Daddy and Dawn

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Dawn yawned and rolled over, tucking a few stray strands of auburn hair behind her ear and pulling it all away from her neck. The sun was warm on her naked back and curvy ass as she laid her head on her arms and closed her eyes again. She had to admit, sunbathing was one of her favorite winter past times. Sure, it was cold out, but that made the sun feel all the better on her bare flesh. The cold made her ache, too, her bare nipples as hard as diamonds against the lawn chair. By the time she was ready to see her boyfriend later she’d be ready for some serious warming up.

She smiled at the thought and checked the time on her cell phone before closing her eyes again. Another 20 minutes and it would be time to go in and shower. She was glad she had found a way to get her father out of the house for a little while, ever since her mother had gone to visit her sister in California he’d been moping around the house like a lost puppy- and when he was moping around the house she couldn’t sunbathe properly.

When her phone cut through her quiet thoughts Dawn found herself pouting, but she flipped it open without opening her eyes.


“Dawn, honey, where are you?” Dawn sat up as she realized it was her father on the phone, and she grabbed for the towel laying on the ground beside her.

“I’m at home, just watching television Daddy, why?” She looked over her shoulder into the kitchen and was relieved to find that she didn’t see him in the door. She realized that it could have been bad if he had been there. There was no solid fence surrounding their yard and the neighbors on any side of them could have seen her had they been looking- of course that was part of what she liked so much about sun bathing when no one was home. She never knew who might walk out into their back yard and get a look at her curvaceous 5’4″ body laying naked on a lawn chair.

“No you aren’t, there’s nobody in the living room.” Suddenly Dawn’s heart was racing and she stood up, spinning to see her father filling one side of the glass sliding door that had a moment ago been empty. He still held his cell phone to his ear as he stared at her through the door, and she found herself clutching the towel she had grabbed for dear life. Even so, it wasn’t an overly large towel and she knew it came up short on her legs and low on her breasts.

“Daddy!” She flipped her phone closed and stood like a deer in headlights as he opened the door, laying his phone on the counter nearby. “I was just . . .”

“Putting yourself on show for the entire neighborhood?” His tone was harsh and it wasn’t hard to tell that he was angry as he crossed his arms over his chest. for a man in his late forties her father was in good shape. He worked out at the gym 4 or 5 times a week and he was aging well. His hair was still mostly dark, only a little salt and pepper creeping in at the edges, and his blue eyes were still as stern when he was angry as they had been when she was five.

“There’s nobody out here in the middle of the day!” She was turning bright red, and she really just wanted to run past him to her room, but his broad frame took up almost the entire doorway and it was obvious that he wasn’t in any mood to move just yet.

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“You weren’t supposed to be!” She shifted under his gaze and tried to pull the towel up higher without showing too much thigh. Suddenly she felt very uncomfortable.

“How often do you do this, Dawn?” He was moving towards her now, his arms coming uncrossed, and she became aware of the fact that there was something else in his eyes, and they weren’t staying on her face. She turned a brighter red she she realized his eyes were on her cleavage and steadily moving down.

“I- I’ve never done it before.” She lied, and she lied badly. The closer he came and the more he looked at her the more nervous she became, and the cold was beginning to get to her now that she wasn’t relaxed anymore. She started to move towards the door now that he wasn’t blocking it, but she felt his hand wrap around her upper arm, stopping her. His grip was firm, he wasn’t going to let her go anywhere. “Please, Daddy, let me go inside.”

“No.” He was looking at the back of her body now, his eyes, she could only guess, on her ass. She felt him moving, and she was surprised when he lifted her towel up above her ass and, quicker than she could have expected, smacked it. She cried out, trying to pull away from him, spinning in his grip as her ass began to sting. He was looking down at her as she turned, his eyes angry and lusty.

“You can’t-!” She was cut off when he jerked her close to his body then spun her around bending her over a small table that was set beside the lawn chair. His hand moved from her arm to the back of her neck as she cried out in surprise and embarrassment, and quite a bit of indignation.

