Couple Hot Adventures Part 1

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Couple Hot Adventures Part 1Some background: My name is Suman. We are a married couple in our 40s. We were virgins on our wedding night, but we have always had a good marriage and healthy sex lives. As years passed and the world changed, we also changed. We saw some of our friends and relatives in different relationships. Even though a couple of our friends hinted at swapping, nothing came of it. We used to discuss it and shared our fantasies about it. When we traveled for holidays, we would sometimes arrange for massages at a resort. The first massages were just that. Later, things began to happen that were more interesting. Raman, my husband, told me that one of his massages included what people call a “happy ending”. Hearing his story excited me. On two occasions, I had my breasts and nipples massaged.. At one resort a young girl offered to assist me in a bath after she completed my massage. She became friendly. The next day she offered to massage me in the room. There she began with a professional massage that soon turned sensual. She gave me a wonderful orgasm with her hands. Once, when we had a couples massage, Raman’s masseuse stroked his cock until he came in her hand. She was fully dressed and very professional, but it got me very excited watching. She then walked over to me and, while Raman watched, massaged my pussy and clit until I came. At this time, we began to think it would be fun to try swapping and kept waiting for an opportunity.When we went on holiday to Sri Lanka and Maldives. We decided that if we had a chance we might try swapping on this trip. We booked our holiday as part of a group package with other tourists. In Sri Lanka, it turned out there was another couple from England in the group. Since we were to be together for the entire tour and spoke the same language, we, naturally, spent more time with them than with the other members of our tour. Peter and Julia were in their 30’s. The four of us went sight seeing together. They often kissed and touched each other openly. In our culture, wives do not tease their husbands with other people watching. So, we were surprised at their actions, and somewhat excited as well. When we went for a swim, we got to see each other with less clothing. Julia had a very good figure with nice breasts, I would guess 36 C. I am a bit smaller, 34 B. Raman was fascinated by her size. Peter was a good looking man, and always seemed to have an erection. We felt they were attracted to us. We were definitely attracted to them. So, Raman and I discussed the possibilities and decided if the opportunity arose we would go for it.By the end of the Sri Lanka leg of our tour, the four of us had become very friendly and even discussed our sexual fantasies. Sometimes, while sightseeing, Raman would go with Julia and Peter with me. On our last day in Sri Lanka we went to the beach. While we were swimming, suddenly, Peter hugged me and picked me up in his arms. I was wearing only a small swimsuit. Peter carried me to beach where Raman and Julia sat watching us. He openly said that he liked me and that he wanted me. Julie was laughing and told Raman that Peter would give a good fuck and that he should let me enjoy. It all happened so suddenly, even though we were anticipating it. Raman said that we would discuss it and we would tell them when we arrived in Maldives. In the room that night, Raman and I discussed the possibility. We decided that we would do everything in front of each other and not hide anything. Thinking about it and talking about it made us very horny and even though it was late and we needed to leave for the airport very early the next morning, we could not hold back an had a very intense fuck session.When the group arrived in Maldives, Raman and I and Peter and Julia asked the tour director for adjacent cottages at one end of resort. We even paid the extra money to upgrade to a bigger cottage with a huge bed. The view of the beach was wonderful. The four of us ate dinner together on our porch. It was already late in evening when we walked down to the beach. Julia wore just her bikini which held Raman’s constant attention. I wore a short dress with nothing underneath. We walked along the beach chatting and laughing and generally enjoying each other’s company. We could tell from the look on Peter and Julia’s faces that they were awaiting our reply. We told them what we decided which generated huge smiles all around. We cautioned that it was our first time and that, since they were more experienced in these things, they would have to help us. We said that we needed to go slowly and everything had to be done in front of one another. They were very understanding and readily agreed. We decided that the next morning would be when we would actually do it.That night brought little sleep and much excitement and conversation about what would happen the next day. We could hardly contain our enthusiasm or our imagination about what might happen and how we would proceed.In the morning, Raman and I got up early and went to beach before the sun came up. The beach was empty and it