Clara and The Grand Air War Pt. 03

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Clara woke and slowly looked around the cabin. It was only yet sunrise and she saw that Winni’s eyes were open. “Psst… Winni,” she whispered.

Winni turned to look and smiled faintly. “Good morning,” she said softly.

“You alright?”

“I think so. This is all so strange.” Winni stared at the upper bunk above her.

“Yeah… It really is. But… We flew yesterday.

“We did. I guess… I’ll have to like it more than my fiance…”

That surprised Clara. “Oh no, dear. I’m so sorry, if you ever want to talk, I’m-“

“LIFT CREW!” It was Dame Barstowe. “On deck! 10 minutes!” She strode out and shut the door.

Sammy hopped down and rubbed her eyes. “Mornin’ Clara. Sleep well?”

Clara nodded. “Hurry, you get dressed first. I won’t take as long, I think.”

“You heard the captain,” laughed Sammy. “Riggers first! Then we get the rest?”

Julie and Melody said, “Aye aye, Cap’n,” with grins. Julie struggled to keep her arms from drooping to the floor. “Blighted arms…”

“Here, I’ll button ya,” said Sammy.

Eventually the Ballooners were dressed. Their uniforms were surprisingly complex, but the girls managed. Clara blushed a bit as they argued over her nude body, about which part went over first. Sammy stretched her arm out long enough to wrap it around Clara’s waist, then retracted it enough so they were shoulder to limbless shoulder. “How’m I s’posed to see past those things, Clara?”

“Hey. At least you have limbs.”

“I know, I know… Sorry Clar’, got me a big mouth.”

Clara winked. Inside, she was glad for Sammy, a girl she like and felt like she could trust. It also made her thankful that Agent 23 was responsible for her. The other’s were frightening; Agent 23 seemed to have a soft, sad side. It made her human.

They appeared on deck. The rest of the crew had lined up port side. The three riggers carried their new friends to the end of the line. Sammy and Clara stood to the right of a wizened old man in a patchy uniform.

“Good jorb, the other day, lasses,” he whispered with a wink. His eyes were on the giant pair of breasts next to him.

Clara blushed. “Thanks… You too?”

“Ha. I’m the cook.”

“ALL HANDS. CAPTAIN ON BOARD!” The line of men saluted immediately. The agents standing starboard, opposite them did the same. Climbing up the ladder was a trim looking man with a clean shaven face, and dark hair pulled back into a bun. He wore no hat, and his tailcoat bore no medals or badges. In all, he was a disappointing figure. “THE HONORABLE CAPTAIN JOHN SEVERE OF THE GRAND AIR MINISTRY OF THE GREAT NATION OF CARROW, THE-“

“Enough of that.” Captain Severe raised his hand. In a clear voice he shouted, “I am Captain Severe! I know most of your faces, and I’m proud to have that honor. I understand we have new additions however.” He turned to face the Lift Crew at the end of the line, and strode towards them.

Standing before Clara and Sammy, “Name and residence, if you please.”

Sammy squeezed Clara. “Oh, Clara Rowan. From Chimneytops, er… Brinnsmore, Sir.”

“I was born there too. Nice to have a neighbor aboard.” He looked to Sammy.

“Sir! Samantha Church, Hartvord, just beyond-“

“The Bogs. Lovely little town. Fantastic goats milk, if I remember.”

Sammy smiled and nodded. “Me parents are goatherds!”

“I may have sampled their wares, then.” The Captain moved to the next pair.

Winni spoke first. “Cadet Winnifred DeVries, of Drumbridge,”

He grinned in surprise. “Winnifred, are you related to Wilfred DeVries?”

“Yes Sir, he was my father.”

“He was a FANTASTIC author. I’ve read his work many times. I’m sorry to know he is no longer with us.”

“It casino şirketleri was many years ago, milord.”

“I’m not a lord. I salute the loss of your limbs in your service, and you have my condolences, Cadet DeVries.” He looked Winni’s rigger, Julie.

“Oh! Umm, I’m Julie Kitt, I come from the Chimneytops too.”


“I come from the Chimneytops, too Sir!”

“I shant forget that you do. However, a minor sense of decorum is required in the Ministry, eh?”

Julie nodded nervously. The captain moved on.

“Holly Stokes, Sir!” said the limbless woman. “I’m Brinnsmore, Fathom district!”

“From the docks then! Is your father in the service?”

“Me mum was, Sir. She…” Holly looked away.

“Recently?” Captain Severe had a look of pity.

