Cullen Ch. 03

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Day 2 Continued

Cullen sat in his car for a second and debated about checking out craigslist again. But decided against it. He had topped and bottomed in small period of time and needed time to recharge. He stopped at a convenient store before he went home. He grabbed a bag of chips and soda. He piled back in his car and drove home. He took the chips inside and forgot the soda. He went straight for his fridge and pulled out a beer. He sipped it slowly as he worked on his bag of chips. He sat down in front of his computer and started watching some gay porn. He quickly got aroused and jerked it slowly. His penis felt burnt out and used. He quickly finished his beer and turned off his computer. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost four in the morning.

“Fuck,” Cullen whispered.

He walked to his bed and quickly fell asleep. He didn’t have any crazy dreams just a few moments about work. But it didn’t really affect him. He slept soundly and woke up at noon. He showered and brushed his teeth. He got dressed and walked to his fridge. He looked it up and down and realized he didn’t have any decent food. He left his house and drove to the expensive grocery store. Cullen made it there quickly and checked the time it was a little before one. He parked and walked towards the store.

“Cullen,” a man called out just as he was about to enter the store.

Cullen looked over to see a man holding a paper bag of groceries.

“Jason,” Cullen said in quiet voice.

“Yeah,” Jason replied.

Cullen hadn’t seen Jason in about two years. He was the closest thing Cullen ever had to a boyfriend. A few years ago Cullen decided to fully embrace the fact that he was gay and started dating men. But his darker urges took over and decided all he needed from men was sex. Jason really wasn’t his type but he liked him for some reason. He had a full sleeve of tattoos on his right arm and small plugs in his ears. His Ankara escort hair was bit girly. But he served his purpose.

“How have you been,” Cullen asked.

“Good,” he replied, “just getting some lunch.”

“I need to eat,” Cullen laughed.

“I have plenty here,” Jason replied, “if you want to come over.”

“Sure,” Cullen replied, “did you drive here?”

“Walked,” Jason replied.

“I can drive us,” Cullen offered.

“Sure,” Jason replied.

They walked to his car and drove off. Jason gave simple directions to his apartment. It took them less than ten minutes to get there. Cullen parked on the street and followed Jason inside.

“Nice place,” Cullen said as they entered the apartment.

“Thanks,” Jason replied.

Jason placed the bag on the kitchen table. He started unpacking it as Cullen watched him place various items in the fridge and the cupboards. He placed most of it away. He pulled out a frying pan and put it on the stove. He reached back into the fridge and handed Cullen a bottle of water. Cullen twisted off the cap and took a deep gulp. He watched Jason as he began to arrange the various cooking utensils. Cullen quickly stood up and walked up to Jason. He kissed Jason deep on the mouth. Jason resisted for a moment and quickly gave in and got into it.

“You wanna fuck me,” Jason asked.

“Of course,” Cullen replied.

Cullen quickly turned Jason around and pulled his pants down. Cullen held back a chuckle when he noticed Jason was wearing a jock strap. He didn’t think much of it. He looked at his asshole and smiled. Jason gripped the counter as Cullen went to work on his hole. Cullen spread it and reached in and began to lick it.

“Shit,” Jason exhaled.

Cullen worked on his hole quickly and pushed his tongue deep inside.

“Fuck,” Jason let out, “forgot how good you were at that.”

“I bet,” Cullen laughed before he pressed his tongue Ankara escort bayan back into his asshole.

Cullen licked and probed his waiting hole for nearly 2 minutes. He could see Jason flailing and getting excited.

“Bedroom,” Cullen offered.

Jason led Cullen into his room. Cullen plopped down on the bed and Jason shut the door. Cullen unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect penis. Jason reached into the top drawer of his dresser and pulled out a bottle of lube. Cullen grabbed it and lubed up his penis. Jason pulled off his shirt and jockstrap before he got on the bed on all fours. Cullen stood up and got behind him. He slowly inched his penis into him. Jason exhaled as Cullen pushed deeper into him.

“Feel good,” Cullen asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Jason shot back.

“Forgot about your body,” Cullen said as he pushed deep into Jason.

Cullen fucked him for nearly five minutes. Jason had lost his grip on the sheets and quickly put his face into the pillow. Cullen pushed into him harder and harder. They both grunted

Cullen opened the blinds and looked down at the alley. The bright light hit him quickly. He motioned for Jason to come over to him. Jason followed his lead and placed his hands on the windowsill. Cullen poured some more lube into his hand and stroked it a bit more. Jason wiggled his ass a bit more and seemed impatient. Cullen forcefully pressed his penis into his asshole.

“Fuck,” Jason yelled out.

“Shhh,” Cullen shot back as he heard Jason’s expletive echo in the alley.

Cullen pushed into him harder. He gripped either side of his hips and fucked him harder. Cullen pressed his fingernails deep into Jason. Cullen felt a bit strange fucking him where everyone could see.

“I’m gonna cum,” Cullen said softly.

“Breed me,” Jason yelled out.

“Yeah,” Cullen replied.

Cullen thrust harder and harder into him. Cullen felt his balls contract Escort Ankara and tighten. His knees buckled slightly. It was time.

“I’m gonna cum,” Cullen exhaled.

“Do it,” Jason yelled.

Cullen forced himself deep into Jason and shot his load. His warm seed invaded his friend’s hole. Cullen shot three quick bursts into him. Cullen slowly pulled his still erect penis out of him. He slinked back and fell on the bed. Jason walked up to him and stood over him. Cullen sat up and wrapped his mouth around his friend’s penis. He sucked it intently and tickled his balls. He looked up at Jason and noticed he was losing control. He gripped Jason’s balls and suddenly Jason came in his mouth. The salty liquid splashed in his mouth and he kept it in. Cullen pulled his penis out of him mouth and looked up at Jason. Cullen swallowed his cum in one quick gulp.

“Ahhhh,” he exhaled as Jason fell onto the bed.

Cullen pulled himself up the bed and lie down next to him.

“Still cruising,” Jason asked as he rolled over and looked at Cullen.

“Yeah,” Cullen replied as he zipped his pants up, “met two guys last night.”

“How were they,” he asked.

“Good,” Cullen laughed.

“Get their names,” Jason asked.

“One of them,” Cullen replied.

“How did you meet them?”

“Craigslist for the second guy,” he started, “met the first guy at an adult bookstore.”

“Haven’t been to one of them in a while,” Jason laughed.

“Probably a good move,” Cullen replied, “you seeing anyone?”

“This black guy,” Jason replied.

“Gross,” Cullen replied.

“Why is that,” Jason asked.

“I would never sleep with a nigger,” Cullen replied.

“You never know,” Jason replied, “you want some breakfast?”

“Yes,” Cullen shot back, “start cooking, bitch.”

Jason peeled himself off the bed Jason made the food quickly. Cullen ate his quickly and left. He didn’t help clean up. He left a half eaten mess on the table. He gave Jason a quick hug and let himself out. He made it to his car and drove off. He looked at the time; it was a little after 2 in the afternoon.

“The mall,” he whispered to himself.

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