“I can. I’ve always spanked you when you misbehaved before, and I don’t see any reason not to now. Just because Beylikdüzü escort you are 19 doesn’t mean you are too old to be punished.” His hand came down on her ass again and Dawn cried out, her towel falling away from her body as she grabbed at the table to brace herself, and she found herself naked in front of her father.

“Daddy! This isn’t appropriate, please!” Her breath was fast and short and as she squirmed in his grip her hard nipples rubbed against the rough edge of the table. He didn’t stop though, and three loud cracks later there were tears in her eyes.

“Tell me the truth then, how often to you lay out here naked?” He had stopped smacking her ass, but he was still holding her down,a nd she felt him move forward, so close that she could feel the heat of his body against the back of her legs and her pussy, and she wondered vaguely if he could feel the heat radiated from her burning ass. She didn’t think about where he would be feeling it though.

“Once or twice a week.” She didn’t want to lie again, her ass hurt enough and she wasn’t sure what he’d do if she lied again and he knew it. When she felt his hand again it was rubbing one of her bright red butt cheeks, and she gave an involuntary moan as a tear slid down her face. His warm hand now gently rubbing at her soft flesh felt so different than the spanking had that her body automatically reacted and she was terrified to feel moisture trickle over one of her pussy lips.

“That often?” He didn’t sound like he was actually speaking to her for a moment, more like he was thinking aloud as he rubbed her ass, his hand moving steadily further down until she felt it against the joint of her thigh and her pussy. She gasped and tried to pull away but his hand tightened around the back of her neck until she yelped, and his other hand moved over her pussy lips, two fingers running over them. She knew he could feel how wet she was and that made her want to cry a little more, but it also made her want to moan. “You must like the idea that someone might see you. And when it’s so cold out too.”

“Daddy, please stop.” She was squirming again when his fingers slipped between her pussy lips and found her clit, and she heard herself moan as he rubbed against her little nub, “Ah . . Daddy .. .” She bit her lip and tried not to cry out as her body instinctually pushed back, and she found his fingers inside of her, pushing and twisting as she grabbed at the edge of the table.

“No. This is what you’ve wanted isn’t it? Maybe not from me, but,” he leaned down over her and his hand slipped away from his cunt as he pushed his clothed erection against her, his lips brushing her ear, “maybe this will help us both out. I miss your mom and you are just begging for someone to find you out here.”

Dawn found herself gasping as he pulled her up to stand against his body again, and when his hand snaked down over her belly to rub against her pussy from the front she found herself pushing back against his firm body. The hand that had been holding her down grasped lightly at one of her breasts, caressing it at first, then narrowing down until her father held her nipple between two fingers. As he pinched and rolled it she found herself moaning and squirming in his grasp, but she wasn’t trying to get away. She had to admit to herself that she had wanted this, she had always played with the idea of what she would do if someone saw her on the porch and approached her, she had just never fathomed it would be her father. Still, behind her, against her ass, she could feel his throbbing erection through his jeans and it was obvious that it was more than big enough to please her. And with her mother being out of town . . . she’d never find out.

“Daddy . . .” This time there was only the slightest hint of a whimper in her voice as she pushed her pussy against his hand, ” . . . okay.”

She heard her father let out a little groan of relief as he pulled up hard on ehr pussy, increasing the pressure on it at least twice as much as she gasped with pleasure, pushing her ass back against his cock. When he rolled her nipple and pinched it hard enough to make her cry out she turned hard in his grasp, braking free of his arms for a moment before he gathered her up in them again and pulled her hard against him, his mouth covering hers as he forced a passionate kiss on her. She returned the kiss willingly, her tongue delving into his warm mouth as he grabbed at her ass, pulling one of her legs around his hip and grinding the rough fabric of his pants into her pussy.

Dawn moaned as she grasped at her father’s shirt, grinding against him, feeling her wetness spread over his pants, and she knew he could feel it sinking into the fabric. As he dominated her mouth and pulled at his shirt, slipping her hands beneath it to feel the strong muscles he maintained, and the thick dark chest hair her boyfriend lacked. She moaned again as one of his fingers trailed over her ass crack and Beylikdüzü escort she pushed back against his hand, pulling away form his kiss.

