Comforting Aunt Sadie Ch. 02

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(My stories are strictly works of fiction in a perfect world, and therefore, there is no need for birth control, nor are there any STD’s. All characters taking part in sexual acts are however of the age of legal consent. I hope you enjoy.)

The sun was well up when Bill woke cuddled against his aunt in spoon fashion, his right hand resting upon her hip, his morning erection nestled warmly in the crack of her ass. With his left arm trapped under her neck between shoulder and pillow, he was able to reach up and gently caress her right tit. Kneading its soft flesh and feeling her nipple harden in the palm of his hand added to his morning stiffness. He slowly caressed her thigh from hip to knee, then traced a line with the tips of his fingers up the more sensitive inner flesh. Reaching her crotch his fingers followed the crease between leg and abdomen to her hip, then ran a gentle arc over her abdomen and back to the small patch of fine pubic hair. The moment his fingers touched the soft curls, her stomach quivered and she drew in a quick ragged breath.

Though she didn’t speak, Bill knew she was awake by the way she nestled tighter against him. Her right hand covered his left inducing him to squeeze harder, while her left approvingly caressed his right forearm. Tracing three small circles in her patch of fluff, he heard her draw air through clenched teeth, then moan as he probed lower to slide a fingertip over and around her clit. Raising her leg bent at the knee placing her foot flat on the mattress gave him full access to her pussy. Needing no further encouragement, he caressed her pussy running his middle finger down her center, capturing her outer lips on either side with his ring and forefinger. He played with her pussy this way for a few moments pulling and squeezing her nether lips while keeping pressure on her clit as much as possible.

When she became hot and slick with moisture, he probed deeper inserting first one, then two fingers into her pussy moving them slowly in and out. She now moved to lay flat, her legs wide spread, his lips placing tender kisses all over her stomach and abdomen. Keeping light pressure on her clit with his thumb quickly brought her to the edge of climax. Feeling the walls of her pussy close in around his fingers, Bill inserted a third thrusting them in and out as deep and fast. She raised her hips urging his fingers deeper as her morning orgasm began to approach, then felt his thumb replaced by his mouth sucking hard on her clit and flicking it with his tongue throwing her orgasm into overdrive. She began to wail and cry out with pleasure when he removed his fingers and probed deeply with his tongue into her depths, then returned to torture her overly sensitive clit. The sudden flood of her sweet nectar took him by surprise spilling into his mouth and over his chin. He quickly set his mouth completely over her cunt receiving all she had to offer. Her writhing would have made it hard to continue his attentions on her flowing pussy were it not for her hands holding him tightly to her sex. His cock was so hard now it hurt, and he thought he would go mad if release wasn’t achieved soon.

As the sensations began to ebb, she pulled him from between her legs begging him to stop, as she could take no more. Looking up, his lips and chin wet with her honey, casino şirketleri he saw her smiling warmly and began making his way up her body placing tender kisses on her sensitive skin. Reaching her breasts, he held each in a tender massaging grip sucking on each nipple in turn. Sadie held his head tight against her flesh with one hand while caressing his body with the other. Her hand soon found his pulsing cock and began stroking up and down its length. Working his kisses up Sadie’s neck to her lips his cock was soon poised at her entrance. She held him at bay rubbing the tip against her swollen clit for a moment, then set him directly at her door. With little pressure he slid smoothly past her inner lips and buried himself to the hilt in her moist heat. There he held for a few moments relishing in the wonderful feeling of her cunt wrapped tightly around his cock.

He began a slow rocking motion of his hips pulling his cock out to the very edge of withdrawal, then slid home to full depth, his hands under her shoulders pulling her onto his cock till they were pressed tightly together. He could feel her cervix press on the crown of his cock each time he thrust forward, and heard her soft moans as he did so. He stroked slowly in and out of her cunt feeling the heat build, her fluids begin to coat his hardness, the walls of her passage tighten around him. Increasing the pace a little with each stroke, they built slowly to a steady rhythm, her hips lurching to meet his every thrust.

Sadie was on her way back from the bathroom when she heard the muted but unmistakable sounds of sex coming from her mother’s bedroom door, which stood slightly ajar. She leaned against the frame for a few moments just listening till she heard her mother’s groans grow louder and quick. Pushing the door open she stood in full view and watched her cousin fuck her mother, her right hand automatically slid inside her panties to rub her moistening pussy. When their tempo built to a rapid pulse, she saw her mother open her eyes and look directly at her with a bright smile, then close her eyes in blissful pleasure. There was no need for standing on ceremony now, and she quietly walked into the room shedding the top of her nightie freeing her firm and fully tanned tits. Reaching the side of the bed she slipped her panties over her round hips letting them fall around her ankles and kicking them away not taking her eyes from the action before her.

Standing naked at the edge of the bed watching her cousin rapidly fucking her mothers cunt, the thick aroma of sex filling her nostrils, was too much for her to stand by and not join in on the fun. Bill had noticed her by this time, but did not change in any way his attentions on his Aunt. Lisa bent over giving her mother a passionate kiss, their tongues intertwining, her left hand squeezing a tit, rushing her mother closer towards climax. The walls of Sadie’s cunt began to spasm around the large cock thrusting into her, drawing him closer to his own climax. Lisa broke their kiss, and griping her mother’s left tit in her right hand, she reached around her cousin’s ass and grasped his nut sack giving it a sharp but gentle squeeze. That was all it took. Bill’s back suddenly arched backwards as he thrust roughly to the hilt into Sadie, his cock pumping jets of semen into her casino firmaları depths each time he thrust home. Her cunt contracted tightly each time he pulled back milking every drop from him just before thrusting roughly forward to bottom out in her cunt to pump another jet of cum into her depths. Her own orgasm struck with the suddenness and power of a lightning bolt, a flood of her own juices bursting forth to mingle with his seed briefly before leaking from her flooded pussy.

