Dave – My Neighbour

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Dave – My NeighbourI returned to my seat at the bar while Sam was serving the couple that came in, she looked across at me while I finished my drink, “We have some unfinished business sir” she said softly as she passed a piece of paper to me with her number on telling me to be discreet as she lives with her boyfriend, I told her not to worry as I am a model of discretion but she did hint that she was working 10-2 tomorrow.I finished my drink and smiled as I left the pub and OMG when the warm air hit me I realized just how good the air conditioning was in the pub.I was sweating by the time I got home and feeling a little bit worse for wear and the house was like a hotbed, I stripped off my shirt and shorts and put them in the washer and was thinking of taking a cold shower but ended up crashing out full length and naked on the sofa.I was dozing in and out of consciousness and completely lost track of the time and I heard Meghan come home so pretended to be in a deep sleep although I don’t think I was too far away from that and when I heard some giggling it suddenly hit me that she wasn’t alone.. WTFIt was difficult keeping my eyes closed but I had to in order for them to think I was out of it as I wanted to see what they did being confronted by a naked man crashed out on the sofa.Meghan’s friend who I believe she called Trish had popped in for some reason was not expecting to be confronted with this and I think the beer helped me NOT get aroused and I could feel their presence looking over me and there were giggles as they looked at my flaccid penis just hanging there.“Touch it Trish” I heard Meghan say in a very soft whispering voice, “I dare you” she continued with a faint giggle and they were both whispering in their attempt not to wake me up.I suddenly felt what I believed to be Trish’s fingers touch my soft shaft and then jump back “OMG it moved” she said softly causing Meg to giggle, I couldn’t help it as it moved all on its own, I stayed silent.“You do it Meg” I heard Trish say very softly and then I felt Meghan’s soft hand touch and then wrap her fingers around the shaft, I could feel myself getting harder now and Trish giggled as her friend pulled the foreskin right back exposing the swollen head.“OMG Megs, it’s so big” Trish sighed as her friend slowly started to grip my skin pulling it up and down and after what happened in the pub I knew my nuts were full and in need of emptying but did I want to let it go now while pretending to be asleep.Meghan pulled my cock upright and invited Trish to have a try and I felt her hand nervously wrap around the shaft and now I had 2 little hands holding me, damn that felt good.They both panicked when I purposely stirred and Meghan’s quick thinking grabbed a towel and threw it over my erection while they both ran out into the kitchen area; I groggily opened my eyes and saw them both standing in the kitchen fixing a drink.They were both dressed the same in white shirts and little black skirts and if it wasn’t for the fact that Trish had black hair I wouldn’t have known who was who as they both had the same small frames, I saw that my cock was covered by the towel although it wouldn’t take Einstein to realize I had a boner..“Oh hi girls” I said in a groggy voice still feeling the effects of my rather heavy liquid lunch.Meghan turned first, “Oh hi Uncle Dave” she said with a giggle as Trish turned around too, “Oh this is my friend Trisha and I didn’t know until today that she lives next door” which was a nice surprise as I didn’t know who the neighbours bahis siteleri were as I hadn’t really seen them.“Hello sir” Trish said and they were both trying extremely hard not to look directly at the towel on my lap, I needed a smoke and luckily still had a cone rolled and ready, but how was I going to get to the patio and maintain my dignity.Meghan saw me reach for my tin and her eyes lit up, “Oooh cool Uncle Dave, can we share?” she asked and I wasn’t sure if Trish had smoked before but she certainly seemed happy to go with the flow.