Pushing on his chest, she looked up at him through her long lashed, feeling one of his hands move over her back to tangle in her thick hair, “Sit down, Daddy.”

As her father sat without looking where he was going she moved to her knees, running her hands over his thighs and pressing her breasts between his knees, making room for herself between his legs. As her hands moved up over his lap he groaned and the intensity in his eyes made her shudder, her boyfriend never looked at her like that. She wondered if it was all right for her father to make her this hot, to turn her on this much this quickly. It didn’t matter, though, what was right or wrong as her fingers pulled at the zipper of his pants and separated the snap from itself. All that mattered was how warm his cock felt beneath the fabric of his jeans, and how close she was to it now. She leaned down, still looking up at him, and let her tongue run over the fabric of his jeans as she opened them slowly, and then she ran her tongue over his black boxers. SHe could smell him now, strong and musky, and she could feel his cock pulsing at the touch of her tongue through the cotton fabric.

Dawn’s father groaned again as she lipped her hand into his boxers and pulled his cock free, slowly stroking it as she leaned forward to run her tongue over the tip. He head went back for a moment as he tangled his hand deeper in her thick hair, rocking her head forward so that she could take the head of his cock into her mouth as she stroked him. She moaned around his cock as her tongue bathed it, taking more of it in as she rocked her head back and forth with his urging, her hand moving up to meet her mouth, then away as she pulled back.

“Oh Daddy,” she pulled back and looked up at him, still stroking his cock as his eyes cut into hers, “does that feel good? Is this what you want Daddy?”

“Yeah,” He licked his lips as she pulled his cock back into her mouth, moving her hand away as she suddenly pushed all the way down on his cock, taking the entire shaft into her throat as she leaned forward, “fuck yeah! Suck my cock baby, suck Daddy’s big cock.” He was groaning each time she took his cock into her throat now, and Dawn had to wonder how she had never heard him and her mother having sex before. Her father was much louder than any of the boys she had been with before, and she found she liked it.

She continued to suck as she felt her father’s hand move down to one of her breasts, grabbing her nipple and pulling up on it, and before long he had her other nipple between his fingers as well, pulling up so hard that she found herself moving up into his lap to relieve the pressure.

As she straddled his lap, pushing her body against his Dawn gasped, her father had driven his face down towards her breasts as he had pulled her into his lap and now he was sucking and biting on one of her nipples, rolling the hard nub with his tongue, one of his arms wrapping firmly around her back to hold her where he wanted her, the other moving down until his hand was rubbing her pussy again.

Dawn moaned and arched her back as she felt her father’s fingers rubbing her clit and slipping into her cunt, fingering her slowly at first, and then faster smearing her juices over her pussy lips and thighs.

“Daddy! Oh god, Daddy, that feels so good.” She squirmed in her father’s grasp, rubbing against his body, and she could feel his cock against her leg every now and then, rubbing softly. As he switched from one nipple to the other Dawn closed her eyes, grabbing at the back of the neck, pulling at his hair. As she rubbed her leg against his cock again she felt her pussy get so close to it that it made her want to scream with frustration, but her father’s hand on her ass kept her above his cock for the time being.

“Daddy, please, I want your cock, please fuck me.” Neither of them could feel the cold any more, their blood rushing so fast through their bodies that it felt like they were on fire. She heard her father groan around her nipple as his hand moved fro her ass to his cock and he stroked it, moving it over her clit, back and forth, driving her to distraction. Every time she tried to push down onto it he would move it away and she would feel it slide against her ass or pussy lips, “Please, please Daddy, I promise I’ll be a good girl form now on!”

She gasped and cried out as her father’s cock suddenly speared inside of her as he thrust himself up off of the chair, wrapping both arms around her and standing from his chair. He turned quickly and thrusted her body against the sliding glass door, moving his cock in and out of her slowly as she cried out, his mouth on her neck now, his teeth biting into her tender flesh. She cried out as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his waist as he fucked her, Escort Beylikdüzü filling her tight cunt with his hard cock, pumping her for all she was worth, and her eyes closed. She threw her head back and her hair fell away from her body as she gasped, her pussy ached for more, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before her father made her cum.

