tongue, warm and salty, but most dribbled on the floor until I got underneath to catch the last few drops. He didn’t kiss me. He didn’t thank me. He just grabbed his towel, wrapped up and left. I didn’t care. I wanted the next one, the next conquest. I had some breath mints in my pants back in the room so I headed back there to freshen up. I was still a little confused about the layout so I kind of wandered around a bit. The Latino guy that had been outside my room before followed me. I ignored him right then. As I passed by, a couple of guys had their doors open and were laying on their beds watching porn with the towels on. I just passed by and went on to my room, grabbing the breath mints and popping one in. Cocksucking can give you bad breath and all. When I came out, he was there. This time I looked him over. He had a belly for sure but was pretty solidly built otherwise. He looked like a regular blue collar kind of guy, maybe construction, who wanted to fuck the blond twink with a sprinkling of freckles. I am not skinny by any means, pretty muscular actually but not overbulked, and I was taller than him by a fair bit, so I wasn’t scared of him. He probably was stalking me but, for some reason, that was cool. So why the fuck not, I figured. I left the door open, stood in the doorway and stared at him. He looked back at me. “Well, come on,” I said. I was sitting on the bed. He stood in front me. The door was closed. Unlike the maze, the lights were on and I could see him fully. I took his dick in my mouth. All the way down but he roughly took my head and buried my nose in his pubes. He had the musk of a man, dank amd sweaty. He was built solid, like a man who works and who likes to eat. He had a belly but he wasn’t soft. Nor was he groomed. He had a bit of hair on his balls. He face fucked me in that little tiny room, the size of a closet. He didn’t speak and neither did I. He feed his dick into my mouth. He wasn’t even quite average hung in length but is was thick enough. Plus, he was uncut and two uncut guys in a night was a bonus. I liked the dirtiness of it, anonymous sex. No bullshit games. No seduction. We are going to fuck. I’m a Truvada whore and I don’t ask for details from him. I hand him the lube. It is silicone. Still sitting on the side of the bed, he throws my legs up, plops some on his hand and roughly jams his finger, first one and then two and then three, into my ass. The lube is cold but the finger fucking feels good even if he is rough. He slicks up his prick, bends a bit at the knees and shoves it in. I gasp a bit. “Oh, fucking shit.” I moan. For a split second, he pauses, unsure if I am moaning in pleasure or pain. Then, he either decides rightly that it is pleasure or he decides he doesn’t give a shit. He fucks me hard. I don’t care. I want it. He bends my legs back to get a better angle on my asshole. I feel the weight of him as he rams it in. My God, it feels good. “Fuck me hard” I tell him between clenched teeth. His face is screwed up; he has a mean look to him. He doesn’t give a shit what I want. The only thing keeping from being rape is that I’m enjoying it. Now he is fucking me so hard, it is getting loud. His crotch banging against my ass, I bet that anyone in the hall could hear it. Plus, I am wimpering. I can feel my body on fire. I can feel the electricity growing. I start stroking my semi hard dick, trying to milk the cum out. Then, right before it would be too late for me, he pulls out, jacks himself furiously and unloads his jizz all over my flat belly. I lean back against the wall, idly rubbing his cum into my skin, amazed that he felt the need to cum like a porn star, watching him gather up his towel. He leaves without a word. I lay there for a minute to calm down. It’s too early in the night to cum, even if I figure I got at least 2 loads in me for the night’s fun. Grabbing my towel, I head back to the wet area to shower. I pass by a short, fat, old guy that eyes me up as I pass. The shower head is directly overhead and the shower is open, except for the far end, which is a little alcove and is slightly more private. There is a couple in there, water running down on them as they make out. I get some soap from the dispenser and began to wash the sex off of me. An older guy, I think I may have seen him earlier, passed by the shower. He had gray close cropped hair, the next thing to shaved off, piercing blue eyes and the body of Greek god, defined and lean. I put on a bit of a show for him, washing myself, especially in the dick area, but he passed on by after giving me the eye. Finishing up and drying off, I head outside. I wander toward the pool to see if there is anyone there, which there isn’t. As I head back, I decide to get in the hot tub but I see there is a black boy standing in the water sucking off a guy sitting on the deck. It’s my Dad. Startled, I head away quickly, back toward the maze. I’m not sure I want to be a spectator for my Dad