Christmas Joy

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Winter was early this year as the young woman fought the streets of New York. Snow was falling in magical array as she dashed for her doorway.

Christmas Day was upon her as she slowly walked the floors to her apartment.

Ellie opened the door and stepped inside with her packages. Her and Jasmine had been seeing a lot of one another lately.

Their last night together had been over a week ago and both were caught up in the holiday season. Both had their own places and stayed over night with each other when they could.

Their relationship had started nearly a year ago. It had been kismet that they had met and both desired the other.

Ellie pulled her coat off and put the packages she had been carrying under the Christmas tree. The windows beckoned her to walk to them and she watched the tops of the buildings as the new snow fell.

Their love making had been explosive for both of the women. Jasmine could really fire her sometimes as Ellie thought of the hot nights they had spent together in each other’s arms. The year was twenty forty and this century was for women.

Relationships had changed so much over time she thought as she went to undress for a bath. Men had turned her off more and more .

She had been single for four years when she had met Jasmine one night at a party.

Clothes had changed a lot too as she thought back to that night a year ago.

Sex was not something you hid anymore. The more you showed and didn’t wear mattered in this istanbul escort day and age. Ellie didn’t care for the office parties much , but for some reason she went this time.

They all seem to be the same old thing all the time. Shortly after arriving a man had tried to stick his finger into her and she had moved away to the windows at the sky scraper party.

She had been looking out the window onto the city when she heard a soft gasp behind her and she had turned.

Standing there looking at her had been the most exquisite woman she had ever laid her eyes on.

Her hair was jet black to her waist and her eyes were almond shaped and the darkest blue eyes she had ever encountered stared back into her green ones.

Both women sized each other up with cool eyes that steamed a heated fire as they seemed to approve of each other.

Both wore the regular see through outfits of the parties and both liked what they saw as they looked at each other. The tops were so skimpy that their breasts clearly showed firm.

Each looked at the others curves and then lower. Ellie had died her hair a darker shade than a mound and the blonde hairs could be openly admired by Jasmine. Jasmine on the other hand had kept natural but shaved in a perfect v.

Both liked what they saw and the rest of the night stayed by each others side. The night had went well for both women and they had walked home to Ellie’s place for a night cap.

On entering the apartment Jasmine had put her arms beylikdüzü escort around Ellie and kissed her deeply . Ellie felt the heat as they stood there and reeled in the freshness of sweet sensuality.

That night they had settled down in front of the fireplace on Ellie’s white bear rug with a glass of wine and talked till the early morning hours.

As Jasmine was leaving she gently reached over and took Ellie’s mouth and savored her lips. Gently and so sweetly that Ellie thought she would crème right there and then.

Coming to Ellie thought of that kiss so long ago and it brought fire to her insides . Running water steaming hot would settle her urges some as she slipped into the bubble bath.

Jasmine did not rush their relationship as she knew Ellie had not been with a woman before. They both worked ad took time to see each other when they could.

The first night that they had made love to one another was at Ellie ‘s place in front of the fireplace. It had been the best lovemaking she could have hoped for.

That night had been so different as they had come in from their evening out. Jasmine had watched her all night with heat in her eyes every time she had moved.

As they sat down on the rug with their glasses of wine Jasmine had looked deeply into Ellie’s eyes and saw the want there and then proceeded to kiss her hungrily and then slide down to her breasts which were already on fire.

Ellie thought she would go out of her mind as Jasmine teased each esenyurt escort bud harder with each lick. That night the girls bonded to each other as the juices flowed . Jasmine did things to her she had never enjoyed fully with any man .

With her bath over Ellie prepared for bed. Christmas Day would be here in a few days and she wanted this to be the best Christmas the two had ever had. Snuggling deeply into her blankets she thought of Jasmine as she drifted off.

Dreams came easily to Ellie as she drifted into Jasmine’ arms once more. The night passed in brilliant love making and Ellie wanting more as she woke for work.

The next days would be hard for both women as their jobs surrounded them with massive work.

The nights pure ecstasy as the other thought of the other. Christmas Day came and work left off early.

The two women met up and proceeded to have some eggnog at a diner close to Ellie’s apartment.

Leaving there they walked the city and enjoyed the season together with all its Christmas cheer and caroling.

Just before ten o’clock both tired and happy ascended the stairs to Ellie’s place.

As the two stood at the windows taking in the city both turned and looked at each other and giggled .

Jasmine ad her walked to the fur rug and snuggled in front of the fire together enjoying the warmth and love they both felt for each other.

As midnight approached and the church bells rang out Christmas morning Jasmine handed Ellie a boxed present she had hidden.

Looking into her eyes she had proposed to Ellie and on this Christmas night Ellie accepted her offer of being together forever.

Both had accepted the other and love and joy had come Christmas night.

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