Daddy’s Transvestite Toilet Slave Ch. 01

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All characters are 18+. Warning this story contains incest, gay sex, watersports, and scat


Jesse sat down on his parents’ bed, removed his pants, and shirt. He took a pair of pantyhose from his mother’s drawer, he slid his foot into the silky nylon hose, the sensation sent a shiver up his spine, next he slid his other foot in, and pulled them up. The feel of the velvety fabric slowly stretching over his legs, woke up his cock. He continues to stretch the sheer nylons over his waist, squeezing his erection tightly against him. He ran his hand over the thin fabric, gently caressing the underbelly of his cock.

His breath went short and quick he became dizzy with exhilaration. He licked his fingers, and gently tickled his nipple, which caused him to quiver. He continued to put on his mother’s pink lacy bra, and then he slipped into her pink satin nightgown. The silky-smoothness made him feel feminine and sexy. He ran his fingers though his natural long blond hair, then he laid down on the bed, and gently touched himself. His fingers moved gently over his cock as it puffed up in his mother’s pink panties. Pre cum began to drip soaking into the lush material.

With his eyes closed, he moved his hands over the silky panties picking up the pace, his breath quickening. Bang! He jumped up responding to the noise he heard from outside. His heart raced, and his mind reeled trying to think of what to do. Spinning questions, did my mom come home early? Is it, dad? Who could it possibly be?

He looked at the clock and saw it was 2:30 usually the mail carrier comes at that time. He concluded maybe that is what he heard, but to be safe he decided to investigate. He slowly crept down the hall to the living room, he peered around the corner, the coast is clear he thought. He slipped behind the front window and peeked out, and saw the mail carrier driving off. His muscles relaxed with a sigh of relief he headed back to his parents’ bedroom. As he turned to walk into the bedroom, he discovered his father sitting on the bed, his heart jumped to his throat, he stopped breathing and stood frozen. His hands began to shake as his father held up his cell phone and took a picture of him standing in the doorway wearing his mother’s lingerie.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

He lowered the phone,”I should be the one asking you that question.”

His body trembled, “I don’t know, I wanted to know what it felt like to dress up like a woman, I was curious, I guess.”

His father gazed at the picture on the phone, then looked up with a stone face glare, “Jesse you look good dressed in your mother’s lingerie, how about I share this pic on your Facebook page?”

Jesse was speechless, his stomach was knotted, while his legs were weak, he held himself up by leaning against the doorframe. He didn’t know how to respond, his body stirred and his eyes welled up with tears. Choked up with emotion, he could feel his father’s cold stare scanning his body from head to toe.

Jesse cleared his throat, “Why do you want to embarrass me like this? I know you’re mad, but we can keep this between us? I am Ankara escort sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, what am I going to do with you? I wanted you to be a man, and look at what you have become. You look like a small girl wearing your mother’s pink nightgown. But I must admit, you look better than she does in it.”

Jesse jumped, his eyes opened wide, what does he mean I look better that her He thought. He took a deep breath and stopped shaking, he tried to read the look on his father’s face, but there was no emotion at all. Why did he take the picture? Was it blackmail? If so, why, what could he want? He resolved that there was only one way to find out.

When his courage peeked, he asked, “What do you want from me?”

His father sat on the bed, staring at him, the room was still with an eerie silence. “You are evidently not the man I imagined you would grow up to be. Now I understand why you keep your hair long and pretty. You’re a little sissy boy.”

Jesse was jolted out of the surrealism of the situation, he felt his blood pressure rising, the color returned to his face. His hand balled up into a fist.

“Fuck you, I can do whatever I want, I don’t care if I have disappointed you, I like the wearing women clothes and feeling like a girl. I simply don’t want the universe know, at least not today.”

His father chuckled, “Your manning up, about wanting to be a little sissy girl, that’s funny.”

His jaw clenched, “Yeah, Dad, I am a sissy girl, and you raised me, I bet this really hurts your big manly ego, huh?”

He replied, “No, not at all, I am a man and I know what I like, if you don’t want me to post this picture you will do what I tell you. If you desire to be a sissy girl is all right by me, but you’re going to be my little sissy”

Jesse was stunned this was the left hook he never seen coming, he relaxed his fist, he was confused and caught off guard by his father’s response. Again, the room was silent as he looked at his father; he had thick brown hair, with a five O’clock shadow to match, a square jaw, rugged face, and brown eyes that could pierce through your soul. He had big hands, with hairy knuckles. He wore faded blue jeans and a flannel shirt. Jesse felt a small flicker in his chest, as it dawned on him that his father was an attractive man.

He replied, “What do you want me to do?” Once again, he became aware of the tingling sensation from the nylon pantyhose, and the softness of satin against his skin. He admired his father’s strong masculinity. His heartbeat harder, the blood pumped back into his cock.

His father leaned back unbuckled his belt, opened his fly, and slowly unleashed his nine inch cock as it snaked its way free from his jeans. Jesse noticed immediately that his father’s cock was already hard.

“Come here, and pull my pants off” He said, while sliding them past his hip.

“Okay” Jesse replied.

Just pulled off his pants, while his father removed his shirt revealing his broad chest speckled with short curly brown and gray hairs.

“Get down on the floor” His father said, Ankara escort bayan opening his legs and pointing between them.