getting head but I was happy for him and a bit jealous. The boy looked young. Then I wondered if my Dad would hurry away if he came across me getting busy. I was amazed because I felt a surge of excitement at the thought. I wanted to be caught. I made my way back to the same spot I had gotten lucky at before. Towel open, hard dick out, stroking myself for everyone to see, a guy came into the room, looked and stopped. He stood just off to my right, slightly in front of me. He looked like he was in his early 30’s maybe but had a nice ass and flat gut. He has a beard but is nearly bald, but in a sexy way. I stroked myself and watched him, waiting for him to back up and sit down next to me so we could play. But he didn’t. That was frustrating. He was right there, naked and I wanted to get onto his dick. I couldn’t even see it the way he was turned. He couldn’t be that into the movie, I thought. I scooted over just a little bit and reached over to stroke his inner thigh, to encourage him and show him I was interested. He didn’t stop me. I rubbed his ass. That’s when I figured it out. “You like to fuck?” he asked, turning his torso toward me. He’s a bottom for sure, I thought. “Yeah, I like to top” “I have a room if you want to” “Sure” I said. I didn’t say to him that I had a room too. It didn’t matter. So, I followed him. I was turned around enough that I wasn’t sure where my room was in relation to his but the Latin guy seemed to have left. My new lover unlocked the door and we went into the tight space. “How do you like it?” he asked. I wasn’t sure what he meant. His room was exactly like mine. Then I thought that I must be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. “It’s up to you” I said. “Doggy” he says as he gets on the bed and pokes his ass up in the air. There is no foreplay, no kissing, no nothing. He wants to get fucked and I am to fuck him. He grabs a quickie size of Elbow Grease, it’s the one ounce size, and greases his hole. I spread a bit on my stiff prick. My dick is sticking up like a Hitler salure so I have to squat a little to get it in his ass. Bending it down, I take my dick and line up and I push it past his ass ring and drive myself into him. He gasps and rocks back onto my dick, trying to drive it just that little bit more into his hot hole. He is fairly tight, not too tight like a virgin because he has definitely been fucked before but not loose, like I would imagine a pussy to be. So I fuck him, leisurely at first, stroking his back and rubbing his ass as I do the in and out. But he doesn’t want a nice gentle fuck; he wants to be fucked hard. He rocks back on his ass, trying to get me in him harder. Fuck it, I thought, if he wants it, he can get it. I’ve got some stamina and I am still horny from Latin guy. So I just rear back and let it go. I just pound on that ass. Fuck it hard. Finally he likes that. He arches his back and moans as my tool violates him. I drape myself over him, try to get the angle and just fuck like a machine, like a piston. He strokes himself while I do him. It’s hot. I like seeing a guy pleasure himself in the way only he knows how. His sphincter squeezes against my dick and it feels great. Skin on skin and the room begins to smell like sex: Warm, sweaty, musky, it is a masculine smell and it turns me on. I pound on him, sweat dripping off of me. I’m not built small, 7 inches long and 5 around. He is whimpering and I am being vicious. I am so fucking horny that I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. I want to cum and I want to cum in his ass. I want to fill him up. He wants it too. He continues to whimper but his pushing back as I pile drive tekirdağ escort into him. I can feel the sap rising. It won’t be long. I’m not going to last. My breathing is more ragged. The power of lust is pouring over me. The pressure is building. My balls are squeezed up tight against by body and my dick is beyond hard. In and out, the shaft slides, impaling his slick hole. I don’t know if he is close or not and I don’t care. I want my own pleasure, greedily. The pressure is coming to a head. I can’t hold it. I don’t want to hold. Cum or die. Then, in a wave of pure pleasure and absolute relief, I dump my hot load into his ass. “You gonna be ready for round two later?” he asks as I leave. “Yeah,” I say. “I’ll be here for a while.” I was in the shower, rinsing off again, when my Dad came in. He casually tossed his towel aside on the hook and turned on the water. We are both naked. He’s nearly 50 but he is in good shape, always has been. He has defined pects, a flat belly and powerful legs. I’ve got his body shape but he is hairier than me. His dick, soft at least, is a little bigger than mine. In the three years I’ve lived with him, we’ve seen each other naked plenty of times. I’m not self conscious about my body. “Having fun?” he asked ” Great. Sucked, fucked and been fucked. How about you?” He smiles and nods, “Fucked some ass and been