was dark enough that we decided to be daring and swim in the nude. While we were in the water, to our surprise, Peter and Julia came and joined us. After playing in the water together for some time, we came out to our first view of each other’s naked bodies. Raman and Peter were both excited, as evidenced by their erections despite just being in the cool water.We were thinking how to start when Peter offered a suggestion. He suggested the swap partners kiss and fondle one another a bit to get to know each other better. Being considerate of my inexperience, Julia said she would begin. She walked over to Raman and began kissing him and rubbing his cock. Raman, needless to say, was very excited. He nodded to Peter and said that he should begin to kiss and fondle me. It was to be the first time another man touched my naked body. I stood there trembling with a mixture of bashfulness and excitement. Peter calmed me down by touching my face, rubbing my shoulders. He moved his hands from my shoulders to my breasts and lightly caressed my nipples. It felt wonderful the way he was fondling me, but I was so confused. Another man, the first man other than my husband, was touching my most private places and making me excited. I couldn’t control myself. I threw my arms around his neck and just hugged him. His adıyaman escort hard cock was was pressing against me. Peter held me gently and started kissing me and, to my surprise, I started kissing him back passionately. After some deep kissing with Peter, I looked over at Raman who was rubbing and lightly squeezing Julie’s breasts while she held his hard cock in her hand. Raman smiled at me and said go ahead and touch Peter. With trembling hands, I touched Peter’s hard cock which was leaking precum. Taking a moment to realize we were still on the beach and anyone could watch, since it was starting to become light, we decided to go to our room.Julia said that since this was our first time it might be more comfortable and enjoyable if one of the couples proceeded while the other couple watched. I was still trembling with all sorts of feelings. Seeing that, Julia suggested Raman hold me to calm me down. Raman walked over and took me into a tight embrace for some time. He kissed me, told me he loved me and he wanted me to enjoy all the pleasures this adventure could bring. He told me not to think about anything and to just enjoy myself. I finally stopped shaking and had calmed just a little. I wanted to feel Peter’s cock again but I also wanted to just stay clinging to my husband. I was very excited and very confused.Peter came up behind me and Julia walked behind Raman. I could feel Julia’s hand reach around Raman and hold his cock. Julia was so calm and yet Raman’s hard cock was pressed on my belly and her hand was stroking it. Peter laid his cock against my buttocks. I had not even fantasized about two men pressing me between them. It was so wonderful even though we were just hugging.Raman then asked Peter to go first with me, but to be gentle. I was unsure but so excited I did not object. Though Raman and I had talked about this and agreed to take the opportunity, I still couldn’t believe it was about to happen. I turned around to face Peter and hugged him tightly letting my body feel his. Peter just held me like my husband had just done. He was strong and gentle. We held each other for some time. After what seemed like forever, we heard Raman and Julia kissing. I looked into Peter’s eyes and looked up at him as a signal for him to begin kissing me.Peter picked me up and laid me on bed. He looked down at me smiling. His cock was almost touching my face. I just stared at it. It was thick and red. I was so excited my pussy was leaking juices. My nipples were hard and erect. I was too shy to think that I could suck him. He understood my hesitation and lay down beside me. We kissed each other and then he started to fondle my breasts. Raman suggested that Peter suck my nipples because he knew how excited that makes me. I could not believe how was wonderful if felt when he started to lick my nipples. I could tell that Peter was also excited because his cock kept throbbing and leaking precum. I caressed his cock with my hand and with each stroke felt his excitement. I could swear his cock got even harder. I really wanted him to just fuck me at that moment but was too timid and too overwhelmed with emotions lust to speak. Julia suggested that Peter stop foreplay and just put his cock in me. We were all excited it seems. I rolled on my back and pulled Peter on top of me, letting his hips slide between my open legs. As the head of this new cock, the first one since my husband, touched the lips of my pussy, I heard a low moan and realized it was me. Peter’s cock had no sooner touched the opening to my pussy then I began to have my first ever orgasm with another man. When I finally stopped cumming and caught my breath, I could see that everyone was smiling at me. The energy in the room was wonderful. Peter then asked me to guide his cock. Since I was excited and my pussy juices were, by now, overflowing, his cock entered me in one smooth motion. The feeling was even more wonderful