Their bodies now exhausted and covered in sweat, Bill collapsed nearly on top of his Aunt, both panting heavily to catch their breath, and lay there for a moment as his dick slowly deflated and slipped from her warmth. As it did, Lisa nudged him to role and lay beside her mother, then took his place setting her tongue directly into her mothers cunt drinking up their mixed fluids drawing her close to another orgasm. Once her mother was clean, she turned her attention to Bill’s cream covered cock laying limp upon his stomach. His stomach muscles jerked when she sucked his soft flesh into the wet warmth of her mouth. His nerves danced when she ran her tongue around the head, sucked hard drawing out the last drops of cum as she rose up its length squeezing it between her moist lips, then sucked it back into her mouth. It didn’t take much of this treatment before he was hard again and ready for action.

“My turn cuz. I want you to fuck me while I finish cleaning mom out. I think there’s a little of you left in there.”

“Oh yes baby, come suck your momma’s pussy.”

Moving over on her hands and knees Lisa set her mouth back at her mother’s pussy while Bill took up position behind her. Reaching around her hip Bill used his fingers to spread her wet lips while his other hand guided his freshly engorged cock to her opening. Rubbing the head of his cock between her lips and over her clit soon had her flowing wetter than she already was. Setting his cock at her opening and giving one smooth push had him buried to the hilt for the first time in the pussy he dreamt about for years. She was tight, hot, and slick, and felt wonderful around his cock. Even better than Aunt Sadie, which before then he thought impossible. As with Sadie he started slow increasing the tempo a bit at a time till he was pumping rapidly into her tight depths. When his belly began to slap forcibly into her ass, there was no way she could keep her attentions on her mother’s cunt. Bill suddenly pulled from her, flipped her over on to her back, and stepping off the bed, jerked her by her ankles to the edge of the mattress.

With her ass on the edge of the bed, Bill leaned forward placing his arms under her legs at the knee, grasped her hips, and pushed his cock at her pussy. Not having the exact angle, his cock slid between her cunt lips and over her clit three times before she reached down and guided him into her pussy. In seconds he was back in that sexual heaven he had so long lusted for.

“Fuck me hard cuz. Make me squeal, and fill me up!”

Her wish was his command, and he was glad to oblige. He began ramming into her with abandon, his hips slapping into her ass, his cock drilling into her core. He was amazed at how tight and slick she felt, and she was delighted to be filled with such a wonderful cock. Each time he thrust into güvenilir casino her, little lights seamed to go off in her head. She was so hot for him after so many years of trying to catch him naked when they stayed at his house, or they theirs. And now he was fucking the daylights out of her just like in her dreams. Only this was so much better. She came quickly flooding his cock with her juices, while her mother lay watching frigging her own cunt. Bill could feel every inch of her cunt as he thrust wildly in and out of her folds, and tried as hard as he could to make it last. Though once she began to writhe beneath him in orgasm, he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. His thrusts became shorter and more direct as he felt the pressure build behind his balls signaling an eruption. She must have felt it also, and the walls of her cunt closed in even tighter as she reached orgasm with him. He exploded repeatedly into her sending her over the top as well. Her fingertips were digging into his forearms trying to draw him in further, deeper, harder, as if it were possible. He blasted the walls of her cunt with each forward thrust causing her pussy to clamp down even tighter. Their wails of ecstasy echoing in the room.

He suddenly froze, buried to the hilt, as the last of his cum pumped into her overly full pussy. Out of breath and dripping with sweat, they collapsed together, still joined, and lay quiet for several moments regaining their faculties. When they did come around, they noticed they were alone on the bed, and heard the shower running in the master bath. They embraced deeply weaving their tongues together till both had to come up for air.

“That was the most powerful fuck I’ve ever had, or could think of.” Bill panted.

“That was fucking unbelievable.’ She replied. ‘I’ve only been fucked a few times, and they were nothing like that. Promise me we will do this again. And again, and again…’ She added with a laugh.

“On that you can be sure. As often as I can. I have to head back to school this afternoon, and next weekend is out, as finals are coming up. But maybe we can find some time to get together at the folk’s Bar-B-Q in two weeks.”

They hugged and kissed again, and hearing the shower turn off in the master bath, they stood and walked toward the main bath on shaky legs. They showered together being sure not to miss a spot on each other, the flow of water refreshing their senses as it cascaded over their skin. They would have tried to have at it again in the shower, but they heard Sadie over the rush of water urging them to hurry up, as there were things to be done yet. Stepping from the stall they dried each other off, threw on robes, and headed for the kitchen.

Sadie was just setting the last plate of a late breakfast on the table when they entered. They talked cheerfully of the weekend’s events as they ate, spoke briefly of the upcoming get together, and Bill thought he saw an evil grin flash across Aunt Sadie’s lips. The conversation quickly turned to the days errands being mostly between Lisa and her mom. Breakfast done, the dishes done, they dressed for the day, Bill packed his bag, and they met in the driveway. Tossing his bag into the back of his car, he gave Aunt Sadie and Cousin Lisa a respectful kiss goodbye, got behind the wheel and started the engine as his two lovely ladies entered their own car. A quick goodbye wave as he backed out of the drive, and the weekend was over. It would be a long two weeks for Bill, and he wondered if they were as anxious as he.

To be continued;

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