sucked. Good night so far. You’re not done playing are you?” “No” I say. Not by a longshot. Still after the orgasm, I needed to recharge. He left for a soak in the hot tub and I headed back for my little room. I hung out there for a while, cycling through the porn, getting my blood going again. Basically, I figured the way this works is that you go out to the wet areas – the shower, the pool, the hot tub, the sauna – to meet a guy and then you go back and fuck. Or you go to the maze, suck there (and I hadn’t seen any fucking) or go back and fuck. That was disappointing in a way. I wanted to show off some. I liked being naked and I liked being in a sexually charged environment with gay guys all looking for more or less the same thing but I wanted to have an audience. I wanted people to watch. Recharged, I wandered around the circle of rooms. There were guys with their doors open, mostly the older guys, but they all had their towels on. I wondered if it was possible to do more. There wasn’t anything I wanted there so I headed for the shower again. There is a black guy in there showering. He looks like he is in his forties maybe but built Ford tough. Pure muscle. I want to see his dick, figuring that he is hung. I could see myself getting fucked by him, especially if we can find someone to help out. That would be hot. As I shower and wait for him to turn around, the older fit guy cruises past and eyes me. I rub myself a bit to let him know I’m interested. He smiles just a little bit but keeps on going. It’s frustrating because I think we can have fun. Then I get doubly frustrated because the black guy won’t show the goods. I wait for him for a little while but I am washed off and he ain’t getting it, so I move on. My towel is wet from all the trips, so I go across the hall to the dry sauna to dry out a bit. It doesn’t really work but I sit in there watching a pair make out. Neither of them did that much for me, so even though I thought about joining in, I didn’t. I made another run through the maze. On the right side passageway there is an alcove with a raised platform for massage. The guy I fucked is on it, getting some body worship from a trio of older guys. I watch for a minute and move on. On a couple of the benches there are guys laying face down but with towels on. I can’t decide if they are signaling they want to bottom or not. Anyway, I move on still. There isn’t much going on in the maze, so I head down to the hot tub, which is outside in the dark with only a single small light. There are people in it but I can’t tell who they are. “There are people who come just for the gym, especially during the day,” one of the voices says. I throw my towel on the post and make for the water. I hear my Dad say, “Well, it looks like a pretty well equipped work out space.” I am pretty much committed at this point, so I ease into the water. There is a guy with an Asian boy nestled close to him and they say nothing and do not acknowledge my presence. My dad is leaned back talking to the fit older guy. My Dad smiles when he sees me. “Bill,” he says, “This is Alex. Bill and I go way back, back to before your mother found Jesus and became a bitch.” Bill shrugged and looked a little sheepish. “You probably don’t remember. You were pretty young.” “He’s grown up a little since then, buddy,” my Dad says. I’m not sure of Bill’s association with my Dad or his past with my Mom, who was a dancer when she met my Dad, but I was sure that he knew who I was the first time he saw me. He’s been backing off because of my Dad. “But I guess you know that, huh? You’ve been checking me out.” “I guess I was” he said My Dad sighed. “Well, I’m going to get a steam. Have fun.” I scoot over toward Bill. He doesn’t stop me or move away. I reach over and stroke his leg underwater. He looks at me in the eye. Without smiling, he says, “All right. IF this is what you want, come on.” I follow him out of the hot tub. I grab my towel and put around my waist. He grabs his but doesn’t wrap himself in it. He tells me to take the towel off and I do it. I feel myself getting a little excited. For some reason, we are not moving from the edge of the tub. He tells me to get myself hard. I stroke it but it was mostly the natural excitement of it. Pretty quickly, I am as hard as a rock, my dick sticking up at a 45 degree angle. Only then do we go. We pass by a couple of people on the way to a room. They notice my hard on. I like the attention. We go to his room. He steps in first and I follow, closing the door behind me. “Leave it open,” he tells me. I do. Open would definitely be better. I want people to pass by and see us doing it. I want them to stand and watch us. I am beginning to surprise myself how little shame I have. Bill sits at the head of the bed, his legs apart. He looks at me and I know what I am to do. He’s fairly well hung and not even hard yet with nice juicy balls. I lay down on my stomach and inch toward him. Resting on my