than my first orgasm. I was having another man’s cock deep inside me for the first time. The sensation was made even stronger because I was enjoying it in front of Raman. I don’t know what all emotions I had at that moment but they were so powerful that I just lay there under Peter enjoying the moment. Feeling that I was ready, Peter started fucking me, moving slowly in and out. I could not control myself. I asked him to fuck me harder. I was surprised. I never talk that way. His cock was a little thicker than Raman’s though almost the same length. I could feel the thickness stretching me wider than ever before. I began pushing my pussy against Peter trying to press as much of him inside as I could and hugging him as tight as my arms would hold. We started kissing. Peter then began kissing my neck and shoulder and eventually began sucking my nipples. Raman and Julia walked over and sat on the bed next to us. I held Raman’s hand and he kissed me on the cheek. It was a tender moment for us. I had never imagined kissing my husband while another man lay on top of me with his hard cock deep inside of me. Those things are just not done in my culture. It was all so new and wonderful for us. Peter couldn’t control himself any longer and started to fuck me faster and harder. I was pushing against him my legs pulling him in tighter, all the while receiving quiet encouragement from Raman and Julia. Peter pushed hard and held himself fully inside me and I felt his cock start to pulse as he came inside me. I could feel his hot cum spurt into my pussy. It felt so wonderful and was enough to make me lose control and scream with pleasure for him to keep cumming while my shaking legs and hips announced my own orgasm. Peter kissed me deeply and held me tight for some time. When he rolled over, his cum was seeping from my pussy. I reached down and felt it then just lay back and relaxed enjoying the moment. Raman and Julia were so excited watching us that they could not control themselves long enough for foreplay. Raman was in Julia’s pussy in no time. They were fucking hard and making lots of noise. Raman was sucking Julia nipples which she must have enjoyed from the way she was pushing her breasts against him. Julia’s big tits bounced when Raman shoved his cock hard and fully into her pussy. Raman and I had watched videos but I had never seen anyone have sex live. I was excited. Raman was excited. Oddly enough, I had no feelings afyonkarahisar escort of jealousy. I remember just hoping Raman enjoyed himself as much as I had with Peter. Actually, I was proud of Raman for giving Julia such a good fuck. After a very short time, their excitement was too much for them and they both came with Julia moaning and clutching Raman and him shooting his cum deep in her pussy. Both couples lay there holding each other for a time. Eventually, Julia and Peter said they were going to leave and asked if we wanted to meet for breakfast. They told us that they wanted us to share time as couple, to talk about what had just happened and to bond with each other. When they left, Raman and I lay together, naked, hugging and kissing each other. I could feel Julia’s juices on his cock lying against my belly and I am sure he could smell and feel Peter’s cum leaking from my pussy. I couldn’t stop shaking and with tears in my eyes was thanking Raman for allowing me to fuck Peter. He just shut my mouth by kissing me and told me to relax and enjoy the feelings and the memory. It was a wonderful moment for us both. We lay together holding one another without talking, enjoying the feelings between us and for our new friends.After some time, Peter and Julia came to our room and inquired how we felt and whether we were comfortable with what we did. They were a wonderful couple, very understanding and comforting. We talked about our experience, hugged one another and left for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the beach, played in the water and relaxed. After some time, we were looking at each other, clearly thinking about whether there would be a next round. We all suggested at the same time that we should go back to our room. Raman said that since the ice was broken I should feel free to do what I wanted. I was feeling much more confident and not the least embarrassed, so I felt like being more bold. Julia said that since we had the whole day ahead of us we could now sample the full course meal and not simply a quick snack. Her comment made me laugh which seemed to be the signal for things to begin.Back in the room, we all quickly undressed. Peter took me in his arms, hugged and kissed me and led me to the huge sofa. We sat and continued our kissing while our hands began their exploration of each other. Peter was fully aroused. I took his cock in my hands and inspected it slowly, rubbing it up and down and feeling his balls. I moved down and started kissing its tip, then ran my tongue over its length. I took him in my mouth and started sucking him slowly. I could tell from his breathing that he was enjoying himself. That and how his hands became more insistent in touching me everywhere he could reach. I glanced over to the other