“Aye, she was a field agent. We only found out after…”

“Ah, such loss. A mother, and your limbs. I am sorry.” Severe put his hand to his chest. “I make this promise. Your service will be a tribute to your mother. Our agents,” he made a sweeping gesture to those across the deck, “are the very people that stand between our survival and obliteration. Maybe some day, if you know it, you can tell me her number. Should I be so honored.”

Holly nodded in tears. He nodded and turned to the Rigger carrying her.

“Sir! Melody Halbot, Sir! I am come from the Chimneytops, Sir!” Melody stood as straight as possible.

“A fine sailor you’ll be!” Then he leaned in and whispered, “I… Adam and Eve that you’re a baker’s dozen of mine. I’m related to the Halbots.”

“Blimey!” Melody laughed. “Who’s ya cows’n’kisses, then?” She shook her head. “Sir!”

“A chat for a later time. I see a fine Lift Crew before me. Dame Barstowe?”

She strode forward. “Sir?”

“I believe we are-“

There was a thunderous explosion. Everyone turned to see Brinnsmore in flames. Above it was the imminent and shadowy form of another airship.

“STATIONS!” Severe ran to the aft castle. “Rig the crew, NOW!!”

The agents ran to the six girls and guided them to their stations quickly. Just as before they were harnessed in their positions. The Riggers, including Sammy, had their arms hoisted to the top of the fore mast, and dragged back down to their iron rings. They shouted confirmation when their grips were secured.

Agent 23 ran up to Clara. “This is it. I’m afraid we don’t get more practice.” Another explosion rang out in the distance.

“What is that?!”

“That,” said the agent, as she inserted the instrument, “is The Rostondagg, of The Jevian League. We weren’t expecting them so soon.” The flap was secured over the gyrating rod inside Clara. “It’s an Albatross-class.”

Clara moaned as the wooden rod tossed around inside her. Just like before, her breasts began to grow and lift into the air. “Come on girls,” she yelled out, “let go!! Let it happen!”

There was moaning from either side of her.

Their breasts grew at equal rates this time. And like clockwork, the arms of their Riggers were released, and they slapped against the massive, gas-filled breasts. Clara’s counterparts, just as she, cried out in ecstasy, and The Eridanus lifted from the water.

The studding sails were raised, along with the royals and skysails. They were moving. Off in the distance, through teary eyes, Clara could see another ship raise from the city.

“Wha-What’s that?”

Agent 23 looked. “That would be the Skyhound. Thank the winds they’re here too.”

“Pincer!” Captain Severe was back on deck. “Signal Skyhound, pincer!!”

A crewman ran to the banister with a storm lamp and flapped his hands in front of it.

The Skyhound responded with its own series of lights. “Cap’n! They’re heading straight casino firmaları in!!”

“Blasted fool.” The captain felt the wind for a moment. “We go round! Starboard!!”

The Eridanus shifted at a frightening angle, but the wind picked them up. They sailed over Brinnsmore at a good clip, but kept distance from The Rostondagg. Clara could see that it was using fabric balloons, but the ship itself was massive and unpainted; it was terrifying. Twisting her head backwards, she could see the Skyhound aloft with gigantic breasts like hers. The gyrations inside pulled her back to the sensations of her body.

The other Ballooners, Winni and Holly seemed to be equally employed, their breasts matching her in size. This was optimal. At once, all three Riggers’ arms were loosed and slapped against their enormous breasts. Though she was in a cloud of pleasure, she was happy to feel the sudden security of Sammy against her.

They continued over the city, and everyone could see the heavy fire the Skyhound took on its approach. The Eridanus continued its round maneuver around the enormous enemy airship. The Skyhound was being pelted in its headlong collision course.

As they began to flank The Rostondagg, a volley was fired. It went wide. Clara suddenly realized what a massive target she was, and panicked. She could feel her breasts deflating, which made it worse.

Another volley. She watched the cannonball fly towards her, time slowed and it gradually impacted with her left breast. She screamed in anguish. Her perception of time sped up as she saw the ball emerge again, and slingshot in the other direction. It blasted into the hull of The Rostondagg and the sailors aboard cheered.

The Eridanus let loose its own volley, and Clara had to twist her head backwards, a benefit of devulcanization, to watch the ammunition wreak havoc across the deck. Men were gored or simply flung from the ship in a mess of flesh.

“RELOAD!” Captain Severe was now pacing the deck. From below Clara could hear the shouts and chants of the Master Gunner. Just then, the Skyhound slammed into The Rostondagg. Men raced aboard and unloaded muskets upon the League crewmen.


The Eridanus tilted to the right at a forty-five degree angle.


Cannons loosed. They completely missed the ship, but they flew through the fabric balloons. The Rostondagg listed and began to descend. The Carrowmen jumped back aboard the Skyhound, shoving and kicking the Leaguemen away as they climbed aboard their ship.