elbows, I take his dick in my mouth. He rubs my hair as I suck him. I am between his legs and I use my hands to explore his hard, lean body. I like sucking on his dick although I know that hundreds or maybe even more than that have gone down on it over the years. I suspect that I am not the best blowjob he’s ever gotten but I don’t care. As I go down the root, I use my tongue to flit at the head. He responds well to that. I pull off the shaft and roughly lick up the underside, along the piss vein before kissing the head of it sloppily. “Suck my balls,” he tells me. So I do. I take one and then the other in my mouth. “Stroke my dick with your hand” I stroke it, using my own spit for lube. I go down and lick under his balls, down to the taint. I wonder if he likes a finger in his ass but then I figured if he did, he would tell me to do it. I go back and lick at his balls and then plop one In my mouth again. But his dick is too nice to leave alone. I lick it from the balls to the tip, then take the head of it in my mouth and suck hard. “All right, take it deep. Shove it in” I go down on his stiff prick. I can taste a little bit of his precum, just a little tiny salty morsel. As I bob up and down on it, I feel a hand slap my ass and knead it roughly. I fight the urge the pull off of my older lover’s cock and see who it is. But then Bill put his hand under my jaw and pulls me up. “You can say stop anytime, okay? You don’t have to anything you don’t want to do” he says. I nod. I’m not sure where my limits are exactly but I know we haven’t reached them yet. I want to be at the center of group action, I think. Maybe even gang banged. Bill tosses the mysterious stranger some lube. “You can finger bang him.” he tells the man behind me. I feel him slide a finger in. Then goes two. Then three, spreading my hole wide. It feels good but I am concentrating on Bill’s dick. He’s hard in my mouth so I know he likes it but he isn’t moaning. Somewhere in my mind, I am wondering if the guy finger banging me is going to fuck me. I haven’t even looked at him yet. “Sit up and suck him.” Bill tells me. I do. The man is a classic bear, a little short but thick built and hairy. He is bald with a goatee. Not my type entirely but I don’t care. Bill wants me to suck him and I do. He’s not that well hung but every man likes his dick sucked, after all. “I wanna fuck him” the man tells Bill. I pull off his dick, insulted that he is asking Bill’s permission and not mine. For right now, I’m doing what he wants because it’s fun. It’s not like he’s my master and I’m his boy. “No,” Bill says. “When he’s ripe, I’ll fuck him. You can eat his ass” That sounds good to me. I like being rimmed. I roll over and kick my legs up so he can get to my ass, my head on Bill’s lap, his hard-on against my face. Bill strokes my hair as the Bear goes in for my honey hole. “18 and horny, that’s nice. Cute, nice body, big dick. You need to be doing porn, big boy” Bill says to me as the Bear licks my ass. I stroke my cock. “I fucked your mother when you were little. That bitch would probably fucking kill herself if she could see us together.” I look up at him startled. Why tell me that? I don’t need to know that. Still, a part of me thinks it’s hot that the dick that rammed her pussy is going to ram my ass. With my free hand, I reach up and stroke his dick, now semi hard. I look up and there is a guy standing in the hallway watching as Bear eats my ass with wet sloppy strokes. “Is he doing a good job?” Bill asks me. I nod that he is. “Suck his dick. As a thank you.” Bear stands in front of me and I lick his shaft in the same kind of flicking motions he did with my ass. Bill masturbates slowly watching me suck off this guy. As for me, I am as hard as a rock. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that guy watching in the door way has moved on but another man has taken his place, just watching. I suck Bear off with abandon, liking being watched. Bill notices that. He leans over and whispers in my ear, “You are a dirty little fucker. You like this, huh?” Bear liked what I was doing for goddamn sure. He was grunting, then he came, pushing me back and jacking furiously, tokat escort his come dribbling down my chest. Through with his orgasm, Bear reached down and kissed me forcefully. I was still hard as steel. “My dick needs some attention” Bill said flatly, pulling me back down by my arm. As I swallowed his tool, I felt another pair of hands rubbing my muscles and my ass. Bill must have gotten another man in the room to feel me up. Why not? This guy was really focusing on my ass and then, suddenly, I felt his finger in my ass. I jumped a little but kept on Bill’s dick. “Well, I’m hard now” Bill announced. “Time for you to get fucked.” I scooted to the head of the bed and shoved the thin pillow under my ass. He slathered some lube on his dick and punched it in. I gasped, partly in pain and mostly in pure pleasure. “You’re no fucking virgin, boy. But