side of the room and saw Julia was sucking Raman’s cock. Raman was watching me give Peter good head. We smiled at each other. Since Raman is so good with his mouth on my breasts, I told him it would be hot to watch him suck and lick Julia’s nipples. So Raman started sucking and licking and squeezing Julia’s breasts. Peter then led me to the bed and said he wanted to taste my pussy. He laughed and said he was an expert in that area. He spread my legs and could see my juices leaking. He used his finger for a moment to tickle me then he started kissing and gently sucking my pussy lips and my clit. It felt so good, that I had to agree with him about his expertise. He began to tease my clit and in no time I had a huge orgasm. I could not hold back and reached down to pull his head tighter to my pussy. Meanwhile Raman’s efforts on Julia’s breasts and nipples had her squirming and I could see the wetness from her juices on her pussy lips.By this time, Peter was wanting to enter me. I smiled and told him I wanted his cock again. I was no longer shy. Then, Peter surprised me. He told Julia to take his cock, kiss it and suck it. Julia told Raman to kiss and lick my pussy. She and Peter said that whenever they swap they usually do this as a sort of bonding. So, Raman began kissing my pussy tasting my juices. Meanwhile, Julia went work on Peter’s cock. Julia was really exited and asked Raman to put his cock in her. Raman stopped licking my pussy and got between Julia’s legs. His cock stuck out straight and dripped precum. Then it was Julia’s turn to surprise me. Julia asked Peter to guide Raman’s cock into her pussy. I never imagined another man touching Raman’s cock but he was so excited he did not protest. Lying on top of Julia, Raman lifted his bum just enough so that Peter could grab his cock and tease Julia’s pussy for a little, and then Peter guided Raman’s cock into Julia’s pussy. I was amazed and very excited by what they did. (Peter and Julia are a wonderful couple, very understanding and happy. They said doing all this helped break taboos and avoid embarrassment. It makes them enjoy it even more. We have also found this to be true and we now do it when we meet new people.) By now, I was so excited that I pulled Peter over on the bed, forced him onto his back and straddled his hips. He lay on his back and guided his cock into me and I began riding him straight away. Peter enjoyed sucking on my dark nipples and fondling my breasts. Even though Julia had a bigger pair, I no longer worried that mine were not sufficient compared to hers. My juices were overflowing and I was soon in our new found sexual adventures.After sometime, Peter told me he wanted to lick my pussy again. Raman and I never talked to each other like that during sex. We rolled over. Peter’s cock slipped out and my juices were fairly dripping off it. He moved into a 69 position. Without hesitation, I began sucking his cock, tasting my own juices, He began sucking my pussy and licking, his tongue trying to push it into my open pussy. Raman and Julia were also in the same position with Julia on top sucking his cock. Julia ground her pussy into Raman’s face as he thrust his cock in her mouth. It was getting hotter and hotter. I could not believe how excited everyone was. Then, Peter and Raman announced they could no long control themselves. They wanted to come inside us. Julia and I were also ready so we lay on our backs beside each other while the men put their cocks in us. I watched Raman slide his cock in Julia. Julia watched Peter slip his cock in me. I hugged Peter balıkesir escort tightly and enjoyed the fullness of his cock in me pushing in and pulling out. Finally, we all came, both women holding the men tight their cocks fully buried as both emptied their sperm into our hot, wet pussies. We all lay on the bed and just held each other and relaxed. Because of all the excitement, we were all tired and dozed off in each others’ arms. Later that morning, when we awoke, we decided we needed baths. We decided it would be good if each of us took a bath with our own spouses teasing each other and having fun .Then, it was time for lunch. After lunch we went back to bed and slept like logs. Later that afternoon, we went to the beach and played in water for a while. Of course we all got excited and and decided we had to go back to the room. Everyone but me had drinks (I don’t drink) and we started dancing naked and singing. Julia was asking Raman to lick her pussy and Peter was fingering me. Then, I started sucking Peter’s cock and soon we were again in 69 position. Meanwhile, Julia started riding Raman and he was playing with her huge tits. Seeing them got Peter wanting to fuck me and he was inside me in no time. Julia was leaking juices all over Raman’s cock and she called to Peter to see. When Raman took out his cock, Julia wanted Peter to lick her pussy and suck all the juices. I asked Raman to do the same to me. That did not last long until we were on the verge of orgasm. Raman quickly laid me on my back and entered my pussy in one move. Peter slid his hard cock into Julia. Soon we were all having intense orgasms, this time with our respective