The Eridanus continued its sharp turn, giving Clara the opportunity to see the Skyhound’s troops running back to their ship. “That was a battle! Was that a battle?!”

“It’s not over. Are you hurt?” Agent 23 looked up to Clara’s gigantic breasts. One of them had a dark spot from the point of impact.

There was screaming on each deck. People were maimed and bleeding everywhere. Another cannonade slammed into The Eridanus. Men were ripped apart around them. Blood was everywhere. The Rostondagg’s balloons were punctured and deflating, and it began to careen. Out of fortune, the trajectory led it to the harbor, preventing even more loss.

The surviving men cheered at their victory. Clara shouted, “I’m… I’m invincible!!” The crew raised their voices at her. “P-Please take this out!” The Skyhound raised its colors and The Eridanus did so in return.

Agent 23 came up to her. “We can’t just yet. We need to land safely. Hold on a little longer.”

“You got this, Clar’! I still gotya!” It was Sammy’s voice. Her arms were still holding. If that were true, she could stand the vibrations a little longer. She writhed in her harness, sure that whoever was in charge of removing güvenilir casino the rod would have to wear a glove. They rounded back to the harbor, and sure of the distance, the rod was removed from the girls in the Lift Crew. They all three lolled for a moment, letting each wave of pleasure crescendo, until they calmed down. Agent 23 wiped Clara’s nether portion off and closed the the fabric over her.

It was wet and cold. Sammy’s arms fell from atop her breasts. She watch one of the hands snake across the floor. The small woman groaned as she tried to retract her arms back. The weight of the ship pulled at her hips and shoulders. The harness sunk into her body, and she felt her wet rump raise from her perch. The weight of The Eridanus was on her shoulders now.

Clara yelled out, “Girls! Hold!” She gritted her teeth in an attempt to hold her shape. “A little longer! Stay strong!”

Sammy ran to her and wrapped her arms around Clara. The arms lengthened and spun around her torso from every angle; it was a comfort. Clara called out, “Riggers! Hold the Ballooners! Like this!”

The two other Riggers ran up to their counterparts and stretched their exhausted arms around the limbless women.

The sails were now allowed to unfurl and they begn to move.

“Sammy,” Clara wept into her new friend’s shoulder. “So many people died.”

“Wait, a second ago you were shouting like a champ! What happened?”

“So… So many people died, Sammy.”

“Clara… You SAVED so many more people, you idiot!”


“We saved Brinnsmore, you fool!” She looked at Sammy with tearful eyes. “Yes! Don’t you understand what happened?! We saved the city!”

The Rostondagg had enough air to make it to sea and set sail. However the message was clear. Carrow was no longer safe from The Jevian League’s air attacks. Captain Severe made a rousing speach as the ship berthed in the water. The dead were carried from the decks and rowed away, and as Clara deflated, she wept for them. Sammy, the Riggers and Agent 23 tried their best to cheer her up, or offer a reason why their deaths were for a greater good, but she wept all the same.

She wept for the men, for their wives and children, she wept for her own family, and her friends. She was inconsolable. When she was fully deflated, it was time to bunk.

“You need company tonight,” said Sammy, “I insist.” Clara nodded and Sammy pulled her into the bottom bunk, wrapping her arms around her a few times. The layers of hugs felt comforting.

“I miss my family, Sammy,” cried Clara.

“I miss mine too.”

“I want to be normal again.”

“I know…” Sammy thought for a moment. “When you lifted the ship… for the first time. I was so impressed. I saw a miracle happen.”

“Oh, come on… Tears.” Clara waited for one of Sammy’s hands to stretch out and wipe them away.

“It’s true,” came another voice. It was Julie, the other rigger. “Clara, you’re a leader. We looked to you the whole time. I mean… ALL of us have been taken from our homes. ALL of us miss our families. Maybe not Melody.”

Melody raised two fingers from her bunk.

Winni piped in, “I thought I was about to fail the first test, and they’d already cut me up! You got me through it!”

“Yeah,” said Holly. “I’ve been a right mess this whole time. Then you came along. Hip hip.”

“Hooray!” cried the girls.

“That means so much to me, thank you.” Clara smiled at them through watery eyes. “Tears.” Sammy wiped them away.

On deck, the next morning, Captain Severe paced the length, laying out the plans. The Eridanus, The Skyhound and The Duchess’ Arms were to set sail to Jevannus, to return the favor. The deck was abuzz and the captain shouted to silence them. “Remember that the heart of our NATION was just struck, and fiery retribution must follow!”

“I don’t know if I can do that again, Sammy,” whispered Clara.

“You have to. You’re our captain, Clara.”

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