you wouldn’t be. You’re a fucking slut. You want as much as you can fucking get. You like getting fucked, huh?” “Yeah,” I grunted. “fuck me hard” Bill smiled. It was a leer more than a smile. He has going to fuck me hard. “You’re tighter than your mother was. I take that back. Her ass was tighter than yours but not her pussy. Does it turn you on, knowing that I fucked her?” My ass felt good but I wanted him to shut up and just fuck it as hard as he could. I was fucking horny and I wanted to blow with a dick in my ass. Besides, he was just fucking with my mind, trying to shock me. “You fucking or you talking?” I shot back “Good answer kid” the other guy in the room said. He climbed up on the bed and straddled my face. He was a middle aged man, my Dad’s age and like Bill and my Dad, in good shape. I open my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He slid his tool into my hot mouth. I was getting it from both ends. That was too fucking cool. Bill was pumping me hard. My legs were in the air, my knees on his shoulders as he pile drove my asshole. I wondered if there was somebody in the hall watching. I hoped so. I wanted eyes witnessing my violation. And it felt so fucking good. Bill has decades of experience and he knew how to hit the button. I was squirming as he pounded in an out. I heard a voice, encouraging Bill to fuck me. So there was an audience. I sucked in a lung full of air in satisfaction and continued to work on the other guys dick. I felt a hand on my rock hard cock. I assumed it was Bill, jerking me off as he fucked me, although that would have meant that he was nicer than he had been. But then I felt a warm mouth around my stiff prick. “Oh, fucking God, that feels good,” I moaned, pulling off of the dick I had in my mouth. “Don’t let him shoot just yet,” Bill said. “Not till he’s been fucked raw.” The guy sucking my dick pulled off but I waved him back. It felt too fucking good to have Bill pounding my chute and him licking my tool. He took the hint and ignored Bill, licking and sucking on me. It was glorious while it lasted. But then Bill began to fuck me really hard, short stabbing strokes, rapid fire like a piston. He was in the final throes before orgasm and I would soon be following him and I didn’t want to. I wanted to be fucked raw, just like Bill said. I wanted them to line up to fuck me. But Bill wasn’t going to last and neither was I. I grabbed the shoulder of the mystery guy and pushed him away. As Bill got faster and harder, as I got further along, I had to stop sucking the guy straddling my face as I moaned and panted, Bill grunting. Then in a final almost savage stroke, I felt his dick twitch and my ass fill with his hot goo. “Next” I said looking up at the guy I had been sucking. “Go for it,” Bill said. “You can use my cum for lube” I laughed. It was funny. The guy shrugged and climbed off the bed. As he did, I could see the mystery guy. He was a pudgy black guy and he was kneeling in front of my father, who was standing in the door way watching. The black guy was blowing him. “Don’t worry, he likes it. He’s a real slut” my Dad told the middle aged guy. “Go ahead, fuck him like a man” In the final position, Bill had moved around and I had my head in his lap and my legs in the air for the guy to sodomize me. I was still hard as a rock. I felt his dick slide up in there, slick still from Bill, and I took the whole length of it. Bill stroked my hair lovingly as I got violated. I looked over at my Dad, who hadn’t moved. He pushed the black boy away and then just stroked his hard cock as I got fucked. He looked me in the eye, reading my reaction, seeing how I handled being watched by him, knowing that he was turned on by it. Funny thing is that I didn’t care. I just like having an audience and it just seemed right that both of us should know this thing about the other, that we were perverts. That’s when I felt the guy enter me again . I laughed out loud with sheer joy. I love fucking. “Fuck him hard, Dave” my Dad said. I shot him a look. I knew the score then. They knew each other. Well, maybe I didn’t know the score but I knew there was a game going. They knew the rules of the game and I didn’t but I would just have to go with it. Dave didn’t need the encouragement. He didn’t slide it in so much as he stuck it in. It almost hurt. Hard and fast, I felt his body against mine, my ass full of his cock. My dick must have twitched and Dave reached down and gave me a good tug. Then he just pounded me. “Oh, God. Oh, God,” I panted. “Oh, God, fuck me, Jesus Christ.” “God ain’t got nothing to do with it” Bill said as he gently rubbed my hair. “Not even close” I looked over at my Dad. I was just barely hanging on. The ecstasy of it was sweeping over me. The slightest touch of my pole and I would have come. He was hard too. His dick was sticking straight out from his body. The black boy had disappeared but there were two other guys watching. They didn’t seem