spouses. It was wonderful having both couples fucking next to each other and sharing the moment. Later we had dinner and were so tired we all went to sleep in our bed. Peter and Julia asked if we wanted them to teach us some new things the next day. We readily agreed and decided to get up early and go to the beach and share some fun there. In the morning, we went to beach and began to play in the water. We were naked and kissing and fondling each other when some other couples also came to the beach. Not wanting them to be uncomfortable, we decided it best to go back to the room. Peter and Julia asked us whether we were ready to learn new things. We said yes. They asked if we would agree to do anything they say. We said anything reasonable could be done and asked what they had in mind. Julia said she wanted to have sex with me me and Peter wanted to do things with Raman. Raman was shocked. He was unsure of what he would be expected to do with Peter. I was fine with the idea of having sex with Julia. I had some limited experience during my college days with my close friend though we did not do a lot. Julia said they did not want to press Raman to do anything that made him uncomfortable but asked if it was ok for Peter to play with Raman. Raman was hesitant but did not exactly say no.Julia and I hugged each other and started kissing. She laid me on the bed and and straight away attacked my pussy. She spread my legs and started licking me, slowly at first then faster. I was very excited. I had never experienced such pleasure with a woman. She asked Raman and Peter so suck my nipples for added effect. The pleasure was almost unbearable and I had a series of intense orgasms, one after the other. Then Julia and I changed places and I started licking her pussy. I was unsure what to do. But, I soon learned what excited Julia. She really liked it when I started sucking on her clit. Raman was sucking her nipples. She also came and came. Raman and Peter were excited by our orgasms and wanted to fuck us. Raman put his cock in Julia’s overflowing pussy and Peter in me. After some time, Julia asked Raman to take his cock which was now soaked in her juices out of her pussy and asked Peter to suck him. Before Raman could say anything, Peter began sucking him and had cleaned off Julie’s juices in no time. Raman and I were shocked. But, we found that Peter was enjoying sucking Raman. This new act had us both so excited we were ready to climax. So, I asked Peter to stop sucking Raman and to come and fuck me. I pulled him on top of me and we started fucking while Raman slipped his hard his cock into Julia’s wet pussy. Though Raman I and were were a bit shocked at what Peter had just done and a bit confused, we found were were also very excited. It did not take long until we all had huge orgasms.Later Peter and Julia asked how we felt. Julia doing me was no issue but Peter sucking Raman was a shocker. Raman said that he wouldn’t suck Peter no matter what. Peter and Julia said they wont force the issue if it made Raman uncomfortable. We went on enjoying the day and playing with each other’s spouses.Next day we got up very early went to beach. Fortunately no one was there so we got to play a bit. We had scheduled sight seeing for that day. In the evening we came back and decided to have a group bath. That led to another round of fucking. It was the last night of our visit and we were all feeling a bit sad that such a enjoyable time was ending. Raman took Julia and I took Peter. We walked around the beach holding hands, hugging and kissing each other. It was a very nice way to wind down our time together. Later, the four of us sat and talked. We thanked them for all their help and for all the pleasure we shared. We complimented them on how understanding and warm they had been and for never forcing anything on us. After dinner, Peter and Julia asked if they could watch Raman make love to me. We agree and were surprised at how sentimental and emotional if felt when we did. After having watched each other have sex with other people, doing it with each other as they watched was even a stronger bond for Raman and me. Watching us made Peter and Julia excited, and it was not long before they started making love to each other and we got to watch. The four of us went to bed and fell into a satisfied and contented sleep. The next morning I got up early, rolled over and woke Peter up by sucking his cock. He moved me around so he could lick my pussy. Our activity awakened our spouses. Not be left out, they too began a 69. So, we began our final morning with orgasms all around, pussy juices flowing freely and two mouths full of cum. Never could Raman and I have ever imagined that as a way to start a day. After breakfast we bid each other a tearful and emotional farewell. Our holiday was so much better than we had even dreamed it could be. It had made Raman and I into completely different people. They said if we ever get a chance to help another newbie couple, we should help them like they did us. Thus ended our wonderful holiday!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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