“Of course” I said as I wrapped the little towel around me which only just fastened and they both watched me as I got up and headed out to the patio, the both sniggered under their breath as they saw the tent pole sticking out from under the towel.I sat down on the sun lounger and the two girls sat opposite me and for the life of me I don’t know why I even had the towel wrapped around me as my cock was totally upright taking the towel with it and it was on full display as I say there man spreading as I lit up the joint.Both girls acted like it was perfectly natural however it was far from natural for Trish who in all honesty didn’t know where to put her eyes, Meghan on the other hand seemed to enjoy seeing my throbbing erection on full display. I passed the joint to Megs who took a couple of deep hits before passing it on to Trish who was still a bit embarrassed by my openness.Meghan took the joint back taking another biggie before passing it back and I could see straight away it was effecting both of them, Meghan’s body language seemed to instinctively open her legs slightly and I could see her little white gusset tight between her smooth thighs, Trish was a little more conservative keeping her knees tight together.I passed the cone back to Trish and suggested she lay back in the chair and relax and as she took another hit she did just that and this time her legs did relax a bit and I could see her body go from very tense to very relaxed in a matter of seconds, “Good girl” I sighed softly as I adjusted my head purposely to get a look up her little black skirt, Mmm ‘very nice’ I thought as I saw the little white triangle of her panties.Meghan giggled as she saw my cock pulse and more importantly the reason why as I wasn’t very discreet when I moved my head, megs knew exactly where I was looking.I wanted to get Trish more relaxed so gave her the lion’s share of the cone and now both girls were chilled and relaxed… and somewhat giggly.Trish pointed up at the nearside bedroom window next door and informed us that was her bedroom, interestingly she would have a birds eye view of what goes on outside here on my patio which in some respects aroused me further knowing I had a potential peeper next door, glad it was her and not her parents although I was yet to meet them.I turned around to acknowledge her room not realising my towel undid although my cock was on display anyway and when I tuned back and saw them both quickly avert their eyes giggling to each other under their breath.The sun was belting down and Meghan laid back in the recliner sliding her skirt up a couple of inches to catch the sun on her legs and OMG with her legs slightly apart I had a perfect view of her thigh gap, Mmm.“This is the life” I said laughing, “Trish, why don’t you lay back and relax like Meghan, catch some sun girl” I continued with a giggle and she seemed more relaxed now and did exactly that, Mmm now I had 2 girls catching the sun with their lovely panties on full view.They both canlı bahis siteleri had their eyes closed but I knew they wasn’t asleep but it did give me an opportunity to focus my eyes between Trish’s young thighs, her white cotton panties where not tight around the gusset area but I could clearly see a few stray hairs poking out the sides and I could just see that the cotton fabric was bunched up disappearing into the crack of her arse, my cock was throbbing and I had been on the brink all day and my nuts were feeling swollen, someone is going to get the benefit..My head was buzzing and I knew the girls were feeling good and I saw Meghan’s eyelids slowly lift, it was like we had a conversation with our eyes as first she looked down at my exposed cock and then looked across at Trish who may just have dozed off, it was like she was saying “Go on Uncle, fill ya boots” but without actually saying it.I knew that if I got up I would lose the towel completely which in the big scheme of things wouldn’t be a problem but there was still a few unknowns, like where were Trish’s parents and what time would they be home, I am guessing that she wouldn’t be here smoking if her parents were home, so I ticked that box.Meghan gave me a warm smile as she opened her legs a bit more just to tease me and spur me on and the look in her eyes told me she wanted to see me with her friend, I had to make a decision knowing that any decision I made would involve Meghan watching, now that was exciting in itself and they still didn’t know that I know they touched my cock earlier.I raised up and as expected my towel fell onto the chair which made Meghan sit up and smile, she held her finger to her mouth as if to keep quiet as I got on my knees between Trisha legs although I needed to widen them a bit but didn’t want to surprise her too much, I needed to test the water first.Meghan got comfortable to watch as I gently put my hands on Trish’s knees and just held them there waiting for a reaction which didn’t come so I gently put pressure on the inside widening them carefully, I nearly jumped out my skin when she seemed to adjust her position but it worked in my favour in so far that her arse moved nearer the edge of the chair and to be honest her legs were a bit like jelly so was easy to widen them which gave me full access to her widened white gusset which because her panties were loose and her legs spread left a nice little pantie gap on either side, damn yummy.I gently ran my hands up the top of her thighs and heard her sigh as I