to be with my Dad and his friends. Dave was going to town on my ass. He was supporting himself like he was starting a pushup, his midsection against my backside and I was rolled up halfway on my back. I can’t say it was comfortable but my prostate felt fucking great. His hips were like they were on a hinge and he was fucking me hard. Then he began to pant, his face screwed up in the agony of impending orgasm. I was grunting too. Then, in a furious blasts of short savage strokes then one long slow one, he creamed inside of me. I was within a half a second of joining him when he pulled out and fell against the other wall, out of breath. I lay there, afraid to touch my dick,which was still twitching. I looked at my Dad and he was tugging on his, still rock hard. “It’s your choice,” Bill whispered. “You can do what you want. I can finish you off, you deserve that.” It was a nice offer but it wasn’t what I wanted. I looked over at my Dad. “Fuck me” I told him, “and then eat my load” He smiled and nodded as Bill laughed. “Good boy,” Bill said. I turned over and let him enter me doggy style. Part of me wanted to watch him as he broke that taboo and part of me didn’t. I did want him to fuck me, to finish me off, I knew that. It was the evil of it that attracted me, the immorality. Then I felt the skin of the prick that made me sliding up my chute. It felt fantastic. He filled me up. My own dick, still hard, twitched. I was fully aroused. My head was in Bill’s lap and he was hard again as he watched my father sodomize me. I opened up and sucked him, tasting my own ass juice. He fucked me with long, hard slow strokes. My ass wasn’t raw yet but my whole body felt like pins and needles, having been held at the edge of ecstasy for so long. I didn’t want gentle lovemaking. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted be used as a cum dump. Without me having to tell him, he knew. Slowly the pace picked up, faster and then faster. They were savage strokes. I was now being fucked so hard that I could only grunt. I tried to keep up with sucking Bill but I couldn’t. I was going to lose it. The pure sensation was incredible. My whole body was on fire. I felt amazingly dirty and sexual as waves of pure pleasure swept over me. I wanted it more and more, harder and harder. This was what I wanted, to be fucked and fucked hard. I could hear myself pant as he fucked me. I felt so good that I couldn’t even speak. Then, finally, the pressure began to build. That great sensation when you have gone too far to pull back now. The orgasm was going to cum. Or I was going to die. I couldn’t stay where I was, the sensation was too intense. I wanted it but I didn’t want it to stop. The pressure grew and grew, the cum flowing trying to get free. More and more and then, in a great explosion, I shoot giant wads of creamy white goo in spurt after spurt, my whole body shaking. Dad pulled out as I came. I fell to the bed face down in the soft glow of the post orgasmic state. After a second, I rolled over and lay face up. He was on his knees between my legs, furiously masturbating himself. His face was screwed tight, nearly there, as I watched amazed at the sight of my father pleasuring himself, using the semen from my asshole as lube. Then he threw back his head and unloaded on me, spraying my tight little torso with his jizz. The distance to the shower wasn’t far but I had time to think a million thoughts on the way. I had just taken three loads in my ass in quick succession, one from my mother’s former lover and another from my own father. I knew it was wrong, of course, the worst of taboos. But I wasn’t ashamed. I had wanted it. I could have said no and didn’t. Instead, I had gotten off on it. So that is the kind of person I am and I was glad to know it. I turned on the hot water to wash off the cum sticking to me. I wanted the hot water to pound on me, a last sensual pleasure. My dad along with Bill and Dave came up. I looked up at them. “I won’t tell anybody” I said. Dad shrugged. “I don’t care if you do. You feel ashamed?” “No” Bill smiled. “Good. You’re a hot piece of ass. Since you don’t have any morals, we have a few more friends that are going to want to play with you.” I looked my father in the eye. “This was a set up” “No, it was a birthday present because I thought you would enjoy and you did.” he said with a nod. “But, yeah, it was. And you passed our little test. Mostly because you kept going even after you figured out that something was going on.” “I could be pissed” “But you’re not” Dave chimed in. I smiled. I used my soapy hand to rub my cock hard. “I’m still a little bit horny and it’s not like I have any morals,” I said with a laugh. They smiled back. I didn’t know the details of what was to come but I knew I would like it. I knew that they were as amoral and pleasure loving as I was and whatever they had in store was going be a shitload of fun.

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