“Oh God, Daddy! Yes! Fuck me!” Dawn screamed at the top of her lungs, she didn’t even care if the neighbors heard, her mother was far from her thoughts, all she wanted was for her father to continue pounding her cunt like he was until she came.

“That’s it, that’s my girl,” he groaned and growled into her hair as she thrust harder up into her, and the power of his movements amazed her, the harder he fucked her, the more of a pussy she realized allt he boys she’d been sleeping with were, “that’s daddy’s dirty little girl, take my cock, take it all baby and I’ll cum in your tight little pussy.”

She screamed again, wrapping her legs tighter, “Yes Daddy! Yes, fuck me harder!! Cum in my pussy Daddy!”

She gasped again as he father pulled her away from the door, tossing her down onto the long lawn chair she had been using to sunbathe earlier. He stood above her, looking down on her body as he slid his cock back into her pussy, pulling her to the edge of the chair as he started working himself in and out of her cunt again, this time faster and harder as one hand reached up to grab her breast. She watched him as he fucked her, thrusting one hand out to push against his chest as she watched the way his eyes moved over her body, as she felt the way his fingers dug into her firm breast.

“That’s in baby, I’m close no, fuck, I’m going to cum in your pussy soon baby! Is that what you want, do you want your Daddy’s jizz in your cunt? You’re so much fucking tighter than your mother!”

Dawn screamed as her father thrust into her with all he had, father and harder, and she could feel his cock throbbing, she knew it couldn’t be much longer until he blew his load inside her, and that made her hotter, wetter. Her back arched as she closed her eyes, opening them again to scream with pleasure another time, “Yes Daddy! Cum in my pussy, I want your load so bad. Cum in my twat Daddy!”

Suddenly her father let out a lu\loud, growling groan as he thrust so hard into it hurt, his balls slapping her ass as she felt him explode inside of her. He leaned over her, thrusting a few more hard times as he unloaded, his mouth closing over hers again, and she arched her back to meet him. His cum was hot inside of her, and sticky on her thighs as he pulled back. She groaned and grabbed his cock as she sat up, licking from the balls to the tip and taking it into her mouth. She could taste her pussy on his cock, but she could also taste his cum, and she found that she liked it even more than she had liked any other cum. As she cleaned his cock he watched her, groaning.

When she finally pulled back he leaned down and kissed her again, laying her back on the lawn chair again.

“We aren’t done yet, baby, Daddy wants to taste that sweet pussy of yours before you go clean yourself up for that tiny dick that boyfriend of yours has.”

Dawn moaned as she felt her father kiss down her body, from her neck down to her breasts over her tummy. When he came to her pelvic bone he lingered a moment, kissing down to the joint of her thigh, licking away some of the juices that had been smeared there. She moaned again as his tongue moved over her pussy lips, then between them, and in another short moment he was using long, broad strokes to clean her pussy. It wasn’t until he began to focus his effort son her clit, then deep into her cunt, then back to her clit again that she began to scream once more. As sher body arched, her breasts thrust toward the sky, she grabbed the back of his head again, pulling his hair. She screamed as his tongue fucked her, but it was when his teeth closed around her clit that she found herself unable to even utter a sound.

It wasn’t long before she too was cumming, pushing the cum he had left inside her both further inside of her and out, and he lapped at her juices and his leavings as he groaned, holding her thighs apart.

When her father was pleased with how clean he had gotten her pussy, Dawn pulled him up on top of her body and kissed him hard, rolling him over so that he was under her as she lay on his chest, her body covering his. His clothes were still coarse beneath her, but her body was so full of tingling sensations she barely minded. She moaned when her father wrapped his arms around her again and she rested her head on his chest, catching her breath as she nuzzled against him.

“Mmm, if you want to do this again . . ” She practically purred as he stroked her back and ass, and he laughed a little, kissing her forehead, then her mouth.

“I’m sure that can be arranged. With your mother gone . . .” Dawn smiled, her father’s cock was already hard against her pussy again, and she felt the urge to slide down onto it and give him another long ride, but she had a date in less than an hour. “And if you want to lay out on the porch with everything hanging out, I guess you can, as long as your mother doesn’t find out.”

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