got to the top, I bent my head down and could feel the warmth as I got closer and the musky aroma hitting me, I felt her body tense and ran my hands down under her arse which managed to pull her up and contact was made by my tongue against the loose cotton of her gusset, she moaned a little under her breath and I distinctively heard a “Mmm” as my tongue flicked around trying to force my way inside her pantie gap.Her arse cheeks were so soft as I gently massaged them with my fingers searching into her crack but her panties were all bunched up and wedged. My tongue found its way and I could taste the sweetness of her pussy lips and now felt her hands on my head with her fingers running through my hair, Mmm she tasted so good as my tongue darted between her little pink lips and my nose pressed hard against her pubic bone, Mmm yess!I glanced across at Meghan who was sitting there watching every move and it appeared she had her hand between her legs, I could only guess at what she was doing but canlı bahis my concentration was on Trish for now as her body started to respond to my oral technique, her moans got louder and I had now pulled her panties to the side giving me full access to her pink slit and she seemed to be spasming and shaking as her orgasm ran through her body, she was wet and she was ready and boy did I need to unload.I lifted my head and could now see her swollen nipples pushing against the fabric of her shirt and she looked at me with her big brown eyes as I held my cock against her wet labia lips, her eyes told me to push and her yelp could be heard at the bus stop as I pushed my throbbing cock inside her tight little hole, “OMG sir.. Mmm” she cried out as her legs wrapped around my waist and with every inch I pushed in her vice like grip tightened but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me unloading.I saw Meghan lean over to get a better look at my veiny cock sliding in and out of her new friend and my audience spurred me on and I soon got into my rhythm as the chair started rocking, Trish was getting into it as she started to gyrate slowly as I pounded her hole, damn she was tight but I was letting all my frustrations go as I pumped and pumped knowing that I wasn’t going to break any records today.Her orgasms continued and the squelching sounds were far more audible and I just wanted to get done as soon as I could to save any further interruptions.Sweat was running down my brow and with my balls banging against her arse cheeks I knew I was there and tried with all my might to cum silently but even my muffled cries could be heard as my cock exploded sending my hot and creamy load deep into Trish’s young belly, her eyes lit up as she felt the warm sensation deep inside her and I even heard a “YESS!” from Meghan as she watched my orgasm.Trish held on as if she wanted to get every last drop and it was only when my cock softened that I was able to release myself from her grip, Trish smiled as I stood up with my now soft cock hanging down and it looked like a little droplet of cum was about to fall but my quick thinking niece leant over and spun me around reaching out for my cock and lifting it into her mouth, OMG her warm tongue flicked around my bell end as she sucked the last drops from me, WOW!!I sat back down on my chair totally exhausted, my legs spread and my cock and empty balls hanging down between my legs, I looked across at Trish who had a very contented look on her face, “OMG sir, thank you sir but I must go and do homework before mum gets home” she said in a bit of a panic but still glancing down at my meat and two veg, she seemed besotted by it all but stood up thanking me again. Meghan giggled and grabbed her hand leading her inside the house and I wasn’t sure what was said but Trish went home.I picked up the towel and wrapped it around my waist and it just held as I walked back inside, “Damn you look good in a towel Uncle Dave” she said with a giggle and I guess I was a little flattered until she mumbled under her breath.. “You’d look better without it” but I don’t think I was supposed to hear that.“Haven’t you got homework to do?” I said more out of spite for her being cheeky but then I knew she did and I didn’t want my sister going into one for her not getting it done, she knew the rules.Meghan parked her arse on the sofa and got on with her homework while I contemplated going for a shower, I needed a freshen up as drinking too much lunchtimes really fucks me up so a shower would be a good plan.It was lovely and cool and as I washed myself down I kept thinking how nice it is to have Trish living next door, I had never seen her parents but could only home her mum was as accommodating as her daughter, MmmTo Be Continued….

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