Jesse collapsed onto the floor between his Dad’s legs; the musky scent of sweaty balls filled his nostrils. A big hairy hand seized him by his hair, pulling his head forward. Big hairy balls hung only inches from his face. They stunk like sweat and ass mingled together for some unknown reason to himself the putrid scent made his mouth water, as his cock hardened inside his tight pink panties.

“Are you going to be me a man, or my sissy” His father grunted, “Lick my balls”, he said pulling harder on Jesse’s hair.

He opened his mouth, leaned forward, and then jerked back, under his breath, he said, “I have never done this before” Barely loud enough for his father to hear him.

With both hands, he tilted Jesse’s, heads upward offering him a full view his son’s smooth young face, “You better lick my balls, and learn to be a respectable young girl, or else you’ll be a complete failure at both being a man, and a sissy, which is it?” He pulled Jesse’s head forward once more. Jesse opened his mouth held out his tongue, he licked salty sweat from his daddy’s balls, he felt nauseous but his cock continues to swell in panties as he licked.

He said,”mmmm, good girl keep licking my balls.”

Jesse obeyed, and lapped up the hairy stretched balls while his Daddy moaned with delight. He worked the front and underneath them, then he curled his tongue to work behind his balls, “mmmmmmm yes.”His father groaned.

He raised his legs and Jesse licked nastiness from the bottom of his balls, the scent of left over shit arose from his hairy backside. His dad moaned louder, as he carried on licking every wrinkled and dirty region of his testis. Jesse slid down lower and forced his tongue into his daddy’s asshole. He could taste the shit left behind from his last dump. Feeling like a dirty little girl, he explored deeper into his ass, every time he wiggled his tongue deeper, his dad muttered, “eat my dirty ass you little sissy slut. “Every time his father said something cruel, Jesse worked harder to please him.

His father sat up on the edge of the bed and pushed Jesse head back again, pulling his hair, he looked down at his son, while he stroked his huge nine-inch cock. Jesse was silent, waiting for his father’s command to suck it, his heart beat faster, palms sweaty, and his hands trembled as he thought, I am giving my first blowjob to my father, the man who raised me, the man that I fear the most. He sat between his dad’s legs, watching him stroke his long thick cock.

“What are you waiting for? Are you going to suck it or not!” He commanded.

Jesse opened his mouth as wide as he could, and wrapped his lips around his daddy’s cock. The tension left him as he bobbed his head up and down, taking in more with every bob of his head. His father pushed his cock down his son’s throat; Jesse gagged, and went back for more.

He pulled Jesse’s mouth off his cock by yanking his hair, “Do you like being my little sissy slut?”

With saliva running down his Escort Ankara chin Jesse looked up, “Yes daddy, I love being your little slut”

His father furiously pulled Jesse head back down onto his cock. Jesse slurped, spit, and suffocated while his father fucked his mouth. Again, he pulled Jesse off his cock by yanking him by his golden locks, before his he could say anything Jesse said, “Daddy, I want to be your whore, please fuck me. Please Daddy.” He looked up at his father with pleading eyes.

Silently his father stood up, took Jesse’s hand and forced him onto the bed. Jesse got out down his panties and hose, and got on all fours lifting his tail as an invitation his father. He felt his father’s warm wet tongue lapping up his ass, the warm spit ran down his crack, to his balls, and then dropped off onto the bed. After a few long licks from his daddy’s big tongue, his asshole was wet and waiting to be fucked. He felt the head pressing against his asshole, he took a deep breath, held it, then let it out, relaxing while pushing open his asshole, and then he felt the tip of his Daddy’s cock entering.

Jesse pushed harder to open his hole wide so he could take it all in. Slow and deliberately, his father thrust his cock deeper into his son’s ass. Picking up pace as he went. Jesse sighed with delight each time he felt his dads cock going deeper. They moved together to the imaginary sounds of their hearts beating. Jesse ass became sore, he slowed down, his father drew his cock out, and his head coated with brown shit. He grabbed Jesse by the hair, pulling him about face, “look what you have done, you shit on my cock, is this how you repay me for allowing you to be my little sissy whore?”

Jesse’s stomach turned at the sight and the smell, “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

“You have to clean it off” He demanded.

Jesse lowered his head, “Yes daddy, I’ll clean it.”

He pulled Jesse’s head forward so it he was only inches away from his cock, “Lick it off.”

Jesse’s stomach heaved from the horrid smell, but he closed his eyes and opened his mouth. His father shoved the head of his filthy cock back into his son’s mouth. Jesse gagged, and heaved as he began sucking and licking the shit off his Daddy’s cock. The smooth texture, and slightly sour taste, spread throughout his pallet, as the shit mixed with his saliva he was capable of swallowing it down like a chocolate shake.

After the first few swallows, he started enjoying the taste; his body tingled all over because it made him feel like a dirty, nasty little girl. His cock grew inside his panties as he continued licking the excrement from his father’s cock. His father groaned, taking hold of his hair, he thrust his cock down Jesse’s throat, moving faster and quicker, then suddenly his body clenched, then slowed down as he started to ejaculate. Jesse’s felt his father’s cock convulsing in his mouth, then tasted the first spurt of cum, a second came before he could swallow the first, then a third and fourth. He swallowed as much as he could, the rest spilled down his chin onto his mother’s nightgown. His father collapsed on the bed in exhaustion, Jesse snuggled up to him and rested his head on his father’s hairy chest, “I am proud to be your sissy whore daddy.” He said.

Their eyes closed as they fell asleep, holding one another.

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